August 9, 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius August 11


Full Moon at 19 Aquarius – August 11th, squares Uranus, conjuncts Saturn – Here we balance the individuation of our self expression (Sun in Leo) with the awareness of being part of something larger than ourselves (Moon in Aquarius). Under this Aquarius full moon how do we step back from emotional intensity and become curious, flexible in the present, and open to new experiences? How do we handle change, uncertainty, the unexpected, and being willing to break through to another way of being or seeing?

With Saturn next to the Full Moon we want to take our time to ground and formulate the vision that we are growing for our future. This Saturn can be the master teacher slowing us down and guiding us through our own inner reflection, or through the wise words of a mentor.  If we feel Saturn’s restrictive qualities, or that there are frustrating obstacles to our journey, we will slow down and know that something is wanting to be known or learned. We refrain from Saturn’s negative voice, harsh self judgement, self doubt, and fears of the future, in order to, as best as we can, focus on clarity and constructive movement. We experience the old and the new, being in the in-between, seeking how to ground and embody the changes we are embracing. We are the “Fools on the Journey of Life,” daring ourselves to cross over into new territory. 

We feel the heightened polarities in the culture as we push (or we are pushed) against edges and seek to reinvent outer structures and systems. Yet we also seek returning to a sense of security and stability. We navigate this collective uncharted territory under this last Saturn Uranus square through the fall, with a need to stay in the present and to take good care of ourselves.

(The Mars Saturn square leads us up to the full Moon in Aquarius – From August 1st to August 7, Mars activates the Uranus Saturn square. We may be aware of our own inner polarities or resistances, and be fired up to break through. When Mars squares Saturn we will want to slow down, being aware of what may seem like obstacles to our forward movement. This turning point in their cycle allows us to gain a missed wisdom in our actions.)

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Aquarius


“May I be open to the new possibilities before me with confidence and trust.”  

“May I know that we are all participating in an evolution of consciousness that has the potential to change the world.”

Celestial events from August 11 – August 27

Aug 14 – The Sun opposes Saturn – When the Sun opposes Saturn, it is a day for reflection, for inner contemplation.

Aug 16  – Mercury trines Uranus – we can open ourselves to insights and revelations, our thoughts are more inventive and creative, conversations are stimulating. We are open to learning new things.

Aug 18 – Venus trines Jupiter – The Goddess of Relatedness joins the God of Abundance and love of life. Find time to enjoy the day and appreciate what is good in your life.

Aug 20 – Mars enters Gemini – Mars enters the sign of communication, the sign of the twins, light and dark, old and new, artist and warrior. This activation can help us bring awareness to how we communicate with each other and how we listen. It can heat up our minds with creative ideas, and creative writing, or we can argue and debate the issues, our passions overtaking our conscious communication.

Where is Gemini in your chart? This area of your chart is lit up with energy to act. We can use its long stay in Gemini (through March 25th 2023) to bring more consciousness to how we listen and communicate with others, to being aware of our inner polarities and integrating shadow material. Mars goes retrograde at 25 Gemini on October 30, then goes direct at 8 Gemini on January 12th. This is a very unique time of reviewing our intentions, our actions, our projects, the way we have communicated ourselves. We can use it for our growth, and fine-tuning our intentions and actions.

Aug 22 – The Sun enters Virgo – as the summer begins to transition into fall. We feel ourselves pulling inward and refocusing ourselves. With this practical earth sign, we put things in place.

Aug 24 –  Uranus goes retrograde – Uranus, the change agent, peaks, highlighting the unpredictable, stirring things  with uncertainty, and with the potential to bring about breakthroughs and new insights.

Aug 25 – Mercury enters Libra – Mercury now enters Libra away from analytical pursuits to highlight the artistic and poetic mind, thinking about and communicating ideas of fairness and justice.

Aug 26 – The Sun at 3 Virgo squares Mars in Gemini – a day of vitality and decisiveness. Watch for conflict, competitiveness and comparisons. Use its energy to take action on your intentions.

Aug 27 – The New Moon in Virgo – Virgo is the sign of attunement and refinement, of health and conscientious work. It does not call attention to itself but sets about its task with dedication. With the New Moon in Virgo practical matters can be successfully focused upon. Time to put things in order, to refine, edit, and review our work and service. This New Moon receives a square from Mars in Gemini, so we feel the tension of taking a new kind of action, or making a decision. If we are feeling frustration or in conflict, we see that Mercury, which is the planetary ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, directs us to find our equilibrium, to pause, and deliberate on both sides of the issue. This is Mercury in Libra, the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony. This is the way we find our forward movement, as Mercury is in a harmonious trine with Mars the planet of action.

Affirmation for the New Moon in Virgo

“May I be attuned in body, mind, and spirit.”

“May I be in service to the highest good.”

The Twelve signs for the month will return in September: Sun and Rising Signs

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