July 28, 2023

Astrology for August

Full Super Moon in Aquarius on August 1st 11:32 am PDT

Aquarius                                                              Leo   

Under the full Super Moon in Aquarius, we are sensitized to the power of night and the lunar rhythms. Our emotions and passions are heightened. The Leo Aquarius pairing speaks directly to our greater potentials, the nobility of the Lion and the divinity of our greater selves, the sign of the heart and fullness of being in eternal relationship with our true nature, a being of both earth and sky, of ground and heaven, pouring the elixir of life, our star nature, out to nourish the collective. Here, through these two signs, we see the fulfillment of our individuality supporting our ability to be an agent of consciousness and inspiration as we align with others and share our gifts.

The Aquarius full Moon is a powerful time to feel into our purpose, to reflect upon how we contribute to the evolution, growth and healing of humanity and the Earth. Under this full Moon we may also review and honor our relationships and friendships. We might review the groups we are in, and if they still align with our intentions. Are we still engaged and learning, refining and contributing? Are there groups we would like to be a part of? The social and relational qualities of Aquarius work now with Venus being retrograde in Leo, where there is a reexamining of our values, and the quality of our relationships, the balance of self expression, listening, and participating.

This Aquarius Full Moon squares Jupiter, the planet of expansion, generosity, and abundance. Under the square or tense aspect, Jupiter’s buoyancy and optimism may lead to extremes, overdoing, over giving, over promising, or just taking on too much. Therefore it is a very good time to review how you are managing your time, schedule, boundaries, and commitments.

This full Moon is a ‘SuperMoon’, appearing slightly larger than the average full Moon, because it is closer to the Earth in its orbit around the Earth. But, most definitely, will appear brighter! “A SuperMoon exceeds the disk size of an average-sized moon by up to 8% and the brightness of an average-sized full moon by some 16%.” (

Full Moon in Aquarius

August 1 – Full Moon, 11:32 am PDT, at 9 Aquarius oppose Sun in Leo  

Honor the Full Moon on the evening of July 31 as its light is waxing

Affirmation for Full Moon in Aquarius

“I align with the universal cosmic chi, or energy, to feel myself part of a larger wavelike movement of life and intelligence, which heals, inspires and informs. I take time to be still and listen, to both the silence and the guiding intelligence that speaks to me on my journey. I am continually renewed by the universal energy.”

Venus returning as Morning Star

Venus retrograde disappears as evening star to reappear as morning star around 2nd week in August.

(Check your chart to see where Leo is placed. The themes of this house are highlighted, as well as any planets in Leo, especially from 12 to 28 Leo. This is activated from June to October! Join Susan’s monthly talk on September 8th, for more insight on Venus activation and the integration that follows its retrograde phase.)

(painting by Susan Seddon Boulet)

Celestial Events for August

Aug 1 – Full Moon at 9 Aquarius/9 Leo, square Jupiter in Taurus – (see above) 

Aug 1Mars at 13 Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus – Mars in Virgo takes action to prioritize, simplify, and productively complete tasks, to pare back and put things in order. With a trine to Jupiter in Taurus, we are encouraged to now envision how we want to flow into new areas with optimism and confidence. What new adventures are taking form? This is a good time to begin a new project.

Aug 1 – Mercury at 5 Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces – Mercury in Virgo is analytical, creating plans and lists. It can be helpful in seeing what needs to be done for more effective living and work situations. Being a yin Earth sign, Virgo can also be self reflective, bringing attentive insight to what’s working or not working within our responses to life and relationship. It refines, adjusts, and seeks greater alignment between body, mind, and emotion. As it opposes Saturn this day, our focus can be greater. We can bring the meticulous insight more deeply into our reflections. We may be able to harness our imagination, as we slow and focus. The challenge it poses for the day is feeling frustrated with being slowed down by obstacles, technical problems, and difficult communication. But Saturn always provides us with a teaching within its challenges.

Aug 6 – The Sun at 14 Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus – and day of enthusiasm, optimism, feeling into possibilities, sharing philosophy and teachings, but with the challenge of going to extremes, overly confident, unrealistic or self righteous.

