May 24, 2022

Astrology for June

In these potent times of break down, uncertainty, and polarity there is a process going on of reimagining the world, even as the old paradigm strives to stay in control. For more insights into how to navigate our personal and collective journeys during this time join Susan on June 3rd for her monthly astrology talk. Click here to sign up and for more info.

Reflections on the last week of May: See below

The New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, at 4:31 am PDT resets the month’s energy, from the intensity we’ve been experiencing with the eclipses of Taurus and Scorpio, highlighting the square of Saturn and Uranus, to Gemini, the sign of airy movement and transition. Gemini is the sign of Mercury, the mind and communication. Gemini describes the open curious mind, a student of life that is interested in pulling together diverse facts and information that fill our present environment. It is a sign of relatedness, as are all the air signs. But this is relatedness between twins, one mortal and one immortal, one light, one dark, one a warrior and one an artist. In Jungian terms, our sense of self and our shadow. The archetype of the twins teach us through that which is shadowy, we are called to bring the light of our consciousness. We grow through weaving light into that which has been dark and banished from our view. When we recognize the shadow in ourselves we refrain from projecting it onto others, and so we heal the world, and heal ourselves into ongoing ever evolving wholeness. 

In esoteric astrology Gemini is ruled by Venus because the higher order of consciousness seeks to harmonize that which seems opposite into one whole. Gemini is also the sign of humanity. Within each of us is the twins of spirit and matter. Under this Gemini New Moon we can become aware of several dimensions of this sign and choose to align with its higher intention.

  1. The use our words and the deeper motivations of our communications
  2. How and where we focus our minds and thoughts, as these create our realities and feed our emotional states
  3. Mindfulness of our own inner polarity, our shadow and bright side, seeking a conscious relationship between the two

To understand more about the particular nature of this Gemini New Moon we look to its ruling planet Mercury, now in the sign Taurus and stationary retrograde. This Mercury is slowed down by both the earthy sign Taurus, and its stationary retrograde motion. This is like quieting your mind and energy into a deep meditation while sitting in a verdant meadow. You become so quiet you hear the buzzing of life even in the earth. Mercury is also in square aspect to Saturn. Saturn slows the Mercury down even more. Deeper questions arise as to our role in community, our vision for what is possible in the future. Here the universe is presenting us with instructions to deeply consider what we are creating together both on practical and visionary levels for the community of humans. We can see Saturn as obstruction, a stalemate in any movement which then heightens the polarity of Gemini. Or we can see Saturn as the master teacher instructing us to perceive what our vision is for this next period of time that must have a deeper resonance to life itself.

This Gemini new Moon is in harmonious relationship with the Mars Jupiter conjunction in Aries (3 Aries on May 29th), so one’s passions are lit up. Mars wants action and assertion. In Aries, it is courageous and ready to go for what its impulses or desires are. It is said that ‘Mars serves the mother’, meaning that it serves that deep self within our subconscious. As Mars travels through Aries we may want to find the underlying root motivations to our actions and responses. Mars is sharp, and in its sharpness it is a clarifier! “What is it I really want? What is my deep driving desire? How can I be more courageous in pursuing what is most valuable to me?”

Jupiter is in Aries until October 27. Jupiter in Aries brings initiative for new beginnings, courage, and daring to break through. It heightens the warrior energy to take a stand, to trust one’s intuition, and is willing to be at the edge, challenging oneself to step beyond fears and constrains. Where is Aries in your chart? With Jupiter transiting this area of your chart new opportunities present themselves, a feeling of more trust and confidence is available to you to open things up and have new experiences.

Jupiter in Aries, as it joins with Mars, enlarges Mar’s passions, giving it confidence to plunge forward. What new intentions or actions are you now taking? How can you best utilize this energy to initiate a new beginning for yourself? See where it falls in your chart (1-5 degrees Aries). Its shadow qualities are impatience, reactiveness and aggression.

The morning skies have been filled with planetary sightings. I have been watching a beautiful interplay over the last 4 months,  Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter interact and join and move apart. 4 am to 5 in the morning give the best views, and really deliver the deeper message of astrology, its profound gift to us. We are part of a much larger mysterious world that creates beauty and awe at the core of its nature. This interplay of moving orbs in the spacious arms of the universe mirrors all the corresponding parts of our psyche and physical being. We are woven into the fabric of this cosmos with a creative intelligence that is beyond, yet always worth pursuing, our mental grasp. Our hearts feel its profundity, and it’s what all the ancient temples were built to honor and to educate. As we engage with astrology and the night sky we can expand our view beyond the narrow confines of capitalistic power struggle, unimaginative discourse and the traumatic wounds playing out over and over, to hold a greater reality in our hearts and mind. During this Gemini time may our minds visualize the great creative collaboration in which we live and within that awareness may we recreate our world.

