June 22, 2023

Astrology for July

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd 4:39 am PDT

       Capricorn                                                    Cancer   

With the full Moon in Capricorn we align with our aspirations. Capricorn as the “Mergoat”, comes from within the deep seas to the highest heights. Like a great whale evolving into the agile mountain goat to experience what creation unfolded, we imagine the journey of our lives, that deep inner wellspring of soul that sets us on our life journey. Capricorn teaches how to achieve our goals and embody our inner knowing through our experiences and disciplined focused. Under this full Moon we can review our goals, be they outer accomplishments, or inner states of being. Ruled by weighty Saturn, this archetypal force governs the process of self mastery, how to give form to that which we imagination is possible for us to achieve.  It’s process is step by step, with pacing, planning, and focused perseverance. 

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon reflecting its light in the sign Capricorn, we balance between inner and outer, nurturing and drive, sensitivity to our environment and being capable of expressing our authority.

This full Moon is a ‘SuperMoon’, and will be followed by 3 more SuperMoons in a row, Aug 1, Aug 30 (which is also a blue Moon) and September 29th! These SuperMoons appear slightly larger than the average full Moon, because they are closer to the Earth in their orbit around the Earth. But, most definitely, will appear brighter! “A SuperMoon exceeds the disk size of an average-sized moon by up to 8% and the brightness of an average-sized full moon by some 16%.” (

Under this full Moon in Capricorn we may be more sensitive to our own self evaluation, and our needs to achieve.

With Mercury in Cancer opposite the Full Moon, it is a time for sharing our deeper selves with each other. Sensitive communications take place.

Jupiter and Saturn align with the Capricorn full Moon

Jupiter at 9 Taurus – Saturn at 7 Pisces

With Jupiter and Saturn now aligning in a sextile formation, what we choose to invest our energies in and grow (Jupiter) is supported by steady perseverance and stability that can ground and root any new projects (Saturn). This alignment is highlighted under the Capricorn full Moon and very auspicious in supporting what we wish to grow, enhance, and develop. More generally, we are in this aspect between Jupiter and Saturn through January and February of 2024, but it has its strongest influence now, and in January and February. (For more insight on the power and possibilities of this alignment for your own life join Susan’s July monthly talk, July 7th, 9:30 am PDT, recordings available).

Venus goes retrograde July 22nd at 28 Leo

Venus  represents our ability to make connections. It is the power of relation to all people, all living beings, to what we value (or how we value what we value), and all of nature. Venus rules the arts, bringing forth our expressions of harmony, beauty, and how we relate to and with life in creative and perceptive ways. Ultimately the power to relate comes from the power to be present, alert, and aware. Our senses are heightened because we are so present. This is our feminine or yin energy. During this time we are asked to become more aware of our receptive and perceptive energy with which we relate. 

When Venus turns retrograde the principles of relationship and relatedness are turned inward. We can be prepared for this retrograde by tuning into the quality of relatedness in our lives. Venus dives deep into the psyche during its retrograde phase, reviewing what has just taken place over the last 18 months and more specifically since it entered Leo on June 5th.  (Or we can think about what took place 8 years ago when it was last retrograded in Leo). Taking time to reflect on the quality of our relationships, of coming from a heart centered place, will serve us well. Also, reflecting upon what it is we value, and how we act upon those values, or neglect those values in our lives, helps to create greater alignment with ourselves. You might ask yourself, “What’s working or not working in my relationships? What do I deeply value in terms of quality of being and how can I embody more of that? How can mindfulness enhance my consciousness in all my relations?” (Check your chart to see where Leo is placed. The themes of this house are highlighted, as well as any planets in Leo, especially from 12 to 28 Leo. This is activated from June to October! Join Susan’s monthly talk on July 7, for more insight on Venus activation.)

(image by

You can see bright Venus on July 9th close to the star Regulus in the constellation Leo, next to red planet Mars.

The North Node enters Aries on July 17th and moves through Aries until January 2025

We can participate with the nodal change as directions for the next 18 months. The North Node gives us information about the direction of growth. The South Node expresses the qualities that we are placing less emphasis on. As we move into the North Node we seek to find balance with the South Node, letting go of what needs to be released there.
When the the North Node enters independent Aries, we place emphasis on being innovative, initiating new avenues of expression, taking charge of our lives with more courage in pursuing our own path of growth, developing our independence. The North Node in Aries is about being centered in oneself. With the South Node in Libra, we see where we are codependent. We release over emphasis on compromising with others, without checking in with ourselves. The balance that’s being asked to be achieved is between self and other, between independence and collaboration, between courageous assertion and justice in relationship with others. (For more insight on the power and possibilities of this alignment for your own life join Susan’s July monthly talk, July 7th, 9:30 am PDT, recordings available).

