June 25, 2022

Astrology for July

The New Moon of June 28, in the cardinal water sign Cancer, brings us into the month July. The sign Cancer reaches out and initiates emotional bonding, through which we embrace our tribe, our soul family. We seek to nurture each other through these bonds of belonging and to be nurtured by those friendships. Cancer is the foundation of the zodiac signs, the Gateway in, the subjective inner realm of our deep self, our feelings, and stored impressions, our roots and grounding. Here we are connected to the great Mother, the nurturing of the life force that the summer Sun brings, which fulfills itself next month in the fullness of summer, in the sign Leo.

The New Moon squares Jupiter in Aries and asks us to take bold action. What is it we wish to initiate? What is calling to us? This Jupiter in Aries encourages taking actions aligned with growth, and what enlivens us. Here we balance the receptive self-reflective sign Cancer, with the active, outgoing, assertive sign Aries. How do we find our balance during these times?

The Cancer/Aries combination dances between the emotional needs of family, relationship, sensitivity and belonging, with independence, courage, risk taking, and new starts.

Affirmations for New Moon in Cancer

“May I attune to my heart and soul, and hear it’s calling.”

“May I hone my sensitivities into perceptual intelligence.”

“May we find our belonging and nurture each other’s hearts.”

The Summer Solstice chart had a big punch to it, with the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Aries, starting this 3 month season with a “strong go for it energy”, bold actions, assertions, and need for independence and clarity. These 3 planets in Aries heat things up, cause strong reactions, and move the energy in breakthrough ways. Now a careful balancing pursues, between reaction and thoughtful clarity, between independence and emotional sensitivity in relationship. We can ask ourselves, “What needs to be nurtured now and from that, what actions shall I take?”

With this Summer Solstice chart, we can expect a fiery and competitive three month period. 

The big news for July and into August is the conjunction between Uranus, the North Node, and Mars at 18 Taurus. 

With this combination, something suddenly shakes us up, breaks us open to a new place with the potential to rearrange our consciousness. The emphasis on the sign Taurus points us in the direction of learning to honor our own worth, being present to the moment, and attuning us to values that are life sustaining for ourselves and the Earth. It rattles us with change around how we view security and money. It is collectively disruptive in order to bring about change and to re-configure what and how we are manifesting. It spurs the intensity around our need for change. Watch the end of July and the beginning of August for clues to the collective impact and where we are headed.

The Nodes are known as power points, where the eclipses take place during the year. We are moving through a time when the North Node and its opposite South Node are in the pair of signs Taurus and Scorpio.  The Nodes give us information on what two signs are highlighted for a year and a half. The North Node attunes us to qualities we need to develop for our growth, and where we are headed. The South Node points to what needs our awareness in order to be seen and released.

With the North Node in Taurus the issues that encourage our growth are: developing self worth, reflecting on our values, and understanding what the idea of ‘security’ means to us. It’s a collective call for honoring the earth, understanding embodiment, and what it means to be here in our bodies in this moment on Earth. It brings our attention to what the collective values and therefore, also, to the idea of money, finances, and economies.

The South Node in Scorpio, the deep feeling sign of intimacy and emotionally relating with another, brings our attention to the dynamics between us, how we nurture or battle with each other, and gives us an opportunity to understand the power dynamics of relationship. With the South Node, we are releasing, letting go of emotional complexity, and turning to the Taurus North Node, coming back to ourselves, as a rebalancing takes place.

Uranus is the change agent, disruptive, sudden, awakening us to a broader perspective on life, giving us opportunity to change and grow, shaking us awake, overturning habituated patterns. But Uranus can also just bring chaos and disruption that fuels distortion of reality. It’s revolution that shakes the status quo and hopefully employs its visionary consciousness to plant seeds for humanity and a new paradigm. With Uranus traveling in conjunction with the North Node, we are encouraged to change our orientation and grow with new awareness to what is deeply valuable both within ourselves, to each other, and within our relation to this Earth.

You may find yourself re-envisioning those ways you have grown accustomed to. Like an earthquake rattling the stability of ground, we are ushered into a new relationship with uncertainty and not knowing, all to awaken ourselves to the fuller dimensions of being in which we live. It is then that we come to the moment with fresh awareness. Uranus is the Fool of the Tarot, encouraging us to embrace the sacred journey we are on, to listen to our inner guidance, and watch for synchronicities along the way, as we participate with the creative energies all around us.

When Mars enters the conjunction on the the 31st and Aug 1st, all this is heated up. Both Mars and Uranus are related to lightning, so we can expect something sudden and dramatic around breakdown, breakthrough, or activism. Personally, this is a good time to move energy. So for that change you have been thinking about, now is the time. Imagine approaching this change with Taurian energy, being grounded, with patience, and a steady step by step approach, even through the uncertainty of the times. Attune to what you deeply value. Attune to creating that which is nurturing and supportive to your sense of self worth. Attune to cultivating life sustaining practices for our Earth.

