September 20, 2022

Astrology for Oct/New Moon Sept 25

The New Moon in Libra

With the new Moon in Libra following the Autumn Equinox, we gather our energies to pause and reflect. The Equinox is the time when the daylight equals the dark of night. We find our balance now between self and other, between inner and outer, between being receptive and taking action. This cardinal sign of the scales initiates a momentary pause in the wheel of the year to regroup before the darkness descends into winter, and our worlds become more centered around home, family, and gathering with friends and those we love.

This Venus ruled sign is relational, seeking harmony and resonance with another. And yet this new Moon takes place opposite Jupiter in Aries, a sign oriented to the individual, encouraging action according to our desires, needs, and intentions. It encourages us to be courageous in expanding into new territory. We highlight the Aries – Libra pair as: assertion versus collaboration and diplomacy, war versus peace, action versus deeper reflection. The new Moon calls for a balance between these polarities. We feel this within ourselves and we are alert for how it shows up in relationship and in the world.

The new Moon forms a “Thors Hammer” formation with the now exact Saturn Uranus square, encouraging us to find our equanimity and equilibrium within uncertainty and unexpected changes, between the old and the new, between the status quo and innovative, visionary possibilities, between efforts at stability within sudden unexpected crisis. A time where change and breakthrough challenges what has been steady and solid in the past, and to find that equilibrium as we feel rattled by the challenges in the country and world, a time of polarized sides, a pull to the past and control versus future orientation and vision.

Sept 25 – New Moon at 2 Libra, opposing Jupiter

Affirmation for the New Moon in Libra

“May I be mindful in my actions.”

“May my collaborations with others be filled with harmony and creative possibilities.”

“May I attune to my inner desires and intention, be bold in taking action, and mindful in relationship.”

Mercury goes direct October 2nd

At the end of September, Mercury goes direct, opposing Neptune and squaring Mars. As we feel the forward movement of events and schedules, we can be aware that with Neptune, we may not see clearly. Best to make bigger decisions after Mercury enters Libra on October 10th. Neptune’s influence ranges from spiritual attunement, imaginative creativity, and entering altered states that enlarge our perception of reality, to illusion, disappointment, feeling lost, and overwhelmed. If we are making decisions during this time, be thoughtful to carefully look over the details for our decisions or contracts.

As Mercury squares Mars in Gemini, heating up communicative Gemini, we can be aware of frustration or irritability and the need to find that calm center. Positively, Mars is the warrior, as sharp as a sword in its power to take a stand and be crystal clear and direct. (Mars cuts away the unnecessary). We might use this time as an opportunity for the skillful and precise use of words and making clear decisions while being thoughtful of Neptune’s influence, looking carefully at the details. (Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius supports this in us).

Interestingly, the USA will be having a Mars return during this time, amplifying an assertive and aggressive energy. The lead up to the primaries will be very intense! Find your center and your ground. Capture your mindfulness state and know we are in an extremely powerful transformative time!

Mercury is exalted in Virgo

Mercury is “exalted” in its own sign Virgo, so its practical analytical abilities are fine tuned and precise, making it a great time to edit, fine tune projects, contemplate with thoughtful reflections how we might bring about improvement, usually great for figuring things out, problem solving and planning, but with the influence of Neptune, we might take time to carefully reconsider the details.

The USA Chart with Mars return squaring Mercury

Saturn and Uranus in a waning square aspect

Saturn and Uranus are now approaching the last square aspect of their two year tensional relationship. We as a people are walking through this time of breaking apart what has been, to activate new solutions and vision. This terrain also is experienced as a battle ground between polarized views of ideology.  Collectively, one way we experience the contractive and controlling aspects of Saturn is seen in the federal reserve tightening the ability to borrow money and the influence of Uranus as the quickening change into higher prices that seem beyond control, being thrown into a period of crisis.

