October 7, 2018

Astrology for October

October Celestial Events: A new planet discovered, “Goblin” (see below)

  1. October 5th – Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio (see below)
  2. Oct 8 – New Moon in Libra – themes of relatedness, balance, breath, and poise through our daily life, finding value moment by moment
  3. Oct 9 – Mercury enters Scorpio – all communication deepens, vulnerability and truth, transformation
  4. Oct 23 – The Sun enters Scorpio
  5. Oct 24 – The Full Moon in Taurus, Sun in Scorpio aligning with Uranus. Deep transformations and awakenings. Stay present. Honor change and renewal. Honor the deep self. Radical new beginnings change the status quo of our lives. Visualize your breakthroughs. Imagine your fuller life. Initiations abound, often disguised. We are breaking through the old conditioning paradigms.

 Thoughts and Contemplations for You on the Newly Discovered Planet

On October 2nd, a newly discovered planet was announced, far beyond Pluto’s orbit. The name given to this new planet is “Goblin”. Astrologers pay attention to this timing and the synchronicities of name, to events taking place in current affairs. It is believed that when a new planet is discovered, and certainly when it announced and given a name, this particular archetype is arising to collective consciousness. Though discovered in October of 2015, it is extremely interesting that the announcement has hit the major newspapers October 2nd.

What is a Goblin?

The definition of a Goblin: a mischievous, ugly, dwarflike creature. The Urbane Dictionary defines Goblin as such, “Goblins were once white knights online that were corrupted by dark forces.” defines Goblins as, “Goblins refer to supernatural beings thought to be malevolent to people. Goblins are demons of any size, usually in human or animal form, that are supposed to assail, afflict, and even torture human beings.”

Webster says, “an ugly or grotesque sprite that is usually mischievous and sometimes evil and malicious.”

What significance might it hold for us?

We are now in the times in which the archetype of the Goblin is showing itself. Or more precisely, the collective awareness of this mischievous, malevolent archetype’s influence is coming to the surface and being exposed. As the patriarchal paradigm begins to transform and dismember, the ‘Goblin’ archetype is exposed in many of our systems; in our culture, government, the male female dynamics, and importantly, even embedded in our own psychic structures. In politics, the malicious malevolence of a corrupted force has shown its face. We see it through the Supreme Court hearings. It’s not locked into one definition, one person or one party. Its roots are in the culture. It is a human trait developed over time and now like a cancer has grown out of proportion, afflicting, dominating, invading, tormenting, stealing away the greater imagination and dimensions of richness, the very human dignity that is innate in all human life and culture.

The discovery of this planet and its naming brings out into the open and to our awareness the ancient archetype of the Goblin. It is an archetype that tests us, that can become devilish, manipulative, w/ desires for power and domination. It exists in the earthy underground of the collective unconscious. Its trickster nature seeks to steal us away from our selves, to claim our light for its own, and keep us entrapped in a compromised self. We must meet its test, and descend into the dark underground, see it, and expose its distortion and corruption, its malicious intent. It feeds itself in the culture or the human psyche by cutting us off from our deeper knowing and truth. It has mutated into a form that takes advantage, manipulates, uses for its benefit.

In this present time we are at the edge of a battle between the old dominating powers, with their lack of imagination and subtleties, aggressively asserting its privilege versus the arising of a feminine consciousness, the Return of the Feminine. We hear the feminine resisting and saying “No more!” The trembling voice of Christine Blasey Ford, speaking from her memory, (installed in many of our memories) of being invaded, violated, and dismissed as nothing. The “Goblin” has seeded the culture with the rights and privileges of men and boys at the expense of women, at the expense of all those who are used, repressed, and dismissed. It is in the very cells of our bodies, this conditioning of the dominating patriarchal consciousness, with its lack of access to more dimensional ways of being and relating. It is in our shame, and is present when we attack ourselves and dismiss our worth. Now we faced with bringing this archetype to light in the many aspects of life and relatedness.

The beauty of the discovery of “Goblin” from this archetypal mythological view is that it lifts it from the shadows. We are shown a larger view of ourselves and the culture through our encounter with it. It calls for a rebalancing of psyche, culture, and all systems that govern, bringing light to that which has grown and intertwined itself into the collective within the dark. It exposes the Goblin acts of undermining our inner light and intrinsic commonality. Its discovery allows us to witness the work of the archetype and to restore it to its purer form. This earthy trickster leads us into trouble! The trouble ultimately can bring about a strengthening and deepening, a maturing into the underground to connect with our unique soul and inner navigator. Through the dark it gives us the opportunity to find and follow our golden thread to renewed wholeness.

The synchronicity of Venus retrograde in Scorpio at this time!

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

On Friday October 5th, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, retrograding back to 25 Libra. Every 18 months Venus will retrograde, with a pattern through the signs. Isn’t it interesting that the meaning of Venus retrograde is a review of the Venusian qualities of relatedness, of men to women, of lovers to each other, in fact, all relationships in general. Any time we are relating we are in Venus territory and archetype. Now it retrogrades in the most intense and sensitive of the feeling signs, Scorpio, the sign of intimacy, of sex and death, of power and powerlessness. It provokes our unconscious with the potential of release and renewal.

Venus retrograde asks us to slow down and be attentive to each other, compassionate to the challenges of being human. Venus retrograde wants us to become aware of our connection, our similarities, our vulnerabilities and fragility, the power of our endurance and strength to attune to that which leads us into rebirth.

We are best served during this review time to develop the deeper open heart. Be thoughtful in all relations for underlying patterns with be exposed. We will meet the “Goblin”. It is time for patience, humility, and the valuing of self, each other, and all our relations; the wild Earth, its creatures and plants. And mostly to the awesome layered, intelligent living mystery that carries each of us through our life journey and in this starry cosmic journey around the Sun.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 35 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to



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