Affirmation for New Moon in Gemini

“May I find new ways to integrate the polarities within me, honoring this dance of yin and yang, as a journey of awakening .”

“May my words and communications be spoken through my practice of mindfulness” 

Reflections on the past week:

When I think of what has been taking place in our country around gun violence I reflect on the lingering power of the Scorpio lunar eclipse of May 15th, conjunct the south node, with its square to Saturn. When the eclipsed Moon conjuncts the south node point, neglected, unresolved issues from the past intrude into our present day. The power of the shadowed Moon is in revealing that which is toxic in the system.

Scorpio has to do with the hidden elements of society, or people, that are deadly, or can bring about death. Scorpio is the sign associated with going to the edges in order to reveal, release, and ultimately transform the trauma that we have inherited and created through generations. The South Node highlights what we are used to, what relates to the past and has built up to become habitual. The south node is also a point of release, that is now expressing itself through the complexity of Scorpio, those parts of ourselves which are hidden, resentful, deeply hurt and deadly, yet all carrying seeds for healing and rebirth. The square to Saturn can create suffering as an obstacle to the transformative powers of Scorpio. Scorpio’s role in the wheel of life is one of uncovering that which is no longer life sustaining in our relationship to each other. This is the stage where an ending, a release and letting go, must take place for regeneration and transformation to a higher level of awareness and integration to take place.

Celestial Events for June

May 30 New Moon in Gemini – What would you like to communicate at this time? What ideas do you want to share, or grow by learning more about? This Gemini New Moon is the time to set that intention. With Mercury in Taurus squaring Saturn you are asked to slow your thought processes and contemplate how to skillfully communicate what it is you want to learn or share. There is a certain tension with this New Moon, the desire to connect and communicate, with an indication to slow and be very thoughtful, especially with Mercury retrograde. (see above)   

June 3 – Mercury goes direct at 26 Taurus. Review what has taken place since Mercury entered its preshadow phase on April 26th. Now you enter the time of integration of those thoughts, ideas, and encounters that you have experienced. Look at the house placement of 26 Taurus to 4 Gemini in your chart. What house is being lit up with this retrograde? This 26 Taurus is a very sensitive degree, with Mercury going direct here. (opposite the past Lunar Eclipse, and squaring Saturn) What is the cosmos wanting us to learn? Perhaps how to slow down and attune to our bodies, embracing deeper, slower rhythms which affect our perception.

June 4 – Saturn goes retrograde at 25 Aquarius – This change of direct of both Saturn and Mercury when they are squaring each other, invites us to slow and contemplate what we are creating for ourselves. They hold a tension between form and idea, stillness and the busy rush of thoughts. We can be watchful for obstructions to our communications, stepping back from reacting to investigation our thoughts and responses.

June 11Venus at 16 Taurus conjuncts Uranus – Venus and Uranus bring about exciting new encounters. Uranus disrupts and Venus harmonizes. New approaches in our relationships or collaborations bring interesting openings.

June 13 – Mercury re-enters  Gemini – situations, communications and networking now speeds up.

June 14Full Moon at 23 Sagittarius, squaring Neptune – Everything is in transition. The full Moon in Sagittarius seeks its passion, dares itself to new frontiers of consciousness or place. Honor this Sagittarius Full Moon by seeking out the wild in nature, by naming the truth, by honoring what you long to accomplish. The square to Neptune, makes the God of oceans, imagination and music dominant. Don’t lose your way or navigating abilities by the overwhelm of life’s many possibilities. Claim one possibility with the arrow from Sagittarius and hold steady to giving it form (sextile to Saturn)

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Sagittarius


“May it be clear what I aim for and where my journey is headed.”  

“May I seek the wild in my days, whether bird song, night sky, the feel of air in the breeze, or mountaintop views to reinvigorate my spirit with passion for this precious life I have been given.”

June 18 – Venus at 25 Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius – pause and reflect. What’s working or not working in my relationships?

June 21  – The Summer Solstice, the Sun enters Cancer – This is longest day of the year, with the Sun to its furthest northern position at dawn. Solstice means stands still. The Sun stands still at this point for 3 days before it starts its movement once again easterly on the horizon at dawn. This solstice brings in energetic Aries energy with the Moon at its waning quarter phase. The Moon joins Jupiter and Mars to highlight a fiery and competitive three month period. Here is marked new beginnings, time to take up our courage and take action. Time to trust your intuition and move our energy.