Saturn wants to establish predictability and an enduring sense – while Uranus, shakes us up, creates uncertainty, and seeks to break out of limiting protocol, or conditioning. Uranus seeks freedom, creative possibilities, and radical revisioning. Saturn is authority and Uranus is rebellion. Saturn is slow and steady mastership, and Uranus is wildly creative and inspired.

This is the last square of this disruptive pairing, which began in January 2021, following the Saturn Pluto conjunction, (in January -March 2020) which radically erupted and transformed our sense of safety, stability, and what we were accustomed to, tumbling structures that had prevailed with drastic means, setting the stage over the next period of time for profound changes in our world. As Saturn and Uranus finishes this squaring, it will diminish slowly through the next several months, extending its influence into 2023.

If we look at the planetary forces as instructional, this is the time to embrace new ways of seeing ourselves, so that Saturn in Aquarius can build new structures within ourselves and in the society to live by. We are in the thick of this process.

We might ask ourselves, “Where is there sudden change, and how might I liberate myself from old programming that is no longer sustainable? Where are the chains ready to be thrown off? How can I be flexible with new possibilities even though I don’t know the outcomes? Where is activism calling me and how can I be masterful in my sharing of vision?”

Mars in the pre-shadow phase of it’s retrograde cycle

Mars goes retrograde October 30th

With Mars now in Gemini until March 25, (a very long stay for Mars in one sign due to it’s once in 2 year retrograde), we are given the opportunity to focus our intention with clarity in a sign that prefers to spread itself through many interests and projects. (This requires some discipline). So we harness the activity of thoughts and interactions into a point of clear intention through the month. The trine to Saturn is helpful for our focus, while the square to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces has us wanting to move in imaginative and unfocused ways, preferring not to be pinned down. To work successfully with these influences is to balance focus with imaginative creative revery.

The pre-shadow phase of the retrograde cycle defines the degrees of Gemini that Mars will on October 30, retrograde back over, through January 12. So during October as we set intentions and take actions on those intentions, accomplishing tasks, and working on projects. We are mindful that on the 30th, action slows. We are then in a review process of what we have put in place. It is not a good time to push hard to move things forward, rather better to refine, edit, review what has been put in place, until direct on January 12th. With Mars retrograde we may pull our energies back in and deepen our insight to what we really want to create and manifest as well.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 25th

With the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio our sensitivities are increased, something hidden is exposed, and unresolved issues can surface. With the eclipse in Scorpio situations intensify, and we are encouraged to let go, and allow change. The eclipse is conjunct Venus in Scorpio, so we seek to harmonize through emotional and passionate connections (a contradiction in itself). Scorpio’s penetrating awareness and depth can lead to new insights in relationship. As this eclipse takes place during Mars turning retrograde, our desire to harmonize is challenged by the need to assert our desires and needs.

We can imagine eclipses as dramatic tools of this solar system to surprise us, reorient us, to awakened us, in order to initiate change and get us moving. They call our attention to specific areas of our life that are ready to be revealed and transformed, and especially in the sign of transformation, Scorpio. Where does Scorpio fall in your chart? Do you have any planets from 1-3 Scorpio? Watch for unexpected changes, news coming out of the blue, and generally a deeper attunement to that planetary archetype.

Affirmation for the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 

“May I be attuned to my deepest needs and feelings, in order to release any obstructions to finding equanimity and inner transformation”.

Celestial Events for October

Oct 2 – Mercury goes direct at 24 Virgo – forward movement, good timing for analysis and review of practical matters.

Oct 8 – Pluto goes direct – experiences are intensified with the planet of the underworld at its station. What is calling to be released and transformed?

