December 21, 2022

Astrology for January 2023

2023 is a dynamic year of endings and new beginnings with 6 important planetary changes. We feel ourselves shift out of one great chapter and into another. We might become much more aware of completions, letting go, finding essence, and become more aware of how we begin things, what it takes to birth our intentions, visions, concerns. The potential of this year, in its transitional nature, is to become more contemplative of, and thereby clarifying, who we are now, what we value, and how to best proceed, especially in regards to community participation and our values in our human community. The year begins with deep review, fine tuning, and picks up momentum in late January, but especially in March… riding the waves of change… Let’s imagination how the Chinese new year of the Water Hare blends with the dynamic shifts of the planetary alignments…

Chinese Year of the Water Hare

Begins January 21st (January 22st in China), at the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice

2023 is the year of the Water Hare, such a different flavor than 2022, the year of the dynamic bold Tiger. Whereas the Tiger is yang energy, the Hare is yin energy. The Hare is an ingoing, gathering energy, meditative, seeking peace, calm, healing, and rest after the year of the Tiger. Hare is known for friendliness, compromise, and a peacemaker at heart. Those born under the Hare love the arts, enjoy creating nourishing meals and love fine things. Because the Hare can be self-indulgent, so it is best to remember to care for your health during 2023. The sign of the Hare is related to the sign Pisces, a tolerant, inclusive sign, imaginative, adaptable, and non-aggressive. The Hare is highly perceptive and looks for ways to protect herself.

This is a year to find healing and restoration after the year of the Tiger, before we move into the dynamic year of the Dragon, 2024. A Dragon year will be fast moving, and high energy with intensity. The year of the Hare gives us time to gather and restore.  The element of this year is Water, sensitive, perceptive, intuitive, introspective, a yin element. This element accentuates the Hare’s natural expression, making this a year where self reflection can be very powerful, rewarding and transformative, preparing us for action and movement as we enter the year of the Dragon. (For the Planetary Alignments for 2023 read more here)

Planetary Alignments for the beginning 2023 and January’s Astrology

Mars retrograde goes direct on January 12th, at 8 Gemini, trines Sun on the 29th

As we make the turn into the New Year of 2023, Mars is still retrograde in Gemini and at its stationary point, 9-8 degrees Gemini. What an omen for slowing and looking within, examining our deeper motivations before the action in the New Year picks up. It is also interesting to see the last 3 signs and the first three signs highlighted, showing us that we are in transition from old to new, from the impact of the collective, to reassessing and aligning with our personal values, choices, and motivations.

Mercury turned retrograde on December 29th, another indicator of sustaining a deeper review as we enter the New Year. Mercury moves from 24 to 8 Capricorn. We can think of this as the cosmos directing us to review what we strive for, to review the underpinning structure and form of our daily lives. It offers us time to review what we desire to achieve and mentally create. Mercury is our perceptive abilities, and at each retrograde we have an opportunity to cleanse our lens of perception. Each retrograde longs to take us deeper into the regions of the soul, or we might say, into that still space within, and here in Capricorn, we land on the mountain top. We observe the view around us to come to an understanding of the larger meaning of these times.

Mercury, with its retrograde at the end of the sign Capricorn, stays in Capricorn for over 2 months, rather than its usual one month per sign. With Pluto soon to leave Capricorn, it would seem the God of Messengers and Messages asks us to realize the transformative processes that we have been undergoing the last several years, but also since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn. (See below for Mercury retrograding in the Earth signs in 2023)

The station point of a planet holds tremendous energy which can magnify conditions that have been developing over time, (there are 3 of these in January, after the 22nd, all planets will be direct).  With Mars to go direct on January 12th, there’s a sudden release, and the ability to move ourselves forward, even though at first slow going. Now a more effective course of action can proceed. Especially, as Mercury goes direct on the 18th. Furthering our break through and movement into the New Year, stationary Uranus goes direct on the 22th. Rapid reorganization, beneficial action, and change can take place, especially around the end of the month as Mars forms a harmonious trine with the Sun.  Since October 30th, (when Mars went retrograde) there has been a general reassessment of where we are, and how to proceed, what to let go of, and how best to take action in alignment with our deeper needs and desires. The first two weeks of January support this reflection, an alchemical process taking place as we come to more insight. (Look to see where Gemini is in your chart for Mars has been working its transformative alchemy in this area.)

