February 25, 2024

Astrology for March

March begins here in California with the tulips trees bearing crowns in clouds of white, pale pink, and mauve. A great white Egret graces the field with its elegant long form, moving in slow motion against the bright green of new grass. And in the early morning blue sky, the waning gibbous (almost full) Moon mirrors the illuminated whiteness of the bird below, stretching its slender legs slowly in its stride.

We are in the Pisces time of year, in the waters of collective feeling, and the great imagination of this earth, when the boundaries between you and me, between this and that, are porous. The last sign of the zodiac carries all the unresolved issues of the past 11 signs. We might ask ourselves, “What needs completing? What do I need to attend to so I can make a fresh beginning at the Spring Equinox on the 19th?” Saturn in Pisces seeks to clarify and contain all the feelings and emotions of this time.

February 28-Mar 1

February 28th to March 1st carries the rare alignment of Mercury and Saturn cazimi the Sun. Cazimi is a term used to describe when a planet is at the same degree of the Sun. According to Astrologers of old, this gives extra power to those planets, for the Sun’s light illuminates and gives strength to their qualities. As Saturn seeks to contain and clarify the potent feelings of this time, Mercury finds focus to communicate the voices of the people. Saturn gives Mercury form to write, speak, protest, and touch one’s heart with Pisces depth.

Celestial Events for March

Mar 1 – The Sun and Mercury at 11 Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus – this is a potent time to learn, to share information, and to participate with the beauty around us in order to experience Jupiter’s uplifting qualities.

Mar 4 – Mercury at 19 Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus – we challenge ourselves to see things from a new perspective. This day gives us access to think, speak, and write creatively.

Mar 8 – Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 27 Pisces – let us dip into the imaginative waters of Neptune, in its own sign Pisces. Work with our dreams, paint in the studio, bring out the poet’s voice. Take time for reverie. And certainly don’t schedule a trip or work on your taxes!

Mar 9 – The Sun at 19 Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus  – Break out of old routines, stretch yourself into encountering new places and people. Be open to synchronicities and inspiration. Ask yourself, “How might I live with more freedom?”

Mar 9 – Mercury enters Aries – The planet of the mind and communication gains quickness, inventiveness, and bold assertiveness in Aries, especially after swimming in the deep waters of feeling Pisces.

Mar 9 – Mars at 19 Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus – this aspect carries tension between assertive action and sudden disruption or break through. Both these planets represent lightening and they carry that quick bold power to illuminate or harm. We watch for impulsive, reckless actions, and instead align ourselves in action (Mars) to visionary insights (Uranus) for our world and ourselves.

Mar 10 – New Moon in Pisces  – Pisces is the sea of human experience, dreams, imagination, and creative reverie. Under the New Moon in Pisces we reaffirm our dreams, align with our soul’s mission. We give ourselves time and space to dive into its deep waters, for greater understanding of the hidden parts of ourselves. We also can step into its creative imaginings. Be thoughtful to care for yourself, as Pisces is the experience of empathy where we merge into all humanity’s pain and suffering, as well as the many soulful gifts of its creativity.

This new Moon sextiles Uranus, the planet of change, break through, freedom and spaciousness, as well as disruption and revolution. Last new Moon, (Feb 9th), squared Uranus. We are in a time where change, break through, and stretching into new possibilities, while learning new ways of perceiving, are in the forefront. Uranus brings sudden unexpected situations, so we have the opportunity to stay present to the moment. With Uranus, we watch for signs and synchronicities, because Uranus represents that greater intelligence in the unseen dimensions which inform this reality.

Jupiter is now in orb of the exact conjunction with Uranus, which takes place on April 20, increasing new opportunities, and creating inspiration and upliftment as we move into new ways of learning, sharing and communicating our gifts. (Mars ignites sudden intense change, disruption, crisis and/or breakthrough as it squares Uranus these few days). A good day to create ritual and intention to support change in consciousness for ourselves and the world, to see us as one humanity, one living planet.

New Moon in Pisces

Mar 10 – New Moon at 20 Pisces, 1:00 AM PST 


 Affirmation for New Moon in Pisces

“I  honor the unity consciousness in which all things exist. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” for imagination creates the world.

I cherish the powers of imagination to recreate and heal this world.”

Mar 11 – Venus enters Pisces – the planet of relatedness enters Pisces and its qualities of reaching for harmony, and inclusiveness are increased. Venus in Pisces supports finding peace and diplomacy.

Mar 17 – The Sun conjuncts Neptune at 27 Pisces – once a year the Sun conjuncts Neptune, when its qualities of strengthening individualism, and each person’s uniqueness, merges with Neptune’s dissolving characteristics, bringing us into the transpersonal realms where everyone is interconnected and each thing affects the other. The Sun gives light and illumination to Neptunes’ qualities of imagination and spirituality. This is a day to walk along the beach, ponder the mysteries of life, or to sit and feel into the quality of the day. Make music. Write a poem. Go into the studio. Watch for Neptunes qualities of dissipation of energy or confusion. Instead give to your muse for the day.

