May 25, 2021

Astrology for June

Observe and experience the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

In the early morning hours of May 26 a Lunar Eclipse takes place at 5 Sagittarius, at 4:18 am PDT, the first eclipse of 2021. The eclipses provide shake up times, something old must be released and something new is revealed. With the lunar eclipse, we see the shadow of the Earth cover the reflective light of the Moon. As we evolve in consciousness, attuning more and more to the texture and quality of energy, we experience the energy of eclipses as they spotlight change and breakthroughs, showing us what next wants to be seen, what needs to be released and transformed, with the opportunity for new alignments.

The mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius show us the energetic patterns of our minds, and beliefs. This mutability describes times of transition and dispersion, of information and communication, of learning and teaching. This eclipse is a portal into our attitudes and belief systems that are the very foundation of our lives and actions. With this lunar eclipse conjunct the south node of the Moon, our subconscious, specific shadow material, becomes visible. What we have procrastinated, or avoided, calls out for acknowledgment. We enter a time of release and clearing, of emptying, allowing for new ways of being and opportunities. So we listen. We give ourselves permission to take time to feel into this potent dialogue between the radiant Sun, the receiving Earth and the soulful Moon. This time for realignment gives us the opportunity to become the fullness we are, of earth and star, in the energetic weave and wave of a larger mystery whose foundational energy is awake and alive consciousness. It stimulates the need to radically alter the belief systems that have shaped our world. The potential now is to engage with the imaginative powers of the soul and the social justice values of Aquarius to reinvent our world.

We are in a time of great change for humanity, and for this Earth.

During the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, we explore our belief systems, inquiring into which are no longer supportive. We can design ceremony to release old beliefs that limit us, or distort our view, that are bound with shame, or take us outside of ourselves. We renew ourselves through listening to wise teachers, our inner guides, through exploring and roaming, and engaging with nature. The paired signs of Gemini and Sagittarius ask us to step into life with more curiosity and more generosity, broadening our perceptions.

Affirmation for the Lunar Eclipse

As I release old belief systems I stretch myself into perceiving new ways to relate and communicate. I am building, with others, a new world through releasing limited beliefs and broadening my perceptions of what is possible.”

Saturn squares Uranus

 June carries intensity with the lunar eclipse and the Saturn Uranus square becoming exact on June 14th, at 13 Aquarius/Taurus. This planetary pair carries the tension and the challenge of polarities, as the old and the new battle for supremacy. For each of us, the call of Uranus asks us to stretch into new possibilities. For humanity, it asks us to envision a new consciousness that embraces equality and interrelatedness of all life. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to find ways to stabilize these new possibilities, to give form to our ideals. Aquarius has one foot in the visionary world and one foot in the practical world. Our job now is to withstand the tension of these times in order to birth new collective values and consciousness.

 The Gemini time of year

 The Gemini time of year is breezy and windy, spreading pollen and amplifying the buzzing of bees and insects. Its “mutability” tells us it is a time of transitions and change for we will soon enter the portal of the Summer Solstice (June 20/21) when the rising Sun dawns the horizon in its most northern position. The air sign Gemini is a connector, interested and curious about its surrounding, about people and stories. The Gemini mind is playful and one that gathers information like bouquets of wild flowers to give away to others. Gemini is represented by the twins which is the sign of being human, illustrating our dual natures, individual, yet part of something much larger, full of polarity, masculine and feminine, of body and of soul. The job of the evolved Gemini is to harmonize all polarities with greater consciousness.

photograph by Cheryl Ban, copyright

 Celestial events for June – Your monthly Astrological highlights

May 26Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (see above)

May 29Mercury goes retrograde at 24 Gemini, until June 22 (16 Gemini) – The trickster keeps us on our toes and alert. This is a more condensed Mercury retrograde time, as Mercury moves much more slowly through fewer degrees than normal retrograde periods, moving 8 degrees instead the usual fourteen or fifteen degrees. We can reap the most from this time by slowing down, meditating and contemplating, reviewing our creative projects and reflecting on our communications and relationships. How and where would we like to transform our relationship to ourselves and with others, especially in regards to communication? How can we bring together, with less resistance, the polarities within ourselves?

