December 4, 2018

December Astrology

December Celestial Events:

  1. December 2 – Venus, morning star, enters Scorpio once again, relatedness now uncovers hidden and deeper motives as we seek to transform through engaging with each other
  2. Dec 6 – New Moon in Sagittarius – themes of expansion, optimism, philosophical contemplations, and adventure. Plant seeds for growing vision and hope.
  3. Dec 6 – Mercury goes direct at 27 Scorpio, plans can be put into action, forward motion takes place, and communications find more ease in describing depth
  4. Dec 7 – Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces (See Below)– all Piscean themes are doubly emphasized, urge for transcendence, and connecting with imaginative forces, potential for greater compassion, or denial and illusion, take your pick.
  5. Dec 12 – Mercury enters Sagittarius, accessing broader perspectives, gathering greater overview, potential for optimism; shadow side is fanatical beliefs, while preachiness can increase
  6. Dec 21 – Winter Solstice, (See Below) At the Solstice the Sun rises in its most southernly location for 3 days, where it remains, until the 4th day when it begins its sojourn back to the eastern point along the horizon, (solstice translates as stands still) The longest night gives way to growing light of day as we head into the new year. The Sun enters Capricorn. This is the time for inner reflection, renewal, developing our inner vision and intention for the year ahead.
  7. Dec 22 – The Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn aligning with Saturn. At this full moon we experience the power of the deep feeling feminine and the inner guiding Father. Seek your inner vision and intention for the year ahead. From the traditions of our indigenous times, ritual is created for forgiving and renewing the deep self, with compassion for our journey. Openness to the archetypal master teacher, Saturn, can give us insights for structuring and giving form to our vision. As we go beneath the inner judgment or sense of limitation, we move to Saturn’s true essence and receive Saturn’s wisdom; step by step, slow and steady instructions for creating your life. Ask the divine feminine to provide the nourishment and inspiration for the year ahead.

The Winter Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn

 To the Ancient stargazers the earth sign Capricorn was the most sacred of all the signs.

The ancients understood that the task of being human is to bring light into the dark and to transform that which is dark, or unconscious, into the radiance of spirit in the body, perceiving this radiance in all of nature. This is the unique human task that each soul is called upon to do! For the dwelling place of the soul in each lifetime is in the body and the earth, in the dark resources of the deep feminine, the great mother goddess who gives birth to the children or the seeds of light and creativity.

Light, or radiance, is the shining body of consciousness, what we know as “spirit’. Spirit resides within each one of us, uniquely formed as our individuated soul. Soul dives (or falls) into the deep to create the miracle of transformation of dark to light, of unconscious to consciousness.

This is the story of Capricorn.

This is the story of the human journey and the ongoing human task. Capricorn is the initiation time for each individual to turn within and find that deep inner voice, and guidance, the opening of the heart to oneself, one’s creative potential, and to each other.

The goal of the Capricorn, and the Capricorn time of year, the Solstice, is while in the darkness to bring forth the light, to move from emphasis on the outer world to attunement to the inner world, to fuel and rejuvenate the authenticity and creativity that each of us are gifted with. It is a sacred task.

This Solstice is punctuated by the full moon in Cancer, the sign opposite Capricorn. Saturn is aligned opposite the full moon, bringing its influence. It is a time when all humanity can ask, “How can we create and nurture more authentic, creative and mindful living?” With this Saturn alignment, the times bring accountability and confronting directly that which is not true, in order to renew our alignment to greater consciousness.

Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune

 During this sacred time, Mars is conjunct Neptune in watery Pisces. All of us will feel more sensitive to the world situation and events in the world. The field that we share, this earth biosphere, so connected now by networks of communication, can more intensely be experienced by all, whether we are conscious of it or not. One may feel more exhausted or saddened, or have a challenge focusing in. How to move with this? Meditation and contemplation are powerful now, as if sitting by the rhythmic pulse of the great sea.

It can settle our anxiety, because deeper than all the Trumpian drama and human dilemma is the great heart of the cosmos, the great mystery of the stars, something much larger in which we are embedded. Our hearts are learning how to hold each other, how to hold all humanity and when they do; we will finally cross the bridge into the new paradigm. That is our aim and sacred task. The rigor of exacting Saturn in Capricorn seeks to teach us pacing, deep listening, and how to locate that inner voice that becomes our navigational guide. It teaches us how to bring the light out of the darkness.

