January 28, 2023

Astrology for February 2023

February marks the ancient tradition honoring Imbolc.

Here in USA, the midpoint between winter and spring, the peak of winter, is celebrated with (belief it or not) Groundhog day, February 2. But from time immemorial this day has been celebrated by a wide variety of cultures. From the Celtic tradition, February 1st has been honored as Imbolc, which means literally, “in the belly” in the old Irish Neolithic language, because the seeds of spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth and in the ewes of the field.” It’s celebrated in Celtic tradition with the feast day of St. Brigid.

Also celebrated on February 2 is the Catholic Candlemas. The Chinese tradition starts the Chinese New Year around this time period, but ties it to the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice. We can see that the cycle of seasons, this relation of the Earth to the Sun and Stars, has been celebrated through time as a sacred journey. At this time of year, we might also realign with the Earth, as ancient traditions did.

One way to reconnect with the seasons is to step outside at twilight and witness the larger cosmos that envelopes our movement. We experience the spin of the Earth around itself as the moving constellations and stars whirl around the North Star through the year. So step outside on this Imbolc twilight to experience and see the arc of 3 planets before the all stars begin to appear. Venus is in the West, Jupiter in the South, and Mars high in the east close to Aldebaran and the Pleiades of the constellation Taurus, above the sparkling Orion, his star studded belt pointing the way to flashing Sirius, the famous dog star.

Or in celebration of the shortening nights, walk outside shortly before dawn and see the Big Dipper high above the North Star, and arching from its handle, shining bright Arcturus high in the East. And to the southeast the constellation Scorpio climbs the sky, its head pointing upward.

Celestial Events for February

Feb 3 – the Sun at 15 Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus – be alert to sudden surprises, reversals and in general the unexpected. flexibility and alertness are the key words.

Feb 4 – Venus at 11 Pisces squares Mars in Gemini – Venus squaring Mars is known for disagreements and challenges in cooperation. With Venus in Pisces, its strength is more dominant than Mars, so watch for slight conflicts. Venus in Pisces can support greater understanding of differences.

Feb 5 Full Moon at 16 Leo squares Uranus in Taurus and trines Chiron – (the Sun and Moon carry the light from Uranus to Saturn) The pair of signs, Leo and Aquarius, remind us that we are both our unique individual self, and we are also interwoven in community. It is heart and mind. King and Subject (to something much larger than ourselves). How do we integrate our individuality with our equalness of being human with all other humans? How do we link heart and mind?

Aquarius, in mythology, is the water bearer who has a foot in both worlds, the divine and the mundane. Each pair of opposing signs has something to teach us about being human here on Earth and under starry skies, the potential to teach us of broader dimensions of being. With the Moon in Leo, how do we take up our king or queenship? How do we honor the uniqueness that we are? Leo teaches us the importance of play and creativity, of children, and the power of the heart. Leo shines with the radiance of the Sun, a living compelling center, and Aquarius is all the stars in the night sky!

This full Moon aligns with Uranus and reminds us to keep stretching into new possibilities, not to be undone by uncertainty or unpredictability, but to dance with the presence of each moment in order to break through the old and established way of doing things.

With Venus in Pisces squaring Mars, know we are both- beings who long to merge, to love (Venus in Pisces) and to strike out on our own, to explore the world, connecting with many different people in light hearted ways (Mars in Gemini).

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Leo

“May my heart be open to beauty and love as the highest wisdom. May I appreciate this gift of life, and the great creative spirit that I am. May I bring out my gifts to build a more loving community”


Feb 10 – Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 28 Capricorn – the planet of the mind conjuncts the planet of the underworld. Deep conversations, ready to transform thinking, things are revealed that have been hidden or pushed aside. Powerful communications.

Feb 11 – Mercury enters Aquarius – Mercury leaves the practical, achievement-oriented sign of Capricorn, and brightens into Aquarius. Share your thoughts with others. Quick and bright communications, innovative ideas and information move quickly, group gatherings to share the written word.

Feb 14-15 – Venus conjuncts Neptune at 24 Pisces – under the approaching Venus Neptune conjunction is Valentine’s Day. This day is a highlight of the year for the power of love and relations. Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that its expression of harmony, beauty, creativity, and love in relationship, is at its peak. Pisces is the sign of compassion, empathy, and the arts. Neptune is capable of the highest spiritual expression of compassion with heart opened merging, no separation.

