October 27, 2021

Astrology for November

painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

Watch brilliant Venus in the west become brighter as it comes closest to the Earth through November and the first part of December. Jupiter and Saturn arch toward bright Venus in the southern skies after sunset. Now we can view clearly the path of the ecliptic, the zodiac belt.

In the Scorpio time of year  we pull in, clear, let go. We investigate, deepen, and gather, as the dark descends, for more intimate encounters. The New Moon on November 4th opposes Uranus, and activates the Taurus/Scorpio axis. With Uranus in Taurus, our ground of being is rattled and in flux. The question to ask ourselves is, “What is the best way for us to lean into these times and grab hold of the possibilities for breakthrough?” The visionary, the innovator, and those who activate change are called forth to participate and contribute. With Uranus in Taurus, change must come in our relation to the Earth and practical matters.

Main features for the month of November

Mars entered Scorpio on October 30th. Mars’ powers are strengthened in its own sign Scorpio. Mars wants to clarify, separate out, compete, assert, and get to the point. Its momentum is to cut through and pierce to the core. In Scorpio, Mars pursues the truth through layers, dives deeper, and seeks to breakthrough that which has been hidden. During Mars sojourn in Scorpio, through December 13th, our hackles may be up, alert and sensitive to the undercurrents or things not said. When Mars in Scorpio is triggered its punch can be direct and intense, exposing another’s vulnerabilities. Check what house Mars is transiting in your chart, what is being asked to become clearer, what is being triggered, or what old feelings are surfacing to be seen and transformed. Where do you want to dive in, investigate and deepen?

Venus enters Capricorn (November 5th) for a longer than usual sojourn in this ambitious earthy sign. Venus usually is in one sign for a month, but because Venus will go retrograde on December 19th, at 26 Capricorn, it will stay in the sign until March 5th, delivering us a hearty dose of Capricorn values and review. Venus is the planet that brings us into relationship with all things, people and creatures. It draws out the harmony in places and through events. In Capricorn, we are drawn toward working together toward our goals. What we value is defined through Venus. Now we lean into more long term values and goals, and harmonize with others to plan and implement. Capricorn is both a serious sign, prone to hard work and responsibility, and feisty with an appreciation of humor and playfulness.

With Venus retrograding in Capricorn, we are reviewing what and how we are committed to our goals and to our relationships, and where we can cultivate patience and skillfulness with each other. We examine where are we stiff or rigid, too unwilling to change, this shadow side of Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn triggers the USA Pluto in Capricorn setting off a time when we review our values as a country. We review our monetary policies, and who does or does not feel secure and safe in the USA. The idea of “scapegoat” is highlighted. Check where Venus transits your chart. It asks you to review your goals and values during these times. What is enduring and worth committing to?

Lunar Eclipse on November 19th at 27 Taurus/Scorpio, followed by a Solar Eclipse on December 4th, at 12 Sagittarius . We have entered an eclipse season when a pair of lunations (the full moon and new moon pair) are in potent alignment with the Earth. Eclipses bring about unexpected events that get and call our attention to areas that need change or revealing. Check out where the eclipses fall in your chart. When the eclipse degree is within one or two degrees of a planet in your chart you can expect some kind of change being activated. Solar Eclipses tend to bring new beginnings while lunar eclipses have a more emotional quality and often are related to an ending of a situation. All eclipses intensify the pair of signs they are taking place in. Notice that the Solar eclipse is in Sagittarius, which will be the last eclipse in the Sagittarius pairing until December 2038. Because the eclipses take place near or on the nodes (that is the definition of the nodes, points in space where the eclipses fall) this sign change, means that the nodes are moving back into Taurus and Scorpio bringing a new themes of earthy and practical Taurus to the forefront for our collect growth.

Celestial Events for November 

Nov 4New Moon at 12 degrees Scorpio, opposing Uranus. Change and transformation are the keywords. What area of your life are you prepared to rewrite? How flexible are you? Uranus delivers us opportunities for broadening our engagement with life. May we open ourselves to synchronicities and possible breakthroughs. What new perspectives would you like to implement? Feel into what is trying to birth itself through you, and let it be known. Write it down and set your intention. Saturn mediates this pairing. Make a commitment to anchoring new perspectives.