Since November, what has become clearer? What priorities do we now see in going forward? How has our deeper motivations and clarity of action revealed themselves? And if we have felt muddled and unclear during this time, now is the time for support in clarifying how we want to move forward in our lives, in career, in relationship. When Mars trines the Sun on January 29 movement is energized and quickened. We can now move forward with more clarity. In February, with Mars having aligned with Sun, and direct, now with increasing speed, the pace of the year begins to pick up.

The year continues and really bursts forth in its main motives and shifts in March. March is a dynamic month with the focus of 3 planets changing signs, Saturn leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces on the 7th of March. Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008, begins to transition into Aquarius, entering the sign of the “Water Pourer” on the 23rd, and Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on the 25th. Watch for sudden shifts of energy and themes in your life. We might consider how to essentialize our experience through 2022, creating a foundation from which to steer our course into new beginnings. These shifting themes continue into mid-spring as Jupiter leaves Aries and enters slower paced Taurus on May 16th. Another highlight of the year will be Venus retrograding in Leo on July 22, but activating relationship themes with passionate, expressive, Leo from June 5th to October 8th!!

Pluto into Aquarius

It is helpful to consider the new era we are moving into with Pluto entering Aquarius. In the sign Aquarius, Pluto begins the process of revealing, de-structuring, and transforming how we connect with each other and create community, bringing up issues around community and individuality, issues of  separation versus connection. Pluto will focus our attention on equality (or inequality) of community members, highlighting the disenfranchised. Aquarius rules technology, social media, the digital world and space exploration. Here, Pluto exposes what’s working, what’s not working in social media, exposing the underlying structures that motivate the companies and individuals involved, transformation around social media, and the technology in the digital plane, digital money, etc. The myth of Aquarius teaches us about living in both worlds, world of the Gods and humans, supercharging innovation and new inventions, how we care for each other, how we feel connected. Aquarius is concerned with horizontal rather than hierarchical relationships. Pluto brings to the surface and exposes systems, and the structuring of society, that is taking place. Let us educate ourselves to what has been hidden from view and participate in creating new systems and structures of equal regard. Since Aquarius rules astrology, the growth of popularity and quality education of astrology will take place. The interest in Astrology supports leading us into the new era because it helps us to understand the vast intelligence of the cosmos, how everything is interrelated and connected.

Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, March 7th, ending the Saturn Uranus square

With Saturn and Uranus leaving its square aspect, predominating for the last 2 years, we begin to experience the lessening of the extreme polarities that we have been going through. This phase will now ebb.

On March 6th, Saturn enters Pisces, shifting its themes. (With Saturn moving out of its own signs, Capricorn & Aquarius, its extremes of control are loosened.) Saturn in Pisces supports giving form and structure to what which is emotional, to issues in both the personal subconscious and collective unconscious. It supports bringing more awareness to our inner psychology. On a personal level, we are invited to come to know and handle emotional states with more awareness and skillfulness, coming to understand the complex levels of how the body, our past and emotions are interwoven. Knowledge of our profound interconnected … We are invited to step into more spiritual and imaginative creative states with more regularity, feeling its great benefit. Watch for these issues and know that this is a good time to participate in finding resolution or making progress in these areas. Saturn can bring clarity to vague or elusive states of being. It lassoes into form the imagination through consistent attention. When Saturn is in Pisces we are supported to cultivate our spiritual growth.

In the culture, Saturn in Pisces can bring to the forefront the growing popularity of mindfulness practices for health and wellbeing. It highlights our capacity for empathy. We will see more projects that assist the poor or less fortunate. Issues around resolving homelessness and mental health become more predominate. Restructuring health and how we deal with healing, medicine, healthcare, and hospitals is in the forefront, as well as caring for the mentally ill. Collective trauma gets more attention. The arts, and especially music, may find new venues, or discussion over how music is funded and organized may be prevalent. The work with healing through altered states and psychedelics may take on more social acceptance, or be in the forefront. Issues around our oceans and waterways also come to predominate.