Aug 9 – Venus retrograde at 22 Leo squares Uranus in Taurus – Unexpected situations arise in relationship. Instability or uncertainty. This takes place 3 times during the Venus retrograde cycle. 1st time before retrograde, July 1 & 2, 2nd time during retrograde, August 9, and 3rd time, September 29, once again when Venus is direct and in its post shadow phase. What patterns in relationship are ripe for change? What new ways of viewing how we do relationship with others is bringing in new elements that can be challenging? How can we flow with the unexpected? 

Aug 9 – Mercury at 14 Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus – A day for writing, story telling, open and positive communications, planning a new adventure.

Aug 12 – The Sun at 19 Leo trines Chiron in Aries – A day that offers healing potential as well as feeling into new levels of integration for yourself. Teaching is also highlighted

Aug 13Venus conjuncts the Sun at 20 Leo – Called the ‘inferior conjunction’. Here we can imagine that Venus combines with the illumination and consciousness of the Sun to seed a new cycle and message for Venus to bring the world. Some say this is Venus “Cazimi”, where the qualities of Venus, relatedness, harmony, peace, and artistic pursuits, are heightened.

New Moon in Leo


Aug 16 – New Moon at 23 Leo, 2:39 am PDT – the New Moon in Leo may be a time for claiming your expression, tuning into one’s heart for one’s deepest desire, aligning with one’s soul intention, to honor and embody our inheritance as creators. With this New Moon, squaring Uranus, we can align with what will help us break through the old paradigm. We can stretch into new possibilities. We can affirm being fully present to changing times with our intention being to meet each moment from within our heart’s spaciousness with creative responses. It’s our opportunity to abandon our presumptions/assumptions.

Affirmation for New Moon in Leo

“I align with the spaciousness of my heart, to be fully creative in all I do each moment. The Earth is yearning for a revolution from the heart of humanity to resonant with the heart of nature.”

Aug 16 – Mars at 23 Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus – not only is the New Moon square Uranus, but Mars is also aspecting Uranus with a trine aspect. This encourages bold action that is innovative and creative in moving in new directions. To stay flexible and alert as situations may develop, or change quickly. Stay grounded.

Aug 22 – Venus retrograde at 15 Leo squares Jupiter at 15 Taurus, its stationary degree before it retrogrades, while Mars at 26 Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces  – with Jupiter at its stationary degree, its influence of expansion, idealism, optimism and exuberance is strengthen for the next several weeks. With Venus squaring Jupiter we may experience more pleasure and generosity within our relationships. We may feel more positive and upbeat around finances, making it easy to over spend, or over do, or taking on too much with our commitments with others. Especially with Mars opposing Neptune, it may be difficult to clarify topics, or be decisive. With Mars in Virgo aiming for precision, attending to practical details, and getting projects done, these several days in opposition to Neptune, may slow the process, perhaps even bringing confusion or misunderstanding. Good time for meditation and imaginative reverie.

Aug 23 – The Sun enters practical, efficient Virgo – As we begin our movement toward Autumn, Virgo brings harvest time, and highlights being practical about what is ahead of us. We put things in order and experience the culmination of the bright summer season.

Aug 23 – Mercury goes retrograde at 21 Virgo (goes direct on Sept 15, at 8 Virgo) – What a great time, to sort, go through files or closets, pair down and simplify. Editing is supported, and review of schedules and practical matters.

Aug 24 – Mars at 28 Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn – This is a power house combination. A time when we are motivated to take action in completing and in tackling practical issues, with the capability to problem solve, to analyze, and to be decisive in taking action toward what we want to accomplish.

Aug 27 – The Sun at 3 Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces – time to slow down. Saturn works deeply in Pisces, giving form to deeper inspiration, and imagination, or bringing feelings and patterns of behavior to the surface for our consideration. With the Sun shining its light into the deep Piscean waters through the focusing intent of Saturn, we do well to slow our daily tempo and reflect. Otherwise we may experience delays or obstacles to our busy lives.

