April 25, 2022

Astrology for May

In these potent times of break down, uncertainty, and polarity there is a process going on of reimagining the world, even as the old paradigm strives to stay in control. For more insights into how to navigate our personal and collective journeys during this time join Susan on May 6th for her monthly astrology talk. Click here to sign up and for more info.

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th, at 1:28 pm PDT (at 10 degrees Taurus conjunct Uranus) sets off our journey into May. Solar eclipses mark powerful new beginnings. They are super new moons, often exposing old ways that can no longer be supported. Something that was hidden to our consciousness is exposed and hopefully released.

New beginnings move us forward. Here in Taurus there is an awakening, a shaking, to release this fixed sign into manifesting something new, aiming for the future. The eclipse is conjunct the North Node, pointing toward a new destiny. The call is re-attunement to Taurian themes, the Earth, the Great Mother, the sacred in nature and our bodies. Collectively we are at a breaking point, or we can say a tipping point.

So we ask at this Solar Eclipse (not visible in USA), “What is my intention? How can I align with my deeper purpose and aim myself toward breaking through to new horizons? How can I attune myself through body and nature to the healing directions now so needed? What can I do to support the healing of the Earth?”

This is especially highlighted with the Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus, the planet that disrupts in order to waken us to the broader potentials of human consciousness and creativity, for a giant reset. It is a rare event that the solar eclipse in Taurus aligns with Uranus in Taurus. We are in a time of the falling apart of world as we have known it, and from underneath all that has been discarded and hidden, surging upward to be healed and recognized. Uranus shakes the sturdy Taurus ground like a great earthquake, rattling the predictable, even the hoped for plans, with uncertainty, as if the earth, the indigenous ways, and our ancestors are calling from deep within, shaking us out of the deep slumber that has closed our eyes and senses to our true natures. Think of Uranus as a Promethean figure bringing something new and much needed to humanity for its evolution, but causing quite a disruption to the order of things in order to do so.


Affirmation for Solar Eclipse in Taurus

“May all new beginnings break old patterns and realign me with my deepest nature that guides and collaborates with the powers of the divine in nature and the cosmos.”

May I move steadily with calm on my path, embodying my unique being and gifts, and may they be of service in these times of profound transformation.”

“Uranus” from Liz Greene’s book and deck, Mythic Astrology, artist Anthea Toorchen

This Solar Eclipse in Taurus with Uranus can mark a powerful turning point, a surge of energy to redesign and revolutionize how humanity relates to the body, health, and the Earth, inviting in the divine feminine. Let’s grab the meaning of Taurus from the patriarchal conditioning of money and possessions, and give it back to the wisdom of body and nature. Ancient Taurus is the deep attunement to listening to the intelligence that flows through all things, knowing the profound interrelatedness of life and the abundance through which we can manifest health and well being.

Where does the eclipse fall in your chart? Notice the house placement of 10 degrees Taurus. What does the house it’s activating represent? Imagine your intention with those topics in mind. Does the Solar Eclipse aspect a natal planet? Imagine an activation, an awakening and new beginning taking place in regards to that planet. Let go, clear things out, allow the new to enter. To strengthen this alignment and activation give time to contemplation and ritual on the 30th.

The time between April 30th and when the Sun exactly conjuncts Uranus on May 5th at 14 Taurus is a time to contemplate break through and seeing things through a broader perspective.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces on the 30th of April and creates the underlying tone and resonance of the Eclipse. Because the planet Venus rules Taurus, (meaning Venus has a similar nature as Taurus), we look to Venus and her aspects for the quality of this time. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and conjuncts Jupiter, who rules Pisces. This brings in a strong beneficial energy, highlighting compassion, creativity, imagination, and deeper connection to spirit. The world at this time is being shaken to wake up to the profound interrelatedness of the human/Earth family, to allow us to experience the deep soul of this Earth and the living body which we are all apart of. The old and the new battle, and the divine feminine is strengthening. We might ask ourselves, “What do I need to do in order to more deeply connect with the guides and spirit that surround us with love and protection? How might I bring that through and live it moment to moment? What would change in my actions?”