June 22 – Venus enters Gemini – Venus with its calming influence in Taurus, now takes on a new energy, busy connecting and sharing information and ideas. Communication is heightened. Take up a new study, or teach a class. This Venus loves to learn.

June 27 – Mars at 24 Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius – Now our actions and intentions become organized, even sharply focused, to achieve our ends. Clarify your goals.

June 28 – Neptune goes retrograde at 25 Pisces – Here’s the poet’s calling, the musician’s muse, the week to honor moving into creative and alternate states of mind. Honor the spiritual and imaginative, the artistic and the psychic. Take a walk by the ocean and feel the greater rhythms informing our lives.

June 28 – Sun at 7 Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries – Confidence comes when we take action, calmness comes with centering our awareness. We balance between self nourishment and initiating new projects.

June 28 – New Moon at 7 Cancer


Affirmation for the New Moon in Cancer

“May we hone our sensitivities into perceptual intelligence.”

“May we find our belonging and nurturing each other’s hearts.”

The Twelve signs for June: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, with Mars in Aries conjunct Jupiter you are fired up. You are inspired. You have the courage to take a leap, try something new. You are initiating positive new beginnings. Your health and vitality are strengthened. The Gemini New Moon excites you with ideas and increases your communications with others, highlighting siblings in your life. Now you can balance movement with deeper reflections of the territory you have just been traveling through. With Mercury and Saturn squaring each other and changing direction, this reflection is a key and helps to increase your awareness of your direction forward. Once in 12 years Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Aries, giving you this month the energy and drive you need to heal, to initiate new beginnings, and to take a leap of faith. Watch overdoing and heating up too fast. Practice calm and patience. Keywords for June, “New Beginnings”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, with Venus, your ruling planet in Taurus, its own sign, the Venusian influence supports a calming creative time in June. You will decide how to engage with this planet of love, beauty, and the cauldron of what we value. Your artistic view is strengthened. You feel the yearning to create harmony and beauty around you, and to share it with others. You benefit by allowing yourself to slow down and deeply enjoy the arts, music, and nature. The New Moon in Gemini encourages you to write and communicate yourself, fine-tuning your skills as teacher and writer. On June 11, Venus joins disruptive and radical Uranus for a stimulating encounter! All Tauruses are encouraged to break out their routines. Spontaneity fits the moment. Keywords for June, “Abundance and beauty are all around me to be appreciated and enhanced.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this Mercury retrograde may have been a challenging time for you as it slowed down your usual pace, deepened your thought processes, and brought forth challenging confrontations with difficult situations. It might be helpful, until Mercury slides into Gemini on the 13th, to continue with a simple pace. The Gemini New Moon on May 30th, sets the stage for June, linking your Gemini energy with the go for it Aries conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Take up that opportunity or new idea with confidence. It’s an interesting time for you, dear Gemini, as you are supported to both move ahead with passion and to slow down and deepen your introspection. At with Sagittarius Full Moon, with Mercury now in Gemini, you are inspired with new plans. Neptune’s influence is strong so tap into your spiritual orientation, creating spacious mind. Take your time in decision making. Keywords for June, “Slowing down to reignite my inspiration” 