Jupiter into Sagittarius: See last month’s newsletter (a little reminder of Jupiter follows)

 Once every 12 years Jupiter moves into its own sign, Sagittarius. We gain a greater view and perspective. Optimism increases. Overall this can be a more hopeful time. We watch for extremism. The great metaphysical, psychological, and systems philosopher, Ken Wilbur, relates that when world-views or personal views perceive more unity, then consciousness is increased. Systems or views that polarize exemplify less developed consciousness.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, so flexibility is an important quality as you cultivate confidence in your journey, taking risks, and trusting the deeper wilder parts of your self or instincts.

Trump as Saturn opposes his Mercury

 As Saturn opposes Donald Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, challenges and confrontations with the truth and facts will be held up to Trump’s ongoing narrative. He will be called to confront untruths that will be difficult for him to continue to spin. A lot will be exposed by the Mueller investigation in December (directly or indirectly). Trump will more intensely and defensively act out with aggressiveness. But his feet are held to the fire of his own lies and making.

The Twelve signs for December 2018: For Sun and Rising Signs

 Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, with Mars, your planet, now in watery Pisces, your normal Aries activity slows. You are more sensitive to everything around you. Perhaps you can’t forge ahead the way you are used to. Everything says “slowdown and feel your feet on the ground, your breath, moment to moment, in and out, now move into a deeper state of presence.” In fact, this is a premier time to gather yourself. Realize you are now in a completion stage, before Mars moves into Aries on the 31, when a new surge of energy will reignite your passions. What’s being completed? Take time to dream (a wonderful Pisces quality) and imagine how you best want to embody your life in 2019. At the full moon be sure you are balancing your outer life with quiet reflective time for rejuvenation.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Wow, dear Taurus, there is change in the air for you. Welcome it. Stretch yourself into more creative venues, both in thinking and acting. Let yourself go beyond where you have been before! Your planet Venus now slips into deep feeling Scorpio and adds passion to your cool steadiness. Prepare yourself for unexpected encounters. Be flexible and allow yourself to expand into new territory. There may be new people entering your life. Possibilities for love and new levels of creativity are present, especially around the time of full moon.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this new moon favors all relationships. Your social life is busy and enjoyable. But watch your boundaries. Be thoughtful that you don’t get swept away into the drama and feelings of others. With Mercury going direct on the 6th, whatever logjam you have been in begins to clear. You might ask yourself, “Have I taken the time to really feel into where I am in my relationships, and have I just continued busily along with the same old patterns?” If you do take the time, greater enjoyment and fulfillment will take place. Mercury goes into Sagittarius on the 12th, bringing greater movement to your life. It’s an excellent time for all partnerships, and to grow in collaboration, teaching, and learning.

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, you may find yourself overdoing in work, in habits, in your daily life. There is a natural tendency right now to set aside structure and discipline, and just enjoy. So have some fun. Be thoughtful not to overspend, or focus too much on others at the expense of yourself. Before the 6th when Mercury goes direct, take the time to get clear on where you are. Utilize the strong influence of Saturn in your chart to know your boundaries. It is helpful now to create schedules and structures so you don’t overdo and exhaust yourself. Set aside some time to dream, and move into reverie. Step into imaginative creative time. Venus and Mars are now both in water compliment your Cancer energy. You will experience love with family and friends!