When Venus, Mars, and Pluto conjuncted in Capricorn in late February, an intense eruption of old resentments lit passions to war, as the clutching of autocratic ways grasped for more power. This highlighted the challenge we are in, with Saturn squaring Uranus, old ways of governing, dominating, and controlling, versus liberation to envision a new Earth, or autocracy versus true democracy… for the USA we are at the tipping point. With Pluto returning to its natal position in the USA chart, we are unearthing deep layers of resentment and in the shake up from the Plutonian profound transformative powers, we ponder what values will lead us into the future.  

See the beautiful planetary alignment early morning, 5 am to the southeast, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn, a straight diagonal line in the predawn skies. A rare and beautiful sight!! Feel the planets as allies in this time of transformation.

Celestial Events for May

Apr 30 Solar Eclipse at 10 Taurus conjunct Uranus and the North Node  (see above) – This is the first Solar Eclipse of the year. Eclipses are power points and energetic fuels for change, especially as they connect with your own chart. The eclipse at 10 Taurus aligns with Uranus, and the Promethean spirit is accentuated. Change and stability compete to loosen our histories and encourage breakthroughs. This is a special day for observing, listening, and receiving messages that instruct us for the journey ahead. And/or it can be explosive and revealing in order to crash through the old patriarchal conditioning and mind sets. (Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 27 Pisces – see above)


May 2 – Venus enters Aries – with Venus now in Aries the feminine becomes fierce, courageous, and daring, willing to assert herself, Relationships get passionate, impulses are less restrained. 

May 3 – Jupiter at 28 Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn – Jupiter’s expansiveness draws on Pluto’s transformative abilities. Imagine what you want to transform.

May 5Sun conjuncts Uranus at 14 Taurus – From the Solar Eclipse on Apr 30th to May 5th when the Sun conjuncts Uranus, once a year, revolution, disruption and uncertainty fill the air. The unexpected shakes the air, rattling things as we know them. This is the time to make a change, break out of old routines, reestablish your connection with yourself by broadening your consciousness. Break out of routine and seize the day.

May 10Mercury goes retrograde at 4 Gemini (retrogrades back to 26 Taurus, going direct on June 3rd) –  a unique Mercury retrograde as it retrogrades through only 8 degrees, (usually it is retrograding through 15 or 16 degrees). This takes place about once a year. It intensifies our experience of this trickster Mercury retrograde energy, especially when in the sign of the twins. Be ready for sudden reversals or slow downs. We can honor this time by being present to what is arising in the moment as if dancing with the shadow self, seeing parts of ourselves and our reactions when things don’t go the way we planned.

May 10Jupiter enters Aries – Jupiter is in Aries until October 27, when it briefly transits back into Pisces until December 20th, once again entering Aries. Jupiter in Aries brings initiative for new beginnings, courage, and daring to break through. It heightens the warrior energy to take a stand, to trust one’s intuition, and is willing to be at the edge, challenging oneself to step beyond fears and constrains. Where is Aries in your chart? With Jupiter transiting this area of your chart new opportunities present themselves, a feeling of more trust and confidence is available to you to open things up and have new experiences.

May 15the Sun at 24 Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, as it sextiles Neptune in Pisces – we may want to dream and maybe even drift during this time but with the square to Saturn, we are asked to look squarely at life situations and focus upon what needs to be done. It’s helpful during this time to schedule some Saturn structure in order to get things taken care time, with some Neptune time, imaginative, nonlinear musing, perhaps by taking long walks or strolling by a body of water.

May 15Total Lunar Eclipse at 9:11 pm PDT, (visible as the “Blood Moon rises on the west coast) 25 Scorpio, Sun at 25 Taurus (squaring Saturn) – Scorpio highlights our emotional dramas, and during this lunar eclipse, may heighten past emotional turmoil. Be sensitive to both yourself and in your relationships with others, watching that past emotional reactions are observed rather than enacted. The eclipse is in a square to Saturn asking us to slow down, breathe deeply, feeling what may be old challenging patterns. With the lunar eclipse highlighting the south node (past ways of being) we get a strong indication of what needs to be released. Turn yourself toward the north node in earthy Taurus and seek out nature, breathe, and see the beauty around you. Don’t identify with the old story lines. A deeper layer of yourself is revealing itself in its wisdom and steadiness while you shed an old skin.

