September 26, 2023

Astrology for October

Full Super Harvest Moon in Aries

Sept (28-)29th 2:58 am PDT


As this dynamic full Moon follows closely to the Autumn Equinox, the theme of movement and change is especially highlighted. Solstices mark pauses in the life cycle, times of potential, taking stock, completion and fulfillment. Equinoxes mark the midpoint in the action between Solstices, marking times of transition. They are in the movement to become something else. The Equinoxes are high points in the tides of change, moving from past to the unfolding future, releasing the old to make room for the new to come. With Astrology we attune ourselves to the natural cosmic rhythms as our organizing principal. We allow our psyches to breathe with the Cosmos.

The Harvest Moon is the full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, September 23. This Moon has a special characteristic related to the time of moon rise. The full Moon always rises around sunset, then typically the Moon rises 50 minutes later each night. But due to the angle of the Earth to Sun at this time, the Harvest Moon will rise only 20 – 25 minutes later each night for several days. (this phenomena happens for several days before and after the full Moon).

Sept 29 – Super Full Moon at 6 Aries, 2:58 am PDT (last Super Moon of 2023) – the dynamic Aries Moon, of action, independence, and pioneering new beginnings reflects the Sun’s light in social Libra. Here we balance independence and relationship, action and presence . Do you feel motivated, or have the urge to take a bold step, to initiate something new? The energy of this passionate fiery Moon can support your movement!

This passionate fire sign encourages new beginnings, boldness and swiftness, encourages us to be decisive and take action on our deep desires. Its fire qualities promote the intuition and our connectedness with deeper and higher dimensions of being. It can alert us to pay attention to synchronicities that become portals we walk through, activating change and risk-taking in order to grow. We can embrace our warrior spirit, our individuality, to become what our soul most deeply desires.

During the time of the full Moon, the night becomes more alive with light. The Moon represents our individual unconscious, also known as the Mother, the Guardian of the deep, of potential, of what is hidden from view, while the whole of the Night Sky, upon which the Moon sails, is the collective unconscious. Under the full Moon, and especially the Harvest full Moon which lights up the night from dusk to dawn for several days, we can bring awareness to old patterns that hang out in the unconscious. Are we ready for change, to shift inner dynamics and move into something new? 

Full Moon in Aries

September 29 – Full Moon, 2:58 am PDT, at 6 Aries 

Affirmation for Full Moon in Aries

“I embrace my need for renewal and take a bold action to initiate new beginnings while staying balanced and mindful.”

Each full Moon time highlights polarity and paradox. The Sun, now in Libra, is balanced through the night by the Moon in the opposite sign, Aries. Here we embrace, the natural human condition, being individuals who are uniquely related to others and the world around us. Here we balance thoughtfulness of others, with our drive to independently act and develop. Here we balance peace and assertion, harmony with passion.

The full Moon of the 28-29th is taking place between Jupiter and Saturn. Another indicator of finding balance. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, the bigger view and calling, with Saturn, the planet of contraction, limits, focus and structure. It’s calling for us to dance with yin and yang, structure and freedom.

Predawn Skies put on a show!

These pre-dawn mornings are so beautiful! Venus is high in the Eastern sky, so bright, heralding the coming day. Not far away visually in the South is sparkling Sirius, the Dog Star, in the Dog constellation at Orions feet. Sirius glitters below Orion’s belt of 3 stars. Above Orion, and faint, like a cloud of light, is the Pleiades.  High in the South West is Jupiter.

Venus as morning star squares Uranus for the 3rd time during the Full Moon

July 2nd, Aug 8th, and Sept 29

We might ask ourselves, “What unexpected changes or disruptions have taken place in my relationship(s) since July? And because of that, what new insights have I had about myself and others? How have I dealt with my needs to be creative, expressive, and recognized (Leo), within changing dynamics (Uranus), while honoring and cultivating healthy relationship (Venus)? How has distance and separation in relationship rearranged my life and offered more awareness?”