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, this is such a great time to enjoy and express your authentic self, your creative fires! The new moon on the 6th is in fiery Sagittarius aligning with Jupiter. This gives and increases your confidence and hope. You may, at the same time, be sensitive to others needs, sensitive to what’s taking place between yourself and others as you take advantage of this growth time for yourself. Be sure to find a balance between listening and honoring your own needs and the needs of someone else. And be sure to check it out with them, as you may have a tendency to project what you think is going on. Enjoy this truth seeking and embodying time!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, this is a time to gather yourself up and retreat. Find that space for yourself that you love. At the New Moon, this powerful new moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter near by, go deep within to listen to your inner self. What’s calling to you now? What wants to grow and find its voice? These are the questions to ask now before the turn into 2019. From November 16th and throughout all December, Mars is in Pisces. It can challenge your orderly self. It demands dropping into a limitless time, meditation, or altered states. How can you best do that for yourself? You may find yourself with a person whose lack of clarity can be annoying. Or you may find that someone needs your help and your clarity. Be aware of both your compassion and your boundaries.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, You may have found yourself jumping outside of your normal comfort zone, doing something very different from what you normally do. And it is good. You find new value in your own worth, allowing your talents to arise. Be open to possibilities now, flowing with not knowing exactly how things will manifest, while you observe the new, and the break up of patterns that have been defining your life. You are also approaching, or are already in a crossroads in your relationship(s). Something is changing and a new quality is arising. Trust it. As Venus aligns with Mars for most of December, you experience love, deep affection, and appreciation! (Be alerted to not making big expenditures now as things may suddenly seem out of control).

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, Venus now in Scorpio brings more pleasure, love, and beauty into your life. You feel appreciation. But be aware that it opposes Uranus at the beginning of the month, so open yourself to the unexpected. See if you can observe what’s happening, just witnessing what is taking place. Your great ability for perception than becomes freed to see, rather than judge and find fault. This is one of your gifts, the gift of perception. Be aware how very sensitive you are with your planet, Mars, now in Pisces. You can best utilize this time by going into the imaginative realms to create, and/or to open yourself to the love and good tidings around you. Take good care of yourself as you are especially empathic this month.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, Happy Birthday! This is a special Sagittarius New Moon for you!! With Jupiter in Sagittarius, conjuncting the New Moon, which only happens once every 12 years, it is a powerful time to set an intention, or intentions. Tune into what gives you joy, where your passion is. You can even look at this as a seeding time for the next 12 years if you dare! As you focus on yourself and what you want to grow, remember that Mars in Pisces may pull you into someone else’s needs. The best way to work with the powerful Mars Neptune in Pisces now is to retreat for a bit and let yourself go into reverie. Tune in through meditation to your spiritual self and listen to the wisdom or creativity that wants to flow through. So dear Sag, be sure and have a good time this month bringing joy into your life, because that’s what Jupiter does!

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Being a Capricorn requires rigor and a sense of humor as you scale the road of your intentions. Saturn teaches rigor, follow through, and organization. But it also asks that you take yourself lightly, bringing in amusement within challenge. What an art that is!! Saturn exacts us to the fine details of manifesting our life’s dream. Now, dear Capricorn, with Saturn being in its own sign, Capricorn, this last year has demanded greater clarity and persistence than before. The key to Saturn is to listen to your inner knowing, than proceed step by step, trusting that intuition. As a Capricorn you move through initiation from darkness to light then to the mountaintop. This December, with the Sagittarius New Moon conjunct expansive Jupiter give yourself time to study, create, and rejuvenate yourself. At the solstice Saturn aligns with the full moon encouraging perseverance as you proceed on your way to manifesting your inner calling.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the first two weeks of December support working with, or collaboration within groups, as well as enjoyment with friends or family. You feel confident and sense the preciousness of life. But on the other hand, you feel compassion and are easily moved by others’ feelings. This may take you into deep waters. Find your balance between the mental and philosophical expansion into areas you love to explore and the boundaries you are called to erect so not be overwhelmed. Sometimes you find yourself in imaginative altered states, and sometimes, in deep empathy. At the Solstice it is especially beneficial to you to retreat and gather yourself. As you do unexpected revelation or inspiration will fuel your intentions for the year ahead.

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): With Mars traveling through Pisces, a journey it does once every two years, you move more deeply into feeling states. You feel the whole of the human dilemma as well as the gifts of being human, the gifts of connection and relatedness. Dear Pisces, tears and deep feeling spill over, as you are touched deeply by life. Your heart is filled with love and at the same time great empathy, even at times grief.Being a Pisces is to hold both as well as being a record keeper, like the great whales swimming the wide seas. In December, give yourself time to understand your deeper needs. What is trying to surface for your acknowledgment? Your poet’s heart has a song to sing.

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 35 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to








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