November 21, 2021

Astrology for December

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Sagittarius carries enthusiasm, and optimism, and enables growth through a sense of trust in the underlying intelligence of life that guides us. With Jupiter in the last degrees of Aquarius soon to enter its own sign Pisces on the 28th, this sign change offers us access to imagination, spirituality, and empathy, all qualities so needed now in this time of tumultuous upheaval, constriction and freedom, social justice and pandemic.

Main features for the month of December

December comes in with power and intensity as the Solar Eclipse takes place on the 3rd, 12 degrees Sagittarius. It’s a good time to find your center and ground as it seems the universe is demanding more resilience and equanimity, a training ground for greater consciousness and inner fortitude. There is a continual surfacing of all the hidden tensions, agendas, shadows, and trauma that have gathered over the last 250 years here is the USA. Sagittarius, this mutable fire sign, can bring out our passions, can uplift our spirits, or lock into rigid self righteousness.

All eclipses are an intensification of the new or full moon energy. I like to visualize the perfect alignment of the Sun to Moon to Earth, as an archetypal indicator of the need to align ourselves in body, soul/subconscious and mind/personality. Under a solar eclipse sudden changes can disrupt our status quo offering a new experience or opportunity, helping us to see a hidden quality or pattern ready to change or an event that delivers a new opportunity if we are willing to stretch beyond the established patterns with which we engage life.

This is the last eclipse in Sagittarius. The series started in June of 2020. We might look at our charts to see which houses carry the signs Gemini and Sagittarius. They are being churned and stirred, like a choppy sea, exposing what has laid hidden below, or disrupted into change that benefits us, releasing the old and offering a new experience. In the USA chart, this is the first and the seventh houses, churning our sense of identity and our relation to each other, bringing to the forefront old patterns and disrupting taken for granted appearances of who we are. We are exposed to new and very different pictures of who we are as a country. The Solar Eclipse of Dec 3 falls on the USA Ascendent. When eclipses aspect the Ascendent, we are called to change our orientation, how we approach events, our appearance, and our outlook. 

Venus in Capricorn is now in the pre-shadow phase of its retrograde cycle, meaning it as passed 11 Capricorn, the degree that it will retrograde back to, then go direct at that point. It is during the pre-shadow phase that we pay attention to relationship issues that arise, or issues around our values because during the retrograde phase, which begins on the 19th, we review these issues, we deepen our inquiry, and we attune to the quality of our relationships for review and reconsideration. 

With Venus retrograding in Capricorn, we are reviewing what and how we are committed to our goals and to our relationships, and where we can cultivate patience and skillfulness with each other. We examine where are we stiff, rigid, or controlling, too unwilling to change, which is the shadow side of Capricorn. Now we lean into long term values and goals, and work with others to plan and implement. Venus in Capricorn triggers the USA Pluto in Capricorn setting off a time when we review our values as a country. We review our monetary policies, and who does or does not feel secure and safe in the USA. The idea of “scapegoat” is highlighted. Check where Venus transits your chart. It asks you to review your goals and values during these times. What is enduring and worth committing to?

Saturn exactly squares Uranus

The tensional square between Saturn and Uranus once again spikes the air with polarization and strong differences between freedom and mandate, individuality and community, censorship and openness. With Saturn in the sign of community we see people defining who is with us and who is against us. Saturn in Aquarius draws boundaries and seeks to structure communities (now we struggle over what will define the structure and organization of our communities).

We can amplify our consciousness by seeing Saturn as the master teacher in conversation with the visionary or innovative possibilities of Uranian perception. The tension of the square we all feel. A new level of consciousness, structure and reality, is struggling to be birthed. We are laboring this birth, rocked back and forth between different perspectives of reality, between truth and spin. This is the territory we are moving through. How can we clearly define the new systems we are wanting to birth? (This square stays in influence through 2022. Sign up for Susan’s 2022 yearly talk to find out what astrology says about 2022.)

Personally you can experience yourself suspended between the possibilities of the future and the status quo of the past, as if the past and future are having a talk and you must design and decide the way through. It’s the time to stretch into newness and prune back the branches of what has been, so new growth may come. How are you experiencing this in your life?