(painting by Susan Seddon Boulet)

Celestial Events for October

Sept 29 – Full Moon in Aries, Venus square Uranus – see above

Oct 2-3 – Mercury at 25 Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, trines Pluto in Capricorn – A day when facts & analysis confront or complement what is imaged. A challenging day to get at the truth of things. A better day for creative writing, music and contemplative meditations.

Oct 4 – Mercury enters Libra – Mercury leaves exacting and practical Virgo and heads into diplomatic and lyrical Libra. Thinking about truth and justice, thoughtfulness in communications.

Oct 8 – Mars at 27 Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn – Mars in Libra asserts with diplomacy, the power of its desires checked. When squaring Pluto, the God of the underworld, situations can break out suddenly, simmering explosions of power and expression. The Libra helps in the cooling. This aspect is best aligned with through going to deeper issues, finding underlying motivations, and taking actions to transform structures.

Oct 8 – Venus enters Virgo – Venus seeks harmony in connection. Her thrust is to relate and feel the other. Virgo can add an analytical quality that can obstruct the openness of heart felt connection. Excellent for precise art work, editing, or for working together on a detailed project.

Oct 9 –  Venus at 1 Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces – the practical versus the imaginative, relatedness experiences contraction. Here is the need to slow down to understand the deeper issues at hand.

Oct 10 –  Pluto goes direct at 27 Capricorn – Pluto stationary at 27 Capricorn, mid September through October, heightens the power to destruct, to uncover the deeper hidden aspects of systems that need transforming. If you are in the process of remodeling, of taking apart and going through items to be released and recycled, this is a good use of Pluto’s intensity.

Oct 10 _ The Sun at 17 Libra opposes Chiron in Aries – The Sun shines its light on the wounded healer. What aspects of wounding and healing do we see today? Potential for healing.

Oct 11 – Mars enters Scorpio – Mars leaves compromising Libra, and moves into its own sign Scorpio, bringing intensity around desires, the ability to penetrate to the roots of issues. Great sensitivity to others’ responses. Great courage and perseverance toward getting to the truth of things.

Oct 13 – Mars at 1 Scorpio trines Saturn in Pisces – Harnessing and taking action on a vision, intentions acted upon bring manifestations. Endurance.

Solar Eclipse in Libra

Oct 14 – Solar Eclipse, New Moon at 21 Libra – 9:55 am – Eclipses have a Scorpio like energy as they bring us into the dark and show us the larger world in which we live. They offer us the opportunity to feel the mystery in which we live and hear the deep call of our psyche. They give us the opportunity to realign ourselves. Eclipses often activate unexpected messages, reveal hidden issues that have obstructed or distorted our integrity and forward movement, and create a change that can inspire us on our journey. (For more insight on the power of these eclipses and our personal journey, join Susan on Friday, October 6th, 9:30 am, on zoom. recordings also available with registration. Sign up here

Affirmation for Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra

“I find balance and calm amid the busyness of life. I become aware of any old conditioning that distorts being present to all my relations, whether human, animal, or environmental. I cultivate a state of peace even in my activism.”

Oct 19 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury, 26 Libra – Mercury Cazimi – When Mercury conjuncts the Sun exactly it is called cazimi and indicates a heightening of the planetary qualities. Here is intellectual brilliance, mental clarity, ability to envision, plan and analysis. Communications are direct and clear.

Oct 20 – The Sun and Mercury at 27 Libra square Pluto in Capricorn – the potential for clarity, mental astuteness, and perception are in relation with that which needs transformation, that which has been hidden and has been exposed. Heights and depths are encountered, to be held in a tension of opposites so something new emerges.

Oct 21 – Venus at 12 Virgo trines Jupiter  in Taurus – Venus trine Jupiter brings enjoyment and abundance. A day to linger in nature or to create art and love.

Oct 21 – Mercury enters Scorpio, trines Saturn at 1 Pisces – the potential for deepening perceptions, investigations, and research are all highlighted while Mercury is in Scorpio. Communications may carry layers of psychological complexity. It’s helpful to take time to listen and be thoughtful before responding.

