May 28, 2023

Astrology for June

With the Sun now in the sign of breezy Gemini, social interactions buzz and communications connect us. The Earth breathes with insects, and birds, and scents that travel upon the invisible currents of air. The daylight lingers and grows, stretching as Gemini does, through its fingers, like a yogini, into more and more light, until we reach the portal of Cancer, the Summer Solstice, that longest day of light. The Sun for three days, (the Sol-Stice, ‘sun standing still’) reaching its most northerly eastern position, while the full moon (June 3) rises at its most southerly eastern position.

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd 8:42 pm PDT

       Gemini                                                    Sagittarius   

The full Moon is in Sagittarius, a fiery Moon, and like Artemis with her dogs, is off into wild places, adventuring and exploring. Under this full Moon we can feel those passions of Sagittarius to stretch into new territory, whether physical or philosophical. During the full Moon we can remember the power of Sagittarius, the Archer, aiming one’s arrow to hit the target. What are we aiming for? Let us trust our intuitions and lean into the outreaches of new possibilities.

This full Moon squares Saturn in Pisces, being thoughtful to rein us in, so we feel aligned with a stability of purpose and a skillful thoughtfulness to stay integrated at deeper levels of being. Being trine Chiron, offers healing, trining Mars in Leo aligns us with courage and the ability to clarify our actions.

Key themes for June: Though it is a time of important, profound choices, and cathartic changes, time of paradigm shift and transformation of systems, and more deeply the values of humanity, (Pluto into Aquarius square the nodes), this month also highlights enjoyment, appreciation of body, soul, and nature, (Jupiter in Taurus) and the expression of love and passion in relationships (Venus into Leo).

Jupiter now in Taurus


Jupiter enlarges the more practical, grounded, mellow qualities of Taurus. Jupiter enters Taurus with some dramatic events as it squares Pluto during the first week, (from mid May to the end of the first week in June). Then, a steadying phase begins. (Notice events in negotiations for debt limits). As Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, it seeks to bring restoration, calming, and stabilizing energy. With Jupiter in Taurus, we have the opportunity to experience nature more fully, and we may find more attention given to wild places and the benefits of being in nature during the coming year. Taurus accentuates being in the body and experiencing through the senses. With Jupiter in this sign for a year, we are supported to listen to our bodies, care for them, and experience integration and resonance between body and soul. More conservation practices may be put in place, as well as emphasis on farming, soil, and food. Taurus is also the planet of money and will support economic stability. With Jupiter in Taurus we will want to deal with our finances in very practical, thoughtful ways.

Pluto squaring the Nodes

With Pluto squaring the nodes over the next few months, we have entered a very powerful time of choice, action, and release around old issues, or profound feeling states, that call for transformation. Something very old confronts us for healing. It asks us, “What does power mean to us and how do we embody our power? Do we feel powerless? What is in need for transformation that has been with us for a very long time?” You might ask, “How do I access transformation? How do I change at deep levels these very old patterns?” Jupiter in Taurus says, stay with your body and experience and breath. Ask yourself,  “How do I want to manifest my life and values?” Mars now in Leo encourages you to act with confidence, expressing what is unique to you. The Taurus North Node asks us to be aware of being a spiritual, creative, and worthy being, in a body in a physical world, with creativity to manifest our choices. The South Node in Scorpio encourages the acknowledging and letting go of emotionally compulsive and intense issues for healing, regeneration, and rebirth. Why hold on? These two signs bring out the poignancy of being human, the power of being creative, of living and loving, and the power of  letting go, letting go of our identification with being less than. 

Venus enters Leo on June 5

and leaves Leo on October 8th. Once every 18 months, Venus goes retrograde, so it is unique that we experience Venus in Leo for so many months. Usually it passes through a sign in one month. With Venus in Leo, love relationships may be passionate and have a dramatic flare.  There is a generosity, and a desire to share what is pleasurable and fun together. We want to be appreciated and to appreciate. Leo, being the sign of the heart, wants to authentically share from this center of being. When the qualities of Leo are less integrated or developed, it can become needy for this attention and recognition. During this time if we experience these qualities we may want to get support, helping us to experience our self worth and to honor our unique expression.

Venus  represents our ability to make connections. It is the power of relation to all people, all living beings, art, and all of nature. Ultimately the power to relate comes from the power to be present, alert, and aware. Our senses are heightened because we are so present. This is our feminine or yin energy. During this time we are asked to become more aware of our receptive and perceptive energy with which we relate. 

