June 6, 2016

Astrology for June

         Mars hangs brilliant in the South East as the sky dips into deeper blues after sunset. This spectacular view of Mars is 2.Susan boulet's paintingunusual, closer to the Earth right now, and crowning the head of the Scorpion constellation. Saturn, a dimmer light, lower, to the East, follows Mars through out the night’s journey. Prominent Mars becomes a stronger influence now, calling for clarity, the need to cut away the superficial and move into our core values, defining what has meaning for us. We feel Mars’ intensity and can no longer go on like before. Situations may overwhelm us, challenge us, others’ intensity may conflict with our own. Now is the time we are being shaped for the mission of creating new beginnings. Old patterns surface. The past ways of meeting life must be surrendered.

     PageLines- solarsystem.jpg      Under Mars’ influence we take a stand for ourselves, for bringing light to that which has formed our actions, reactions, habits, and re-attune ourselves to what has heart and meaning, finding that thread to follow. Those who are naturally adept at asserting themselves must cultivate the power of listening, and ask, “How am I considering the greater whole?” Saturn in Sagittarius demands that self-righteousness and self-importance be dropped, as well as polarization against others. Rather, a matter of fact, practical, determination of the path to take will bring success.

          For the month of June, Mars is retrograde in intense Scorpio. It is said that in the water sign, Scorpio, a battle timagesakes place. Great conflict is aroused between what identity within us will dominate and direct our actions. Scorpio drops us into the churning waters of our emotions and judgments. Here our mission is to surrender and listen to our inner calling, sorting out through complexes, judgments, assumptions and sufferings to that small still voice, that calls, sometimes subtle, sometimes clear as the sound of a bell.

          This is our task for June, to make room to hear, to be gentle with ourselves, to understand how kindness opens the door to our inner genius and vision. Patience and alertness is needed for success d3.Buddha in the eye of Cosmosuring this Mars retrograde time. On June 29th Mars goes direct. Inspiration, enthusiasm now resurfaces. More realistic goals and forward movement is assumed.

          The New Moon takes place on June 4th, flavored with the sweetness of Venus. Enjoy those you love! The Full Moon takes place hours before the Summer Solstice on June 20th, when the Sun enters Cancer.

Twelve opportunities for May: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): What a time for you to clear the decks. Old issues may arise in relationships and instead of automatically defending yourself, be willing to sit for a bit. What are you being shown? You have come to a cross roads of owning a new expression of yourself, a transformed identity. It’s the defending of self that needs to be released rather than the subject of what you are defending. Levels of healing and compassion are being ignited.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Bringing the light to what you deeply value, who, and what you love is now in the forefront. You are uncovering a deeper level of yourself as you move forward at this time. It re-attunes you to the mystery in which we live, helping you to notice the synchronicities around you. Patience becomes the well that nurtures your progress, or your happiness. The beginning of the month is full and at times intense. Watch taking on too much. As the month progresses the sweetness continues and love is around you. Enjoy.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): June starts with love/appreciation, and interesting social encounters. Don’t leap into collaborations without taking the time to reflect on how much you might be taking on. Someone may be upset with you and needs to let you know. Your graciousness will open new possibilities for the relationship. Mid June your ideas come fast and furious and you seem up for the tasks in front of you. But the following week asks you to slow down and contemplate the goals you want to put in place. Now you are especially idealistic and visionary. Be grounded, intentional, and practical.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): June starts out with enjoyment and your senses being full with loved ones and/or beauty that is around you. Yet you are also having the need for some quiet time now, after so much business. Issues come up with children so that you help them sort things out. They may be feeling disappointment or frustration. This month your emotions move rapidly through different states of tension, anxiety, then relief, enjoyment and pleasure. We can imagine that you are riding through the rapids. Grab a friend and feel the exhilaration.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): You can provide support and assistance now to another, which they will appreciate. Be careful not to take on too much as you will regret taking on that extra load. As Venus is traveling with the Sun this month you may find your heart filled with love. A nice time for a getaway with someone you love. Something that you have been focusing on, a task before you, suddenly makes great progress at the end of June and into July. Have patience.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): The beginning of the month is an excellent time to stand in public and communicate yourself. There is renewal in this act, be it artistic, teaching, or just completing a project in the public domain, which allows a change in your situation. You are favored at this time and moving toward a gain financially, though you may have to wait, or take more steps in the process than you thought. If you can create a rhythm in your life that moves outward than comes inward, reflecting, the next period of time will bare fruits for you.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): After having completed a commitment, a project, or a responsibility that you have carried, after your responsibilities to others is now completed, enjoy yourself in quiet. Whatever it was that you have done to aid those you care about, you now are in a position to be sparked by something new and inspirational. The intensity, frustration, or even tiredness that you may have been feeling is now retreating. This is a good time to review your finances and regroup your financial strategies.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): With Mars retrograding back into Scorpio, it is an excellent time to give yourself time and space to reflect, to gather yourself, to nurture yourself. You may feel of two minds. Something has rearranged your thinking, enlarged your possibilities. The other mind reflects a challenge, as how to be with this new thing. Do I tell or do I not? Let yourself slow down. Attune to yourself. Though you may be very busy, finding some quiet time for yourself is essential. By the end of the month, it will greatly serve you. Patience and alertness are the key words.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): This month is an excellent time for retreat. Something has been churned up within you, some new perception, or a challenging communication. During this time communications at work, or with co-workers needs to be very clear and precise. You will be delivering a point, a case. Some one may contest your point. Mid month is the best time for communication, which once again gets challenged by June 20th. So take your time and make sure everything is in place

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Now is the time to set things up at work, or in your working space, just the way you like it. Love and relationship is highlighted with many facets of complexity. Some things have expanded and grown that feel very good, while at the same time you can’t completely go with it. Decisions need to be made with careful consideration. Take your time. With Mars retrograde in Scorpio, be alert and patient when working with groups of people or the public in general.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): The new moon brings love and enjoyment with children. There is a sweetness that fills your day, yet paradoxically this alignment challenges the timing of events. You may feel the dissatisfaction, frustration, or general intensity from others. In these cases your ability to step back and see the larger picture is healing and helpful. Watch tension in communication during the third week in June.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): This last month has focused much attention on your work in the community. At this time you are taking on more responsibility to shape your path. What you have to offer others through your work supports healing as well as offering a model of new ways of seeing things. Your imaginative and creative abilities are strong now and fining avenues of expression. During the month, be very clear about what you are intending and your communications. It is in this area where deliberation and patience is needed.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 34 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to




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