Oct 23 – The Sun enters Scorpio, trines Saturn – As the Sun leaves balanced and poised Libra, the sign of the Equinox, we suddenly experience the descend of darkness and night. We feel ourselves heading toward the shortest day and longest night. Scorpio is a powerful transitional and transformational sign. During the Scorpio season it is helpful to take time for ourselves, to gather our ourselves, to find quiet and to settle, as we may be more sensitive and acutely aware of each others unspoken feelings. It can also be a time of seeing what lies below the surface, getting to the truth, or activating a healing pathway.

Oct 28 – Mars at 11 Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus – Mars in relation to Jupiter enlarges our warrior energy. Do you need to get things accomplished? Or do you need some courage to take a certain action? Jupiter in Taurus may be quietly enjoying itself when intense Mars in Scorpio pokes it, calls it out, and points a finger at it to get it going or to trigger a response.  In general, it can intensify aggressive traits and actions.

Oct 28 – Lunar Eclipse, full Moon – 1:24 pm PDT, at 5 Taurus – The shadow of the Earth falls upon the Moon during the time of the Lunar Eclipse, giving us an opportunity to connect with what is hidden in the psyche that needs to be released. Eclipses are times of intensification of energy, imagine a more powerful full or new Moon. People can often feel tired, so it’s a good time to slow down and honor the mystery in which we live. Eclipses activate times to acknowledge and release issues from the past (lunar Eclipse) or sudden openings that can redirect our future (Solar Eclipse).

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Oct 28 – Mercury at 11 Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus – A day to get to the truth of things. Good for research, investigations and teaching.

Oct 29 – Mercury conjuncts Mars at 11 Scorpio – A day to get directly to the point of the issue. Clarity, sharpness in communicating, or argumentative.

Oct 31 – Samhein, Halloween – Venus at 21 Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus – Dress up! Venus, this day, loves the unusual and the eccentric.