June 2 – Venus enters Cancer – Venus in this water sign highlights belonging and nurturing each other

June 5 – Mars at 26 Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn – this can be a volatile time, intensifying our sensitivities to each other

June 10Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini, the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde – The Solar Eclipse highlights possibilities in the future, shining a light, or exposing what needs to be seen so we can move forward. If the Solar Eclipse transits your planets than something unexpected creates shifts and changes, bringing something new into your life. The theme here is around communication, information, and new insights as well as how we relate to each other and the shadow elements in our society (more on this later)

June 11 – Mars enters Leo – Mars is energized in the fire sign Leo. Performance, courage, and leadership are strengthened

June 14Saturn at 13 Aquarius squares Uranus in Aquarius – (see above, also see

June 20Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer – the seasons turn as the longest day meets the shortest night. The Sun enters the feeling sign Cancer, where nurturing each other, gathering together and the need to belong are experienced

June 22 – Mercury goes direct at 16 Gemini – we feel the release of tension and find more fluid movement forward in our schedules and communications

June 24Full Moon at 3 Capricorn – The Capricorn/Cancer pairing exhibits the heights and depths of our being and the times. This pairing of signs offers us a plunge into the deep waters of soul and a climb to the heights where the view is sharper and clearer. With the full Moon in Capricorn, we attune to the shifting times, this in-between here and there, with a determination, a steady perseverance that is uncomfortable for the emotional Moon, especially as we can feel our emotions powerfully.  The intensity of the June planetary alignments has challenged us, brought us into shaky ground, illumined our polarities, revealed our vulnerabilities, and where we lack skill and awareness. It has clamored for stretching ourselves into new levels of integration and wholeness.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Capricorn

“During these times of both inner and outer polarity, of uncertainty, of challenge, of being in the in-between, I steady myself by grounding in the earth and continually finding my center. I affirm that through cultivating my steadiness and calmness, the universe’s wisdom and guidance is available to open my pathway forward.”.

June 26 – Venus enters Leo – Love and affection come from the generous Leo heart. Venus in Leo expresses with flair, drama and playfulness.

