June 22, 2021

Full Moon in Capricorn June 24

We are now living in the great in-between. We are inside the process of ordeal and return, in a collective initiation that each of us are in, and all of us are in. We are stretched between old ways of being and deep transformation. We are stretched between one era and a new era, enduring disruption, and the revealing of shadow elements, those hidden remnants erupting  and confronting us with what we have collectively created, what we have inherited.

This revealing of what’s not working is paired with the rise of visionary voices, leaders, and healers. These wise beings give us the greater context of where we have been, where we are, and how we can heal the wounds of our lineages, how we can build the renewed world. We are in the great churning, the alchemy of potentially getting to the gold. What we bring to this return into the community, the kind of consciousness we return with, and how we, as community, receive each other is all part of this great initiation.

Now as the Sun sets, on the 23rd and 24th, so does the full Moon, in earthy steady Capricorn, mount the skies from the East, setting the energy for the month ahead.

June 24Full Moon at 3 Capricorn – The Capricorn/Cancer pairing exhibits the heights and depths of our being and the times. This pairing of signs offers us a plunge into the deep waters of soul and a climb to the heights where the view is sharper and clearer. With the full Moon in Capricorn, we attune to the shifting times, this in-between here and there, with a determination, a steady perseverance that is uncomfortable for the emotional Moon, especially as we can feel our emotions powerfully.  The intensity of the June planetary alignments has challenged us, brought us into shaky ground, illumined our polarities, revealed our vulnerabilities, and where we have skill and awareness. It has clamored for stretching us into new levels of integration and wholeness.

These are the past events that have mounted the June intensity; a pair of eclipses, Saturn squaring Uranus, Mercury retrograde in its most concentrated passage, and more, to name a few.

Let’s review as a way to understand the meaning of these times.

The eclipses (May 26 and June 10) intensify our feelings and situations, so we can see what needs to be seen, to realign, let go, and clear.

The Saturn Uranus square is the dominant aspect of the year (exact on June 14). This last square in the cycle challenges us with a crisis, and urges a new level of consciousness to emerge. We hold the tension between structure, discipline, rigor, perseverance, (Saturn) and the drive to break free, to rebell, to stretch ourselves into broader and deeper dimensions of awareness, perception, and possibility (Uranus). We are challenged by our old patterns and ways of being (Saturn) as we are rebirthing into something new (Uranus) without as yet a firm and known way of interacting, (Saturn).  Shaky ground, living in uncertainty (Uranus). “What we call uncertainty is actually the open quality of any given moment” (Emily Hilburn Sell). It offers us an opportunity to be exquisitely aware of ourselves, others, and the quality of our relatedness. It offers us the power of conscious choice in our actions and perspectives.

We are now just leaving a very concentrated and intense Mercury retrograde passage, due to its slower than normal retrograde motion. What have we experienced during this time period, May 29th to June 22? (or from May 15th to July 7th, which includes the shadow periods). How were we turned back on ourselves, how did we go deeper, where did we experience polarity, conflict, differing sides of ourselves and each other? What messages did we receive? Gemini focuses on our mental states, the polarity we experience. We can ask ourselves, seeing these different sides, what decisions do I now come to that will assist integrating these differences into a more healthy and harmonious way of being?

Under this full Moon we can honor that each of us possesses a deep soul. An essence of our individuality whose quality is continually birthing itself, bringing more light and clarity to the spirit within that guides us. This spirit moves through all of us and is the essence of  earth and cosmos and creation, the “Anima Mundi”. Our soul is literally an ear to the great heart of this loving and intelligent all pervading spirit of the universe. Our soul is our unique embodiment of the grace and expression of the universe. During times like these we are plunged into the churning of the archetypal realms within and outside of ourselves. The Capricorn full Moon encourages us to be steady, one foot in front of the other, to breathe, and now to be with the open quality of not knowing, to be resilient in our presence.

