January 31, 2021

Astrology for February

Remembering the Beauty of the Heavens

Early in morning, in the sky held darkness, I saw stars shining through the quickly drifting clouds, the Leo full moon so round and luminous, a beacon above the silhouetted roaming hills, as intimate as if it were a lover perched and watching over, in its perfect stillness.

This past full moon in Leo, in the cold of the winter months, reminds us to find joy and open our hearts, to sing and dance as we move through the winter days, through these unusual and challenging times. The full moon in Leo reminds us to lift our energy into celebrating our aliveness here and now.

Jupiter and Saturn, the seeding

And what a planetary alignment at this last full moon!!! The Aquarius Sun aligns with expansive and optimistic Jupiter on one side and contractive, hard working, let’s get real, Saturn, on the other. We can ask ourselves, “How do we balance our plans for the future, our hope, with the practicalities before us?” A re-alignment is called for. On December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted in the first degree of Aquarius, there was the seeding of a new 200 era, a new 20 year cycle as well, leaving an era that seeded itself in 1870. Seedings begin in the dark and the deep, think of planting seeds and pregnancies. That’s what we are doing now. What seeds are you planting now that will lead you into the next years of your life?

The Saturn Uranus square in 2021

Through the month of February, Saturn will square Uranus for the 1st of 3 times throughout the year. We feel the push and pull of contrary forces. We can ask ourselves, “How would we choose to engage with these archetypal forces?” Now we are poised between the old and the new, between possibility or repeating old realities. How might we establish our relationship to our center as we move though changing unknowns, or take risks that open and enlarge our engagement with life?

We can know Saturn as the harsh teacher who creates suffering, or we can see Saturn as the master teacher who deepens our awareness, stabilizes us into our centers. The Master teacher strengthens us through practice, commitment, and finding the place of stillness within. Then it is the most spiritual of all the planets, opening our potentials and destinies to be skillfully embraced. It cultivates a broad awareness. Saturn can be caution, status quo, limitation, fear, depression, or focus, attunement and exploration of the old conditioning patterns we are ready to release. It encourages our own knowingness. Then it tests us.

Uranus is the momentum to break through, to change things up, to wake up to broader vistas of who and what it means to be ourselves, to be alive. It downloads insights, brings about signals and signs, guides us from our intuitive perception. Or it can be crisis, anxiety, and high-pitched collective rebelliousness, that catches us in its wave. Uranus asks for flexibility, for new ways of tuning into ancient wisdoms, for a sharp awareness in each moment that takes in breath, body, emotions and thought all at once. Pay attention to the energy, it says. Saturn discerns the differences and gives us the opportunity to grow in our flexibility and strength. Saturn checks the wave, and asks “Are you being carried away? Are your feet on the ground?”

Mercury goes retrograde on January 30, in Aquarius, helping us to review, during the month of February, our intentions and projects that we are working on. Editing and fine-tuning those projects are supported during Mercury retrograde.

Celestial events for February

Jan 30 – Mercury goes retrograde at 26 Aquarius (to go direct on February 20, at 11 Aquarius). Mercury retrograde in air signs help us to review plans and our social interactions. It can support the deepening our thoughts. Definitely watch schedules and technical situations which are prone to unexpected delays or changes.

Feb 1 – Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus – cool Aquarius meets determined Mars in Taurus. Slow down and make space, or there can be a stalemate. Reaffirming intentions, making clear decisions, are supporting by taking time for reflection

  • Venus into Aquarius – friends, community, sharing of information, and hopes for the future are valued

Feb 8 – Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde – this is the beginning of a new Mercury cycle. Excellent time for intention or seed thought for what is envisioned for the future

Feb 11 – New Moon at 23 Aquarius – A time of powerful Aquarian energy, with 6 planets in Aquarius (which includes the Sun and Moon). Under this alignment, ask yourself “What is my vision for the future?” Then, anchor it by action, plan, or commitment. Create a ritual with a friend. Collectively, this time calls for truth, for vision that is aligned with our values, and for seeing that we live in a community as a whole. We balance between freedom to be ourselves, to be our unique individuality, and opening to community, always remembering the truth of one humanity living on one Earth, all interrelated.

Feb 17 – Saturn at 7 Aquarius squares Uranus at 7 Taurus, first square alignment (see above)

Feb 18 – Sun enters Pisces – time for the imagination, for the art and soul of life, empathy, and deep reflection

Feb 19 – Venus squares Mars – be mindful in relationship, as unexpected irritation or conflict of opinions, styles, may arise.

Feb 20 – Mercury goes direct at 11 Aquarius – look over the last 3 weeks to see what insights you have gained, whether through learning something new, by reflection, or by trickster Mercury retrograde events

Feb 25 – Venus enters Pisces – our potential for much more compassion, empathy, kindness, love, and enjoyment of the arts

Feb 27 – Full Moon in Virgo – This full moon carries the energy of refining, analyzing, organizing and being skillful. It’s the sign of purification, of carefully attending to our bodies for well-being. Virgo loves ritual, so in preparing for this full moon, ask yourself, “How would I like to channel this energy into skillfulness with the projects I am now involved with? Or How would I like to channel its sensitive perception into health by soothing my overloaded nervous system?” The Earthy full Moon aligns with inspiring and freedom loving Uranus. Get to nature and drink in the wild to remember who we really are!!