Affirmation for the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

“May I release deep feelings over past hurts and losses and renew my resilience and sensitivities to align with moment to moment presence. May I honor the great mystery and transformative powers of this life and earth.”

May 17 – Mars conjuncts Neptune – best to meditate, dance, play music, and allow yourself to relax under the Sun. With Mars conjunct Neptune direct strong action is not supported.

May 20  – The Sun enters Gemini – the Sun leaves earthy, steady Taurus, and wants to move and learn and share insights and information with others. This is a time to enjoy your connection with others.

May 24 – Mars enters Aries – Everything is energized by the planet of movement and action entering its own sign, Aries. Boldness and heat impassions the world. Assertion, aggression, and drive increase. What would you like to accomplish? Align your intention with the timing of Mars entering Aries and get a boost of energy.

May 28 – Venus enters Taurus – Venus entering Taurus becomes our grounding. Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus become the yang and yin of movement with rest and stillness. Feel into both your rhythms of action and deep listening presence. Attune to, and seek out nature, see the beauty all around you. Become fresh with gratefulness.

May 29 – Mars conjuncts Jupiter at 3 degrees Aries – This is the launching of a rocket ship! A great thrust of energy to take action, to assert, to compete. The warrior energy is strengthened and can go to extremes, or help dislodge what is stuck and not moving. (Watch world wide conflict, the intensification of competition and taking sides against each other).

May 30 – New Moon at 9 GeminiWhat would you like to communicate at this time? What ideas do you want to share, or grow by learning more about? This Gemini New Moon is the time to set that intention. With Mercury in Taurus squaring Saturn you are asked to slow your thought processes and contemplate how to skillfully communicate what it is you want to learn or share. There is a certain tension with this new moon, the desire to connect and communicate, with an indication to slow and be very thoughtful, especially with Mercury retrograde.

Affirmation for the New Moon in Gemini

“May my mind be clear of negativity. May I release the thoughts forms of struggle, taking back the energy of resistance and building faith in all the ways I want to grow and broaden my consciousness. May I clarify my intentions so to create new outreach to others.”

Jun 3 – Mercury goes direct at 26 Taurus – This 26 Taurus is a very sensitive degree, with Mercury going direct here. (opposite the Lunar Eclipse, squaring Saturn) Quick moving, mentally agile Mercury in Gemini, went retrograde on May 10th, sinking back into the earthy practical density of Taurus on the 22nd. What is the cosmos wanting us to learn, perhaps how to slow down and attune to our bodies, embracing deeper slower rhythms which affect our perception.

