May 28, 2024

Astrology for June 2024

Jupiter now in Gemini

May 25 – Jupiter enters Gemini – After 12 years, Jupiter returns once again to Gemini. Jupiter in Gemini increases our desire for connection and relatedness. It lightens from the sign Taurus into more social interaction. Jupiter in Gemini loves to learn, to write, to gather information. It heightens the talk and information moving through our networks. It deepens and broadens our interests, but we must be alert to becoming spread too thin.

Where is Gemini in your chart? What house is activated with Jupiter moving through 0-21 degrees Gemini? This area of your life is given more opportunities to expand, to grow, to bring in more abundance, to connect with others, and create more meaning. It favors writing projects, and can benefit communication, especially if we are alert to listening and being curious rather than reactive. Do you have planets that Jupiter will be transiting over the next 12 months?

Gathering of planets in Gemini – highlighting the Mutable signs

Jupiter joins the Sun and Venus in Gemini, stimulating our interactions and the rapid movement of news and conversation, just before the Sun and Venus conjunct at 14 Gemini, a time for reset and new beginnings of creative projects. A time to pause and honor the relationships we have, with reflection on how to be more present and aware of what friendship and partnership is for us. Gemini is the sign of human relations. It is where we first meet a sense of other that is not mother or father, in the zodiacal wheel (the sibling). Venus rules Gemini in esoteric astrology, for at the higher levels Gemini is the journey of relationship, holding the first teachings about equal give and take, teaching us about our polarities within and without.

The Jupiter in Gemini – challenge and opportunity

The opportunity that Jupiter in Gemini bestows is a love for learning, an ability to stay in curiosity about people and situations, the spaciousness of the air element, the ability to take diverse ideas and pull them into a related whole. The challenge with Jupiter in Gemini, is to experience being blown about by its winds, dabbling here, dabbling there, starting this, starting that, a scattering of attention. That is why when Jupiter is in Gemini it is said to be in its detriment, a sign that’s not in affinity with its nature. So we work a little harder to get that one-pointed focus that supports the power of Jupiter to bring in abundance, confidence, philosophical insight. (Think Sagittarius).

On June 2, Jupiter at 2 Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius – Here Jupiter’s expansive traits harmonize with Pluto’s driving impulse to expose deeper layers of what’s been hidden, to speak of what needs to be said. Pluto empowers and intensifies Jupiter’s search for meaning. Jupiter increases Pluto’s abilities to focus and to transform. Good for initiating a big project. Big movements take place. What would you like to transform or deeply engage with in your life?

Watch the news for shifts, changes, and exposure of what has been hidden, highlighting our polarities yet also a time for finding ways to transform.

Saturn comes into exact square aspect with Jupiter in August, and brings in the focusing, disciplining qualities that this Jupiter in Gemini needs. in June there is an expanding, a revealing (with Pluto), a rush of news, and social connecting, that, beginning in July, meets an archetypal force (Saturn) which slows Jupiter’s expansion, and like a firm mentor, requires a karmic adjustment to what has been taking place. Saturn asks us what’s working, what’s not working, and how can we, matter of factly, deal with the situation, the deeper aspects and needs of the psyche and the collective?

  (Susan’s June astrology talk will be addressing these topics, sign up here.)

Celestial Events for June

May 29 – Mars conjuncts Chiron at 22 Aries – The wounded warrior is present. Healing the masculine is possible. The archetypal masculine is about being decisive, taking action, having courage to express ourselves. The wounded masculine can be a powerful force of destruction, blame, violence, and anger. Or the wounded masculine can hide and diminish itself in our lives, afraid to speak up, which can cause conflict or disagreement. We may now be aware of places we carry frustration or anger, and be attuned to healing deeper wounds. The wounded healer in Aries is able to be direct, and clarifies situations. Where in your life might you be healing the inner masculine? (It’s interesting that the jury went into deliberation this day over D. Trump’s case. Could it be that culturally the wounded masculine is highlighted?)