Jupiter begins the New Year at 1 Aries, a strong energy to be courageous in taking action in new ways. Aries is the energy of spring pushing forth the plants to break through the soil and move toward the light and warmth. Find what inspires you. Find a coach, mentor, or class that opens doors into new territory. Find ways to refresh your spirit and let your passion invigorate you. Jupiter helps us to grow and enlarge our perspectives, and until May 16th, it does this in the energetic, individualistic sign Aries. In May, Jupiter enters Taurus, and will seek to ground and nurture what you begin in the 1st part of the year.

Mercury retrogrades in Earth signs during 2023

Mercury retrogrades through one element each year. When Mercury retrogrades through the Earth signs the focus is on more practical matters. We are asked to review our finances, health and well being, our practical goals. It is a time to ground, organize, and watch the details.

Mercury retrograde dates

Dec 29 2022 – Jan 18 2023,  24 Capricorn – 8 Capricorn

Apr 21 –  May 14, 15 Taurus – 5 Taurus

Aug 23 – Sept 15, 21 Virgo – 8 Virgo

Dec 12 – Jan 1 2024, 8 Capricorn – 22 Sagittarius

Celestial Events for January 

Dec 31 – Venus conjuncts Pluto at 27 Capricorn – as the turn of the year leads us into 2023, we might contemplate the myth of Innana, she who willingly goes into the hidden and ignored underworld to meet her sister the Queen of the Underworld, eventually, by her willingness to surrender and acknowledge what has been ignored, forgotten, and repressed, she effects a healing. We might explore the deeper motives and patterns we exhibit in relationship and allow transformation to take place. Intensity and deep feelings are sparked in relationship, longing propels itself into transformation, all cooking in the alchemical vessel of relationship.

Jan 2 – Venus enters Aquarius – with a sextile to Jupiter on the 4th – Venus moves from serious earthy Capricorn, to a lighter touch in Aquarius. We seek out friends and community, enjoying those of like mind, sharing ideas and information. This grows as Venus aspects Jupiter on the 4th. Have a gathering to celebrate what we are grateful for!

Jan 6 Full Moon at 16 Cancer sextiling Uranus in Taurus and squaring Chiron – Under this sensitive and imaginative Moon, nourish yourself and others with care and love. Find that warm place by the fire, or with a view, and tend to the quiet depths of your soul. With its aspects to Uranus and Chiron, initiate change, allowing movement into new perspectives, allowing healing, which brings new levels of integration. Uranus and Chiron both stimulate opening into broader perspectives of ourselves, and that can affect healing.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Cancer

“May I honor my feelings and intuitions that lead me into new situations and perspectives. May I bring healing and new levels of integration within soul and body, awareness and presence.”


Jan 7 – The Sun at 16 Capricorn, conjuncts Mercury retrograde, in Cazimi – Cazimi is an ancient term, meaning “in the heart of the Sun”, giving extra strength to the planet within a faction of a degree in its conjunction. Here the mind is strengthened in its most positive sense, inspiration, revelation, and creative thinking highlights the day. With Mercury retrograde, we can seek deeper insights, watching our dreams and synchronicities for signs. Check to see if it is conjunct or aspecting one of your planets. This is especially powerful day for sharing ideas and wisdom as Mercury and the Sun trines Uranus at 15 Taurus.

Jan 9 – Venus at 8 Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini – Passion and enjoyment in relationship, communication and sharing.

Jan 12 – Mars goes direct at 8 Gemini – the momentum has been held back and contained. What have you realized about your intentions and desires over the last several months? What has been revised, rethought? What insights have clarified around desires, needs, and goals? Now a release from containment comes, as forward momentum, new information, and communications take place. The energy builds toward the 29th when Mars trines the Sun.

Jan 14 – Venus squares Uranus, 14 Aquarius to 14 Taurus – An unexpected surprise shifts perceptions in relationship. Be flexible and creative with changes.

Jan 18 – Mercury goes direct at 8 Capricorn – with both Mars and Mercury direct, technical and communicative interactions become more easeful.

Jan 18 – The Sun conjuncts Pluto at 18 Capricorn – a day for contemplation, powerful insights, and transformations. Embody your power in the most gracious and integral way.