At the beginning of June and as Venus enters Leo the first week of June, we see it opposing Pluto, setting off the square to Jupiter and the Nodes. This can be a particularly intense week with a weighing of what we value and how we will take action. With Venus opposing Pluto, old issues in relationship may return, or something that was hidden before, or a need that was unconscious, now is seen, and asking to be acknowledged. It sets the stage for choices we make for our next direction.

Venus enters the pre-shadow of its retrograde cycle on June 18th, (meaning it is moving through the degrees in Leo that it will soon retrograde over after July 22). During this time it can be helpful to notice what is coming up in relationship, or how we embrace our values, as the retrograde time will take us into deeper internal reflection, and potential healing around these matters. Venus goes retrograde at 28 Leo on July 22, goes direct on September 3rd at 12 Leo.

When Venus turns retrograde the principles of relationship and relatedness are turned inward. We can be prepared for this retrograde by tuning into the quality of relatedness in our lives. Venus dives deep into the psyche during its retrograde phase, reviewing what has just taken place over the last 18 months and more specifically since it entered Leo on June 5th.  (Or we can think about what took place 8 years ago when it was last retrograded in Leo). Taking time to reflect on the quality of our relationships, the quality of coming from a heart centered place, will serve us well. Also reflecting upon what it is we value and how we act upon these values, or neglect those values in our lives, helps to correct greater alignment with ourselves. (Check your chart to see where Leo is placed. The themes of this house are highlighted, as well as any planets in Leo, especially from 12 to 28 Leo. This is activated from June to October! Join Susan’s monthly talk on June 2, for more insight on Venus activation).

With Mars also journeying in Leo

during June and within 9-3 degrees to a conjunction with Venus, these Venus themes gain intensity, passion, and the ability to take action on what we value. We can initiate new patterns in relationship, or we can react unconsciously, be defensive, and find blame. The best strategy during this time if you find issues that are troubling and destructive, is to gather to yourself your energy, be contemplative as to what is arising, and plan action or communication that is well thought-out, so to be successful and directly expressed, remaining as mindful and centered as possible.

Venus is now an evening star, bright in the west, at its peak of visibility and brightness through July 7th. Venus, as it retrogrades, will disappear as the evening star around the first part of August and then return, and in mythological terms, be reborn about 2 weeks after its disappearance.

Celestial Events for June

June 3 – Full Moon at 14 Sagittarius oppose Sun in Gemini – (see above)

Full Moon – 13 Sagittarius

Affirmation for Full Moon in Sagittarius

“I embrace the passion to learn, grow, explore, and discover. I aim my arrow of intention to achieve more conscious states of being and to manifest my gifts and contributions.”

June 1 – Jupiter conjuncts the North Node at 3 Taurus – the planet of optimism, growth, and search for meaning, combines with the North Node which calls us to our destiny. If you have any planets near 3 Taurus you are receiving an extra emphasis on growth, opening to new possibilities ,and expanding your understanding through being fully present to this moment.

June 4 – Mercury conjunct Uranus at 20 Taurus – brilliant insights, revelations, and inspirations take form. Take time to deepen and to be inspired with wisdom, creative innovations, and teachers that broaden your perceptions.

June 5 – Venus enters Leo – (see above) The degrees from 12 Leo to 28 Leo will experience the Venus transit 3 times.

June 5 – Venus at 1 Leo opposes Pluto 1 Aquarius – the God of the Deep arises in relationship. Take time to listen. An old issue or pattern may want to be seen and transformed. Stay alert to any power struggles in relationship and don’t engage. Ask, “What wants to be recognized?”

June 11 – Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn – We are in a transition time from old to new. What old structures are calling out to be transformed? What do we need to finish up?

June 11 – Mercury enters Gemini, trines Pluto – Mercury has been in slower, more deliberate Taurus since April 3rd. Suddenly situations and communications move more quickly. With Mercury in aspect to Pluto we can accomplish a lot, whether, writing, teaching, planning or studying. A good day for communicating deeper issues.

June 11Venus at 5 Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus – enjoy yourself, enjoy the beauty and good things in life, but do watch overdoing.

June 15 – Mercury at 7 Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces – Quick Mercury, with its communications and perceptions, must be slowed to take in deeper issues. Not a good day for networking or outreach. Observe how the universe slows us to allow for more profound understanding and processing of feeling states.

June 17 – Saturn goes retrograde at 7 Pisces – when a planet ‘stations’ to go retrograde, its qualities resonant with a certain intensity. Saturn likes restrain, structure, discipline, and perseverance. It requires focus to enter the deep waters of Pisces. How are we integrated with our feeling? Where do we want to escape rather than deal with things? How do we hold both the spiritual and the practicalities of life?