May 30 – Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 24 Taurus – a day for inspiration and sudden revelation. Unexpected messages that bring change. The linear mind blends with intuitive inventive perception. Receive guidance from an oracle, tarot, runes or I Ching.

June 2 – Jupiter at 2 Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius – see above. What would you like to transform or deeply engage with in your life?

June 2 – Mercury 29 Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces – Imaginative thinking, deeper meditation states, attunement to empathy, opening our minds to possibilities and ideals.

June 3 – Mercury enters Gemini12:36 am PDT – and trines Pluto in Aquarius – A strong Mercurial shift from steady Taurus and possibilities (Neptune) to agile quick thinking, connecting the dots, in alignment with intensifying and impelling drive of Pluto to get to the truth, deeper layers of insight. News spreading quickly.

June 4 – Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, 3:23 am PDT – broadening our perspectives, communicating stories and philosophies. Mercury, as messenger, blends with the optimistic, confidence of King Jupiter, teaching, writing, speaking.

June 4 – The Sun conjuncts Venus at 14 Gemini – The Sun in cazimi with Venus. This exact conjunction brings out the power of the feminine in being relational, sensing into this world, people, and nature with sensual perceptiveness. The ability to be present with another is heightened. Calling forth the artist in each of us, musician, artist, designer, poet, the ability to tap into the deeper layers of feeling, beauty, and essence. Using words in harmonious artistic ways.

June 6 – New Moon at 16 Gemini – the new Moon in breezy Gemini is a time for connecting with others, sharing information and networking ideas. Under this New Moon there is a stellium in Gemini, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, the Sun and the Moon all in Gemini! This emphasizes quick mental abilities and the love for learning. Communicating is highlighted, writing and speaking, teaching and learning, especially with both Jupiter and Mercury now in Gemini. Our opportunity and challenge under this Moon is to continually focus and organize our projects and intentions as the windy Gemini can spread our energies over too much territory.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and its deeper calling is to bring awareness to our polarities and oppositions. In psychology, we would say Gemini represents the bright and dark twin of the human experience. Those of us born under Gemini, or with planets in Gemini, have a soul’s journey to integrate our inner polarities, to integrate our consciousness with awareness of our shadow qualities.

New Moon in Gemini

June 6 – New Moon at 16 Gemini, 5:38 am PDT


 Affirmation for New Moon in Gemini 

“I am alert and curious to what arises on my path and in my relationships as a means to continually grow and evolve. My quest is to illuminate my unconscious assumptions, behaviors, and beliefs, to become more and more integrated.”

June 8-9 – Venus and the Sun, at 19 Gemini square Saturn in Pisces – Saturn in Pisces squaring the Sun and Venus challenge our ability to relate to others and ourselves with thoughtfulness, plunging into the deeper levels of feeling and emotion. Clarity in relatedness is called for. We slow down to honor what arises.

June 8 – Mars enters Taurus – Mars moves out of its warrior mode in Aries, and shifts into the Venus ruled sign of Taurus, which prefers not to pursue conflict, but slows and deepens. Longer term artistic projects are favored.

June 10-13 – Venus, the Sun, and Mercury at 22 Gemini sextile Chiron, 22 Aries – The theme of the wounded healer is up front. How do we use our words, how do we express our love, weaves with that which potentially brings healing. What is wounded is spoken and seen.

June 11 – Mars at 1 Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius – an intensity of energy, energy of destruction, the energy of exposing the hidden, assertion in the face of power.

June 12 – Mercury at 19 Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces – Slowing to perceive our thoughts more carefully, discipline harnesses quick moving thoughts and words.

June 14 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24 Gemini, cazimi, 9:32 am – Brilliancy, inventiveness, seeding a new cycle of development. What message(s) are receiving today?

June 16 – Venus squares Neptune, Venus enters Cancer – Ideals in relationship meet realities. Venus leaves breezy Gemini and enters sensitive and protective Cancer.

