December 9, 2016

The Awakening, USA Destiny & Donald Trump

We, the people of this Earth, have been hit by lightning and the earth has opened. We now enter the below, the dark, and must come to terms with what confronts us, what we prefer not to see. We are part of an intelligent cosmos that unfolds through cycles its luminosity and its darkness, the yin and yang of creation. From 1946 until 2036 we are in the phase of a 500-year cycle that now brings forth the vision of what will unfold our destiny over the next 400 years. It is the bridge to the New World. How will we participate? The fruit of the underworld is the red pomegranate, full of seeds of new life.

Since 2009 the world has been in the throes of the Uranus Pluto alignment, bringing revolution, dismantlement, great uncertainty, destruction and hopefully renewal. The last time we had a similar Pluto/Uranus aspect was in 1762-64. It was the set up for the founding of our country and the rebellion from the past governing forms. Pluto and Uranus now dominate the collective field in which we live and breathe, bringing chaos to old systems, and disrupting hierarchies of power. The Uranus Pluto alignment forms the perilous bridge to a new world age, with the potential of awakening us to our own powers and confronting us with our shadows and wounds, turning things inside out and upside down.

Uranus is known as the Awakener. In mythology Uranus is a Sky God of lightning and electricity, charging the atmosphere with crisis and breakdown, disorientation and breakthrough. Astrologer Erin Sullivan writes, “Uranus disengages us from secure points of reference and catapults us into new territory without a sense of ground. It separates us from something that was once highly valued.” Uranus challenges us to free ourselves, to come into a new kind of freedom. It is the spirit of life calling us to higher, broader vistas of wholeness and reality, taking us into multiple dimensions of perception.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld, also known as Hades, Kali, and Ereshkigal. Pluto unleashes that which has been held in the dark, that which has been forgotten, repressed, dominated, buried. The Pluto archetype releases forgotten wounds, hidden trauma, and the long shadows we have cast. This archetype requires us to descend into the darkest recesses of soul, those forgotten places that motivate us unconsciously to act, motivate us by a need for emotional security, and for power rather than powerlessness. Pluto is death, disintegration, and rebirth, also known as the Dark Mother, the fertile rich darkness. Pluto’s process is a one of exposing, battling with the old while laboring with contractions for new birth over extended periods, a phoenix that rises from the ashes of the past.

Uranus in Aries brings flames of intensity, fanning revolution, and demands for change, impulsive, and instinctual, seeking to liberate the oppressed. Uranus in Aries pushes against Pluto in Capricorn, overturning, deconstructing all systems, economies, governments, and authorities that have governed our lives. Look at the Arab Spring, the Orange Revolution of Ukraine, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock and the North Dakota pipeline, Gay marriage and Transgender rights, along with the populace movements of Brexit and right wing nationalism. Pluto in Capricorn battles back with control, trying to secure positions of power, intensifying fear, in the process exposing those qualities, which will be transformed.

Uranus and Pluto alignment form the bridge we must cross to enter the new world, known in its various metaphysical names as the Aquarius age, the 5th Sun of the Mayans, the Mongolian shamans’ “Era of Woman”. These describe the great 2000 to 5000 year cycles of our planet, which demand shifts in how we understand ourselves, and our earth, in order to evolve to the next world age. We are poised between destruction or renewal of our planet. It is up to the level of consciousness we now bring into this crossing. A sure sign of the lack of consciousness is a continual hateful polarization of good vs. bad. When we can see with eyes of greater consciousness we understand that everything plays into this great crossing. What we are witnessing in the United States is the opening of our deep wounds. Because we live within the energetic field of the United States we are all a part of this. Each person is confronted with ways of being that are no longer sustainable. The wound is up. Look around. See who is protecting that which is life sustaining.

Our consciousness is the bridge that will make or break our ability to reach the new world. In this new world everything and everyone is interrelated. There is no separation, only discernment, only wholly seeing. In the USA chart, Uranus and Pluto have triggered a battle for the soul and identity of our country. The identity of the United States, the Sun’s position, is also connected to our role and authority in the world (Saturn). The United States’ destiny is to give form to right human relations and integrity. Its shadow is authoritarianism, being the great policeman, and giving our authority over to a father figure. This identity is connected to a deep root source within the chart. And within the United States’ root source is a large, gaping wound. In the foundational past of our country, acts of aggression, domination, oppression, and conquering self-righteousness define the nature of this wound. This is what Pluto and Uranus are triggering. We are in the throes of that wound, and the shadow of the USA.

In this scenario, Donald Trump comes to power.

There are many astrological factors that contribute to this. The question has been over the last few years who will embody the Uranian figure for the USA? A Uranian figure is one who is outside of the box, unpredictable and rebellious. The highest manifestation of the Uranian archetype is a visionary, one who taps into the intelligence that governs the laws of the cosmos and brings through an expanded view of who we are and the environment of which we live. One who envisions the evolution of the global condition, humanity and the earth itself. Einstein was such a figure. So was Carl Jung.