Feb 16 – The Sun conjuncts Saturn at 27 Aquarius – following the day of love and compassion is a day of serious perseverance and responsibility. Slow down and reassess. Look squarely at things that need to be done. Be realistic in all matters, in order to structure what needs to be tended to for success and well being.

Feb 18 – The Sun enters Pisces – the Sun enters sensitive, imaginative Pisces, the mutable sign of transitions, adaptability, and change. Balance between getting to the essence of projects in order to prepare for new beginnings at the Equinox, March 21st and quiet contemplation, imaginative reverie, and sensitivity to the world at large.

Feb 19 – New Moon at 1 Pisces – conjunct Saturn. The New Moon in Pisces can draw us into the deep imaginative, spiritual realms of this flowing water sign. Taking time on this day to contemplate, dream, listen to the quiet, and feel into the greater spiritual world in which we live, enriches our spirits. Draw a card, lay out a spread of cards, and let yourself be guided by the spiritual forces and their wisdom. Pisces feels and hears the joys and sorrows of the world. During this time, in quiet reverie, honor this Earth and all that lives. Saturn here brings wisdom and grounding. Helps to focus and organize. Makes our intentions solid.

Affirmation for the New Moon in Pisces

“May I cultivate compassion and deep empathy for all living creatures and the Earth. May I move into altered states which show me the greater reality which I am a part of.”

Feb 19 – Venus enters Aries – Do you feel the shift, from attunement and sensitivity to others, to a push for independence and taking action? The planet of the lover is now in the sign of the warrior. Take up an action that you are passionate about, balance relatedness with self reliance.

Feb 21, 22 – Mercury in Aquarius squares Uranus and trines Mars in Gemini – sudden insight, unexpected messages, or encounters may change your outlook. When Mercury trines Mars in Gemini, there are quick decisions and strong decisive actions.

Mar 1 – Venus at 12 Aries conjuncts Jupiter – When Venus conjuncts Jupiter, we experience pleasure and enjoyment. Love is increased, and humor brings laughter. In the sign of Aries, they are heated to passion, and activism to move and initiate the new, fearless and courageous together.