Jan 20 – The Sun enters Aquarius – the Sun moves into outgoing and friendly Aquarius, bringing light and enjoyment into our friendships, honoring community involvement, and highlighting the desire to learn, study, and share information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Jan 21 – New Moon at 1 Aquarius – (Chinese New Year, see above) – How do we want to participate in community? How do we honor and grow our friendships? How do we tap into inspiration that lifts us into more creative perceptions and thinking? How do we share our visions for a renew world?

Affirmation for the New Moon in Aquarius

“May I honor visionary involvement, bringing wisdom, values of equality, and informed action, for healing to community and interpersonal relationships”

Jan 21 –  6pm PST – Susan’s 2023 Astrology talk, “Crossing the Great Divide” Perspectives and Navigational map for 2023 – for more information and to register for the talk, click here

Jan 22 – Uranus goes direct at 14 Taurus – (all planets are direct, no retrogrades) – momentum continues to build, think outside the box, stretch into new possibilities, take a radical action for the well being of the Earth.

Jan 22 – Venus conjuncts Saturn at 24 Aquarius – stay focused, clear and honest in relationships, by having good boundaries and communications.

Jan 24 – Sun at 4 Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries – be bold and take off on an adventure, be it physical, or mental, or an adventure that leads you into visionary activism within the community.

Jan 26 – Venus enters Pisces – Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that its harmonizing, relational qualities are heightened and supported – share your love and compassion.

Jan 29 – The Sun at 9 Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini – Now we feel energized to take action. we feel enthusiastic and are charged into activity.

Jan 29 – Mercury at 15 Capricorn trines Uranus at 15 Taurus – visionary, outside the box ideas, and communication. Fast moving communications and information, inquisitiveness and curiosity. Be open to new perspectives. Where does it fall in your chart? Feeling inspired?