Mar 19 – Spring Equinox, Sun enters Aries, 8:07 pm PDT – The Sun enters Aries on the Spring Equinox, moving from the deep rhythmic waters of Pisces to a sudden burst of fire energy, feeding the green fuse that pushes the plants to grow and bloom. On this Equinox day, the Moon is highlighted in another fire sign, Leo, and this supports our spirited expressiveness. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, in cool Aquarius, when we may find ourselves excited to share new information or insights. The God of the Underworld, (Pluto) the Lord of the unconscious, both personal and collective, is opposing the Leo Moon, reminding us that we have work to do. Our shadow material is up for transformation.

Spring Equinox

Mar 21 – Sun at 1 Aries sextiles Pluto in Aquarius – potential to create new beginnings that are transformative, a day for investigating what has been hidden from view, or a day where the drive to express ourselves is strongly experienced.

Mar 21 – Venus conjuncts Saturn at 12 Pisces – a day to pronounce what we are committed to, a day to plan and organize our creative pursuits. Venus wants to harmonize and connect, and Saturn maintains focus, depth, and clarity to accept responsibility and commitment.

Mar 22 – Mars enters Pisces – the warrior dives into the deep waters of soul, spirit, and the powers of the unconscious. This is the time for the spiritual warrior, moved by empathy. We can watch for the under belly of this combination when it shows up as victim, martyr, savior, which now can be emphasized.

Mar 24 – Venus at 15 Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Taurus – time for enjoyment, love, and comradeship. Make art. Appreciation is the key word. Following Venus’s conjunction with Saturn on the 21st this aspect weaves together growth and stability in many aspects of our experience.

Mar 24 – Lunar Eclipse at 5 Libra/Sun in Aries – We are now in Eclipse season, when the full moon and New Moon have greater impact on our feelings and experience. This lunar eclipse takes place next to the south node, rather than the north node, highlighting the experience of the past. Are there feelings, or situations, from the past that are activated? Is there some positive action we might take to clarify or resolve things? Perhaps there is a significant memory that catches our attention. This lunar eclipse trines Pluto giving us the impetus to let go and see from a new place, or to let go and move into new places, or perhaps to remember our ancestors and the gifts and wounds they passed to us.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Libra


Affirmation for Lunar Eclipse, full Moon in Libra

“I honor my relationships. I am attentive to any unresolved issues that can now be understood from a greater perspective for healing and resolution.

I find balance between caring for others’ needs as well as caring for my own.”

Mar 28 – Venus at 20 Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus – the planet of relatedness and connection harmonizes with the planet of freedom, break through and thinking outside of the box. Excitement and stimulation, new ways of perceiving in our relationships. Change things up!

April 1 – Mercury goes retrograde, 27 Aries and retrograding back to 15 Aries on April 25th when it goes direct – Mercury retrograde period begins for the next 3 weeks. Everything that began from March 18th until now is up for review. The trickster is a foot, playing games with us so that we remember that we’re not in total control, teaching us to bend, listen, and collaborate with the presence of something greater than ourselves. Can we dance with the unexpected? Can we refine our words? Can we attend to thought patterns that are recurring and limit our potential?