Celestial Events for July

July 1 – Sun at 9 Cancer sextiles Jupiter in Taurus – the Sun and Jupiter work together to bring opportunity for growth, new experiences, confidence and expansion, in the water and earth elements. Nurture yourself and express your creativity. Work in the garden, hike with a friend, talk philosophy. Enjoy friends and family, expand your social circle, learn, study, and enjoy your travels!

July 2 – Venus at 21 Leo squares Uranus in Taurus – relationship in big hearted Leo meets with an unexpected event. Be flexible, fully present to change and new possibilities. Balance relatedness with independent thinking.

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 3 – Full Moon, 4:39 am PDT, at 11 Capricorn oppose Sun in Cancer – (see above)

Honor the Full Moon on the evening of July 2 as its light is waxing

Affirmation for Full Moon in Capricorn

“I pause and reflect on what I am desiring to achieve. I set my sights on a goal that is worthy to pursue. I align with my deep self to bring forward my authentic expression. I honor my unique task and contribution.”

July 6 – Mercury at 21 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus – spark new conversations, think inventively, tune into new possibilities, think outside of the box.

July 9 – Mercury at 27 Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces – Dream, find your ideal, head to the studio for creative pursuits, or find the meditation cushion for deep insights and renewal.

July 10 – Mars enters Virgo – Mars leaves passionate Leo and enters earthy, practical, hardworking, and detail oriented Virgo. Mars in Virgo steadies your hand and helps achieve practical planning and outcomes. Now is the time to purify, cleanse, and let go of things no longer useful.

July 10 – Mercury at 29 Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury enters Leo – Deep heart felt conversations. Review of what needs attention because it had been ignored or repressed. Completion and renewal sets the stage for Mercury entering Leo, the sign of playful and creative expression.

July 12 – The Sun at 19 Cancer squares Chiron in Aries – Light on the wounded healer. A day when we are tuned into with sensitivity the wounds we all carry that are now up for healing. New levels of integration and wholeness. Healing the wounded warrior, balancing the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang. Taking a stand, coming to understand and heal our anger or resentment.

July 14 – The Sun at 22 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus – break out of the old, change the way we see and perceive things, liberation, innovation themes.

New Moon in Cancer


July 17 – New Moon at 24 Cancer, 10:32 am PDT – The new Moon in Cancer is a sensitive time. We might gather ourselves and sit quietly, appreciating our family, our home, and find ways to nurture ourselves, and our close relationships. We may reflect on memories that stir our hearts. The fullness of summer and the outward expression it brings is balanced by nurturing our deep self. 

Affirmation for New Moon in Cancer

“I attune to my deep self, finding ways to nurture and soothe this inner place of refuge. I honor this inner temple of being and presence, of the life I live and the unique being I am.”

July 17 – the North Node enters Aries, leaving Taurus – the South Node leaves Scorpio and enters Libra. (see above) Last time the North Node entered Aries was December 2004.

July 20 – Sun trine Neptune – take time out. Move into reverie and creative spaces. Seek deeper imaginative powers. This is an inclusive, expanded spiritual aspect.

July 20 – Mars at 6 Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces – Slow down, seek deeper insight, planning, and reflection in order to move forward. Honor any obstacles as pulling you in to receive clearer directions.

July 21 – The Sun at 29 Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn – endings and completion, feeling your deep feelings, letting go, transformation in relationships. Watch power issues and emotions rising.

Jul 22 – Sun leaves sensitive Cancer and enters passionate, expressive Leo. Dare to express yourself. Be playful. Refresh your vitality.

July 22 – Venus goes retrograde at 28 Leo – (see above)

Jul 28 – Mercury enters Virgo – communication and thinking are now benefited by being more practical, studious, and attending to details. Editing, and fine-tuning projects is enhanced.

Full Moon in Aquarius

Aug 1 – Full Moon in Aquarius, 11:32 am PDT – Gather with friends and like minded people to share innovative ideas, rituals, and honoring the power of the group.