Saturn in Aquarius is squaring the Nodes, Uranus, and Mars as we head into August. Saturn slows us down for reflection, to plan, to set a schedule, to find our inner wisdom. We might feel the tension between the old limitations we’ve hit time and again, and the momentum to change and go for it. It is good to take our time as we implement change. To inquire into Saturn’s wisdom of how to structure things, and staying in tune with our inner self as we implement changes.


Celestial Events for July

June 28 New Moon in Cancer – (see above)   

July 1 – Mars at 27 Aries squares Pluto in Capricornthis square describes the tension between the need for new starts and action, against the old structures that need transforming. What is old and no longer life sustaining that we need to let go of? Where do we need clearing, recycling, and exposing of that which no longer serves our growth, or supports our energy?

July 4 – Mars leaves fiery Aries and moves into fixed earthy Taurus. Now Mars is slowed in action. It deliberates, looking for what is worth pursuing, and what is enduring. It takes its time to pursue longer term goals. Taurus highlights our value systems, our relation with the body and earth, with our sense of groundedness and security. It represents our monetary systems. Being the earthiest of the earth signs it is about simple presence and awareness of what is around us, seeking harmony. Its shadow side is resistance, immovability, caught in its own unchanging rut.

June 11Venus at 16 Taurus conjuncts Uranus – Venus and Uranus bring about exciting new encounters. Uranus disrupts and Venus harmonizes. New approaches in our relationships or collaborations bring interesting openings.

July 10Sun at 18 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus – Here’s our opportunity for inspiration and change. Do something new and different and be inspired. Let it feed you. 

July 12 – Venus at 24 Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius – this is enduring relationship, stability to what you love, a settling and grounding. Here we value listening to wisdom and receiving wise counsel.

July 13 – Full Moon at 21 Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, squaring Chironthe Moon in Capricorn is responsible and capable, attuned to deep wisdom and geared to reach the heights of what inspires it. Capricorn is the hard worker, with an ability to clarify, organize, and achieve. The Cancer/Capricorn pair is the inner and the outer, the mother and the father, the cosmic parents. Under this full moon we honor what it is we would like to build in our lives, what we would like to nurture in our consciousness. The Moon conjunct Pluto brings in the transformative forces for renewal and release of the old. Past issues may arise for clearing. The Moon squaring Chiron alerts us to the collective healing that is so needed in our polarized world. It asks us to renew our relationship with our intuitive mind while also taking practical steps.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Capricorn


“May I experience how capable I am as I move toward my goals and intentions.”  

“May I be steady and persevering in tasks I choose to fulfill.”

July 17 – The Sun and Mercury at 25 Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces – take time to imagine, be creative, tune into your dreams, and spirituality, walk the waters edge and soothe your soul. Feel into the poetry and language of your being. Share your compassion and loving kindness. Venus enters Cancer – Relationships seek nurturance and sweetness. Beautify one’s home. 

July 19  – The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto – Awareness of these transformative times is heightened. We are on the edge and between worlds. Living in liminal space, in the in between. Mercury enters Leo – express your self , express your heart, tell a good story!

July 22 – Sun enters Leo – the fullness of summer. Be your radiant self, share your heart.

July 23 – Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries – spread the word. Learn, teach, consult, share a good story with a this day for fun and enjoyment.

Jul 26 – Mercury at 14 Leo squares Mars in Taurus – this is a day for debate, conversations can become touchy or heated. Differences of opinion are expressed. You can test how you keep your cool and see with clarity.

July 28 – New Moon at 5 Leotrine Jupiter in Aries. (Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 Aries) This new moon with its trine to Jupiter, shows enjoyment and adventure, confidence, and expanding into new areas of meaning. A great day to honor what is good and tell each other stories of what brings laughter and joy.


Affirmation for the New Moon in Leo

“May my heart be filled with gratitude and open to enjoyment.”

“May I appreciate my unique self and be courageous in embodying who I am .”

July 31 – Sun at 8 Leo trines Jupiter in Aries – a day we adventure, we trust, we come into leadership. A day for teaching, learning, and revealing wisdom.