New Moon in Gemini


June 17 – New Moon at 26 Gemini, 8:37 pm PDT – The new Moon in Gemini is a time to begin a new cycle of writing, of outreach, of planning a marketing campaign. This new Moon squares Neptune in Pisces, asking us to adjust ourselves to our ideals, dreams, and power of imagination, balancing the linear with the intangible, the practical with the spiritual. We watch for deception, illusion, denial, and escapism during a strong Neptune transit.  (for more on this join Susan’s monthly astrology talk, June 2nd, 9:30 am, on Zoom). 

Affirmation for New Moon in Gemini

“My communications are clear, direct, and empathetic.  I honor the power of my mind for insights while honoring the power of imagination and sensing for an expansion of consciousness”

June 18 – Sun at 27 Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces – The Sun, the force of radiance and individuality is in tension with the planet of transcendence and idealism. A good day to take space for meditation and contemplation, for being gentle with oneself.

June 19 – Jupiter at 7 Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces – This is a significant and important phase of the Saturn, Jupiter cycle. When Jupiter sextiles Saturn, expansion and stability are balanced, creating a positive time for business growth, for establishing an ongoing practice, for working to expand plans for future growth. (for more insight on the meaning of this phase in the Jupiter Saturn cycle, Join Susan’s monthly talk on June 2).

Summer Solstice

June 21 – Summer Solstice – The Sun enters Cancer and initiates the season of summer. The Moon is in playful and dramatic Leo, conjunct Venus and Mars. This describes enjoyable and energetic social times, especially with the Moon squaring Jupiter. Its downside being overdoing our partying or taking on too much. It highlights dramatic expressions and showmanship in the political and social arena. Mercury is in harmony with Mars and Chiron, highlighting writing and the spoken word for healing and renewal. Saturn sextiling Jupiter is a positive sign for the economy and stability for the next 3 months.


June 25 – Mercury at 27 Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces – this aspect heightens illusion, misunderstanding, and deception through communication. We can be thoughtful, taking time to discern what is true and real.

June 26 – Mars at 21 Leo squares Uranus in Taurus – quick changing circumstances may be disruptive, or bring about a breakthrough. Be sure to be grounded and in your body!

June 26 – Mercury enters Cancer – fast moving Mercury in Gemini dives into the watery realms of Cancer. Suddenly motivations in communication come from a deeper place. Consciousness can meet the unconscious and bring clarity, or defensiveness is increased, because of greater sensitivity to words.

June 28 – Sun at 7 Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces – a day for successful perseverance, and getting that job done. A day for focus and structure.

June 29 – Mercury at 7 Cancer trines Saturn – a good day for discussing sensitive material, or sharing feeling states. Creative writing is enhanced.

June 30 – Neptune goes retrograde at 27 Pisces – during June and into July the influence of Neptune is enhanced. Our desire for moving beyond the mundane duties of life is greater. Can we find time to retreat and be quiet, or disappear in creative artistic projects, or enter positive altered states to gain wisdom and greater self acceptance?

June 30 – Sun conjuncts Mercury at 9 Cancer, Mercury sextiles Jupiter – when Mercury conjuncts the Sun, it is known as Cazimi, a powerful enhanced state of perception, insight, and communication. All positive Mercury qualities are enhanced, writing, researching, communicating, interviewing, and brainstorming, especially with the sextile to Jupiter.

Jul 1 – Sun sextiles Jupiter – Enjoy friends and family, expand your social circle, learn, study, and good time for travels!