The Twelve signs for October: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, under the Aries full Moon you feel energized, ready for action. The Libra time of year encourages you to pace yourself, for, as you know, Aries is prone to burn out and overdoing. Do enjoy the energy of this Moon! Mars your ruling planet, will soon leave Libra and enter its own sign Scorpio, on the 11th. Mars has been in Libra since Aug 27th, a sign that compromises its ability for following one’s desire, and having the energy and flow you Aries so enjoy. Your ability to move becomes more supported once Mars enters Scorpio. As Scorpio is a yin sign, you can align with that energy to clear, rearrange, go deeper into your reflections and healing. The Solar Eclipse of October 14th falls in your house of relationship. Be alert. The powerful energy of the Eclipse can uncover issues, perhaps unexpected situations, which arise with friends, or a partner, that set the stage for positive change.  Keywords for October, “Keep your balance.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the dynamic Aries full Moon accentuates how productive you can be when you schedule time for retreat from your usual routine. It calls you home to contemplate, what will be your next actions? How can you light a new fire in your life? It wants to start you on a new journey. Venus, your ruling planet has been in Leo since June 5th! What have you learned about yourself, your values, your relations, and what excites you during its sojourn? Venus enters Virgo, another Earth sign, on the 8th. Suddenly you may feel yourself moving forward with plans, taking care of business, and focusing on a creative journey that is enriching. The potent Solar Eclipse falls in your house of work, health, healing and service. You may find yourself embarking on new work, or a new element in your work, or starting a new healing journey. As Venus enters Virgo it opposes Saturn on the 9th, which is a great day for focus, reflection, and creating a structure that supports any decisions you are making.  Keywords for October, “Retreat to contemplate the changes you desire.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, that full Aries Moon will fire you up! Now it falls in your house of friendship and joining with others to share insights, information, and enjoyment. Why not take a spontaneous journey with someone you cherish? The Libra Sun travels through your house of creative expression and just being who you are! It highlights enjoyment with children. Your ruling planet Mercury has been busy analyzing situations, maybe editing, refining, keeping you grounded in the tasks you need to take care of since it entered Virgo on July 28th! On October 4th Mercury enters Libra which may relieve some pressure. It’s moving very fast now, and enters Scorpio on the 21st!!  In Scorpio, your perception is powerful and you can get to the bottom of things. Watch for these shifts in your mental states. The Solar Eclipse highlights your house of creative expression. Have you been feeling stuck in your creative expression? Or maybe you will suddenly become aware of a larger issue guiding you toward your goals. Keyword for October, “Creative Expression”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, being under the guidance of your ruling planet, the Moon, you learn to ride the waves of change. The Aries full Moon ignites your ability to reach what you aspire toward. It brings light to your career goals and your relation to the public. Now the Aries energy activates decisiveness and action, also reaping what you have put in place. If you are feeling restless, take an action and allow a channel for this driving energy. With Mars going into Scorpio on the 11th, you have the perseverance to accomplish what you intend. The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th brings you back to home and family. It centers you in your deep and soulful inner world. Pay attention to dreams, intuition, and inner promptings as the eclipse can bring sudden messages that may change your course and open doors into the future. Keyword for October, “Ignited.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this Aries Harvest Moon graces your house of philosophy and expansion of consciousness. It may light up certain beliefs that have guided you, which are now ready to be seen in a new light. Be open to Aries inspiration in teaching, studying, and meeting people who bring in different points of view. Aries encourages making new beginnings, and you may begin a new course of study or teaching. As the Sun courses through the Libra time of year, you are supported to connect with others and share your thoughts, your creative projects. You are balancing your mental perspectives, and anchoring the details of how you understand things. Under the Solar Eclipse, on the 14th, be open to sudden insights and messages from those close to you. Sudden and unexpected communications may lead you into new places that inspire you on your path. Keywords for October, “New experiences open doors”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear thoughtful and meticulous Virgo, you feel the fiery passion of this Aries Moon to move you into new places, or qualities of being. The Moon lights up your house of transformation, healing, and plunges you deeply into the inner world of the psyche. It ignites movement in the area of relationship, where you bring your perceptive abilities to feel the underlying motivations of behavior. You experience the flux of change, and are aware of endings and new beginnings. Trust your intuition. Your planet, Mercury leaves Virgo on the 4th, and you enter a new stage of action and thought. And, in fact, as Mercury changes signs again on the 21st (into Scorpio), you may find yourself cycling through different perspectives, interests, and varying communications with others quickly. The Solar Eclipse falls in your house of talents, values, self worth, and your relation to your finances. It may shine a light on an issue here that suddenly needs updating, or an event that offers you an opportunity to share your talents in a new way. Keywords for October, “Changing perspectives.