Aug 27 – Mars enters Libra – With Mars entering Libra, a change of pace is definitely favored. Moving out of busy, efficient, get it done Virgo, Mars moves into the Venus sign of Libra. A slowing takes place, as Mars adjusts its need to act and drive forward with plans, to now deliberate and consider another’s concerns. A sense of harmony is sought. Artistic pursuits are favored.

Aug 28 – Uranus goes retrograde at 23 Taurus – Uranus shakes the stable Taurus into seeking new perspectives, new possibilities. Once a year Uranus stations before it goes retrograde, reminding us that change is the rhythm this universe navigates by. How might we become more authentic in our expression, in our lives? How might we take in the inspiration which stretches our consciousness into new territory, broadens our awareness of into greater possibilities of what it means to be human? Where are we being shaken into waking up into new dimensions of being?

The Full Blue Moon in Pisces

Aug 30 – Full Blue Moon at 7 Pisces, 5:35 pm PDT – A blue Moon is defined as being the second full Moon in the month. Under this sensitive Pisces full Moon we can give ourselves to imagination, spiritual pursuits, and the greater rhythms by which we live.

The Twelve signs for August: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, this full Aquarius Moon graces your house of friendship and group involvement, as well as hopes, dreams and ideals, making it an enjoyable time to share with others. With its square to Jupiter, abundance, and good cheer are present, as well as overdoing. Watch taking on too much, or doing too much, to keep your energy nourished and balanced. With your ruling planet, Mars, now in Virgo, creating healthy routines will support you and serve you in the long run. If there are projects you are working on, now would be a great time to get them completed. There is steadiness and patience when Mars is in Virgo (until the 27th). With the New Moon in Leo on the 16th, something new may enter your life. Be flexible, as routines may be disturbed. This is a heart opening time, expressive of love, appreciation, and sweetness and can bring healing energy. Express your love and creativity.  Keywords for August, “Enjoyment, change, and emotional fulfillment.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the Aquarius full Moon graces your house of career and what you aspire towards. This day is a good day to reflect on your work out in the world and any adjustments now needed. With the pairing of the Sun and Moon in the houses which are the most private and the most public, a time of contemplation can tune you into your deeper needs, and how you truly desire to express yourself. With Jupiter squaring the full Moon, pick a Tarot or an Oracle card as a teaching (Jupiter) to support the actions to take. Watch promising too much to others, or big expenditures. Your ruling planet, Venus, has been in Leo since June 5th, and now retrograding, so this deeper review of home, and attunement to your deepest self is forefront. What’s working, what’s not working? What needs improvement, fixing, healing, revising? What’s your deepest desire? With Venus squaring Uranus, change is called for. How is that taking place in your life? The New Moon on the 16th in Leo sets the stage for your revision, and can be the foundation for the unfoldment of something new in your life. Keyword for August, “Realignment.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, under this Aquarius full Moon, your social and networking traits are supported and emphasized. The Moon falls in your house of philosophy, teaching and learning, higher education, and publishing. This may be a time for initiating a new course of study, being inspired to plan a teaching path way, design a class, write and publish an article. Likewise, you might enjoy traveling to a new place or taking an adventure, or initiating a soul journey to gain deeper insight into your nature. With Jupiter squaring the Moon, watch for promising more than you are able to deliver, or spreading yourself too thin. With your ruling planet, Mercury, in one of its own signs, Virgo, and opposing Saturn, your over enthusiasm is reigned in. While Mercury in Gemini likes to spread out and learn everything, Mercury in Virgo wants to pare down and get efficient. The New Moon in Leo on the 16th falls in your house of communication, writing, siblings and neighbors. This is a great time to start or plan new ideas for writing, or teaching, for networking with others to share ideas and projects. Important communications may come from siblings, or neighbors, that initiate change in the relationships. Keyword for August, “Inspired.