The Twelve signs for March: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, the gathering of Pisces planets, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, call you to retreat and complete. What projects need completing? What dreams and aspirations want to be manifested? Slow down and meditate before the Spring Equinox when the Sun illuminates Aries and draws you out. This is also a time to investigate your unconscious, taking a deep dive in those waters. What patterns and ways of being no longer serve you? You can now be supported to bring clarity and insight to these parts of yourself, and look forward to cultivating new responses.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the gathering of Pisces planets, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, activate your sensitivity within groups and with friends. This enables you to tune into less conscious aspects of your personality. Being with others helps you clarify where change can take place. With Jupiter and Uranus now in Taurus and soon to conjunct (once in 14 years) something exciting can lead you into new territory and consciousness. What are you aware of when you are in groups? The activating Spring Equinox on the 19th stirs your interior world. It’s helpful to contemplate new beginnings in quiet ways.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, the gathering of Pisces planets (along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces), draw you into contemplating your ambitions. Ambitions? What would you like to achieve? How would you like to show up in the world? Is there something you want to pursue in your career that hasn’t yet manifested? This is the time to make a plan, to simplify, and focus. Your planet, Mercury, just conjuncted Saturn to support your endeavors. Mercury enters quick thinking and creative Aries on the 9th, thinking becomes clearer and more decisive. The Sun enters Aries on the 19th, when gathering with others to share your knowledge is emphasized.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, activate the seeker and traveler in you. This is the time for big questions. “What is meaningful to me? How might I grow my consciousness? What do I want to learn? Is there a teaching I would like to share or write about?” Your sensitivity is increased and you can use that sensitivity as your most gifted perceptive tool. What are your feelings telling you? Can you discern the difference between emotional reactions and your feelings of perception? With the Sun moving into Aries on the 19th you can initiate new beginning in collaboration with others.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, call for a deep dive into your interior world and the dynamics between yourself and those to whom you are close. Fire moves upward, and water sinks into the deep below. Give yourself time to write, reflect, and contemplate the quality of your response in relationship. Now can be a transformative time. As Mercury and the Sun enter Aries, on the 9th and 19th, respectively, you feel a shift and release, with the call to broaden your outlook. Now growth and movement, including travel, are emphasized.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear thoughtful and generous Virgo, the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, emphasize the balance between attending to yourself and giving to others. What is working for you in this regard? Are you getting enough time for yourself? Where and how would you like to more clearly define and give shape to your different relationships? It can be challenging to navigate your way with Mercury in Pisces. Situations can be murky, or hard to know exactly what! Mercury enters Aries on the 9th and gives you the gift of decisiveness. It amps up your creative mind and gives you initiative, especially when the Sun enters Aries. So clarify now to support smooth sailing.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, accentuate your daily working environment, your care for your body, and how you would like to serve others. Taking time now to contemplate these areas of your life will be helpful. Can you arrange your working environment so it feels more orderly and easy to access what you need? What changes would you like to put in place for your self care? Is the service you give balanced with enough time for yourself? Be alert to how sensitive you are to others’ needs and comfort, especially as this area is now activated with planets in watery, no boundaries, Pisces. Venus shifts into Pisces on the 11th, and adds to your perceptive nature. As Mercury and the Sun enter Aries (the 9th and 19th respectively) it supercharges your partnerships. Be sure to know what you want, then you can step into the clarity and decisiveness of that Aries energy.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, as the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, highlight the area of your chart which represent your unique individuality, your creative expression, and your relation with children, this is a significant time to honor who you are! Finding balance in this area of your life is essential, along with contemplating your priorities. What would you like to create? How would you like to express yourself more fully? Are you scheduling time for yourself to enjoy, create or relax? You are a deep being with a rich interior life. You might ask yourself, “How might I more skillfully utilize my feeling self to contribute to actualizing my gifts and talents?” When Mercury and the Sun enter Aries, on the 9th & 19th respectively, all activity picks up, especially in the home front. That’s why it is so beneficial to take some time for yourself before hand.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, bring you back home. Whether it’s to center yourself into new situations, to work on home projects, or to enter contemplative time within yourself, it is well worth the time to feel into the deeper aspects of yourself. This may be to clear out and complete the old, or to invest in your imaginative and creative talents. Perhaps you need time to dream. Or perhaps there is a significant dream that calls to you with a message. With Saturn there, it focuses your attention on taking time to perceive and gain deeper wisdom. At the same time, with Jupiter and Uranus soon to conjunct in April, their combination is impetus to break free and expand! Mercury and the Sun enter Aries on the 9th & 19th respectively, giving you energy and expressive abilities, inspiration, and open heartedness.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, with the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, your mind is stimulated to imagine new creative projects and encounters. While Saturn is there, you have been in the master class for communication. What skills are you learning? How are you sharing and presenting your wisdom? This is an excellent time for writing and giving voice to the sensitive poet within, even though people see you more as the responsible Capricorn. You may feel more sensitivity to those around you, perhaps more love and empathy, but that can be overwhelming as well, so you find your balance. Mercury and the Sun enter Aries on the 9th & 19th respectively, energizing home projects and family gatherings.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, with the gathering of planets in Pisces, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, you may want to take some time reviewing your finances, and how you want to manage them during this next period of time. For most Aquarians, this area of your life gets less attention, and you may be overly generous, or the opposite, very sensitive to your sense of security. These Piscean planets also activate your unique talents and gifts, which include a poetic voice, a mystic, and a depth of perception. Write, speak, sing, and teach. This is a time to focus on what you deeply value and to give it form. What wants to take shape now from your deeper alignment with soul and spirit? Mercury and the Sun enter Aries on the 9th & 19th respectively, shifting the contemplative energy into action. What a great time to teach, and share your talents.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, Happy Birthday! With the gathering of planets in Pisces, Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, along with the New Moon on the 10th in Pisces, Venus on the 11th, and Mars on the 22nd, you are in for a dynamic month. These planets bring illumination and focus on your unique self and personality, making it so important to take time for yourself, and to clarify what’s working and what’s not quite working in regards to your life.  It’s a time of defining and communicating what’s important to you, even though you might risk disharmony. With Saturn next to Mercury, you can review how you want to communicate particular thoughts in a clear way. You bring in the quality you possess which is empathy. While bringing focus on yourself, you can define what makes your life meaningful and fulfilling. Celebrate yourself with friends and loved ones. The Spring Equinox on the 19th jump starts you into new quick moving events.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 42 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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