Celestial Events for December 

Dec 3 – Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 12 degrees, 11: 43 PM PST (visible in Antartica, new Zealand parts of Australia) Check to see if this Solar Eclipse falls on one of your planets, as something unexpected and new may appear and lead you on a new path.

Affirmation for the new Moon Solar Eclipse 

“May I attune to faith in a greater intelligence that guides my journey. May I be open to unexpected opportunities and see  possibilities while stepping into change. May I listen to my inner wisdom as I proceed into the New Year”

Dec 11Venus conjuncts Pluto at 25 Capricorn. We will have two of these conjunctions in December, and one in March. Relationship (Venus) meets the force which exposes what has been hidden, or what is toxic to our growth (Pluto). Relationships, creative projects enter transformative processes, review and deepening.

Dec 13Mars enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn. Mars leaves intense Scorpio and proceeds with enthusiasm and adventure as it enters Sagittarius. Mercury in Capricorn supports organization, planning, and practical solutions.

Dec 18Full Moon at 27 Gemini/Sagittarius

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Gemini

“May this time shed light on polarities within and outside of me. May I find ways to transform and integrate the shadow parts of me, and those parts of me that are resistant or doubtful of my soul’s journey. May it be so for our country and all humanity”

Dec 19Venus goes retrograde at 26 Capricorn. Time for inward reflection rather than pushing forward. We begin to look inward and review the quality of our relationship and values.

Dec 21Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn. The light grows as the days lengthen. Earthy, determined, and persevering Capricorn supports us as we focus on our goals. The Winter Solstice chart describes the year ahead. With the Moon in sensitive feeling Cancer opposite Pluto and Venus in Capricorn, we, as a country, are continually confronted with the need to acknowledge our past, our shadow material, and outer turmoil, as struggles take place around power issues. We grapple with what values or ideologies will structure our new world paradigm. Personally, we can be attuned to recognizing our sensitivity to each other, releasing old issues, and cultivate resilience as we transform at the deepest levels.

Dec 24Saturn at 11 Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus (3rd square in the series of squares) – see above

Dec 25Venus retrograde conjuncts Pluto at 25 Capricorn – see above Dec 11.

Dec 28Jupiter enters Pisces – Jupiter is dignified in its own sign, Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces heightens our imagination, our empathy, enables us to enlarge our view on one humanity. In Pisces, Jupiter is strengthened to bring in more faith, expansion, and bring emotional connection.

Dec 30Mars passes over the December 3rd Solar Eclipse degree of 12 Sagittarius – Mars triggers events that may bring unexpected situations that change situations suddenly.

Jan 2 New Moon at 12 Capricorn – perfect timing to set your intentions for the year.