The Twelve signs and opportunities for February 2021: For Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, under this Leo full moon did you experience more enjoyment and openings? As Mars, your planet, aspects Jupiter, you’re ready to begin, to take on that which you are desiring. Your connections with like-minded friends and community are highlighted and you can utilize this time to go beyond what has in the past limited you. You are now in a process of refining and discerning what you learned in order to build a more solid foundation for the year ahead. Intention for the month; I am anchoring new behaviors that will bring greater fulfillment.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, be alert. Watch what is opening before you. What new things are you learning that changes how you have been doing things? With Uranus and Mars activating your sign, Taurus, how do you want to take action for change? How do you want to channel this alert mindfulness and insightfulness in steady and growth-producing ways? With Jupiter and Saturn in your house of career, new opportunities are before you. Saturn gives directions to anchor, steady, and keep grounded in this physical reality. “I am open to the power of presence to support change and stability in my life.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, Jupiter and Saturn grace your house of higher learning, teaching, travel, and publishing. Here opportunities open. With Saturn’s influence you can direct yourself to sorting through all that you have learned and taught over the past number of years, recognizing the essential and making solid your body of knowledge. The area of Uranus activation is the imagination, the archetypal world, and what is unfinished. Give your attention to Uranus. Listen to the signs and guidance where breakthroughs and change prompt your awareness. Mercury goes retrograde (Jan 30 –Feb 20) supporting you to slow down mentally and to go inward to review. “As I take time to feel into where I’ve been and what I’ve created, my contributions to the community increase.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, for you connecting and working with others is a priority. Keeping a balance between merging on emotional levels with others, and centering yourself in your own physical awareness is highlighted this month. You find yourself in an important phase of transformation, letting go of the old and establishing a deeper connection to your own ground of being. Change is opening doors for you to engage with your community in new ways and it’s exciting! “I am engaging in new ways in my life while attending to my need to periodically reflect”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, relationship and community, your aspirations and life direction, are highlighted. You feel change and creative inspiration sparking you. Follow it. Listen to it. What is it asking for? New relationships, and new people appear in your life. Some open doors for you and others offer teachings. Some teachings are direct, and some you come to understand by saying, not this. You observe their affect on you. You are poised between old and new, or I might say stretching into the next level of creative engagement. The potential and the ability to manifest your intentions with a steadiness is the opportunity ahead of you.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, all this Aquarian energy we are moving through! Part of you loves it, because you love to connect with others through learning and information. Part of you can be overwhelmed by it. Just too much! And though new ideas and conversations are stimulating and growth-producing, supporting new insights, you must now attend to your boundaries to keep your balance. With Saturn and Jupiter in your house of work, health, and refinement of habits, you give your attention to taking good care of yourself. If you have a project you want to work on, you can accomplish that now. Pace yourself.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, your artistic, creative self is now given the opportunity and timing to bring forth your expression! This activates a shaking of all the old ways you have done things. Change it up, is the call. You can experience a different self emerging, deeper, clearer, ready to take a leap into the next phase. This next level supports your creative expression and a renewed sense of life direction. Trust yourself now. Powerful alignments this month support your individuation, becoming more and more of yourself. Old attitudes, fears, or limitations won’t hold you back. You are aware of them though, triggering you now and then. Break-though is the keyword.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, you are now entering a powerful time for laying down new foundations for your life. As you give yourself time to contemplate the change in your life, work, or partnership, that is taking place, you may encounter old fears or insecurities. With Saturn transiting your house of the unconscious, the house of the deeper self, ask yourself “What do I want to manifest over the next number of years?” Know that the change you are looking for has all ready begun. There is the shaking loose of the old. Find your balance in this transition by being open to the possibilities others are offering while you keep in touch with yourself. Allow yourself to know what you want!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, now is an excellent time to network, to communicate with others, and to share your insights. Where you have felt constrained or limited begins to free up. You are aware of your daily life being different than it was a year ago. It’s not just Covid, it’s also the right time to change up how you have been doing things. Something has shifted your perspective. Take it in and recreate your life, your work, from these new insights. On February 11th, at the time of the New Moon, there is a sweetness you experience, deep enjoyment of those you love, as well as a highly creative time.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear thorough and hardworking Capricorn, this year and this month asks you to honor and value your talents. Situations are occurring so that your talents are expanding and growing. Greater well-being will result from the focus you give to appreciating who you are and what you are learning about yourself. Reflect practically on your financial situation, to seed the abundance that will be growing. Opportunities will present themselves for self-expression that are engaging and exciting. Sudden unexpected insights, when you play, enjoy, and relax will bring signs and guidance for your change ahead.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, Happy Birthday! This past Leo full moon has shone a light of recognition on you! You are at such a turning point time. You’ve taken on certain responsibilities and commitments that require thoughtful consideration and depth of expression. Periodically reaffirming your intention(s) and finding solitary time to reflect on those intentions, allows the growth and well being that begins this new cycle for you. Changes in your home are called for. Shift the energy, clean, change furniture. Let it mirror this new aspect of yourself. Uranus activates the release of old and ushers in a new perspective on the patterns that shape your life.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, it’s time to regroup. Schedule time for reflection. Let the winds of your imagination loose. You are in a process of completing, setting the stage for a new round of growth. During May through July, feel into and attune to new projects, new perspectives, expanding into new areas and opportunities. Next year will launch you more fully. You may be aware of fears, worries, feelings of doubt or obstacles. This is a sign for you to slow into reflection. Honor what you do know, and what you desire, as you move forward. There is a network of people around you, or that you choose to be around, that stimulate you and bring inspiration. They will help support what is new for you. Be flexible and observant as you move into this new phase.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 39 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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