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Capricorn

“During these times of both inner and outer polarity, of uncertainty, of challenge, of being in the in-between, I steady myself by grounding in the earth and continually finding my center. I affirm that through cultivating my steadiness and calmness, the universe’s wisdom and guidance is available to open my pathway forward.”.

Celestial events for July – the Astrological Highlights for the month ahead

June 26 – Venus enters Leo – Love and affection come from the generous Leo heart. Venus in Leo expresses with flair, drama, and playfulness.

Mars triggers the Saturn Uranus square and heightens its challenges. How skillful can we be in finding our balance during transitional times?

July 1 – Mars opposes Saturn – Let us be thoughtful in our actions as Saturn can block, obstruct, present difficulties in achieving what we want. Our instructions are to balance desire and action with patience and wisdom. We can witness in the collective sphere great impasses and adversarial confrontations.

July 3 – Mars squares Uranus – These two planets together can be explosive, and quick like a flash of lightning. Mars activates Uranus, stimulating disruption, impulsiveness, rebelliousness and potential breakthrough if we can hold the tension with steady awareness.

July 6-8 – Venus opposes Saturn and squares Uranus – We are thoughtful now in our relationships as the tension of the Saturn Uranus square challenges our ease in relatedness. We balance our responsibilities with our needs for spaciousness and new ways of relating ourselves to others.

July 9New Moon in Cancerheightens the feeling body in each of us. In this sign the influence of our wild and natural self predominates. Celebrate nature and nurture each other.

July 11 – Mercury enters Cancer – Mercury in Cancer feels into the power of metaphor and symbol. It’s gift is poetry, music, and song. It’s the  choreographer of movement, and the one who create visualizations. Cancer Mercury’s challenge is in being mentally overtaken by waves of emotion, or by defensiveness, before being able to think things through.

July 13 – Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo – a time of passionate affection, stimulated creativity, opening of the heart in relationships, dramatic presentation.

July 15 – Sun trines Neptune – a potential time of empathy, compassion and imaginative contemplations, a time for spiritual attunement, or delusion, escapism, denial and fantasy.

July 17 – Sun opposes Pluto – the light of the Sun meets the challenge of shadow material, the intensity of encountering that which needs to be transformed.

July 21 – Venus enters Virgo – relationships become more practical. We assess where we are with ourselves and others in discerning, matter of fact, ways.

July 22 – Venus in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces – love and enjoyment combine the practical and the poetic

July 22 – The Sun enters fiery and radiant Leo. The fullness of summer. Let your light shine, play more, enjoy the children, enjoy creativity within yourself and among others.

July 23 – Full Moon in Aquarius – This airy Moon is cooling to the drama of fiery Leo. The pairing of signs, Aquarius and Leo, highlight individuality and community. We might ask ourselves, “How do I now participant in the opening of communities?”

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Aquarius

“May I feel and experience our interconnectedness (Aquarius) while I center within my heart (Leo).”

July 28 – Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius, once again emphasizing how we grow and learn within the community, how we share our creative visioning. As it retrogrades we can review what has been unfolding since the beginning of the year, and take stock of how we will participate, what we might contribute to the well being of the community.

A note from Susan;

And so I too find that it is time to nurture my deep soul. With that in mind, I am simplifying things to create some ease, deep listening, and rejuvenation. This month there will be no monthly sign delineations. I will take a break from the newsletter in August and return in September with my monthly astrology talks and full newsletter. I will continue to give readings through the summer, and I encourage you to come for a reading in July or August, during this deepening time, during this potent transitional time. To sign up for a reading, please click here,

I want to send appreciation and gratefulness to all of you who have found meaning in my newsletters, and who have supported my work, whether in my talks or in my readings. Because of you and that desire within me, I continue to grow and learn and become more skillful. So thank you!!

Enjoy that big Strawberry Full Moon! (The full moon in June is known as the Strawberry Moon)!

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 39 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and or, painting classes, and for personal consultations, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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