A person who embodies the Uranian archetype is one whose personal planets are aspected by Uranus. Trump was born with his Sun conjunct Uranus. The challenge with any Uranian figure is ‘what level of consciousness’ will this person play out the Uranus archetype. A Uranian figure can manifest as anyone who doesn’t play according to the rules, loves to upset the status quo, is unpredictable, and often not connected to their feelings. The question to ask, as in the Celtic mythology of the wounded fisher King, living in the desolate waste land, waiting for the one who will rightfully answer the question and restore his land to fruitfulness, is “to whom do you serve?”

The other astrological alignment affecting this time is the Saturn Neptune square. The charismatic Uranian figure, who breaks the rules, and stirs things up, comes into a astrological environment of Neptune in Pisces, (deception, spin, delusion, glamour), versus Saturn in Sagittarius (facing the hard facts and truths of situation). Voila! We enter the era of post factual. False news abounds. Truth doesn’t matter, rather the ability to promote exaggerations that hook the hate and resentment that resides in the shadows, while Saturn in Sagittarius chases these pronouncements with fact checking. The alignment’s purpose is to anchor a vision of renewed ideals through consistent and conscious effort, to express the truth at the deepest soul level.

Trump’s Gemini Sun, the sign of duality, of shadow and light, exaggerates the nature of these times. He is the forever puer, who says one thing, than changes and does another. Trump fits the USA shadow. The descending sign in the USA chart is the sign Gemini and this is where we find our projected shadow. The shadow of Gemini is its superficiality, its endless busyness without the ability to be still, its inability to center and deepen around core values, its denial of its dark or shadow behavior. Gemini is the sign that symbolizes the human being. Its gift and purpose is to embrace wholeness within duality and to communicate from this center of integrity.

Adding to complexity, Trump has a Leo rising sign and Mars, the planet of aggression, directness, impulse, action, even cruelty, is on his rising sign Leo. He is a fighter who loves to win; getting what he wants is a top priority. Leo is the sign of drama, being the center of attention, pride, self-absorption and the need for continuous recognition. It is the sign of leadership and bold confidence. It is the sign of the ego, which complicates matters for Trump. His ‘think outside of the box’, potential for vision, is tied to his ego’s need for adulation and his duplicity of being. His prominent Mars can be cruel, and demeaning but also direct and to the point. It is instinctive and impulsive. It is revengeful and retaliatory.

It is clear that Trump is the Uranian figure that has channeled this Uranus energy for the USA. Our destiny and Trump’s destiny are linked. His chart activates the USA chart, in other ways too, triggering the United States’ Mars Neptune square. In fact his Sun Uranus conjunction sits on the USA Mars. He stimulates Mars in our country. We see this playing out already, activating aggression against others, the strong dislike and opposition to him in the country, his alignment with the military. Look at how many generals he is interviewing for Cabinet posts. His Sun also activates Neptune in the USA chart, stimulating in the population attraction to glamour, inviting deception, double messages, chaos, unrealistic idealization, and fantasy. Typically this configuration creates idealization of hopes and dream, leading to disappointment.

During this Uranus Pluto revolution and the dismantling of forms, the United States must confront its shadow, think outside of the box, and investigate its values by descending into the collective wounds of its history. The USA will be made to address corporate capitalism and the banking systems, its illusion of endless growth, especially by devouring the resources of the Earth. The Uranus Pluto alignment, as it transits the deep foundational roots of the USA chart, will force a redefinition of its identity. It is on the path to deepen its understanding of root causes and the need for hearing those that have bore the brunt of history, the African American, the Native American, the Immigrant, the Independent Woman. Trump, as the Gemini Uranian figure, will bring forth the shadow of racism, fundamentalism, and elitism for all to see. He will cut through established protocol so all of us will get to the point quickly. We will be awakened into activism, in a way no other political figure could call forth.

Be on the look out for other Uranian figures, especially those that channel the visionary Uranian archetype. One Uranian figure (Sun conjunct Uranus in Cancer) poised for action is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Each one of us may experience this planetary lineup personally. And for those that do, it is our task to address our own process of letting go of that which is no longer working, to engage with renewal, and to confront the consciousness that fuels our neurobiology, resetting the tracks within our thoughts that had been conditioned to fear, shame, self-hatred and anxiety. For Pluto has released it all and Uranus is demanding freedom and revolution!

The key is to constantly ask ourselves, what is possible now? How can I activate my creative energies to transform my conditioned thinking? What actions shall I take, knowing we are at this critical turning point where the old identity is broken down, irretrievable, and I am heaving with the labor of birth? How can I be open to not knowing the answers while participating with my own deep healing and integration? How, then, can I assist in the transformation that is trying to take place?

In the words of contemporary story teller, mythologist, Michael Meade, “Genuine change begins in the depths of the individual soul…where truth resides and waits to be raised to the light of the day…This is the struggle we came for; this is the healing we came to help create.”

By Visionary Astrologer Susan Heinz     

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Maura Kelsea
December 9, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Sue, what a tremendous gift to us all this morning – as your standing room only – crowd came to hear wisdom and guidance in the days ahead. Your ability to distill sophisticated astrological, esoteric, archetypal, neuroscientific , spiritual and ancient wisdom understandings all in two hours, allowing each one to receive on the level they could comprehend, not leaving anyone out – truly the mark of an accomplished and passionate teacher. Giving a framework to live in and deal with the days to come fills such an essential need. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maura


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