The Twelve signs for January: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, January blesses you with a return of Jupiter into Aries, giving you optimism, enlarging your daring and active self, and bringing good cheer and protection. Your planet, Mars, is stationary in Gemini, so you may feel hopeful and ready to go, but take it a little slower until the 12th, when Mars is direct. So until then continue to fill your well. Read, study, write, learn, and fine tune your plans for the year ahead, or go even deeper and quiet and align body and soul… getting to the essence of what state of being you want to cultivate in the year ahead. With Mars in your house of communication, you may review what communications have gone well and what might improve. The Aquarius New Moon on the 21st takes place in your house of community, friends, and goals. In what ways would you like to participate with others this year? What a powerful New Moon, Chinese New Year, for you to envision your growth and involvement in a community of learning or action. With the New Moon trining Mars and sextiling Jupiter you can feel a deep alignment. Keyword for January, “Energized and renewed”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, with the North Node still conjunct Uranus in Taurus, its good to shake things up, do things differently. Look back at 2022. How have you changed your life? How have you stepped into new territory, and perhaps for some, out of your comfort zone? While Uranus stays in Taurus until 2026, the North Node will move out of Taurus into Aries on on July 17th. Both ask you to stretch yourself and grow. Neither are in Taurus very often and especially not together. The Cancer Full Moon shines in your house of connections with others, siblings, and communication. Known as the house of the Moon’s Joy, due to being the house of the Goddess, this is a rich time to tap the divinatory arts for clarity and direction. The Cancer Moon is nourishing and restorative for your Taurus soul.  Your ruling planet, Venus, now in Aquarius, encourages you to reach out and connect with those of like mind, to share ideas, revelations, insights and information. The Aquarius New Moon on the 21st, settles itself in your house of career and accomplishment. With it next to Pluto, what are you ready to let go of in terms of career or goals, and what can you give your full attention and inspiration to? Keywords for January, “Find your inspiration and commitment.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, you may feel like a restless one, “chomping at the bit”, just waiting to overcome delay, or indecisiveness, or perhaps striving to complete laborious projects, so you can have a fresh start and go for it Mars is stationary retrograde in Gemini, just hunkering toward the starting line where the release is January 12th. Until the 12th, what a great time to revise, go back to the drawing board, update your views and information, so you are in good shape with forward progress. You may need to continue to refine until Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct on the 18th. This Mercury is asking you to be practical, to strategize and set some goals, as it retrogrades through Capricorn. Are your feet on the ground? On the 7th Mercury is ‘cazimi’ the Sun (meaning “in the heart of the Sun). This is a strengthening placement for Mercury. For you it may be a day of great insights and positive affirmative communications. The full Moon in Cancer, on the 6th, gives you pause to feel into your values and find ways to conserve your finances. The Aquarius New Moon, on the 21st, supports your natural tendencies to reach out and share with others. Here, in your house of philosophy and travel, expand your awareness and consciousness by learning something new, and reflecting on the meaning of things. Keywords for January, “Ready, set, go”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the Full Moon in Cancer lights you up. And because, by now, you might be really good at navigating the emotional waters of life, become the light house, shining, as you trust your intuition, balancing this with wisdom gained. Under its light you find the balance between self and other, with potential breakthroughs as you align with Uranus’s encouragement to be your unique self. Until Mars goes direct on the 12th, take it slow, but steady, as you tune into deeper aspects of yourself and spirit. This prepares you for the forward movement that begins, and builds, especially in March, when Mars enters Cancer. The Aquarius New Moon on the 21st, supports collaboration, and your talent for tuning into others. Because Aquarius is so different from the sign Cancer, you can use this as an opportunity to practice detachment from outcome with compassion and care, without becoming emotionally involved. Collaborations support career growth. Jupiter in Aries returns to your house of career. Keyword for January, “Mastership”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, under the Cancer full Moon retreat and treat yourself. Connect with spirit and your inner self that calls you home to peacefulness. Here you connect with the universe, and all living beings, with great compassion, and also with the knowledge of your imaginative powers to create. The Sun, your golden guiding light, graces Capricorn and encourages you to be practical as well, steady in your practices, tending to the details of things. And so you balance. Mars stationary and soon to be direct on the 12th, activates reverie over your participation in community and with friends. Is there anything you are yearning for?  Mars in Gemini wants to take action and initiate communications after the 12th. The Aquarius New Moon on the 21st, says it’s all about sharing in relationship with another (or with others). Set an intention of what to let go of and transform in relationship patterns, (Pluto with the New Moon) and affirm your love of sharing and being appreciated. Keyword for January, “Nourish”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this Cancer full Moon shines in your house of extended family, community, and friends. No wonder it is you who so often nourishes everyone, especially with the quality of your attention to the details and nuances of things. You may find yourself being especially creative in your New Year celebrations as the Moon is in aspect to Uranus, encouraging something different and unusual. Your guiding planet is agile, inquisitive, intelligent Mercury, now slowed and turned inward during its retrograde in Capricorn. Some say it can then move into the invisible planes of the esoteric, where it becomes a channel for higher knowledge. You might want to set time aside to write or contemplate the meaning of things, while you keep your fingers busy. Mercury will be ‘cazimi’ on the 7th, (meaning “in the heart of the Sun). This is a strengthening placement for Mercury. For you it may be a day of great insights and positive affirmative communications. Mercury goes direct on the 18th and shifts your attention. The New Moon in Aquarius, on the 21st, highlights for you health, habits, and refinement of consciousness. How would you like to take care of yourself this year? Is there anything you would change? Keywords for January, “Creative reverie”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, this Cancer full Moon brings you out to be noticed! Here it shines in the place of public standing, with presence, imagination, and a gift to connect with others. This year begins in a very different way than last year, with Venus retrograde near Pluto in 2022. By January 2nd Venus is off into friendly Aquarius, seeking its connection with others to enjoy itself, to learn, and to share insights and wisdom.  