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the Aquarius Full Moon falls in your house of intimacy with others, sharing resources, transformation, and collaboration. With Aquarius in your house of intimacy, your sensitive Cancer nature may find ways to step back from responding quickly, so as to have time to process your feeling and thoughts. One could also say that under this full Moon, you might be a helpful support to those who share their deeper issues and secrets with you, because you are steady and thoughtful. It might be a time for you to let go of old ways of relating, bringing about a transformation within yourself and within those more intimate relations. With the Sun falling in your house of self worth and values, you find a balance by honoring both your uniqueness, your needs and another’s. Jupiter aligning with the full Moon brings both joy and too muchness! Watch taking on too much. The New Moon on the 16th lights up your house of talents, self worth, values, and your relation with money. Take time to reflect on these things, as the new Moon begins a new cycle of growth and action in regards to these topics. Keywords for August, “Finding balance.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, Happy Birthday Leo! I can imagine you celebrating yourself and this you must do! Especially as the month kicks off with the Aquarius Moon lighting up your house of partnership. This full Moon carries a lot of enjoyment and connection with others. With Jupiter (squaring the full Moon) in your house of career and what you aspire to, it adds the idea of growth and expansion to your career life, working with goals, and taking action on intentions of what you would like to achieve. With the Moon in your house of relationship, friendships are enjoyed and appreciated. As the Sun is in Leo, this is your month to shine, so find wonderful ways to enjoy and express yourself. Initiate new creative projects. The New Moon on the 16th, falls in your house of yourself and your persona. Treat yourself to a special day of nurturing, from massage, to the salon. With the New Moon in the 1st house, you can tune into what you intend to grow and develop for the next 12 months. How might you embody more of your creativity, or share more of your heart felt loves?  Keywords for August, “Celebration and renewal.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, the full Moon in Aquarius highlights how you move through your daily life. If you are working, it highlights your working environment and those you work with. You might gain more clarity during this time about your daily interactions, or reflect upon what might create more efficiency in your work. It is also the area in your chart that focuses on health and  self-improvement. This is a good time to pick up that yoga class, or schedule needed appointments. Your ruling planet, Mercury is also in Virgo at this time, soon to go retrograde, (on the 23rd). Mercury’s stay in Virgo is almost 2 1/2 months instead of the normal one month stay. As a Virgo you may love this longer sojourn of Mercury in Virgo, becoming more efficient, cleaning, clearing, releasing old stuff and, perhaps, studying, learning, fine-tuning your knowledge and health, creating new routines that are beneficial. Be careful not to overdo and wear yourself out, as Jupiter is strong and increases our idealism on how much you can accomplish. With the Sun in Leo you are encouraged to find time for yourself that isn’t scheduled, when you can meditate and contemplate, or move into imaginative places. The New Moon taking place in Leo on the 16th emphasizes this retreat. You might utilize this time to attune to your deep self in quiet for renewal and inspiration.  Keyword for August, “Attunement.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, with the full Moon in Aquarius your creativity is enhanced. Take time out from your busy schedule and read a poem, seek out your favorite inspirational writer, painter or musician. Go to the art museum. Fill your heart with inspiration. Now is the time to nourish your passionate heart. Express yourself and share what you love! Under the full Moon, you balance attuning to what feeds your heart and soul, and your involvement you have with others. Your ruling planet, Venus, now retrograde since July 22, asks you to review your involvement with others and with friends. How is that going? Do you need more connection or less? Have you updated those involvements so you feel good about the values you share together? Are you receiving appreciation, and can you share what you desire to express? What adjustments or fine-tuning needs to take place so you can find the harmony and balance that nurtures you? The New Moon falls in your house of future plans. This Leo new Moon is a perfect time to reflect on your intentions for the next 12 months. What seeds would you like to plant in the garden of your life?  Keywords for August “Nurture with creative time.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, this Full Moon brings out the polarity of private and public life. The Moon falls in your house of home and inner self, providing a foundation for your life. As you contemplate your next career moves, (or what you want to aspire toward) it’s beneficial to carve out time for yourself to contemplate your needs. The Moon lights up your deepest self. From this place you create your inner foundations to sustain and grow your contributions in the public domain. Your ruling planet, Mars, is now in Virgo (until the 27th). Scorpio appreciates the precision of the detailed Virgo analysis. This supports your planning and decision making. You can now devote time to creating a plan for the future. The New Moon in Leo, on the 16th, falls in your house of career and public contribution. You might set an intention that visualizes how you want to share yourself with others, and enhance your career. With the new Moon in aspect to Uranus, change is in the air, so be open to possibilities and synchronicities as well. Keywords for August, “New foundations and aspirations.