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, with Jupiter and Mars lighting up your house of career, you might have many possibilities to choose from. Tune into what is really inspiring you and go for it! Trust your intuition at this time. With the New Moon in Gemini, there is the need for you to retreat and gather yourself. Gemini is the sign that designates your holy inner temple of imagination and connecting with the transpersonal realms. For you retreating and meditating gives you clear communication as to how to proceed. The full Moon in Sagittarius brings up your wonder lust, your inner philosopher. At the full moon, honor the opening of new areas of influence and growth.  Keywords for June, “I balance inner reflection with action in new beginnings”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this Gemini New Moon encourages you to choose your priorities, set your goals, and find like minded people to share your interests. For some of you, it may be time, under this New Moon, to shine and and express what you have learned. For others, it’s a time to renew bonds of friendship, and to re-enter your circles. With Jupiter and Mars now in fire, your inspiration is reignited. Attune to your desires and they propel you forward. New beginnings open new ground for you to explore. On the 14th, the full Moon in Sagittarius brings a creative surge. The full Moon falls in your house of play and expression of the heart. Honor the day of the full Moon with spontaneity and enjoyment. Keyword for June, “Re-ignite!”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this Gemini New Moon highlights your goals and what you would like to achieve. You may find that the fiery Mars Jupiter conjunction helps to empower you with change and transformation that can affect the goals you are pursuing.  With your ruling planet Mercury still retrograde in Taurus until the 3rd, and squaring Saturn, you may find yourself contemplating some important decisions, or just generally in a concerned state of mind. The astrology encourages you to bring your mind into that still quiet place, so you can lift your fears and projections. On the 14th Mercury re-enters Gemini and brings back that inquisitive curious mind of yours. The full Moon on the 14th, brings enjoyment and gathering of family. Share enthusiasm with each other! Keywords for June, “Have faith.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, this New Moon falls in your house of teaching, philosophy, and broadening your consciousness. Celebrate your time to share your knowledge. With Mercury stationary and square Saturn, take your time and be mindful of your communication. Your ruling planet Venus settles in its other sign, Taurus, bringing harmony and a sweetness to your month. When it conjuncts Uranus on the 11th, watch for synchronicities and any disruptions that could be breakthroughs. Venus squares Saturn on the 18th, and asks you to slow down to integrate through reflection. Jupiter and Mars stimulate your house of partnership and all one to one encounters. There is energy to grow and be inspired in relationship. If you feel the shadowy side of Mars in Aries coming toward you as blame or criticism, refrain from reacting. The energy falls on an empty target. Watch a reversal take place. The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your house of communication, learning and networking.  Keywords for June, “Share your knowledge.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the New Moon falls in your house of sharing deeply and intimately with another. What is important to communicate ate this time? You are a resilient and powerful person, and at the same time, deeply sensitive. This New Moon initiates a new round of awareness in understanding that which motivates you to speak and respond. Bringing more and more clarity to this part of yourself cultivates your expertise as a teacher and a seer. Mars and Jupiter in Aries fuels your house of work and daily routine, giving you the energy to organize and plan, allowing inspiration to be grounded. The Sagittarius Full Moon animates your house of talents! It brings forth your teaching skills, your confidence to share what you are good at.  Keywords for June, “Skillfully communicating brings transformation”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the New Moon in Gemini highlights relationship. What would you like to create now in your partnership(s)? The Aries energy stimulates your creative forces and expression. It opens your heart to enjoyment.  Collaboration and play with another is highlighted. With Jupiter ruling your chart you may experience the need to get things going. What you envision for yourself has energy to take off and grow. You can trust your intuition but watch your impatience or frustration when Mars gets too heated. The full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th shines its light upon you. Bathe in its light and feel your Sagittarius vision grow in your mind’s eye for the year ahead. Take the day off and let the imaginative waters of Neptune wash over you.  Keyword for June, “En-joy-ment”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, this New Moon highlights the work you are here to do and share. Under this New Moon you initiate new ways of working, you reorganize your office, and let go of unnecessary accumulation. This placement transforms routine to sacred ritual. It focuses on your health and the feeling of right alignment between mind and body, soul and personality. With this slowed down, practical, and deeply reflective Mercury in a companion earth sign, you find just the right pace to resolve any challenges. Jupiter and Mars in Aries keep you busy at home, with lots getting accomplished and much enjoyment with family. The full Moon in Sagittarius falls in your house of the transpersonal, as well as that behind the scenes place where you reflect on your inner emotions and dreams. You might ask yourself, “What am I next wanting to dream up for my life?” Keywords for June, “Routine to sacred ritual.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the Gemini new Moon highlights your creative expression, bringing light to how you embody the wholeness and fullness that is you. this new Moon is in the area of your chart that represents the heart and expression from the heart. This, you are to share. We know you as having a brilliant mind with unending curiosity of this world, and all the dimensions of being. Now your brave and generous heart is celebrated.  Express yourself! Mars and Jupiter in Aries spark your house of writing and communicating and light a fire there. Saturn still journeys through your sign until March of 2023. When Saturn journeys through our signs, we are tempered, brought below into the humus of our subconscious, to turn over the soil, and cultivate a wisdom which broadens our consciousness. That’s when Uranus takes over and brings revelation and breakthrough! But it is always Saturn that is the tent peg, holding down the fort through our bones and breath.  Keywords for June, “Resilience and renewal”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, your attention is brought to home and family under this Gemini Moon, and with celebration of all the shared talk and playful joking. Now you create environments and atmospheres that welcome all.  With Mars and Jupiter in your house of talents, we feel your generosity and your bright intelligence that picks up the subtleties of each person. Because Jupiter is one of your sign’s ruling planets, you suddenly feel more energy and are ready to take action on whatever needs to be accomplished. The Sagittarius full Moon encourages movement and stirs your wonder lust, broadens your desire to explore. With Neptune squaring this full moon, keep in tune with your needs and resist taking on too much. Keywords  for June, “My art is creating environments of belonging and enjoyment.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 40 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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