June 17 – Mercury squares Neptune at 29 Gemini, enters Cancer, conjuncts Venus – insightful meticulous Mercury conflicts with idealistic Neptune. Take time for a realistic view, but feed your imagination with poetic insights. (Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer)

June 20 – The Sun at 29 Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, 11:12 am PDT – Air (Gemini) meets water (Pisces), brightness and radiance, (the Sun) meets the deep rhythmic waters of feeling and imagination (Neptune). Take the day to wander, meditate and imagine.

June 20 – Summer Solstice – the Sun enters Cancer, 1:50 pm PDT – The longest day meets the shortest night, as the Sun rises at dawn in its most northeastern position. The summer Sun travels with the inner planets, the messenger (Mercury) and the lover (Venus), the poet and the artist, all in sensitive Cancer. The Sun is just pulling away from the exact square with Neptune, marking a time when clarifying truth from deception becomes an effort, as if under a spell. At a level of higher consciousness, we take actions to build awareness of our profound interrelatedness. In contrast, the Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn in Pisces, and challenges us to slow down in order to confront the truth of things, hold ourselves accountable, align with the essence in our lives, and to eliminate that which is too much, over done, not necessary.

Summer Solstice

June 21 – Full Moon at 1 Capricorn/Sun in Cancer, 6:08 pm PDT – The Capricorn/Cancer pairing heightens the polarity between attuning inward for self awareness, and stretching outward in order to achieve and/or participate. Under the earthy Capricorn Moon, we declare what we aspire toward and build a structure, a schedule, a plan, to accomplish our intention. How might we ground and manifest our vision? What is our relationship with follow through, completion and perseverance to our goal? With the Capricorn ruler, Saturn in Pisces, we might reflect on how we give form to our ideals, our imaginings, our soul’s deep impulses, empathy and our spiritual connections. This Capricorn Moon squares Neptune, challenging us to persevere with our dreams. It creates tension between imaginative reverie and taking action to manifest. What new relationship can we create that supports our deeper soul’s calling into manifestation? 

Full Moon in Capricorn 


Affirmation for full Moon in Capricorn

“I affirm my strength and capabilities to accomplish what I intend. I trust my inner knowing and I step into living by my deeper calling.”

June 26 – Mercury at 19 Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces – deeper insight leads to solid grounding and manifestation.

June 28 – Venus at 14 Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus – taking action on what one values, masculine and feminine, yin and yang harmonize

June 29 – Saturn goes retrograde at 19 Pisces, Mercury sextiles Uranus – Where is 19 Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, or Virgo in your chart? You are now traversing in Saturn’s territory. Time to slow down, and consider what’s working or not working in your life? Where might you simplify? What is a challenge or obstacle teaching you? What might deeper insights bring to your journey? Where do you need more organization or structure? Mercury sextiling Uranus brings in the revelations, deeper insights. Balance freedom with structure.

Jul 2 – Mercury enters Leo, opposes Pluto in Aquarius – Communications become dramatic and very expressive. Mercury, the messenger, is in relationship with the planet of the deep, of intensity, and transformation. The hidden becomes communicated, needs of the community are declared, deeper layers are exposed, eruptive communications.

The Twelve signs for June: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, the gathering of planets in Gemini spices up your life, seeing more friends, networking, and enjoyment with siblings or relatives. Jupiter here encourages learning something new, or enjoyment by travel. The Gemini new Moon on the 6th can initiate new creative endeavors, such as writing and encountering new ideas. Your planet, Mars, is in Aries until June 8. It’s given you new starts and energized you to get up and go. When it enters Taurus on the 8th, slow your pace. Enjoy nature and beauty around you. Any frantic busyness moves into thoughtful deliberation. The full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st, following the Summer Solstice pulls you home to your deeper essence. An excellent time to take a deep breath and reflect. Where are you now within yourself? How can you nurture yourself? How is your home a sanctuary? How would you like to be engaged with the world? What are you wanting to accomplish?