Aug 1 – Mars conjuncts Uranus, conjuncts the North Node at 18 Taurus – sudden, quick, unexpected events, propels us into collective growth. Mars’ heat activates rebellious, inventive, innovative energy, potential for breakthrough. (See above)

The Twelve signs for July: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, the New Moon in Cancer on June 28th calls you back home. If not your physical home, then finding a place to sit, pause, and nourish yourself. Replenish your well. With the Mars and Jupiter still in Aries, you can feel stretched between getting things done, being productive with projects, and tending to your own self care. Mars enters Taurus on the on the 4th, with Mercury entering Cancer, so things definitely slow down. With Mars, your ruling planet, moving through Taurus, slowing down, re-evaluating your priorities, then setting a more long term plan with a steady pace is preferred and helpful. The full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, is an excellent time to feel into and affirm those long term goals. Jupiter in Aries goes retrograde on the 21st. This year is a growth year for you. As Jupiter goes retrograde you might reflect on what you have learned this year and how it might reorganize your outlook on life. Keywords for July, “Self care is my foundation.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, this Cancer New Moon resonates with your pace. Take the time to savor the sweetness and the good in your life. Mars moves into Taurus on the 4th and supports your energy and drive. Time for movement! It’s an especially good time to move what’s stuck or no longer needed. Setting an intention for the months ahead helps you direct this Martian energy now available. Venus is in Gemini until the 17th, so bring awareness to those many projects you have going on, and simplify. When Venus enters Cancer you can deepen your focus. The full moon on the 13th, in Capricorn, lights up your house of philosophy and travel. Under its light ponder the meaning of things, draw on ancient wisdom, and feel into the powers of nature to nurture your soul. At the end of the month, be alert and light on your feet for new insights, sudden changes, and breakthroughs, with the Mars, Uranus, North Node conjunction in Taurus. Keywords for July, “Finding my inspiration.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this New Moon in Cancer on June 28th, lights up your house of values, self worth, talents to draw from, and relationship with money. While the sign Gemini is outgoing and loves to capture ideas and share them, Cancer is an inward and self reflective sign. You are being called inward at the time of the new moon, to reflect on your relation to yourself, how you value yourself, and what you value. How do you handle or treat that which you value? It certainly is a balancing time for you with the Aries energy invigorating your house of groups and activism. With Mercury in Gemini now you are bright and quick. On the 4th Mercury moves into Cancer and supports your self reflections. The Capricorn full moon on the 13th travels through your house of intimacy. How might you want to honor those you love under the full moon? Perhaps you will see something that needs to be nurtured in a new way, or where a time for healing will benefit the relationship. Keywords for July, “Making time for self reflection and appreciation” 