The Twelve signs for July: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, under this practical, hardworking, Capricorn full Moon, you may find yourself wanting to get things accomplished.With your busy Aries energy, you are very good at that, so remember to take time to balance inner and outer life, by nurturing yourself while we are under this Cancer Sun. Rest when you need it. Your planet, Mars, is in Leo until the 10th, when it then enters Virgo, and remains there until August 27th. The theme of adjusting, clearing, editing, purifying, becoming more health conscious, all become more predominant. Aries to Virgo is an interesting combination. Aries is spontaneous, while Virgo is deliberate. Venus retrogrades in your house of creativity, children, romance, and confident expression. In these areas you can find greater attunement and deeper connection as you reflect on the qualities you value. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17, highlights home and family. In what ways would you like to enhance and enjoy your home, and nurture yourself and others? Keywords for July, “Balance accomplishment with gentle self nourishment.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, this Capricorn full Moon lights up your house of travel, adventure, and philosophy, inspiring you to plan an adventure and seek new horizons. Getting away now is beneficial, and helps to set a refreshed course ahead of you. With your planet, Venus, going retrograde on the 22nd, give yourself the gift of quiet retreat. Give yourself the time to contemplate the last 18 months, and reflect in what areas is your deeper self calling out for changes. With Jupiter in Taurus, you are encouraged to stretch into new possibilities. The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th is a time when you may be more sensitive to your environment, perhaps enjoying a sibling or neighbor. Teaching, writing, learning, study, and imaginative powers are supported and enhanced. Keyword for July, “Adventure.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this Capricorn full Moon graces the area of your chart that brings about transformation through intimate relationship. Under this Moon you might ask yourself, ” What might I let go of in order to more fully be present to the other person?” Your planet Mercury is opposite the full Moon, so communication is very highlighted now. What needs to be discussed? With Mercury in Cancer your feelings can be influencing your thinking. How might you see more clearly how to communicate your needs or share deep feelings? Venus goes retrograde in your house of communications! This is an important time to review all communications, writing, teaching, speaking. You may be in a process of fine tuning and refining how you use and deliver words. The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th centers you into your talents and resources, highlighting also your relationship with money. What a perfect time to affirm your intentions around income and self worth. Keyword for July, “Communication!.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, Happy Birthday! This is your time of year. With the full Moon in Capricorn, opposite your sign Cancer, the theme of relationship is highlighted. How do you find your balance in relationship? With your sensitive way of perceiving it may be challenging to find your boundaries and not to over give. So under the light of this full Capricorn Moon, be clear and practical in communicating your needs. With the Moon trining Jupiter in Taurus, enjoy your friendships and the people in your circle. Feel nourished by a get-a-way. Venus goes retrograde in your house of values, self worth, talents and relation to money. Here’s where review takes place. In what way are you wanting a stronger connection to your talents and self worth? How might you feel more at peace with your relation with money?  The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th, is like a birthday time for you, the start of a new 12 month cycle from new moon in Cancer to new moon in Cancer next year. What would you like to begin, or initiate into action? Keywords for July, “Nurture yourself!.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, when the Sun moves through Cancer, it falls into the area of your chart that calls for retreat, for taking time to tune into your more private self, for moving into creative wombs so you can percolate with new inspiration. When the full Moon then comes into Capricorn, the potential for giving form to those inspiration takes place. Under this Moon, you work with more focus on your projects. Seeking a daily routine or commitment will be beneficial. Capricorn and Leo are both executive energies, so under this full Moon let your inner authority direct your projects. It can also be a time of service and reflecting on your self care. Venus goes retrograde in your sign this year, just as it did 8 years ago. This is a time to reevaluate your relation to yourself. Where is that relation positive and affirming, and where might it be negative and not useful. During the retrograde and just after it goes direct (Sept 3) are times for self adjustment, gaining more self love and peace. The New Moon on the 17th encourages you to go into reflection, finishing things up or coming to peace with situations that can’t change. This New Moon prepares you for your birthday time by clearing out things that are no longer needed. Keywords for July, “Creative Containers.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, as the Sun moves through the sign Cancer your work with groups is highlighted. You have a way of nurturing growth and insight for the group. With Mercury now in Cancer and conjunct the Sun, there may be important communications that now need to take place. The Full Moon in Capricorn highlights stepping into your leadership and expressing your gifts and unique self. For you work is enjoyable, and you like to focus yourself with plans for creating and sharing. Venus goes retrograde in the area of your chart that represents your spiritual and creative development. During the retrograde period of July 22 – September 3, you may review your connection with the archetypal dimension of life, or you may review your connection with the larger dimension of humanity as a collective, and your relation and values to what humanity is going through. At the New Moon in Cancer on the 17th, you  share with the group a new intention, perhaps, how to nurture a new idea or future possibility. Keywords for July, “Group leadership”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, under the full Moon in Capricorn on the July 2-3, you focus on family and home. You are someone who is anchored in taking responsibility and working with integrity, being thorough. And this is highlighted now. The Sun in polarity in the opposite sign, Cancer, shines its light on your public standing and career, so you balance inner and outer, career and family now. Venus in Leo moves through your house of groups, and enhances your ability to relate to many different kinds of people with thoughtfulness. When Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde from July 22 – Sept 3, you enter a time where you reflect upon and review your work with groups, as well as your relations with friends. This is a time when you reflect upon your values and how those values are acted upon, especially in relationship. Your values may become more clarified and refined as well. The New Moon in Cancer takes place on the 17th. Under this New Moon you might affirm your career goals, and what you next want to achieve.  