The Twelve signs for June: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, this fire sign full Moon (June 3) supports your passionate adventurist nature. Travel is highlighted. As well as stretching your mind in new ways, taking up a study, or perhaps sharing your own wisdom. With the full Moon trining your planet Mars, now in Leo, you can have confidence to take action, and especially, to enjoy yourself. With Saturn squaring the full Moon, be sure to give yourself enough time to plan, pack, or restore your energy. Balance quiet with enjoyable action. This can certainly be an enjoyable time with others. There may be important decisions you are making about future plans and your resources. Or perhaps you are finding ways to heal, while letting go of old ways of viewing yourself. The New Moon on the 17th, in Gemini, lights up your house of communication, networking, and connecting with neighbors or siblings. It is also known as the area of the Moon’s joy, in celebration of the Goddess, ritual, and the divinatory arts. As the New Moon squares Neptune you may want to honor the creative and imaginative within your life. Take some time to step out of all the to do lists and move into meditative or creative states. Keywords for June, “Enjoyment and sharing your love.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, with Jupiter now moving through Taurus and especially in those early degrees, taking time to reflect on what is most meaningful and rewarding to you will bring more abundance and healing into your life. During these powerfully transformative times, we have come to face many challenges. Jupiter is, in so many ways, the grace of heavens linking you up with your unique mission and gifts. Under this Sagittarius Moon, which is singing Jupiter’s song, affirm how you most desire to transform yourself, or your life, in order to share those gifts and your soul’s love. As your planet, Venus, enters Leo on the 5th, be thoughtful in relations as intense Pluto may bring up old feelings for acknowledgment and recycling. Then, do go out and enjoy yourself. Invite people over and share your heart with others. Take up your paints or pen, or instrument, dance and engage with nature. The New Moon in Gemini on the 17th, can be a time to affirm your talents and financial well being. You might want to dream up a new way of supporting yourself! Keywords for June, “Be transformed.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, Happy Birthday! June begins with that beautiful Sagittarius full Moon, highlighting sharing with another an adventure. Find that favorite person and sit beneath the stars, dream up new possibilities together. Your sweet mutable energy may be interested in and curious about everything, but with Saturn in Pisces it connects you to your deepest source, and helps you make a commitment to complete things. With Mercury in Taurus since April 3rd, you may have felt a ponderous element to your thinking. On June 11, Mercury enters Gemini, and once again your mind purrs with ease of movement, like coming back to yourself. The New Moon in Gemini, June 17th, celebrates you. You might think of this as a time for a new beginning, a reset for the next 12 months. With the Moon in alignment with Neptune, seek out the transcendent, through meditation, or the creative arts, or a long walk under the trees or by the sea. Let yourself imagine. Keywords for June, “Celebrate with another.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the Sagittarius full Moon on the 3rd highlights your passion for a project you are developing, or a renewed enthusiasm for your work. With Jupiter in Taurus in your house of groups, friends, and belonging to something larger than yourself, you may find that collaboration with others opens up exciting and profitable endeavors. This full Moon aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer, now in your house of career. You may bring healing to others, or by reaching up toward your aspirations and taking actions, bring healing to yourself. The new Moon on the 17th in Gemini calls you to retreat, go into the studio, or find that special place to sit and meditate. This is a recharge time, where you can be still and connect with your spiritual self. Affirm that you are guided by the universe’s love and wisdom, and attune to messages. Keywords for June, “Collaboration, then recharge.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, the energy of this Sagittarius Moon on the 3rd gives you a boost. Your heart is generous, and play recharges it. With the Moon, now in your house of enjoyment, play, and creative expression, enjoy yourself, express your love under the full Moon. The Sun buzzes with communications in Gemini and highlights your connections with friends. Venus enters Leo on the 5th with Mars already there. This sweetens your days and highlights your desires to share yourself with others, to bring out your expressive, creative self. Venus will be staying in Leo until October!! This is a time to find ways to really honor and value yourself and all you love to participant in. The New Moon on the 17th, in Gemini, is an excellent time to slow and make space, in order to affirm what you want to create for the next 12 months. As the New Moon falls in your house of friends and groups, invite a friend over and pull some oracle cards to launch you on your way. Keywords for June, “Shine your light.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this full Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd lights up your connection to family. You may be entertaining them, thinking of them, or sending them off on adventures. They so appreciate your generosity. We might also say you have wanderlust in your soul, even as practical and grounded as you may be. There is a deep appreciation for knowledge and philosophy within, and under this Moon you can celebrate this part of yourself. Mercury, your ruling planet, having had a long sojourn in Taurus since April 3rd, will enter its own sign, Gemini, on the 11th. What has been deep and ponderous now moves in new ways, perhaps through words, or sharing information. Your mind quickens, and all mental pursuits are favored. The New Moon, on the 17th, wants to know your aspirations! This new Moon illuminates the top of your chart, the place we stretch ourselves toward and what we reach for.  Plant an intention of what you now aspire towards, whether in career, or a heart’s desire. It will grow a fruitful plant with your attention. Keywords for June, “Creative Mind.