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Happy Birthday, dear Libra! This Aries Harvest Moon brings energy and activity to your relationships! Someone may inspire you and bring you new ideas. It supercharges your collaborations with others. Your Libra energy attracts others. This is what you are known for. But your Venus ruled sign also craves peacefulness, and periodic retreats to realign yourself. With the Sun moving through Libra this is certainly a time to take time for yourself. Your ruling planet, Venus will leave social Leo on the 8th, entering Virgo, after being in Leo since June. Now you get down to work and find the practical details of things more easily accomplished. As it enters Virgo on the 8th, it opposes Saturn and is a good time to slow and review. The Solar Eclipse on the 14th brings sensitivity, and also marks powerful new beginnings for you. It is a supportive time for you to focus on yourself and your intentions going forward. Be alert to unexpected encounters and messages that may open doors and change your course. Keyword for October “Renewal.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear powerful Scorpio, you have reserves of strength and perseverance. The fiery Aries Moon lights up your house of daily routines, working environment and healing. It activates the warrior in you to take action. You feel the drive to get things done, change things up, create new beginnings. It is an auspicious time to realign yourself toward physical well being. Your ruling planet, Mars, has been in Libra since August 27th, perhaps slowing you down, or you have been attending to relationship matters that call for compromise. When Mars enters Scorpio on the 11th, you feel a surge of energy to go after what you desire. It gives you boldness to accomplish what you intend. With the trine to Saturn you can be thoughtful, and direct the intensity into fruitful projects. The Solar Eclipse of the 14th highlights your house of values, talents, self worth and relation to finances. Watch for unexpected messages in these areas as an unexpected opportunity may arise. Eclipses have a Scorpio like energy as they bring us into the dark and show us the larger world in which we live. They give us the opportunity to realign ourselves. Keywords for October, “Power of intentions.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, under the Aries Full Moon you are energized. With it highlighting your house of creative expression and individuation it’s a day to celebrate your creations. You may feel renewed and more able to enjoy yourself. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is now in Taurus. Your drive for accomplishment is great, and these months with Jupiter in Taurus gives you stability, perseverance, and the ability to accomplish practical tasks, to finish up work-related tasks. It encourages you to take time and to reconnect and enjoy nature. It supports you to feel into the beauty and appreciation of life, and all those you are connected to. With Jupiter nearing its conjunction with Uranus, you may feel the restless urge for change and new encounters. The Solar Eclipse of the 14th falls in your house of future plans, collaboration with others, enjoyment of friends and innovative contributions. Be alert to sudden unexpected messages that point you in new directions or link you up with new acquaintances. Keywords for October, “Feeling motivated.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, the Aries full Moon spices up your life with its cardinal energy. Action is the key word and now it falls in your chart symbolizing home, family, and diving into your inner subjective and imaginative world. There is activity and passion in the family, so call in the the calming Libra Sun as you move through this time with mindfulness and patience. The Libra time of year highlights what you aspire toward. It highlights your career and your actions out in the world. You may find, under this full moon, that your intuitions and inspiration gathered from quiet time at home, fuel your success and contribution in the community. Now you balance inner and outer involvement. With your ruling planet, Saturn in Pisces, you are learning to skillfully navigate the waters of feeling in which we all swim. The Libra Solar Eclipse brings its light and power to your career and goals. Be alert to sudden shifts that open new possibilities in these areas. Keywords for October, “Finding balance between inner and outer involvements.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, keep your feet on the ground, as this Aries full Moon charges up your house of communication, networking, and writing. It quickens the pace of thoughts moving through your mind as information is absorbed. Aries energy stimulates your mental perceptiveness. With the Sun traveling through a compatible air sign, in the house of philosophy and higher education, you are certainly in your element. October is a great month for conferences, seminars, and all learning experiences. With one of your ruling planets, Uranus coming to conjunct expansive Jupiter, you may feel the urge for new endeavors and big changes. The powerful Solar Eclipse lights up and activates your house of travel, spirituality and your belief systems. This is a positive time to review your outlook on life and refresh your perspectives. During these turbulent years of collective uncertainty, your outlook provides nourishment to your soul. Watch for synchronicities that bring important messages to guide you into the future.  Keywords for October, “Creative activation.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, as flexible and adaptable as you are, you have qualities of courage and boldness. You have the talent of getting things moving, and a certain clarity of directness can suddenly show up. That boldness and clarity can be hidden under your willingness to help and be of service. Well, under this Aries full Moon these qualities are activated. You may speak up and surprise others, or you might decide to do something just for yourself. Saturn has slowed to almost a stop as it retrogrades in your sign, Pisces. Under its light you can bring order, discipline, and focus to whatever you want to accomplish. Be thoughtful, and watch the tendency we all have to short circuit Saturn’s skillfulness into self criticism. Tell it to sit in the back room if it does that. This Libra time of year stirs up your emotions in the life you share with another. Is there something you need to say, something that’s ready to be transformed? As the Libra Solar Eclipse highlights this area of your chart, it may intensify your need. So, take your time to communicate your thoughts. Otherwise, the Eclipse may trigger your impatience! Keyword  for October, “Boldness.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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