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, with the gathering of planets in Gemini, your talents and inner resources are highlighted. This is a good time to network and communicate your abilities! It is also an appropriate time to discuss your finances with an advisor, updating any thing that is needed. Under the New Moon in Gemini reflect upon your talents, and ways you might communicate what you offer to others. Your planet, Venus, aligns with the New Moon bringing a sweetness to the month ahead. Go for what you love. Venus enters Cancer on the 16th. Give yourself to emotional and physical nourishment. The full Moon in Capricorn follows the Summer Solstice on the 21st. This earthy full Moon encourages you to reach for what you aspire toward. Create a plan!
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, Happy Birthday! This stellium in Gemini blesses you with love and growth. Under the New Moon on the 6th, Venus shines her light on you and there is love and appreciation. Saturn squares that lovely Venus, which calls to you to slow down, get organized, and potentially aids you to balance between activity and stillness to maintain your center. Your planet, Mercury is also in Gemini through the 17th. So much movement and thinking, learning and teaching! When it enters Cancer, you are able to settle in a little deeper, connecting with what and who you love. The full Moon on the 21st helps you to define and fulfill practical needs while also giving time to enjoyment of family.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, take a deep breath! Time to gather yourself and retreat, regroup, rest. Messages come to you through your dreams. That’s where your creative and restorative forces are now. Keep your pen and notebook by your bed. All that Gemini energy fills your house of retreat and tuning into other dimensions. Under the New Moon, meditation and reading from your favorite spiritual teacher links you with its cosmic energy. With Venus next to your planet, the Moon, you find sweetness there. This is an important year for inner development, inner listening, and spiritual attunement, as Jupiter is activating this part of your life. Under the full Capricorn Moon, following the Summer Solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer, you balance inner and outer life. What would you like to aspire toward or manifest? Do you need to adjust your responsibilities?