Oct 9 – Full Moon at 16 Aries – highlights our passion, initiative, and courage in taking action and stretching beyond our comfort zones into new territory. This Libra/Aries pairing brings us home to the fundamental truth of being human, we are creative individuals and also a species of relatedness, in a world of relationship.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Aries

“May I have courage and boldness to take on the challenges before me”

“May I grow in consciousness through the risks I take and the new changes I initiate”


Oct 10 – Mercury re-enters Libra – we thoughtfully consider our options and make decisions from a calm and centered position

Oct 11 – The Sun at 18 Libra harmoniously trines with Saturn in Aquarius, while Mars at 23 Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces – We balance our ability to focus and concentrate with imaginative revery. We slow our actions to focus on the priorities we have set for ourselves.

Oct 13 – Venus at 18 Libra trines Saturn – commitments in relationships are supported

Oct 17 – The Sun and Venus at 24 Libra trines Mars in Gemini – We tune into what and who we love and we act upon that with enjoyment.

Oct 19 – Sun and Venus at 26 Libra square Pluto in Capricorn – We are ready to release the old and contemplate what we value most deeply in order to initiate a new cycle

Oct 22 – The Sun and Venus conjunct at 29 Libra – a day to enjoy each other, to make art and create beauty.

Oct 22 – Saturn goes direct at 18 Aquarius – A Saturnian influence is strong. It can be stabilizing, steadying, and a good time for focusing.

Oct 23 – The Sun and Venus enter Scorpio – Relationships deepen, sensitivity grows, a time to thoughtfully navigate deeper life and relationship issues.

Oct 25 – Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Scorpio, 2 degrees (4 am PDT) – (see above)

Oct 27 – Jupiter re-enters Pisces – time to retreat from Aries action to contemplate and connect with the imaginative, and spiritual realms, to grow our empathy.

Oct 29 – Mercury enters Scorpio – excellent time to investigate, do research, and study our inner psychologies.

Oct 30 – Mars goes retrograde at 25 Gemini, retrograding back to 8 Gemini – (see above)

The Twelve signs for October: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, the first half of October highlights the polarity between your needs and desires, and a focus on others. With Jupiter in Aries (once every 12 years) you are in supported position to take action for yourself in new areas, to grow yourself, all the while the Sun and Venus (and soon Mercury) travel through your house of relationship. There is a pull to focus on others. So in October, especially during the full Moon in Aries on the 9th, you take the time to find that balance in your life, to have good boundaries while be thoughtful toward others and their needs. With Mars in Gemini, you may be tempted to hasty communication, but now the time is asking for skillful and thoughtful communications, as misunderstanding or sudden reversals of plans can take place in early October. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio bringing in a more sensitive time for attunement to others. Issues may deepen, especially at the Scorpio eclipse on the 25th. Affirm to yourself that the power of letting go of your agenda is the key to well being for all. Keyword for October, “Balance.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, with the Sun and Venus traveling through your house of work, health, and daily habits until the 23rd, you are encouraged to fine tune schedules and topics in your work and health life. This is in opposition to Jupiter in Aries in the house of retreat, contemplation, and tuning into the larger energetic world in which we live. This is also the house of imagination and finding the solitude of the artist or mystic to download creativity and insights.  The question for October is how do you balance the practical with the need to be inspired through opening to the creative muse and hearing the deeper higher levels of your psyche? To find that balance between these needs is the highlight for October. With Mars activating your house of inner resources you give careful consideration to how you use your time and money. The full Moon on the 9th calls for creating sacred retreat and ritual for receiving insight (that Aries download) that will fuel your creativity and healing.  The Solar eclipse on the 25th can reveal a message that benefits the transformations of another. Keywords for October, “Integrating the practical and the imaginative is the dance I cultivate.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this passage of the Sun and Venus in Libra supports your creative expression, encourages a sense of playfulness, and your ability to shine as the creative individual you are. Jupiter in Aries now opposes this tendency to express your specialness, instead providing rewards and encouragement to be part of something larger than your individual self. You might ask yourself, how the groups you are involved with, or the friends you share yourself with, enrich meaning in your life? Jupiter is encouraging growth through participating with others, allowing yourself to risk and try new possibilities. It’s like bringing the very best of you into the participation with others. Mars, now in Gemini, wants to focus you into clear intentions in order to take action. You can accomplish quite a bit, for you now have the energy to complete those tasks and projects. Careful planning and scheduling is called for so you don’t over commit yourself. This is especially so at the full Moon in Aries, which feels it’s capable of accomplishing everything. As you use the strategies that Libra is so well known for, you honor yourself at this full Moon by taking time to map out your activities. On October 25th, the intensity of the Scorpio eclipse is felt, so take a deep breath, and tune into your center for practical grounding and alignment. Keywords for October, “Harnessing my energy into clear direction.” 