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, this Aquarius full Moon enhances the wonder lust of the Sagittarius. With the polarity of Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, your houses of movement, travel, education, communication, philosophy and curiosity are enhanced. Your planet, Jupiter, in steady Taurus, may keep you attending to land, nature, and place, but it also encourages expansion and moving into new territories, whether physical or intellectual. You could go really big now, adventurous and confident. Definitely, though, watch over doing or taking on too much. With Mars in Virgo trining Jupiter, this is an incredibly productive time for you. Travel, learning, and teaching are all highlighted, as well as having new experiences, meeting and enjoying people. The new Moon in Leo activates the house of travel and consciousness expansion, teaching, and learning. You can set your intention for the next 30 days, or the year ahead. What do you want to learn or teach? How do you want to expand your experience or awareness? What teacher/writer inspires you and supports breaking through old paradigms and patterns for you? Keyword for August, “New territory.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, this Aquarius full Moon highlights your abilities, values, self worth and talents. You can affirm how capable you are in accomplishing that which you intent to become and to do. The Leo Aquarius pairing of this full Moon has you uniquely tuned into others, and encourages finding how to keep balanced, while tuning into your needs as changes are taking place. You may feel optimistic and enthusiastic with the possibilities before you, but do watch taking on too much. Finding the balance is the key. Your ruling planet Saturn, now in Pisces, will help you focus on your feeling states, so listen. With Saturn in Pisces, finding solitude and ways to get quiet, will enhance your daily life and the tasks before you. The new Moon in Leo activates your house of intimacy and navigating the emotion waters of sharing with another (and others.) Always a great time for learning about yourself and your responses to others needs and values, this New Moon sets the stage for consciousness growth. You might ask yourself, “How would letting go of something benefit my partnership or help me to function with my calm and ease?” Keyword for August, “Finding balance.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, go stand under this beautiful Super Moon in Aquarius. Let yourself be filled with the uniqueness of your life! This night enjoy what you most enjoy and make it an event. Celebrate what you love. The Leo/Aquarius pairing highlights your individuality and how you uniquely participate in the world from that individuality. The full Moon squaring Jupiter in Taurus, encourages teaching, and expanding your experience into new territory. Let yourself move into new territory like a curious and expectant child, senses heightened for acute perception on the journey. Your ruling planets, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Pisces, emphasize the yin qualities of exploring the invisible energies within and around you. Trust in those deeper insights that come to you from looking and listening internally. The new Moon in Leo graces your house of partnership and relationships in general. What might bring more enjoyment and richness into your relationships? With this New Moon aspecting Uranus watch for sudden turns of events or schedules. Create a change in your routines with those you are close to. Keywords for August, “Celebrate your uniqueness.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, this Aquarius full Moon encourages you to nurture your sensitive and empathetic self by taking time for yourself, in a quiet setting. Now is a time for renewal, at least for the day of the full moon, and a couple days following it. Pay attention to your dreams during this time, as an important dream may give you insight. With the pairing of the Sun and Moon in Leo and Aquarius respectively, you are busy with tasks, duties, or work, but also have the need to retreat and get restful sleep! How to keep balance in this busy world?! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, now in Taurus, and squaring the full Moon, makes it very easy to take on too much and be overloaded. If you can find that perfect combination of work and quiet you find enjoyment. Jupiter in Taurus, wants you to be grounded, and refreshed by being in nature. The New Moon in Leo, on the 16th, falls in your house of daily life and routines. But squaring Uranus tells you to change up the routines, break out of what has been status quo, communicate what is on your mind!  Keywords  for August, “Finding quiet nourishment.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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