Its playfulness and charisma increases as Venus trines Mars on the 9th right before Mars goes direct, as if infusing it with harmonious skillfulness, it doesn’t naturally possess, and activating it with energized love, which can only be a kind of inspiration for these air signs. What have you learned since Mars entered Gemini on August 20th, for it has traversed your house of philosophy and wisdom? (Mars stays there, until March 26th). The Aquarius New Moon, on the 21st, graces your house of creative self expression, romance, and play. Are you having enough fun? What lightens your heart and brings a song to your lips? More of this! Keyword for January, “En-joy-ment.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, with the deep feeling Cancer full Moon, January 6th, in your house of travel and expansion of consciousness, you feel a resonance with this lunar influence to grow and welcome new experiences. If you choose to move with the rhythms of the Moon, this full Moon suggests getting quiet and feeling into the deeper meaning of things, defining what has greatest significance for you. With the Capricorn Sun in the house of the mind, pairing with sensitive Cancer, you may find yourself strategizing, or making practical plans, for excursions into new territory, either physical or mental.  As a Scorpio, Mars is your guiding planet, and soon, whatever log jam you’ve felt will open, and forward moment will be freed. Mars has been traversing the house of letting go, and transforming, the house of intimacy and collaboration, and suddenly situations will shift. The New Moon in Aquarius, on the 21st, pulls you back home, to gather yourself, and find a new navigating point. This new Moon aligns positively with both Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Gemini, giving you the impetus and boldness to initiate new patterns in work, health, and relationship. Keywords for January, “Seeking expansive experiences.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, with your guiding planet (Jupiter) moving once again into Aries, your inspiration is renewed and energized. As Jupiter falls in your house of self expression, leadership, self embodiment, and opening of the heart, situations may unfold that bring strong and positive connections with others. You are appreciated and recognized for your special qualities.  It’s a great time to share your heart as others respond in kind. With Mars in Gemini retrograding through your house of relationship, and slowing or deepening contacts with others, any issues not yet resolved may suddenly find resolution when Mars goes direct on the 12th. Now is a supportive time to reflect on the best ways to communicate, which may be very different than how you did before. The Aquarius New Moon, on the 21st, brings your Sagittarius self into community, be it with family or others. This is also the area of the mind and how you think. As we make the turn into the New Year, how would you like to challenge your mind and thinking, see things from another perspective, or learn something new?  Keywords for January, “Coming from the heart.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, Happy Birthday! As this full Moon highlights the pair of signs Cancer and Capricorn, this is a special time for you. What is highlighted is the relationship to yourself and your relationship to others, a time of finding that balance and receiving that enjoyment. There is a deep sensitivity in the capable, hard working Capricorn! You are especially tuned into others at this time, sensitive to their needs and even their vulnerabilities. With this Sun and Moon harmoniously aspecting Uranus, you experience yourself in a new and unique situation. There is a stretching into new territory, so be flexible and honor the journey. Mars retrograde has been working your house of habits, health, day to day routines, and work. What has changed since August 20th? What are you refining and adjusting since October 30th, when Mars went retrograde? On January 12th, when Mars goes direct, feel a sudden clarity and release into more ease. The New Moon in Aquarius, on the 21st, graces your house of values, self worth, and finances. Jupiter now in Aries supports your feeling of worthiness and confidence. Be thoughtful with your finances as both Mars and Jupiter align here, and there may be an impulse for bigger spending than you can afford. Keywords for January, “Balance and appreciation.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the Cancer full Moon encourages self nourishment, and especially for you, dear creative thinker Aquarius. Your mind is bright and busy, as if you are an astronaut exploring altered states, capturing innovative creative ideas and expressions. This Moon calls to you to slow and deepen your listening, to sit in the garden, attune to nature and stroll through the woods. With Pluto to touch into Aquarius in March, we begin a powerful transformation experience, as it moves slowly through the first degrees over the next couple years. Venus enters Aquarius on January 2nd bringing harmony, enjoyment, and sweetness into your days, until it moves on into Pisces on the 26th. When Mars goes direct on the 12th, fire up your creative juices. Suddenly, you have a green light. The New Moon in Aquarius, on the 21st, begins your birthday time and blesses you with new beginnings. What are you dreaming of? How would you best like to show up in your life? A powerful time to set an intention with a birthday ritual, for the year ahead. Keywords for January, “Nourishing body and soul.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, the full Moon in Cancer feels so comfortable because you know the rhythmic movement of water. It is an excellent time to be creative or expressive, as it falls in your house of creativity, children, play, and romance. Mars has been retrograding in your house of home and family. There may have been some complications in the family that challenged your usual ease. Perhaps it was something that wasn’t easily sorted out. After the 12th, with Mars direct, situations find new resolutions. Jupiter enters Aries again and initiates activity for yourself. Treat yourself to something new and different. The New Moon in Aquarius (on the 21st) in your house of contemplation, spiritual attunement, and retreat, is a preparation for next month, when things really begin to pick up for you. This time can be utilized to imagine, dream, and plan what you are hoping for in the future. Keywords  for January, “Enjoyment of creating.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 39 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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