The Twelve signs and opportunities for June 2021: For Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, under the light of this full moon eclipse you have the opportunity to powerfully and effectively release beliefs that no longer serve you. You can tweak and adjust how you approach life. We all carry filters over our ability to perceive, which are shaped by our families, from our peer group, from our society. Now you are offered a time to cleanse those filters, to examine, and to take off that filter that has limited your life and perceptions. Give yourself time to feel into and engage with fears and negativity that have shaped your responses to life and others. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th, in Gemini, it is perfect timing to review your communications and assumptions. Your growing edge right now is engaging with more curiosity in the present moment, whoever you are with, and wherever you are. You are stretching, growing, transforming, and broadening your experiences this month.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): The ground has been shaking for you, dear Taurus, and I know you can hold things together so well! But your being now must have time to let go. Please give yourself the space to activate the transformation that is waiting to happen. It takes making time and space for it. You can lean into this change, which is affecting how you deeply engage with others, your collaborations and shared experiences. What needs to be seen and understood from a new perspective? There are adjustments to be made so more of your talents can bloom and be embodied. Turn toward yourself and reflect on what you want to communicate, to write, to share with others. Find that balance between being there for others and your needs to enter a new chapter of your life, which can only happen if you take time to honor your unique self worth. And watch your expenses and accounting. Now is a time to stay on top of what goes out and what comes in.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, The lunar eclipse falls in your house of partnerships, activating your awareness. You may become aware of what you can now release, an attitude, or perspective, that is no longer helpful. You are ready to go to the next level of giving, sharing, and deepening. The eclipse acts as a portal to see your next steps. With the highlighting of your house of partnerships and engaging with others, you may suddenly become aware of a course correction and see with more focus what is most meaningful to you. Mercury soon will retrograde in Gemini, which is an excellent time to review your direction, gain more insight into what needs to be communicated, and in general, to slow down in order to hear your intuitive guidance.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, this lunar eclipse activates that axis between your practical self and your visionary self. Something may alert you to attend to your body, your habits, your work life, and see what you are ready to release. Realignment can now take place that will center and ground you into the present, making you more available to others and to yourself. As the Sun, Venus and Mercury, which is ready to go retrograde, transit your house of spirituality, imagination, and the archetypal worlds, this eclipse brings an opportunity to be more available to body and soul, and to experience a greater integration within your life.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this lunar eclipse falls in your house of the heart, of play and enjoyment, creative expression and children. Under the eclipse you may come to understand an emotion or fear that obstructs your heart, causes doubt or shades your creativity. Now’s the time to let it go, to broaden and renew your perspective. Something that was hidden is revealed. You renew yourself with friendship and talking things over, with studying what takes you beyond all our conditioned ways of being. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury travel through your house of friendship. You balance simplifying things and reentering the world. This is our dance into the new world.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this lunar eclipse graces your house of family, home, and the deep self, while the Sun, Venus and Mercury (soon to go retrograde) highlight your house of being out in the world. You may feel the stretch and pull of these two worlds, inner and outer. Now under the eclipsed moon, something from the deep self surfaces, something ready to be seen and released. Something in the family shifts. It’s an opportunity to lighten. The gift of your deep self is wisdom and that desire within to quest for meaning. Now is ideal time to slow, to quiet, to review your accomplishments and think about your next intentions or plans.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, this eclipse falls in your house of the mind, of communication, thinking, and writing. It highlights the environment around you, those in your household and your neighbors. Something is seen about your perspective or the way your mind builds realities that hadn’t quite been understood in this way before. The lunar eclipse ignites release and letting go, and you see now how you can shift perspectives. The Sun and Moon span the axis of learning, teaching, and acquiring new information that enlarges your world. What you now take in you deepen and review during the Mercury retrograde period. Publishing, and reaching out to others to share insights and words is supported.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the lunar eclipse falls in your house of finances, and how you earn your money. It is also the house of what you value, how you see your worth, and your own self-reliance. This is a good time to take stock of what you are creating. The eclipse here can illuminate what isn’t quite the way you want it. It may reveal to you certain adjustments that are needed. Something may be seen that can now be released and cleared. There’s a transformation that is taking place. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury fall in the opposite house, bringing light and awareness to other peoples money, shared finances and intimate encounters with others. People are enjoying what you have to offer. With the Mercury retrograde period (the 29th – June 22), it serves you best to be thoughtful in your scheduling and exchanges of money.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the lunar eclipse graces your sign, Sagittarius, and so it is a direct message to all of you, Sagittarians. Let go, release the old, and renew yourself. Tap into the beautiful roaming, nature loving, wild, and wise spirit of your self and understand the message of the darkening moon. Something is ready to be released so fuller enjoyment and embodiment of yourself takes place. You’ve just crossed into more imaginative times, and finding space to now celebrate your accomplishments and the partnerships is timely. The total lunar eclipse takes place at 4:18 am PDT. Get out in the early morning hours and experience the wonder of this universe we live within. With Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your house of relationship share with others your wisdom and playful spirit. Mercury retrograde brings review to all your communications.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, under this lunar eclipse, find a place to meditate on what you are completing and what new endeavors you are beginning. The axis of this Moon and Sun combine your house of dreams and mystical understandings, with the house of practical day- to-day life. We inhabit both, and so it is said that Gemini, the sign of the twins, is the sign of humans. You can now reflect on what you have imagined and how you have brought into manifestation the things you have imagined. You are understanding your underlying patterns and the power of your intentions in clearer ways, bringing to the surface ways of being you can now release. You also see into greater possibilities, and can anchor this awareness into your day-to-day life.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the lunar eclipse falls in your house of social engagements and friends. With the shadowed moon there, it is asking you to be aware of what needs to be released, or let go of. Perhaps you need to simplify your schedule. Perhaps with your diverse interests and enthusiasm in engaging with others, that schedule now needs revising. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are traveling through your house of creative expression, which Mercury entered on May 4th and won’t move out of until July 11th. So take advantage of the precocious Mercury weaving its way with words and stories, letting words fall and decorate your mind like a long awaited rain over the valley. When it goes retrograde (May 29 to June 22) seek the deeper meaning. Seek out the inner wells of wisdom. Simplify your calendar and prepare for listening, revising, and refining.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, something you have been aspiring toward now needs revising. As you pause under the light of the shadowed lunar eclipse, you may find that it is time to let go of demands you have placed on yourself. You may find that these demands come from a very old place, like a bag of messages that you have carried for a long time. You can now turn inward, curl up into a favorite familiar place, and experience your deep soul. This is when Jupiter, now having arrived in Pisces, takes you on a new adventure, navigates you into imaginative waters, and connects you with a sea of new possibilities. This is the time to write and to savor a new story.

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