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, once a year the New Moon takes place in Cancer. This is a good time to set an intention for the year ahead, birthday time to birthday. With this Cancer New Moon on June 28th, linking up with fiery and active Aries, you experience the call to new adventures or just something new beginning. It may be helpful to take action, then gather yourself, review, and then take action again. You might ask yourself, “In what area am I desiring growth and wanting to pursue something new?” Teaching, studying, traveling and publishing, are highlighted for you this year.  The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, falls in your house of relationship.  Under this full Moon you might want to acknowledge your appreciation for your partner and/or the friends in your life. It can be a time of recalibration in terms of giving and receiving. On the 17th Venus enters Cancer and brings a sweet enjoyment into your life. Keywords for July, “Imagining the year ahead”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, the Cancer New Moon on June 28th may find you dreaming up where you want to travel. Because the New Moon falls in the house that represents behind the scenes activity, what a perfect time to go within and connect with your creative self… or remember the dream you had this week, honoring its message to you. This is the house of spiritual connection, and tapping into the deep layers of the psyche. You might get out your favorite inspirational writer and nourish yourself on their words. The Capricorn full Moon on the 13th graces your house of work, service, and health. With Pluto next to the Full Moon, you might ask yourself, “What duties might I let go of to allow more flow in my day to day routines and work?” All in preparation for when the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. The Leo needs to play, to feel the radiance of oneself in playful creativity. Keyword for July, “Finding deep nourishment for renewal.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, the Cancer New Moon on the 28th falls in your house of friendship and connecting with something larger than yourself. In what ways would you like to connect with others? Your Virgo meticulousness is often so thoughtful about others. Think of that friend who nourishes your soul and invite them over! With the square to the independent Aries energy in your house of intimacy and collaboration, check in with yourself. Do you feel in balance with what you give and what you receive in relationship? Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th. The messenger leaves bright Gemini, and enters deeper waters, thoughts of home, family, and your poetic voice and eyes are now present.  Under the Full Moon on the 13th, wouldn’t it be nice to sit in a place with a view? Your creative muse is accentuated under this Capricorn moon. What an excellent time to honor the creative voice within yourself, that which also runs through the starry cosmos. Keywords for July, “Deepening My Connections.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the Cancer New Moon on June 28th falls in your house of career, public standing, and what you seek to achieve. The new moon is always a seeding time. You might ask yourself, “What is it I want to nurture in my career, in my work? Are there any changes or refinement I wish to put in place?” With this Cancer New Moon’s square to Jupiter in Aries, you might reflect on where you are hungry for independence and new adventures, finding a balance between your sensitivity to others’ needs and your own journey.  Or that Jupiter in Aries may represent a time to initiate a new teaching, find a new mentor, or collaborate in a new partnership. Venus, your ruling planet, now in Gemini, is eager for sharing ideas and enjoying a variety of people. Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, re-centering on home, family, and the relationships that nurture and sustain you. The Capricorn full Moon on the 13th is a time for inner reflection and an honoring of the inner wisdom which you carry. With the Moon conjuncting Pluto, something wants to be released. You might clear out things in your life that are holding energy, but which no longer serve you. Keywords for July, “Letting go and renewing”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the Cancer New Moon on the 28th graces your house of philosophy and belief systems, travel, teaching, and expanding your consciousness. It might be time to feel into beliefs you have carried that no longer nurture the growth and well-being you are seeking.  With the square to Jupiter in Aries, you are encouraged to take a risk, try something new. Mars, your ruling planet, now in Aries, has been stirring things up, making it challenging to keep a calm composure as you navigate the changes that Uranus may be bringing you. On the 4th, Mars enters Taurus, slowing things down a bit. You may be entering a time of compromise as Mars in Taurus, opposes your Scorpio. You find yourself listening more carefully to the needs and desires of others. You also find that your responses have more clarity around your needs as well. Best thing to do, take a hike with the one(s) you love. The full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th highlights your house of communication. What needs to be expressed now? It is also called the house of the Moon’s joy, celebrating the Goddess.   Keywords for July, “Changing perspectives”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the Cancer new moon on June 28th falls in your house of intimacy, and that deep emotional river that flows between two people.  This is also the area of the chart that seeks to uncover the mysteries, to understand the esoteric workings of this world.  Being that Sagittarius is a fiery outer directed sign, forever moving toward fulfilling its intentions and goals, this new Moon calls you into deeper reverie. What a wonderful time to be with those you love, and feel nurtured by the simple presence of each other.  With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in Aries, you may be busy with many projects, perhaps even deciding what to take on and what to let go of. The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th, graces your house of values, resources, and talents. This is an excellent time to contemplate precisely how you want to use those talents and resources as you go forward, holding a keen awareness to what you most want to nurture in the future. Keyword for July, “Loving Connections”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, the Cancer New Moon of June 28th falls in your house of partnership. What new beginnings are you putting in place in your partnerships? This includes romantic, friendship, and business. How might you refine the balance in sharing, in giving and receiving? This new Moon squares Jupiter in Aries. As such, there is a need to balance your independence  and new adventures for growth and meaning with emotional closeness with another. As you can imagine, much clarity and objectivity is needed. With Saturn, your ruling planet now in Aquarius, one of its teachings is to learn a certain degree of detachment from emotional drama. We might call it moment to moment mindfulness. When Mars enters Taurus on the 4th, you find a more natural pace for yourself, and a settling. The Capricorn Full Moon is a time to appreciate yourself, to tune into your special qualities, to reflect on the journey you’ve been on since you were born and feel into all the wisdom and experience you carry. Keywords for July, “Celebrate your uniqueness.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, The Cancer New Moon on June 28th falls in your house of work, health, and daily routines. Its deeper meaning is refinement and adjustment of your self expression so your special gifts can be of service to others. So you can have radiant health. The emotional sign, Cancer, does not have much in common with the bright mental activities, and group interaction of the sign, Aquarius, but under this New Moon you may pause to honor those loving connections you have with others. this is the time to nurture your body and soul, and to declare your intentions to do so during July. With the new moon in Cancer you can imagine going to the well to nurture the deepest aspects of yourself. With Jupiter in Aries, you are ready to adventure and to initiate new beginnings, especially through writing and communicating your wisdom with others. Under the energies of the full moon in Capricorn on the 13th, if you can, let yourself retreat, as the moon falls in your house of spirituality, imagination, and the deep rivers of soul. If possible, make it a special day or evening, in honor of how you experience the sacred and the creative in your life. Keywords for July, “Healing, nurturing and imagining”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear deep soulful Pisces, under this watery new Moon in Cancer, on June 28th, you feel very comfortable. In fact, it seeds the month ahead with appreciating the emotional bonds you have with the people you love. Family, children, and the expression of your heart are highlighted.  For some of you, you may find romance is strengthened, because this New Moon falls in your house of enjoyment and love. With the square to Jupiter in Aries, you have to give some to yourself!! You might ask yourself, “What is it I need or would like?” There is a directness with this Jupiter in Aries. The thing to watch out for is over doing or over giving with this generous Jupiter (which is your ruling planet) in the mix. But with Jupiter in Aries this year, it is important to think of yourself, as you are the most generous and giving of all the signs. The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on the 13th, in your house of friends, groups, and ideals. In the full of summer this moon graces friendship, shining its light on your enjoyment with others.  Keywords  for July, “Enjoy yourself!”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 40 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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