July 26, 2018

Astrology for July

A partial Solar eclipse, July12th, at 7:48 pm, not visible from the USA and a Lunar Eclipse on July 27th!

A powerful eclipse tonight, July 12th! We are already feeling these energies! (And will be feeling for the next several days). The Moon conjuncts the Sun in this eclipse, while opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Those with the signs Cancer and Capricorn will be particularly sensitive to its energy. (As well as all the cardinal signs, Aries and Libra too). The God of the underworld is face to face with the light and radiance of the Sun now eclipsed by lunar powers of the memory, and the dark. Pluto confronts and brings up that which is old, hidden, along with the possibility of obsessive and compulsive behavior. There are issues about power and powerlessness, as well as confrontations and obstacles to clear seeing and staying the course.

Our aim is to engage with these archetypes, take up the challenge, center, ground, and steady ourselves to listen, create spaciousness and to clear. It is even possible to clear past life memories and traumas now, so many lodged in the history of our humanity.

The question to ask is, “What is being exposed? What am I seeing, experiencing, and how can I step away from obsessing, from the same old reactive patterns, the repeated issues? What kind of healing is the Soul calling for? If I need assistance to get to the bottom of things, or to navigate the shadow, or the recesses of psyche, where can I go for support to move through?”

 The Soul or deep original Self is calling for recognition and renewal. It is a Soul Making time for us all. Soul Making means that the obscuration of our vibrant creative self, our deepest uniqueness and originality, is being cleared by our journey through this shadow. It calls for courage, flexibility and perseverance to staying the course.

With Mars retrograde, we are in the process of review. Mars in Aquarius asks us to step back, witness what arises in a detached way. None of what arises is personal, though it feels that way. It’s the overlay of conditioned ways of being, the thrust of old karma from our families of origin from the history of humanity and the pervading judgmental paradigms, ready now for letting go, death and rebirth. Our choices now are what are personal. The key is to always look for the new possibilities, renewing of your personal vision forward.

Take time to attune to nature, breathe deeply, find ways to create more spaciousness of mind and emotion. What then arrives is loving-kindness and opportunities for moving forward creatively and imaginatively, naturally contributing to collective healing. However we are called to explore our own shadow material, our own reactive triggers, this serves all humanity. The shift that takes place in seeing, holding, and creating a spaciousness around these traumas and trigger points allows the mending of soul and the making of soul to nourish all of us and the planet. It lets us take up our inheritance of being true creators, explicitly interconnected with all life, this planet and this cosmos.

On July 27th events intensify, a Lunar Eclipse takes place (not visible to us) aligning with this powerful Mars retrograde, while Mercury has just turned retrograde in Leo. Hold on and stay centered the whirl wind of events swirl around us.

Mars goes retrograde once every two years and is much more impactful! Feeling frustrated, irritable, angry, or perhaps you are finding blame in others or in yourself? These are all signs of the trapped heat of Mars.

I like to think of the planets as Master Teachers, with Mars being the Master Marshall Artist Teacher showing us the Tao, how to move with the energy and to use the sword of the warrior to pinpoint our own needs and wants, instructing us to set clear intention, cultivating calm, being grounded and centered, taking one step at a time. Ask yourself, “What am I wanting for myself, what am I needing for myself? What is my intention for the next month, two months, or 6 months? Where do I feel fear or judgment that becomes an obstacle to forward movement? Let me turn to the future, and see the destination, know I’m on my path. Where can I join with like minds in creating, or fulfilling my desires, (especially with retrograding Mars in Aquarius)? Let me think outside of the box, tap a deeper root of my own uniqueness and detach from outcome, entering fully the present.”

This cosmos and earth we live upon and in are exquisitely amazing. Around 9pm look to the southeast and see the striking orange star mounting the heavens. This is Mars!! Tomorrow Friday, July 27 there is a full Moon with Mars close by. This is the second of 3 eclipses, and guaranteed to be an intense one. How to best flow with it? With the Full Moon/eclipse in Aquarius, practice detachment from outcome, and look for possibilities. Someone (or yourself for that matter) may need acknowledge and praise for work well done, or simply for being who they are. Be in generous heart, recognizing the vulnerability we all live within.

With Uranus squaring this Mars you may feel the need to break free of restrictions, or feel rather rebellious. Flexibility and openness to the unexpected serves you best. See how you can flow with what arises. On the political and global front, especially since the end of June, we are moving through intense and choppy waters, lots of anger and attack. It is not surprising that the house republicans are bringing up the issue of impeaching assistant deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein. When the energy of Mars is unconsciously expressed it goes toward polarization, attack, bullying, blame, victimization, and violence, the warrior gone astray. You may have guessed that Donald Trump has an extremely strong Mars.

Cultivate your heart, with calm and courage to move forward. Align with your deep values and vision for the future.




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