February 28, 2022

Astrology for March

by Susan Boulet

Last month highlighted constrictive Saturn to freedom loving Uranus, Uranus who potentially leads to awakening and break through, while highlighting disruption and eruption to the statue quo. This new Moon in Pisces conjuncts Jupiter and close by Neptune, and suddenly we are awash in the ocean of feeling, experiencing  deep empathy. Saturn conjuncts Mercury with instructions for minding our thoughts and mind, for remembering our boundaries, as Mars, Pluto, and Venus in Capricorn reveal explosive aggression to topple governments. These are three powerful planetary signatures for the month.

At this New Moon we can imagination we are in the swell of the soul’s sensitivity to the plight of humanity. But we can also know that the nourishment of our personal deep self must be given time and space to bring restorative energy to the challenging journeys we have been on the last 3 years. Imagine yourself floating on a slightly warm sea, caressed by the rhythms of a larger body of living awareness. Here (with Jupiter’s influence) we trust in something greater than our own Saturnian efforts, control, and contractions to attune to the deepest sense of relaxed presence. And so we nourish our beings. With Jupiter and Neptune’s influence in Pisces, we watch taking on too much, we are mindful to over giving, over doing. We watch the shadow qualities of Pisces, of escaping into addiction, or numbing qualities. Instead, asking how can we be kind to ourselves now? We might seek the words of wise compassionate teachers or healers during these times.  We watch any tendencies to go into victim, martyr, savior, another Pisces shadow quality. This new Moon in Pisces with Jupiter and Neptune, is the energy of going to the temple, cathedral or mosque, where, as we quiet, we can experience the deep love of the universe in the space of holy silence. Now is the time to give this to yourself.

If we are open, we are learning profound lessons during these times, through our challenges, struggles, through these storms of not knowing, and the plutonian eruptions of things deep within, even things connected with our ancestors or DNA, for generations. It is as if we are being triggered in so many ways to see what needs to be cleared, adjusted, and felt, in order to heal as we travel through the trauma and healing of being human.

Affirmation for the New Moon in Pisces

“I enter the space of deep reverence and quiet to nurture the deepest levels of my being. I hear the guidance of my inner self. From there I become the compassionate one, relaxed and alert, for the next phase of my journey. ” 

        Venus and Mars are still traveling together in Capricorn, having conjuncted exactly at 16 Capricorn, on February 16th, and to meet again at 27 Capricorn, on March 3rd, while conjuncting Pluto. Our instructions are to transform our relationships, or experience upheavals that set the stage for transformation. When they meet with Pluto’s archetypal forces, we can release the old patterns, and negative self defeating scripts to embrace transmutation of those powers. On March 5th, and continuing  through March 10th, Mars and Venus conjunct in the first 3 degrees of Aquarius. This is a rare opportunity to wed our deepest values with our action, seeding the powers of creativity, as we move forward. It calls us to broaden our perspectives on what it means to be part of the larger community that is in the throes of Plutonian power struggles and transformation, releasing the old toxins of resentment, anger, exclusion. This is a potent meeting of Yin and Yang, of the masculine and the feminine, as they release the (Pluto) old and intertwine to reconfigure the balance between masculine and feminine, yin inner sustanability and yang outer action.

With the North Node now in Taurus simplicity is the key. How can we simplify our lives to be more fully present? With the south Node in Scorpio, dramatic interpersonal interactions are to be released. “The practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions”. Thich Nhat Hanh

Celestial Events for March

Mar 2 – New Moon in Pisces, conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces. This New Moon highlights the feeling body of humanity. We feel (Pisces) with empathetic compassion the suffering of others. We sense the oneness of our profound connectedness. All spiritual and artistic endeavors are supported, as the imaginative and meditative powers of Jupiter and Pisces seed the power of this New Moon. (see above)
Mar 3 – Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn – the archetypal forces of death, rebirth, and transformation, (Pluto) of that which has been hidden below ground, rise to meet our relatedness with others. We are in the profound churning waters of relational transformation, of the call of the ancestors to healing, activating and acknowledging the trauma that lives in our paradigm. Issues of power and powerlessness are visible and dynamics activate change. 
Mar 5 – Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 14 Pisces – we are awash in the sea of our interrelatedness. Actions are amplified and ripples of emotion, spirituality, and creativity are present. We watch our overwhelm and attend to keeping balanced..
Mar 5 – Venus and Mars conjunct exactly at 1 Aquarius (first time, Feb 16, at 16 Capricorn) – Communities of people take action on the Aquarian values, justice and equality. On a personal level, a new beginning is called for, relationships have the potential to be initiated on broader and more expansive levels of consciousness. Yin meets yang – a new cycle of creativity begins – Invoke the creative, renewing forces of the cosmos, and creative passion in relationship.

Mar 9 – Mercury enters Pisces – take your time in decision making. Mercury enters non linear Pisces, feelings inform our thoughts.

Mar 13The Sun conjuncts Neptune at 22 Pisces -Imaginative, compassionate, and spiritual forces increase. We feel we are all in this together. Creative expressive is highlighted as deeper levels of being are evoked as we become mindful. We touch into the world behind this world. Neptune is a powerful archetypal energy that has the potential to move us into altered states, into greater awareness or into deception, escapism and untruths. We walk carefully with our feet on the ground, breath in the deep belly, centered. Strength within, clarity without.

Mar 17 – Full Moon at 27 Virgo – the broad expansive sensitivity and compassion of Pisces is complimented by the alert, discernment of Virgo. Virgo as mutable Earth, seeks to find the healthy balance within one’s body, mind and spirit, with acute attentiveness. If we find ourselves fretting, over-planning, jumping into the future to look at all the possible problems, we’ve overdone Virgo. Virgo attends to light within with all her skill and knowledge. The light is the burning flame of presence, the heart, soul, and intelligence of the universe within our selves.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Virgo

“I am of body and soul, of earth and sky, of fire and water. Under this full Moon I honor this body and listen. Under this full Moon I honor my deep self and listen. They are my teachers.” 

Mar 20 – Spring Equinox, Sun enters Aries – This is a cathartic Spring, as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn.The mood is for transformation (for more insight on this join Susan’s monthly group March 4th at 9:30, sign up here) and moves into Scorpio. Both the Sun and Moon in Aries and Scorpio, are ruled by Mars, now in Aquarius. this points us in the direction of seeking to activate a larger more inclusive view of who we are now.  Mars and Venus also square Uranus, bringing the need to transform our sense of relatedness. On a personal level,  be aware of the unexpected disrupting the way we may assume things to unfold in relationship, staying as alert to the moment and what old patterns it activates in us. And like the Fool of the Tarot (Uranus) step into a new way of responding, breaking the unconscious chain of repetive projection and reaction. We are experiencing a very hard labor in order to give birth to the new.

Mar 20 – Mercury conjuncts Jupiter – encouraging imaginative and broader thinking. Find that center within you that trusts a faith in larger meaning and guidance available to us, and to bring healing.

Mar 26 – Mercury enters Aries – Directness in communications. Get to the point. Insight and pioneering ideas guide our way forward. strengthens intuition and bold insights. Watch Aries shadow qualities, impulsiveness, defensiveness, impatience and jumping in before being invited

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