The Twelve signs for February: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, as the Sun moves through Aquarius, it lights up your relationship with community, friends, and like minded souls, to connect with, collaborate with, and to enjoy. Often astrologers speak of the movement of the Sun through this house as a time to plan out the year ahead, as it represents your hopes and dreams. With the Leo full Moon on the 5th, enjoy your day as you resonate with this playful, expressive fire Moon. Step out of your normal routine that day, and do something unique or unexpected, as the Sun and Moon highlight Uranus. Be flexible and open to new possibilities. Your planet, Mars, is finally direct, and you may find that the pace of life picks up. Situations can now unfold more easily, without needing to slow down, or redo things. With Jupiter in Aries until May, you continue to be, or you become, more adventurous, more interested in expanding your experience through learning, travel, or teaching. The New Moon on the 19th in sensitive and empathetic Pisces, calls you back into yourself. A quiet meditation, or any quiet contemplative practice on that day gathers your energy and centers you to reflect on the past year, how you have grown, what you completed, or what you have learned. This sets you up beautifully for the Spring Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries and initiates new beginnings. Keywords for February, “Enjoy and express.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, as quiet and contained as you can be, the energy of Aquarius calls you out to give your gifts and participate in the community. With the Sun now moving through Aquarius, your work and purpose are highlighted. How do you feel connected to purpose? How can you feel more of the warmth of inspiration and creativity in the arena of work or career? Saturn has been in this house since 2021 clarifying what you want to manifest in this area, and on the 16th, the Sun conjuncts Saturn, as it does once a year. Where do you feel skillful and what might want more definition? With Uranus in the mix and still in Taurus, how can you be open to the unexpected, and be flexible in what shows up, ready to change or alter course? Your planet, Venus now moves through the sign of its exaltation, Pisces, where its best qualities of love, and attentive presence to relationship, are brought out. The New Moon of the 19th in Pisces complete a picture of favorable connection with friends and groups of people. You might consider what would deepen your experience, allow more creativity, and how you might share your romantic and poetic heart as the new Moon initiates an unfolding for the month ahead.  Keywords for February, “Creative fulfillment.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, with Mars now direct in Gemini and trining the Sun on January 29-30th, you are ready to take up your projects and get things accomplished. The full Moon, on the 5th, in Leo, falls in its house of Joy, the house of the Goddess, the house of connections with others, communications, reading, and sharing info, all just your thing! Because the 3rd house is related to the Goddess it is also known for the divinatory arts, and ritual. With the full Moon aligning with Uranus, the 4th would be a good day to retreat and have some quiet time, gathering yourself and being alert to needed changes. To add to this tuned-in time for you, Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th, and brightens your thoughts. What a perfect time to engage in new study, work with groups, and enjoyment with the people you care for. The Pisces New Moon on the 19th, gives you an opportunity for a reset in terms of career, purpose, or public standing. As Pisces is the sign of empathy and imagination these qualities may benefit the work you do or what you now aspire toward. Certainly they will support you in the month ahead. Keywords for February, “Sharing and creating”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, as the Sun travels through Aquarius that part of your chart that activates transformation is highlighted. To simplify, you might ask yourself, “What can I now let go of? In what ways can I allow change and renewal for myself, and for my relationship?” The full Leo Moon (on the 4-5th) encourages you to honor your own expression, as well as to bring a sense of playfulness to the day. Be open to surprises from friends, or changes that bring a new perspective (Uranus with the full Moon). With Venus now in Pisces and gracing your house of higher learning, teaching, philosophy, and travel, you find pleasure in these things. The Pisces New Moon on the 19th resonates with your tuned-in, sensitive self, and heightens your perceptions, intuitions, and creative endeavors. This area of your chart emphasizes spiritual attunement and experiences, opening yourself to inspiration and broadening your understanding. What intentions for the month ahead would you like to plant that draw upon your unique qualities of perception, creativity, and imagination?  Keywords for February, “Expanding consciousness.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, while the Sun travels through Aquarius it lights up your house of relations with others. On the 4-5th, the full Moon in Leo brings its luminous light to shine upon yourself. During that time, indulge yourself with favor. Throw a dinner party, have friends for lunch, take a walk with one who will listen to everything that’s been on your mind. And take time to honor your big heart. Something out of the ordinary may surprise you, inspire you, or take you down a new track. You might find that during the month of February, you share more intimately with another, as the exalted Venus in Pisces aligns with Neptune, and accentuates your shared experiences.  The New Moon on the 19th in Pisces furthers that theme of attuning to another with empathy and kindness. It encourages you to take time to notice what you might let go so to lighten your load on your life journey. It activates a transformation to carry you into new perspectives. Keywords for February, “Release and renew.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, while the Aquarius Sun travels through your house of day to day tasks and routine, you might find yourself accomplishing quite a bit, and staying on track! The beautiful full Moon in Leo, on the 4-5th, illuminates that mysterious part of your chart that you experience behind the scenes in your most private moments, including your dream live, your faith, and attuning to the shifting movement of archetypes in humanity’s experience.  Your guiding planet, Mercury, enters brilliant Aquarius, on the 14th, highlighting insights, organizing and fine-tuning information or creative writing, that you have been gathering.  With Venus now in Pisces, (its sign of exaltation), putting its lovely touch on your relationships, you experience more tenderness and sweetness there, especially after the 5th. The New Moon in Pisces, on the 19th, can bring your attention to the one(s) you love. What a perfect time to contemplate the quality of your interactions. As you draw your awareness to this part of your life now, it can seed a new cycle of respect and caring for each other. Keyword for February, “Attunement.