photo by Scott Lenhart

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The Twelve signs for December: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, with the eclipse in Sagittarius on the 3rd, sudden insights activate new opportunities. Some event, person, or circumstance may illuminate a belief, an outlook, that suddenly seems outdated. A new way of seeing your life, a broadening of your perspectives, can set the stage for enthusiastic new beginnings. Issues around your identity, and how you know yourself, are changing. On the 13th, Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, allowing your Aries self to take action more easily, aiming for your goals or intentions with more enthusiasm. The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on the 18th, shining a light on your communications with siblings, or your communication style in general, what works and what doesn’t. With the full moon aligning with Jupiter, seek what is positive and find enjoyment with friends. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. Now is the time to review your goals. Look back over the last two years, noting the beneficial things that have developed. How might those things become more integrated into your daily life? What did you learn about yourself that you would like to release?  Keywords for December, “Pace yourself”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the eclipse on the 3rd takes place in the area of your chart that highlights collaboration, intimacy, shared finances, and deep healing transformations. Be alert to messages, signals, and sudden changes that offer you healing in regards to long standing issues. The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on the 18th, shining a light on your sense of self worth. With this alignment you are attuned to others’ needs as well as your own. How are you finding a balance between the two? What’s out of balance? With the full moon aligning with Jupiter, you can be more generous with yourself, creating time for enjoyment. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. With your planet, Venus, getting ready to retrograde and retrograding, this is an important time for you. Sometimes it seems that Taurus just keeps moving along, shouldering burdens or responsibilities continuously in the same way. All Taurians are encouraged to set time aside to review the last two years. Review your journal. See your accomplishments, the new skills that have been developed, the insights, hopes and dreams, you have held. Anchor these reflections into a new sense of self for your movement into the 2022.  Keywords for December, “Review and integrate”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, the eclipse on the 3rd brings sudden unexpected changes and new possibilities in your relationships. Creating ritual before the eclipse can highlight your intentions. How would you like to proceed more consciously in all your relationships? How can you be flexible and open to new possibilities here? Be open to expanding your awareness through meeting different kinds of people, or being affected by travel, a workshop, or a performance. Under the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, attune to your feeling body. Feel into your senses and the emotional responses they bring. Bath in that moonlight, and let yourself enter an altered state of deep presence. Renew and refresh yourself. Find that balance between solitary appreciation of your soul’s uniqueness and active engagement with others. Venus retrogrades on the 19th. You may find old relationship issues surfacing. A time for review and release, letting go of old hurts to heal. What an excellent time to review shared finances or money owed. In what ways would you like to restructure your financial situation? Keyword for December, “Appreciation”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the eclipse on the 3rd is focused in your house of health, work, and daily habits. It offers you the opportunity for re-alignment, adjustment, and greater inner attunement both with your body and with those you work with. Unexpected sudden changes can lead to more positive outcomes. Reflect on your patterns of work, your working environment, and what might be beneficial to change. The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on the 18th, highlighting retreat and spiritual connection as opposed to every day work and practical matters at hand. How will you balance your inner and outer life? Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. Be gentle with yourself and the ones you love because December, in general, brings about underlying issues in relationship that want to be seen and acknowledged. Where and how can we be compassionate with each other? How do we balance closeness with healthy separation? Keywords for December, “Refinement, adjustment and attunement”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this Sagittarius eclipse on the 3rd highlights the area of your chart for self expression, sharing your heartfelt expressions, giving and receiving love and enjoyment.  So express yourself and share your love! If the eclipse contacts a planet at 12 degrees Sagittarius be alert to sudden situations that come as a surprise. These may change your outlook, or you may find romance in a way that is new. Enjoyment with children is highlighted. The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on the 18th, shining a light on friendship and group gatherings. The balance between feeling loved and recognized, which is so important for the Leo soul, and sharing playfulness and good will with others is strengthened during these times. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. You find yourself reflecting on your body’s well-being. What a great time to start a yoga or tai chai class, attuning to the flows of energy within your body. Now is a time to review your work routines, and be honest about what drains you, and what inspires you. What do you want to do about that? Keywords for December, “Enjoyment and embodied”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this solar eclipse on the 3rd brings you into deeper connection with your interior self, an opportunity for insights and clarity, for attunement to family members, or ancestors, and to cultivate your home space, creating clear space to support an inner expansiveness. What a rich inner world you have, which is now highlighted. There is a story teller within that has a story to tell. This Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, shines a light on what you would like to accomplish. How is your career, or goals, reflecting who you are? Where might more enjoyment be found in your work and daily patterns? Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. How are you valuing your creativity? The next several months highlight your creative expression. How would you like to utilize this energy? How does your heart want to share and express itself? Are there any old issues that need to be released that might constrict your heart? Keywords for December, “Renewing inner stability and creative expression”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, this solar eclipse on the 3rd stimulates perception and thought, giving you insight into how you think about things, and how well you communicate. Libra is thoughtful and deliberate about communication, but Sagittarius energy is direct, honest, and straight forward. This eclipse gives you the opportunity to reflect on what needs to be said and what doesn’t, especially with siblings and neighbors, or in terms of general outreach. An unexpected event shifts situations and opens opportunities for you to express yourself in new ways. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, takes this theme a step further, highlighting how you express and share your beliefs. This can be an excellent time to study, to expand your consciousness in new ways. Your creative expression is supported, as Jupiter in Aquarius trines the full Moon. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto. Being a Venusian sign, Libra is particularly sensitive to the movements of Venus. Now in Capricorn, we can imagine how important it is to examine your deeper self. What subconscious patterns are ready to be released and transformed? With Venus traversing the area of the home in your chart you may want to do a deep cleansing and rearrange your rooms. Bring sensitivity to those you live with as unresolved issues may arise for transformation. Keyword for December, “Communication”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, this solar eclipse on the 3rd shines a light on your finances, making it beneficial to look over your budget and spending practices. It is also the area of the chart in which you define your values and self worth. An unexpected situation may offer you new ways to express your talents. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, heightens your sensitivity with those you care about. You may feel especially tuned in. Under the full moon you can acknowledge your empathetic abilities but continue to keep good boundaries and grounded within yourself. Mars leaves Scorpio on the 13th entering Sagittarius. You will feel this shift in energy, as things ease up and you more easily accomplish practical tasks. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto, making it the ideal time to review and reevaluate how you communicate to others. Perhaps an old issue surfaces to be understood in a new way and released. The long passage of Venus in your house of communication and thinking gives you space and depth of insight to observe what is motivating your communications, and how you use and deliver your words. Keywords for December, “Thoughtful expression”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, with this last solar eclipse in Sagittarius, on the 3rd, falling in your sign, perhaps on your Sun, be ready for changes or shifts in lifestyle, or how you experience yourself. Some unexpected opportunity may open up for you, offering you a new way to think of and express yourself. Or it may open more avenues for your expression. Stay flexible and tuned into synchronicities. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, bringing you energy and motivation to accomplish your intentions. Mars in Sagittarius activates your get up and go. When the Full Moon in Gemini shines upon you on the 18th,  you are benefited by placing attention on your partnerships, or one to one connections. What is brought to your attention is the balance between giving and receiving insight and information. Venus retrogrades on the 19th conjunct Pluto, in your house of finances, talents, and what you value. This lengthy sojourn of Venus in Capricorn gives you time to review how you are valuing yourself, and what you truly value, so you can bring forth those inner resources for your livelihood. Keywords for December, “Open to possibilities”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Wow, Capricorn, with the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, taking place on the 3rd, find a place to meditate and tune into the larger creative life force that surrounds you and moves through you. Find your grounding, and know that you may be channeling something from the archetypal realms. You are in a powerful supportive role now, with Mars in Scorpio lighting up the area of your chart that brings your expression to groups with Scorpio’s mystery and charisma. When Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, gather yourself to dream up the next stage of your future. The full Moon in Gemini, on the 18th,  highlights focusing intention and action on organizing, planning, putting in place work schedules, and taking good care of yourself. With Venus in your sign, Capricorn, and for a lengthy stay, she brings you both pleasure and review, as you move into the retrograde beginning on the 19th. In some ways it’s adding the last touches to a long period of change and transformation around your sense of self, since 2008. Keywords for December, “Tuning into the creative forces that flow through me and assist me.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, takes place on the 3rd, lighting up your Aquarian house of friends, enjoyment, ideals, and the ability to stretch into new possibilities. Stay tuned in to the quality of your relationships as you may be given a sudden insight that changes your view. Mars joins the Sun in Sagittarius on the 13th, and gives you extra energy to envision new possibilities for the year ahead. With the full Moon in Gemini, on the 18th,  all creative endeavors are enhanced as well as enjoyment with children. This is the area of play and love, so give yourself to others in enjoyment. Venus in Capricorn, travels through your house of imagination, spirituality, and the unconscious. Meditation and appreciation of of spending time tuning into your subconscious, your dreams, and being in nature with stillness, supports growth, enjoyment and partnership. December 19th – January 29th, is prime time for deeper review and attunement. Keywords for December, “Embodying ease and enjoyment”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, this solar eclipse in Sagittarius, on the 3rd, shines a light on your intentions and aspirations in career, and in general, your drives to accomplish what you give importance to. Something may suddenly occur that opens up a new possibility, or you may see your situation in a new perspective, giving you impetus to take action. Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 13th, fueling your determination and activity to move on new insights. With the full Moon in Gemini, on the 18th, highlighting your inner subjective world, you affirm the balance between residing in your deep soulfulness and how you choose to step out and contribute to the world. Venus in Capricorn, travels through your house of friendship, group encounters, and ideals. With Venus to go retrograde on the 19th, you may find yourself reviewing a friendship, or updating how you choose to respond to a friend. An old issue may arise for you to release and transform. What an excellent time to feel into what you most value in friendships, or the groups you are part of, being aware of what groups are appropriate now and which you might let go of. Keywords  for December, “Finding balance between inner and outer”

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