Keywords for July, “Balance inner and outer.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, you maneuver through the world with more vulnerability and sensitivity than what most people see. You seem powerful and confident to many people from the outside. When the Sun moves through Cancer your sensitivity is heightened. And because it’s moving through your house of philosophy and beliefs, it is a good time to feel into the beliefs that shape your daily life. Under the Capricorn Moon communication and connection with others is enhanced. Its a powerful time to align your words with your deeper beliefs and how you see meaning in your life. On a lighter side, this is a nice time to take a trip and go on an adventure. Your ruling planet Mars is in Leo until July 10th. Once it moves into Virgo, you may feel more aligned with its get things done mode. It’s a good time to complete things that ask for patience and attention. Venus retrogrades in your house of career and it is an excellent time to review your career goals and your sense of satisfaction in your career. The New Moon in Cancer takes place on the 17th, a great time to initiate a trip or a field of study.  Keyword for July, “Belief systems.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, this Capricorn full Moon falls in the area of your chart that has to do with your relation to your values, self worth, your resources, and your money. Having Capricorn as the 2nd sign from your sun sign, shows how capable you are of achieving your goals, and building something of value in your life. With the Moon in Capricorn here, you may review and reaffirm your goals. This full Moon reflects the light of the Sun in the sign Cancer, now in your house of shared finances and intimacy. This polarity shows that this is a good time to go over finances with your partner, and together decide on your next project or expenditures. Your ruling planet, Jupiter now in Taurus brings you abundance and deep enjoyment of the good things in life and appreciation of what you have created. Venus in Leo retrogrades through your house of philosophy and travel, adventure and expansion of consciousness. Perhaps you have recently been traveling, and during this time you review and reflect on the outcomes of your time traveling.  The New Moon in Cancer on the 17th, highlights your house of shared finances and intimate partnership and it is at this time you reflect on what you and your partner would next like to create. Keywords for July, “Shared resources.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, when the Sun is in Cancer and gracing your house of marriage and partnership, the full Capricorn Moon captures its light to illuminate your unique self. Under this Capricorn Moon, as it aligns with Jupiter in abundant and productive Taurus, it is a good time to affirm what you want to create and manifest in your life, particularly your creative and leadership skills. Your ruling planet, Saturn, now in Pisces, also aligns with this Sun, Moon, and Jupiter, making it the opportune time to give form to your ideals. Venus will retrograde in your house of intimacy. From July 22 to September 3rd you may experience yourself moving into deeper spaces of reflection with the one you love. This is the opportunity to let go of familiar relationship patterns that no longer are helpful, and to recreate, through shared experience, new relationship patterns. The New Moon on the 17th in Cancer continues the theme of relationship. You might ask yourself, “What is the best way to nurture myself while committed in relationship, and also nurture the relationship itself?” Keyword for July, “Relationship.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, while the Sun travels through Cancer it activates the area of your chart that enjoys work and working on projects. You may be busy assisting others and with general projects around the home. With the full Moon in Capricorn, it requests the opposite, to retreat and move into meditation or creative spaces. Head up to the studio, or your place to write or create music. Behind the busyness of life you are called to refresh and renew your soul. Venus will retrograde on the 22nd to September 3, where it requires a deepening and contemplation on your values and the quality of your relationships. For you, dear brilliant and independent Aquarius, this review takes place in your house of partnership. You might ask yourself, “In what ways does my partnership call for renewal or deeper connection?” With this Venus retrograde, you are reviewing your relationships in general. “Is there a friendship, or area, that is calling for updating?” “Where would I like to be more present and how might that look?” The New Moon in Cancer takes place in your house of day to day routines, working habits, and health. This is a good time to initiate a new beginning, a fresh start, in that area. Keywords for July, “Balancing commitments with creative engagement.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, as the Sun graces the sign Cancer, your sensitivity increases, your enjoyment of children and family is enhanced, and your expression is strengthened. These two signs harmonize and support each other. The full Moon in Capricorn reflects the light of the Sun into friendships. You excel at creating and building positive experiences for other people. As this Moon aligns with Jupiter, this is a time for you to enjoy yourself, and feel the good things in your life.  Venus in Leo will retrograde on July 22nd until September 3rd, marking a time for review. As a Pisces, you naturally give of yourself in service to others. You bring your heart and playful self there to share with others. Under the retrograde, you now will review the balance of giving and receiving. Where might you not have the opportunity to renew and rejuvenate your spirit?  Perhaps there is a needed adjustment to take place. The New Moon in Cancer highlights the house of creative expression, play, and loving from the heart. Keywords  for July, “Creative expression”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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