Affirmation for the Scorpio New Moon 

“May I be attuned to what needs changing in my life. May I be inspired to new perspectives and breakthroughs in my life and within my perceptions “

New Moon over Santa Cruz by Scott Lenhart

Nov 5Venus enters Capricorn,  (see above), Mercury enters Scorpio – aimed toward fettering out secrets and bringing forth hidden knowledge . Watch how this ripples through the collective. Scorpio Mercury deepens our conversations, with more tendency to share intimately.

Nov 10 to Nov 17 – Mercury conjuncts Mars at 7 Scorpiothe pair then activate Saturn squaring Uranus. Both Mercury and Mars stimulate the tense Saturn Uranus square, over these 7 days. The polarity of old versus new, and all polarities in general are intensified during the week. Communications can be sharp, to the point, and inquiries can reveal new aspects that were previously hidden. Debates intensify. Secrets are revealed. 

Nov 19 – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, 27 Taurus, Sun at 27 Scorpio, takes place at 12:58 am PST – Each Taurus full moon seeks to ground, bring appreciation to our bodies, and nature, and stimulate fuller embodiment. Its tendency is to be steady, and reliable, with the appreciation of beauty, and the fullness of nature’s creations. Some describe Taurus as the sign of money and finance, for it is the Venus ruled sign of what we deem valuable. Under this lunar eclipse, as with all eclipses, expect unknown changes and disruption to reveal a deeper call to release, let go, and complete, especially some practical issue or creative project. Be thoughtful of increased emotional sensitivity in relationships and the encounters of the day. 

Affirmation for the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus

“May I be aware of how I limit myself and heal that which darkens my perspectives. May I cultivate hope and action for the renewal of our planet and the hearts of humanity”

photo by Cheryl Ban

Nov 21The Sun enters Sagittarius – We enter the fiery dynamic of Sagittarius. Now used to the shortening of days we rebound with enthusiasm, gathering together to enjoy each others company. The traits of Sagittarius are more easily accessed, so step into broadening our perspectives with study and philosophy or spirituality. Find ways to stretch and explore, to take a trip and appreciate the new sights. We can now align with Sagittarius hope and optimism and may find a turning of events that support this. 

Nov 24Mercury enters Sagittarius – communications are engaging and philosophical. Teaching and learning are highlighted. When Mercury is in Sagittarius it may be moving so fast it skips the details, so be thoughtful when signing contracts and negotiating agreements.

Nov 28 – Sun conjuncts Mercury at 7 Sagittarius 

Dec 3 – Solar Eclipse New Moon at 12 Sagittarius, 11:43 pm PST – check to see if this Solar Eclipse falls on one of your planets, as something unexpected and new may appear and lead you on a new path. (Look for next month’s newsletter).

