July 2, 2019

Astrology for July

July begins with a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, on the 2nd. When the new moon becomes a Solar Eclipse, as it does twice a year, we can know and feel the perfect alignment of the 3 heavenly bodies that tend our daily life, our Earth, our illumining Sun and the circling reflective Moon. These eclipses are power times when we can tap into centering and inner stillness, feeling our foundation and from that, an inner strength that perceives and receives. This is our opportunity if we choose to give time and space to this presence.

 We can feel if or when we lose our equanimity, especially heightened under the Cancer Solar Eclipse. By observing that moment it teaches us awareness. The potential for this Solar Eclipse is to heighten imaginative possibilities, and to respond to ourselves and others, from a place of deep heart. Cancer, the sign of family, is a time to gather with and know our tribe, which can benefit our collaborative potential and/or intensify our emotional vulnerabilities, for Cancer is a active feeling sign. We can ask ourselves how do these feelings or emotional reactions continue to serve me? We can look at what thought projections activate our emotions. Feelings can be teachers when we bring inquiry to them. And feelings can take us into imaginative places of creativity and deep heart, so needed as we make our crossing into a new paradigm

This Cancer Solar Eclipse takes place opposite Saturn. We feel the pressure of time’s demands or experience the need to focus and complete our intentions. We can be sensitive to self-doubt or criticism. We may feel the need to resist authority or react strongly. This is an opportunity to observe our reactions and nuances of thought that undermine our well being. But Saturn is the great master teacher, schooling us over time. We can ask ourselves during this time what have we committed ourselves to? How are we showing up with the fullness of our awareness? Are we giving away our power or embodying our knowingness, such as it is? What long-term goals are we tending with patience and faith in the meaningfulness of the task? These times do call for strength applied and perseverance, for something profound is taking place to transform ourselves, and the collective, to become anew, and to manifest our creativity.

 July Celestial Events:

 July 1– Mars leaves emotional Cancer and enters dramatic Leo

July 2Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn, 12:16 pm, (See above for description) It will not be visible to us.

July 3 – Venus enters sensitive Cancer leaving mental Gemini

July 7Mercury goes retrograde at 4 degrees Leo, encouraging us to slow and become more reflective when we express ourselves, to review our creative projects. It enters Cancer on 19th, deepening our need for thoughtfulness, exposing our sensitivities, increasing imaginative possibilities.

July 8 – Mars aligns with Mercury to heat up communications, to align directness and clarity

July 11 – Mars square Uranus, situations world-wide are volatile, Mars and Uranus want and demand break through

July 16Lunar Eclipse at 2:38 pm, (not visible to us), aligning with Saturn and Pluto, the world-wide situation is demanding and polarizing. We are called to stand in our deep values, to know them, announce them, and take action for them in all that we do

July 22the Sun enters fiery, creative and dramatic Leo

July 25Mars in Leo is in harmonious alignment with Jupiter in Sagittarius, expanding action and possibility. Take courageous action. You are supported.

July 27 – Venus enters expressive and playful Leo

July 31New Moon in Leo, Mercury goes direct at 9 pm

The Twelve signs for July 2019: For Sun and Rising Sign

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