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, all those planets in Gemini in your house of friendships and community!! And Jupiter there, entering the house of attunement to something greater than yourself! This is a perfect time to reach out and join that writing group, to plan a trip or retreat with friends. The Gemini energy stimulates your creative ideas. Write them down even if now isn’t the time for implementing them. Under the new Moon on the 6th, affirm what you love. Your planet, the radiant Sun, enters Cancer on the 20th, following Venus on the 16th, and Mercury on the 17th. This is a significant downshift. Take a swim, soak in the hot tube. Retreat for renewal. Gather your creative juices, especially before the Sun enters Leo on July 21st and heats up your life’s energy. Under the full Capricorn Moon on the 21st, you get down to practical matters, take care of your body and health. You sketch out creative possibilities. You balance daily work and duties with quiet thoughtful time for yourself.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, all those planets in Gemini stoke your house of career and/or what you aspire toward. There’s a push for growth and expansion, opening up to new possibilities or areas of learning, enjoying. With Jupiter now in Gemini, how do you want to expand or grow your work or interests? Is there something you want to study? You are honored and appreciated for how you show up. Under the New Moon in Gemini on the 6th acknowledge your wisdom, and all the experience you have had that you share with others. Your contributions make a difference. Mercury in Gemini, wants to communicate, wants to write. Give yourself the time. Mercury, your planet, enters Cancer on the 17th, and slows the momentum of busyness down. You settle and regroup. Under the full Moon in Capricorn, you enjoy your creative pursuits.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, with the airy stellium of planets in Gemini gracing your house of philosophy,   teaching and travel, potentially expanding your consciousness, certainly growth and new possibilities are before you. With Pluto supercharging Jupiter in Gemini, your intent to engage with new experiences and to expand your knowledge is upon you. The Gemini new Moon, on the 6th, is next to your ruling planet, Venus, so relatedness is upfront. And this includes relatedness to everything, to your partner, your co-worker, your family members, and to yourself. How are you caring for yourself? Saturn in Pisces brings a square to Venus. What a perfect time to reflect upon what’s working and what’s not working. Venus enters Cancer on the 16th, Mercury, the 17th, the Sun on the 20th, and the momentum shifts out of air into water. Now family becomes the focus. Your sensitivity sharpens as do feelings for closeness, belonging, and settling more deeply. The full Moon in Capricorn highlights structure, order, and practicalities. Sensitivity and nurturing balance with aspirations and practical achievements.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the Gemini stellium (gathering of planets in one sign) and the new Moon pull your attention to investigate deeper issues that need healing or resolution. It can also call forth new collaborations around writing, education, and money matters. Set your intention under this new Moon on the 6th to support your aims and desires. Your ruling planet, Mars now in Aries, is irritable when its needs and desires aren’t fulfilled. Or, that Mars in Aries can take a risk and assert itself. The challenge is how to successfully communicate. Take your time to sort through things, and this Gemini energy can be supportive. Air likes spaciousness and a certain degree of detachment to communicate its thoughts. On the 8th, Mars enters Taurus, bringing a soothing effect. Under the full Moon in Capricorn to the Sun in Cancer, on the 21st, you are supported to integrate sensitivity with practicality.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, have you felt the shift? Jupiter, your ruling planet is now in Gemini, leaving the slower, more earthy Taurus. Here is quickness, agility of the mind, curiosity, and more social interaction as Jupiter moves into mental Gemini. Gemini loves to share ideas and conversation, loves bringing diverse ideas together. With Jupiter entering Gemini, there is now quite a gathering of planets in this airy sign in your house of relationship, the house of other. What doors are opening for you in regards to relationship? What are you seeing about your self? Under the new Moon on the 6th, state your intention in the area of relatedness, whether it is someone to collaborate with, a romantic partner, or a family member, interactions are highlighted. The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th as summer begins. The next day the full Moon shines its heavenly light through the night. Galloping Sagittarius slows its speed under the Capricorn Moon to attune to the practicalities of life, reviewing money matters, and appreciating one’s talent for hard work and conscientiousness.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, the gathering of planets in Gemini light up your house of daily routines, practical matters, healing, and putting things in place. It may feel like a whirlwind needing to settle into order. Certainly, Jupiter entering Gemini gets things going, and you may be learning a lot. Your planet, Saturn, in Pisces, squares the new Moon in Gemini on the 6th, placing a challenge to its movement, calling for slowing down, with the need to attune with clarity to what is now needed. Take time to ground and feel present in your body, emotions, and mind, perhaps with yoga, tai chi and/or meditation. With Venus next to the new Moon, there is a sweetness present. The full Moon in Capricorn, on the 21st, with the summer Sun in Cancer, marks this time at a core level with you, balancing inner and outer, self and other, responsibilities with closeness to family. Let this Capricorn Moon carry your practical wishes up to the cosmic guides.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, wow! This gathering of Gemini planets energizes your house of creative expression, children, and love from the heart. Jupiter entering Gemini next to Mercury encourages you to write, to express and share your ideas, to create and play. Let your wonder infuse all you create. Hunt the wonder, then pull it close and converse with it. It has gifts for you. Under the new Moon on the 6th, bless the the cosmos as it sends you inspiration. Set your intention. Your planet, Uranus, has just conjuncted Jupiter. Philosopher meets innovative inspirational Creative, and now a new cycle is taking place. Jupiter is carrying the message to Mercury as they conjunct on the 4th, and Mercury wants to share the words with others. The Capricorn full Moon reflects the summer Sun in Cancer on the 21st. This earthy full Moon encourages you to retreat, meditate, record your dreams, and be present to the deeper aspects of your self to prepare for next month.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, this gathering of planets in airy and conversational Gemini strike up conversations in your home, between friends, siblings, and family members. Your home is highlighted the first part of the month, and more specifically, all year with your ruling planet, Jupiter, now in Gemini. As the new Moon, on the 6th, aligns with the Gemini Sun and Venus, this is a day for enjoyment and attunement within your home. Your Pisces temperament is so giving and generous, but now there’s a need for a landing within yourself, and hopefully in the quiet of your home, finding that sacred refuge within. Here you may hear the wisdom of your inner self, teacher, and philosopher, sending you insights and guidance. When the Sun moves into Cancer, water becomes your place of rejuvenation. On the 21st, the full Moon casts its light upon the area of your chart that represents friends, community and your visions for the future. This is an auspicious moment to create a vision of new possibilities for yourself.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 42 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, email Susan, or go to



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