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, with Jupiter in Aries since May of last year, you may have expanded your experience of what and how you share yourself with others. That continues until May 16 of this year. The Leo full Moon, the 4-5th, lights up your house of friendship and community. How might you like to express and enjoy yourself with friends and community now? The Aquarius Sun moves through the area of your chart that brings you out in the world to share your unique self and creativity, the gifts you have to give. During the full Moon, you can honor the balance, and growth, in these areas over the last 12 months. Venus is your guiding planet. It is now in Pisces, its sign of exaltation, meaning the qualities of relating, creating harmony and beauty, are enhanced. There is a charisma and loveliness about your presence that invites others to you and compliments your work. On the 19th, the New Moon takes place in Pisces, in the area of your chart related to health, well-being, refinement, and day to day work and habits. With your sensitivity to others enhanced, you might create a ritual, lay out a tarot spread, to guide you in cultivating the states of health, work, and heart felt connections, ahead for the year. Keywords for February, “The power of empathetic connections.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, with Mars, your guiding planet, finally direct and now trining the Sun, you may have experienced quite a shift, creating more ease in moving forward in your life. The Leo full Moon lights up the area of your chart related to career, what you aspire toward, and your public standing. How helpful it is now to give yourself time to illuminate your desires in this area. What would you change? It’s a dynamic full Moon for you, across your cardinal houses with Uranus activating your house of partnership, or relationship. Suddenly you experience a break through, or a need to make a change, which offers you a broader experience. Exalted Venus sweetens the house of the heart, romance, and creative expression. Let yourself lean into it. The New Moon on the 19th, is your opportunity during the year to initiate a new beginning in this area of creative expression, the opening of heart, and the sharing your love. It can bring more closeness with your children. Keywords for February, “Settling into love.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, that Aquarius Sun has been stimulating your creative ideas, supporting you in working with information, with communications, networking, and friendly connections. The full Moon in fiery Leo resonates with your Sagittarius fire and lights up your inspiration during the 4-5th. As the full Moon illuminates your house of expanded consciousness, philosophy, travel, and higher education, your focus and enjoyment in those areas increases. Be flexible and alert as Uranus is triggered into expression with the full Moon. Your guiding planet, Jupiter, once again in Aries, encourages your individual expression, while also encouraging you to play and enjoy yourself. It stimulates spontaneity! The New Moon in Pisces on the 19th, graces the area of your chart that represents your home and family. In fact, Venus is also in Pisces, exalted in that sign, so its expression and your experience with relationships are enhanced, as well as your creative expression. With this new Moon, you might reflect on your home and family. As with all new Moons, this is a time to reflect on your intent for the month ahead, especially in regards to your relationship with family, and any plans for your home.  Keyword for February, “Appreciation.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, as the Sun moves through Aquarius, you have moved into phase two of your own self consideration. Here it highlights what is uniquely yours, how you use your talents, relate to your financial security, and to your own self worth. With the Full Moon in expressive Leo, it invites your hard working, serious Capricorn self to be expressive, and playful in intimate encounters. While that Leo full Moon may want attention and validation, on the 4-5th, realize its power lies more in deep perception. And for the Leo energy, that is being in full presence, like an alert and aware Lion. The full Moon time triggers Uranus into expression. Uranus encourages change, to do things differently, step outside the usual. Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on the 10th, bringing deep and intimate conversations. Perhaps even revealing things that had been hidden. The New Moon in Pisces on the 19th, activates your house of communications, networking, writing and teaching. What a perfect time to make connections with others and share information, letting others know about your work and what you have to offer. Keywords for February, “Intimate perceptions.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, Happy Birthday! Celebrate yourself! As the Sun moves through Aquarius it brightens the beauty of who you are. At this time of year, when the full Moon arrives, it is in playful Leo, in your house of relationship. Under the full Moon you are graced with a big heart that you want to share with others. This Moon is in dialogue with one of your guiding planets, Uranus, encouraging you to breakthrough what limits you, and to change up old routines. The unexpected becomes the portal to new experiences. Flexibility and transformed perspectives is the key to richer experiences at this time. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th, brightening all communications, stimulating mental creativity, and the sharing of information. The New Moon in Pisces takes place on the 19th. Here it accentuates your unique talents, and how you share them with others. Being, also, in the house of your personal finances, there may be the desire for a new relationship to your money and your earning power! Set your intention, perfect timing.  Keywords for February, “Sharing heart.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, as the Sun journeys through Aquarius and the full Moon is lit up with Leo energy, they highlight your natural tendency to be of service. What you give to others is full of the Leo energy, generosity of the heart, attentiveness to detail, and a tendency to bring out the playfulness for all. This is your gift. And it’s strong under the Leo moon. With Venus now in Pisces, its favorite sign, since the end of January, until the 20th, this love is now focused on yourself! How are you caring for yourself, nourishing your deep feeling self, and valuing the gifts you bring to others? Now it’s your time, especially on the 14-15th, (Valentines Day!) when Venus conjuncts Neptune. So take the hand of someone who appreciates you and let them give to you. The New Moon in Pisces takes place on the 19th, a once a year New Moon focusing on you and the essence of yourself, no one else. The New Moon is likened to planting seeds in your garden. What seeds would you like to plant?  Keywords  for February, “Caring for yourself.”

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