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, during this Libra time you are called to go inward, and attend to yourself, hearing your inner needs or issues, and you are, as well, with Jupiter in the opposite sign of Aries, encouraged to be engaged out in the world in new ways. With your Cancer sensitivity, this may at times seem overwhelming. Under the Aries full Moon, you can affirm that you trust in your instincts to guide you with courage and inspiration to embrace what is new. Mars in your house of retreat and spiritual attunement directs you to periodically find the deep inner well of nourishment. The Scorpio eclipse sums up the month for you on the 25th, highlighting your house of creative self expression, aligning with your imaginative and sensitive nature in supporting letting go of any obstructions to your way forward.  Keywords for October, “Balancing inner and outer while I actively engage in new expressions.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, with Jupiter in your house of travel, and expansion of consciousness, you may have already engaged in opening doors for yourself, and having new, even life changing, experiences. Certainly this Jupiter is supporting new understanding and gaining wisdom as you explore new territory. With the Sun and Venus in Libra, now is a time to network, write, and communicate about things you are learning, and in general to gather information that may as well be beneficial to others. Also highlighted is the power of setting intentions for the future with Mars in Gemini moving through the house of future plans and ideals. Under the Aries full Moon on the 9th trust your intuition and follow its promptings to support new endeavors. Let the fire element of spirit bring inspiration under the light of this Moon. When October 25th arrives, hunker into a cozy spot at home and listen to your subconscious and dreams for invitations to transform what is ready to change. Keywords for October, “Opening doors to new experience and integration”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, your analytical and precise mind carries a grace of poetic reverie. With the Sun and Venus now in Libra, what a great time to settle into the lyric communication of your creativity.  At the same time, Jupiter in Aries is encouraging you to attend to the deeper layers of shared intimacy with another. In the house of transformation and collaboration you are invited to grow through letting go, and being renewed through in-depth relating with another. It is a good time to review your financial situation, creating a strategy for the year ahead. Under the Aries full Moon you may affirm that letting go, change, and transformation, will expand your consciousness and bring rewards. Mars is now in a strong position to name your goals and accomplish them. Under the Scorpio eclipse of the 25th, some new insight or revelation may inspire you into more clarity and confidence. Keywords for October, “Realigning with what is most valuable in life.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, with Venus and the Sun gracing your sign, people see you as a lovely and enjoyable person to be around. With this combination you attune to what is most valuable to you and let that be your daily navigating star. Jupiter in Aries positions itself in your house of relationship, opening doors to new experiences and new relationships. These new relationships, or new kind of collaborations/engagement with others, bring inspiration and energy. With the Aries planet, Mars, in your house of wisdom, expansion of consciousness, and travel, relationships bring thoughtful conversation and generate new possibilities. Under the Aries full Moon you can be bold and trust your intuition as you move into new territory. Aries always pushes us to an edge as you may walk through a change of plans, that disappoint, but a more successful long term situation is highlighted. Under the Scorpio eclipse you become aware of talents and abilities you weren’t sure you possessed that now make themselves obvious. Keywords for October, “Having confidence and trust in my capabilities.