The Twelve signs for May: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, from being in seclusion, and deep within yourself, to new beginnings as Jupiter enters Aries on the 10th and supports your healing, growth, and well being. You feel this shift. It may feel like you are finally on your way after challenges and delays. As Mars enters Aries on the 24th you feel once again aligned with the powerful beauty of the driving directing intuitive Aries energy carrying you into the future. The Solar Eclipse shines a light on your values and asks that you steer your course from a deeper and broader sense of your worth. During this Mercury retrograde period may we bring confidence into our minds and draw on the mature skillfulness of Saturn. The Lunar Eclipse highlights emotional intensity you can now find ways to release. With the square to Saturn you are asked to be patient as you shift to a renewed sense of what you are capable of. Be thoughtful of your finances, making practical choices.  Keywords for May, “Ready, Set, Go”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus,  with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus be ready for the unexpected. Plans may be disrupted, turned over, and everything may get tossed inside out. But your friends are there for you as you rearrange your reality. It even charges you up and initiates a new phase. Something sweet and deep and imaginative moves you. This Mercury retrograde time helps you to re-attune to your deeper rhythms which feels like such a relief. The movement of Jupiter into Aries on the 10th and Mars into Aries on the 24th, pulls you back into a fertile inner space. Take this time for yourself as ideas feed your creativity and, even better, take action on these ideas. The Lunar Eclipse on the 15th is a teaching time. Straddling your house of self and the other while squaring Saturn brings to your attention what is and what isn’t working in relationship. Be ready to surrender to what is present. Keywords for May, “Disruption brings creativity and skillfulness moment to moment”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, if you can, with your busy life and active mind, find time to retreat and meditate on April 30th, on the day of the Solar Eclipse, this will serve you well. The Eclipse falls in your house of the transpersonal realms and your deep inner being. Taking time to listen to these inner currents can give you a message you have been wanting for, in preparation for new beginnings at the end of the month. With Jupiter entering Aries on the 10th, activity with others quickens and it is a great time for collaborating. Opportunities open as you reach up for them. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini on the 10th, also pulling you back into yourself. Your natural tendency to talk and teach is now in review, and highlighting the area of your chart that represents your unconscious. What is the most skillful way to communicate your thoughts and message? Are you often just chatting, or are you someone who is always trying to teach everyone from your knowledge? Now is the time to review your motives.  The Lunar Eclipse heightens your awareness of work and your daily routines. Some old routine is no longer helpful and is now time to let go. Keywords for May, “May I become more and more conscious of my intentions in communication. May I become skillful.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, this Solar Eclipse highlights your house of friendship. You may be receiving clarity on a friendship. What’s working or not working in the relationship? And how can you take responsibility for your own well-being, because that  changes your dynamic with others. It is the right timing to connect with a group of likeminded people which will activate a new beginning for you. But be alert to disruption, change, and breakthrough, this characteristic of Uranus. So as Uranus instructs, be present to what is arising. We might imagine that all that arises in our lives takes us on a journey to be more and more embodied and present, more conscious and more at peace. With your great sensitivity, especially under the Lunar eclipse of May 15th, honor that your boat is in choppy waters, breathe and focus your awareness on the strength and resilience you have to get where you are intending.  Jupiter entering Aries gives a boost to your career. Take those actions you’ve been meaning to! Keywords for May, “Trust your insights and your inner guidance”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this Solar Eclipse in Taurus brings unexpected events and the need for flexibility in what has appeared solid, especially in your career. This is a powerful New Moon Eclipse to re-state your career intentions, with any changes you are intending. With all that Pisces in your house of intimacy, relationship, and emotional dynamics, you may be navigating unclear and murky waters. Have patience, for soon, with Jupiter entering Aries your Leo passions will be activated and charged with movement. The Piscean density of emotion starts to clear and things move forward. Mercury retrogrades in your house of friendship and groups, so be thoughtful as you communicate to others, or of sudden changes of plan. The Lunar eclipse in Scorpio may indicate that you get to see old emotional reactions in the family or in the home. Remember this is an old pattern and it’s the right timing to take another perspective on the situation. Stretch into that Taurean matter-of- fact focus, and stay grounded as much as possible in the present moment. Keywords for May, “Flexibility and being present to the moment allows transformation and clarity.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, the Solar Eclipse activates your house of philosophy, learning, teaching, publishing, and travel. This highlights for you a powerful new beginning in terms of your consciousness, or shifting old belief systems that are no longer useful to yourself, or your relationships. Now a recalibrating in relationships is a positive adjustment. Be alert to synchronicities as that tricker Uranus, and the Mercury retrograde in Gemini, can bring to you messages that come from unexpected places. New insights may alter you perception in ways that are appreciated. The stellium of planets in Pisces in your house of relationships brings extra sensitivity to others, so carefully sort out how to best respond. Jupiter entering Aries can bring sudden changes, insightful insights, and also reorientation. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio can pull you into complex emotional dynamics in relation to family members, so seek out that Taurus cool, collected Sun, North Node, which so easily harmonizes with your earthy practical Virgo nature. Keywords for May, “I stay grounded and clear through the changes in my life.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the Solar Eclipse highlights your house of collaboration, healing and transformation. What changes are you ready to make to initiate a new beginning? With the focus of this Eclipse in this area of your chart, you are encouraged to let go of the old, of some behavior you that no longer serves you. It also marks the timing for radical deep change, and how you can be of assistance to others by the way you stay steady in negotiating these changes. South Node in Scorpio highlights letting go of emotional charge around self worth and finances. The Mercury retrograde has you deepening your connection to your life philosophy, reviewing your beliefs, and releasing an old way of seeing things. The Pisces stellium is in your house of work and health. Things may not be as clear as you would like, but that is soon to change as Venus enter Aries on the 2nd. Now situations speed up, especially with Jupiter entering Aries on the 10th. The full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings out deep feelings as you are ready to investigate what has been hidden from your understanding. Keywords for May, “Letting go activates transformation.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, under this Taurus Eclipse be ready for surprises coming from others. With Uranus conjuncting the Eclipse you can set an intention to break out of any old patterns that are not serving the love and well being of your partnership. With Mercury retrograde transiting your house of healing and transformation you may be able to reflect more deeply on what ways of perceiving or communicating to your partner no longer serve the health of the relationship. With both Venus and Jupiter entering Aries and your house of work, you suddenly feel more passion and energy to begin that project. The Lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings out your deep impassioned self. How would you like to balance your highly sensitive and perceptive self with matter of fact, grounded Taurus? Remember, this is the Wesak Moon under which Buddha was enlightened. He kept his hand on the Earth and asked for assistance to ground and stay steady during his challenges to enlightenment. Keywords for May, “Honoring my deep sensitive self and allowing calmness to guide me”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, always moving toward your goals with drive and commitment, this Eclipse affects your house of work, routines, and health. With Uranus shaking the status quo during the Eclipse, be flexible as plans may change and situations may need rearranging. This is a great time to declare your intention around a new relationship to work and health. Mercury retrogrades your house of partnership bringing the trickster energy into your communications with others. The Lunar Eclipse of May 15th, urges a retreat into quiet reflection. It can be a day of welcome contemplation as the Moon highlights your 12th house of the transpersonal realm and the deeper self. Keyword for May, “Reevaluation”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, this Solar Eclipse in Taurus can mark a new beginning for you, something unexpected can rearrange your plans while opening a door into a new expression. Mercury retrogrades your house of work and daily routine to support review on what’s working for you, and what you would like to implement. Venus and Jupiter enter Aries and activate action, encouraging you to trust your intuition and go for it. Perhaps rearranging your home will shift the feng shui, and clear old stuck energy. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio emphasizes your relation to groups and working with others. You might ask yourself what can I offer the group that resonates with my authentic expression and my heart?  Keywords for May, “Breath deeply and express your heart.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, this Taurus Eclipse falls in the area of your chart that represents your home, family and your deep self. Uranus brings a shaking, and a changing, and a new way of perceiving your family and home. It may be time for a clearing and rearranging, a liberation of stuff to lighten your energy and free up your creative mind. Under this Mercury retrograde you may want to write and reflect, feeling into your unique expression that is your gift to the world. Jupiter and Venus enter Aries activating that creative mind of yours as they enter your house of the mind and communication. The Lunar Eclipse highlights your house of career. Perhaps there is something you are ready to let go of in your work that can bring more fulfillment and pleasure to what you do.  Keywords for May, “Change is good!”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, that gathering of planets in Pisces has either inspired you, overwhelmed you, or sent you to the rescue of one in need. You may have experienced both a sweetness and perhaps a lack of clarity. But that is soon to change as Jupiter and Venus enter Aries.Your direction now seems clear and straight ahead. The Solar Eclipse highlights your relation to your sibling and suddenly things have changed and rearranged so that your relationship may be highlighted.  You may find yourself relating to the world around you in new ways, as your perspective has changed. Mercury retrograde has you reflecting deeply on where you have been and now integrating the past experience. The Lunar Eclipse on the 15th may have you in a philosophical mood, ready to let go of certain beliefs and ways of thinking that no longer resonate with you. Keywords  for May, “New beginnings are before me.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 40 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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