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the full Moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd supports networking, teaching, and learning, as well as writing, communicating and synthesizing diverse ideas. You might find time to reflect on your philosophy, and find ways to nurture the curious and exploratory mind you have. This is a time for growth and expansion in the areas of learning, teaching, travel, and wisdom. It is said that when the Moon is in the 3rd house, it’s in the house of its joy, house of the Goddess, where it celebrates the intuition, and how you tune into the mysteries and the divinatory arts. Pick a tarot card for further information for the unfolding of your journey! Your ruling planet Venus, soon enters Leo on the 5th. What a great time to join with friends, like minded people, and connect with community. With Venus in Leo through October, this area of your chart is enhanced with connections, and leadership that is pleasing and instructive. The New Moon in Gemini on the 17th, highlights your house of expansion of consciousness. It sets you up for career growth, and moving toward your aspirations. While this New Moon is aspecting Neptune in Pisces, your ideals may be strong. Know that those ideals set you on your journey, and Saturn in Pisces helps you to stay the course through time, with one step at a time.  Keywords for June, “Growing Community.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the Sagittarius full Moon on the 3rd encourages you to trust yourself and feel confident in your ability to manifest. It is especially favorable when you do this with another, or by offering your services to others. Jupiter in Taurus shines its positive light upon your Scorpio planets, bringing in positive experiences and growth, as long as you don’t overdo, or go to extremes. Your ruling planet, Mars, now in Leo, supports action toward your career aspirations. You may feel more trust in your own talents now. While the south node in Scorpio encourages you to let go of old resentments, or past situations, soon it will be moving into Libra, and change from this passage of intense feelings. The New Moon in Gemini on the 17th, falls in your house of intimacy, and attunement to the deeper issues of life. It sets you up for healing, as you get the support you need for new perspectives, letting go, and transformation.  Keyword for June, “Healing.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the full Moon falls in your sign, Sagittarius, and shines its blessings on you. Enjoy yourself! It highlights your love of travel, and all the things that expand your mind and consciousness. Your planet, Jupiter, now in Taurus, has a different flavor based on this sign and where it falls in your chart. Now it signifies a love for the land, and a tilling of the soil, bringing lush gardens, as a daily way to nurture your soul. Jupiter’s generosity and abundance wants the beauty to be shared with others as well. This month, both loves are highlighted and enjoyed. The full Moon on the 17th, graces the house of relationship and partnership. The new Moon sets the stage for others to join you in ritual and transformational practices, tuning in to each other through sharing words and experience. It encourages you all to dream together a new future.  Keywords for June, “Traveling and homing.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, the full Moon in Sagittarius, on the 3rd, calls you to retreat and gather yourself. It highlights tuning into your intuition and to the larger forces of the universe. Here, you listen, and find clarification and/or direction. Under this Moon you are attuned to the archetypal forces of creation and imagination. Your planet Saturn, now in Pisces, highlights your house of the mind, showing that it is a good time to slow down and reflect. Perhaps you are developing structures/systems to navigate this next period of time. Or perhaps you are focusing on bringing out and communicating wisdom teachings. Don’t worry or fret if you are in doubt. This energy takes time, and it unfolds with perseverance. With Saturn in Pisces, you are learning to manifest that which you may have been dreaming about. Venus in Leo brings love to your most secret parts of self, ushering in healing and new levels of intimacy. The New Moon in Gemini, on the 17th, graces your house of daily practices, work, and health. Affirm any new routines you want to create. Affirm and manifest your work as service, both to others and for your own refinement. Keyword for June, “Attunement.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the beginning of the month may bring interesting situations in your relationships. Powerful encounters open new possibilities. Something needs to be acknowledged, and renewal takes place. For some, it may be something from the past returns, or comes to light, and offers transformation and letting go. The full Moon in Sagittarius falls in your house of friends and community, highlighting enjoyment with others, with rich conversation and laughter. You may also have a vision of how you want to grow yourself over the next 12 months. This is supported. Your ruling planet Saturn, now in Pisces, helps you manifest your imaginative talents. With Venus moving into Leo on the 5th, your love life gains sparkle and attraction. You enjoy working with others and others find you lovely. The New Moon in Gemini graces your house of creative expression, children, and sharing of your heart. Share your enthusiasm, and your beautiful curiosity with those you love. New beginnings enhance your creative expressions.  Keywords for June, “Creative expression is enhanced.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, since March, when Saturn entered Pisces, bringing with it serious considerations, or new levels of responsibility, you have risen to the occasion with steady reliability and a positive outlook. Under the full Moon in Sagittarius your being resonates with this Jupiterian influence, and you embark on an adventurous journey. Traveling in to new territory brings enthusiasm and enjoyment, sparking new aspirations. As the Sun travels through Gemini, family and home are also highlighted, and you find ways to combine the two. Jupiter in Taurus keeps you steady and grounded, even while you venture into new places. Venus in Leo moves into your house of daily routines, health, and work, and brings an extra enjoyment to your daily life. Find the things you love and do more of them! The new Moon in Gemini aligns with your deep self, and brings appreciation for and the love of family in your life. This Gemini new Moon is like an invocation for healing and clearer communication between all family members. Keywords  for June, “New Territory.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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