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, with the Sun and Venus in Libra you are asked to step back, and create some time and space for yourself. It is a good time to gather yourself and contemplate what’s next for you. With Jupiter and Chiron in your house of healing you are best guided by your intuition and encouraged to reflect on what adjustments are necessary for healing and well-being to take place. With Mars in Gemini for an extended period your target is for letting go and transformation. Under the Aries full Moon of the 9th it is beneficial to reorganize your schedule and intentions for work and for taking good care of yourself. Once a year at this time the new moon takes place in Scorpio. This time, the Sun is eclipsed by the orb of the Moon. Feelings may come to the surface, but new situations arrive that open new possibilities. Attune to your resilient and perceptive self to guide you. Keywords for October, “Attunement, refinement, and transformation”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, with the Sun and Venus in Libra you find enjoyment and pleasure with the ones you love. Whatever situation you are in, this is a time to slow down and appreciate all the beauty and good friends that surround you. You are tuned into being part of something larger than just your busy schedule. With your planet Jupiter in Aries, you have been tackling many challenges and accomplishing a lot. Right now your inspiration and self expression is enhanced. This Aries full Moon of the 9th can tune you into that which really inspires you, for your talents and generosity are contributions that serve those around you. Under the Scorpio Solar eclipse find a quiet place to meditate and reflect. This strong eclipse energy can open your mind to receive downloads from the universe, because of its activation in your house of the transpersonal. Set your intentions for receiving.  Keywords for October, “Enjoyment, inspiration and receiving”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, do you feel stretched between work and home, between outer and inner? Venus and the Sun in Libra in your house of career means others fine you attractive, may want your services, and yet Jupiter in Aries says something at the very core of you, your inner private self, is growing and changing. Your home may be a place of activity, change, and initiating new projects. Jupiter, here, will increase your confidence and sense of inner security as you belief in its powers of success, fulfillment, and abundance, such a good lesson for hard working Capricorn.  Under the Aries full Moon on the 9th, trust your intuition and let it guide your actions as you stretch into new situations, having new insights, and trusting the changes in your home life. The Scorpio Solar eclipse of the 25th, creates in all of us more sensitivity, heightens our perceptive abilities if we allow it. The eclipse activates your house of groups and friends, bringing surprises that can dynamically transform situations and begin new cycles.  Keywords for October, “Confidence within brings positive outcomes.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, what are you studying, learning, teaching? As the Sun and Venus pass through your house of expansion of consciousness and travel, how nice to take the time to write and read and share the knowledge and experience you have gained. You find an appreciative audience. Especially with Jupiter in Aries bringing passion and eagerness to the area of your chart representing communication, networking, and generally, sharing information. Under the Aries full Moon of the 9th, all this is emphasized, so why not invite friends over to enjoy your stories and photographs? Mars, now in Gemini, brings enthusiasm to your expressions, and creates an enjoyable experience for all. The Solar eclipse in Scorpio initiates a new phase for you. Scorpio is deep, intense, and emotionally perceptive, falling in your house of career. Under the eclipse, pause from your usual routine or work, and go into nature to activate your deep perceptual self. You will receive inspiration to guide you. Keywords for October, “Enjoyment of sharing”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, during October, with the Sun and Venus in Libra, you may be especially attuned to the your need for change, transformation, and healing, and also the need of others for your assistance. Whether focused on yourself or others, your acute awareness is tuned in. On the other side of your chart, Jupiter in Aries encourages you to be bold and step into new experiences for your own growth, to honor your own values, and take action in accordance with those values. The Aries full Moon illuminates your worth and uniqueness, encouraging you to engage with your talents and gifts as a way to fully acknowledge yourself, even while you relate with others. So often being the humble giver, the astrology supports your confidence to experience your own special gifts and beauty. The Scorpio Solar eclipse on the 25th, increases your sensitive attunement. It highlights your house of wisdom, and expansion of consciousness, teaching and learning. Something new may suddenly inspire you and open a new interest or passion. Keywords  for October, “Enjoyment and confidence from honoring myself.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 40 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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