The Twelve signs for November: Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, this month highlights feeling into what is transforming in your life and relationships. Being an Aries, you are busy. You move from one thing to another as you accomplish the tasks before you. Now you are called to be present in a deeper way, engaging with others and your own creative processes in a more intimate way. What changes might that bring to your life? Begin the month more slowly to regain your momentum, through the 12th, as Mars squares Saturn, otherwise the universe will slow you down. With Venus in Capricorn, review your goals. How do you now want to participate and contribute to your community? Are your goals matching your deepest values? Under the lunar eclipse full moon check in with yourself. What has been revealed or completed that allows you now to move forward and feel more secure? Perhaps you are valuing yourself and your relations in a new way, with greater appreciation. Under this Eclipse on the 19th, it is a good time for you to look over your finances and balance your bank account. Keyword for November, “Rebirth”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, I know change is not your favorite thing, but look how much you have changed in the last couple of years! Now once again with this New Moon, opposite Uranus on the 4th, you can really embrace the changes you want to see take place in your life. Stretch yourself into the possibilities you have been dreaming of. Take the action that brings about transformation. Relationships are highlighted with Mars and the New Moon in Scorpio. So be thoughtful in your responses. Situations that you have set aside in your relationship may now come to the surface and need your attention. With Mars in Scorpio you may feel at edge easily triggered. yet the time is ripe for uncovering deeper layers of insights. Venus in Capricorn traverses your house of higher learning, philosophy, and broadening of consciousness. What a great period to learn and grow, to engage in teaching, studying, and learning. Under this Eclipse on the 19th, you  become aware of how to move forward in your work in ways that are much more enjoyable.   Keywords for November, “Broadening my consciousness and bringing in ease”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, perhaps October was like a whirlwind, full of activity, sharing, and new inspirations. During November, you now slow and deepen, putting things in place. Time to organize, purge, and realign, time to put your physical space in order. With the gathering of heavenly bodies in your house of work and health, you want to check in with yourself, take up yoga, or a new exercise plan, perhaps refine your diet. You are offered the opportunity to activate new levels of integration in your daily life and transform your habits. With Venus in Capricorn moving through your house of intimacy, what a great time to review the quality of your relationships. Under this Eclipse on the 19th, you find a need to retreat and tune in, listen to your dreams, and spend some time alone. Something from the past is ready to be released and completed. Keywords for November, “Slowing and aligning”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, you have a propensity to be there for others. Your natural way of being, when you are clear and settled with yourself, is to be highly perceptive and sensitive to the undercurrents. During November these qualities are heightened. You can focus them on others as well as channel your depth into your own creativity. In fact, by doing so, you find that you create breakthroughs to new levels of engagement.  Venus travels through your house of relationship and brings a sweetness into your partnerships, an excellent time for collaboration, especially on long term projects. Watch that feisty Mars who likes to stir emotions up, while Venus wants to harmonize now and create longer term plans. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, when you are working with, or sharing with others, be alert to something being revealed. This may support a new creative direction or clear up something that needed to be resolved. Keywords for November, “Embrace your creative voice”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, you may find yourself being stirred and moved by family. It’s a good time to rearrange things and change patterns around the home. With these planets in Scorpio moving through the area of your home, family, and inner self, take time to reflect on what is important to you, anchoring in that deepest inner voice that speaks softly to you. This is your foundation and with Uranus opposite the new moon, this foundation becomes the roots feeding how you show up in the world, and that is finding new expressions! Venus in Capricorn traverses your house of health, healing, work, and refinements. An excellent time to settle into planning for the year ahead, for collaborating with a partner or coworker to organize a project. It may be a time for you to reevaluate your daily routines and fine-tune your relationship with your body. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, you balance between inner and outer self. Find some time to retreat and rejuvenate as your career demands your fullest presence. Keywords for November, “Inner listening is my anchor”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, you are constantly alert, tuned in, and figuring things out, taking notes, investigating, and busy with learning, writing, studying. Now as Mars and the new Moon enter the area of your chart that represents your mind the energy is intensified. Gather yourself, and set an intention as Uranus is stirring up your belief systems, shaking out gems and releasing your grip on anything that is held too tightly, setting you up for breakthroughs and new perspectives. With Mars there, you can clearly deliver your point, while your investigations and writings take on sharper clarity. Venus now moves through your house of creative expression and nudges your creative output, helping you to focus on that project you have wanted to complete. Under the Eclipse on the 19th,  the philosopher and poet within you is prominent. If you take the time something is revealed that allows you to put all the pieces together. Grab your pen! Keyword for November, “Breakthrough”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the Scorpio new Moon brings attention to the area of your chart representing your talents and self reliance, and your relationship with your finances. Now’s a good time to honor the depth for which you are capable, and how you have the ability to support powerful change and insight in others. With Mars in Scorpio encouraging action and clarity, and drawing on your sensitivity, you might break-though whatever has felt like resistance or doubt before. It’s a very good time to put your finances in order and make any needed changes. Uranus opposite the New Moon shifts your perspective and allows you to perceive new possibilities.  Venus in Capricorn lights up your home and family, bringing harmony and the possibility for long range planning. It also encourages you to attune to what you deeply value now and include it in your plans. Under the Eclipse on the 19th,  something is revealed that you could not know in the past. A new piece falls into place that can bring transformation to a loved one. Keyword for November, “Clarifying”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, with Mars now in Scorpio and the new Moon in Scorpio you are lit up! What is it that you would like to do? What are you needing for your own self care and nourishment? Now is a good time to ask for it. Mars in your sign gives you the energy to take the actions needed. And if you need a dose of courage to move you forward now is the time. Know that your deep and sensitive self is being stirred, so take your time, find your center, and ground before dashing out to the next thing. Being a Mars sign, patience is a quality to be cultivated, and now you may have less of it than normal, so know when to step out of the room and give yourself space. Venus in Capricorn moves through your house of communication, mellowing the intensity of that quick Mars. You may have a sweet interaction with your sibling and you can feel the strong enduring connection. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, be light on your feet as the eclipse highlights your relationship with others perhaps revealing what is out of balance and giving you insights about a better balance between yourself an others. Keywords for November, “Thoughtful actions”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, November calls you back into your self. Whatever you have been focusing on, or busy working on, now the universe calls you into retreat where you can hear a deeper aspect of yourself.  This is the month for a silent retreat or a writing retreat where you harness your bright and energetic Sagittarius energy into deeper contemplations. Venus in Capricorn moves through your house of finances making it a good time to feel into some long term plans. With Venus in your 2nd house for 5 months it highlights your talents and earning powers. Under the Eclipse on the 19th,  your contemplations during the month gives you insights about your work and how to best let go of the unnecessary stress of added work. Giving yourself time to nurture your whole self is important now, body, soul and mind. Keyword for November, “Contemplative”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, as the days shorten, suddenly you are busy with many connections and activity with others. Mars in Scorpio stimulates your relationships with others, sharing your insights, and possibly encouraging and supporting others to transform.  Be open to sudden new connections or leads that open doors for you and broaden your networks. Be gentle with a friend who may be having challenges. Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th and stays in your sign until March 5th! This is a time when others find you attractive. You can, as well, attract in others especially as you are aligned with what you deeply value. New partnerships, relationships and and creative expression grow over the next several months. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, your creativity is enhanced and any blocks to it are revealed and released. Keywords for November, “Honoring your unique self”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, with Mars in Scorpio in your house of engaging in goals, career, and the public you may find yourself planning, strategizing, and  taking action toward a meaningful project. Be flexible as Uranus is in the mix at this New Moon, bringing in the unexpected or setting you up to pay attention to the synchronicities. In that way you can catch the opportunities that you might pass on by. With Scorpio squaring your Aquarian energy, something, or someone may slow you down, as your mind is quick and agile, often moving ahead of others. With Saturn now in Aquarius, you know how to be patient. Venus in Capricorn calls you back into quiet time so you find yourself balancing between activity and stillness. Active imagination brings greater creativity. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, cuddle up at home and with your loved one(s). Here you tap into gratitude and emotional connections that lay the groundwork for the winter months ahead. Pay attention to your dreams as an important insight comes your way. Keywords for November, “Clarity in action”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, of your many gifts, your imagination is truly a great one, and how you apply it to your creativity and philosophic contemplations. This month the philosopher in you is activated, so reading, learning, and particularly teaching are stimulated. It is also worthwhile, with Mars in Scorpio to investigate your belief systems, bringing your attention to the beliefs that shape your life. Mars brings clarity and separates out what no longer is supportive to shaping your outlooks. With Venus in Capricorn traveling through your house of friendship you review your friendships, valuing and supporting those you love, and becoming clear on any relations that aren’t in alignment with your values at this time. Under the Eclipse on the 19th, writing and all forms of communication are highlighted, bringing a thoughtfulness to how you want to communicate your creativity, as well as communicating to someone something that now seems clear. Keyword for November, “Deepening contemplations”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 39 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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