November 25, 2023

December Astrology

Full ‘Frosty’ Moon in Gemini

November 27th, 1:17 am

Nov 27 – Full Moon at 5 Gemini –  Tonight’s full Moon will be striking. Presenting itself as it rises in the East, below shining Jupiter, next to the Pleiades, with the red star Aldebaran sparkling below.

This Full Moon highlights communication, sharing ideas, and the polarities we carry in being human. It emphasizes our relation to the conscious and unconscious, light and dark, the hidden and the accepted. Gemini is inquisitive and curious. Gemini spreads its attention over diverse and broad areas to gather knowledge and ideas, to connect with a variety of people. Its challenge is to simplify and focus its interests. It’s more challenging for Gemini to slow and deepen its insights into wisdom. This full Moon forms a square with Saturn. Saturn wants to restrain the Gemini energy. It can be frustrating. One may have the experience of an obstacle or delay in one’s plans. Yet under this Full Moon it is positive to schedule time to reflect on one’s thought processes and mental energy for better outcomes. Saturn requires slow and steady progress, deep reflection and one step at a time. Quite the opposite from restless Gemini.


The full Moon is illuminated by the light of this passionate Sagittarius Sun. Mars has been traveling next to the Sun, bringing its intense and assertive Warrior energy. We have been experiencing this Martian influence as war breaks out, protests and demonstrations. Mars’ energy seeks to define through separation, which can tend toward blame and polarization. We can experience the gift of this full Moon in Gemini as its ability to hold diverse ideas and to reach others through skillful communications. In the more evolved expression of Gemini, where Venus is the ruler (Esoteric Astrology), we find unity of diversity, unity of polarity and differences. In moving from one level of consciousness to another, we move from Gemini’s disowned and projected shadow material to acknowledgement of humanity as the embodiment of twins, dark and light. It can be a time when we use the gifts of  Sagittarius to transform old belief systems into broader views of meaning and new ways of holding our realities.

Each full Moon time gives us the opportunity to reflect and to integrate a unique set of sign polarities, the light and dark within us, the conscious and unconscious. Out of a spirited and passionate need to explore and adventure, (Sagittarius), there is a need to share and communicate new experiences and ideas. Sagittarius’s arrow of directness and wisdom meets Gemini’s restless ways and stimulated mind full of a great range of ideas. Gemini the sign of the twins is often of two minds, “both/and”, while Sagittarius aims singly at one target to get to the point. We might look to the shadow qualities of each sign and recalibrate our perspectives. Sagittarius’ shadow expresses itself as a ‘know it all’. Gemini’s shadow is it’s feeling self, hidden beneath its active mind.

Venus, the Nodes, Eris, and Chiron

 Venus aligns with the South Node in Libra and opposes Eris in Aries at the North Node, before it moves into Scorpio on the 4th. In Hellenistic astrology, when a planet conjuncts the South Node its qualities are released and given out. Venus in its own sign, Libra, gives out the need for diplomacy and peace, and so the peace negotiations take place. (We might notice the power of relationship and healing at this time). While Eris in Aries conjunct the North Node brings a hunger to achieve revenge, or on another level, to right what was wronged when people have been exiled or oppressed. Several deep collective traumas are playing out dramatically.

Chiron in Aries is turning direct on December 23rd at 15 Aries, while the North Node moves closer to conjunct Chiron by mid February, and within 8 degree orb of conjunction through December and January. A planet conjunct the north node brings a hunger for achievement, here, a drive to bring out the wounded healer. Or we can look at this combination as giving instructions for  our collective soul growth, to experience the wound and to bring healing. What a powerful time we are in. The last time that Chiron conjuncted the north node it was in Aquarius, and was when Obama was elected to office. The first time an African American was elected to office.

Celestial Events for December

Nov 24 – Mars enters Sagittarius – Mars leaves intense and emotional Scorpio, and gallops into adventurous Sagittarius. Learning and stretching into new territory is enhanced. Boldness is increased.

Nov 25 – Mars at 1 Sagittarius squares Saturn in Pisces – Saturn tempers Mars impetuousness. If you hit an obstacle, slow and reflect. What might it teach you by slowing down?

Nov 27 – Mercury at 25 Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces – our communications may get bogged down with a difficulty to know exactly what we are feeling.

Dec 1 – Mercury into Capricorn, then sextiles Saturn – While Mercury in Sagittarius can be overwhelmed by the scope of its imaginative vision, Mercury now entering earthy and practical Capricorn seeks out a plan and structure for its thoughts. A good time for planning and organizing, especially with the sextile to orderly Saturn.

Dec 3 – Venus at 28 Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn – old issues in relationship may be expressed. A careful balance is between the need for harmony and intense expression, or power issues juxtaposed with an intend on finding balance. Watch what arises.

Dec 4 – Venus enters Scorpio, trines Saturn – A Scorpio Venus feels deeply and intensely, shifting from its diplomatic expression in its own sign, Libra, where its qualities were enhanced. Deep strong feelings at times may overwhelm Venus’s poise, and something gets exposed that needs transforming. The trine to Saturn creates a time of steadiness, determination, and commitment in relationship and collaborations.

Dec 6 – Neptune goes direct at 24 Pisces – When a planet changes direction its qualities are emphasized. Neptune’s higher expressions embody imagination, empathy, and feeling into the larger unity of things. Because its higher nature requires penetration into the subtle realms of unity consciousness and soul, it is often experienced in this open an undefined state as bringing confusion, lack of clarity, and a difficult time to see the truth of things. Feel into your own imagination and poetic soul expression.

Dec 7 – The Sun trines Chiron – The wounded healer themes are enhanced by the trine to active and philosophical Sagittarius Sun.

Dec 7 – Mercury at 6 Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus – a good time for learning, writing, speaking and studying.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Dec 12 – New Moon at 20 Sagittarius, 3:32 PM PST 

Affirmation for New Moon in Sagittarius

“I align with my adventurist spirit to seek new experience that enhance my soul’s expression.”

Dec 12 – Mercury goes retrograde at 8 Capricorn, (goes direct January 1st, at 22 Sagittarius) – Be alert to the trickster energy of Mercury retrograde as it rearranges schedules, upends plans, scrambling communications. Retrograde time is a time to slow and review and reflect. In Capricorn, it’s a good time to review your plans for the year ahead and the goals you may have. Or to take time for solitude and to connect with your deeper desires. Editing and reworking projects are favored.

Dec 16 – Sun at 24 Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces – a day where clarity and decisiveness may be hard to reach. Take time to be spacious in your day and move into gentle reverie.

Dec 18 – Mercury retrograde at 5 Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus – (for the second time this month) – a good time for learning, writing, speaking and studying.

Dec 20 – Venus at 19 Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus – unexpected events, disruptions, and surprises taking place in relationship. Sudden revelations with others, changes in financial conditions.

Dec 21 – Winter Solstice – Sun enters Capricorn – 7:28 pm PST 

Dec 21 – Winter Solstice – at the Winter Solstice the Sun rises for 3 morning in the same location, on the most southeastern point at dawn. Now the light begins to grow toward Spring. The Sun reverses its dawn rising point, moving now in a northeastern direction. The Solstice chart can give us the themes for the next 3 months. It is striking to see the Sun exactly trine the Taurus Moon, suggesting a kind of practical embodiment of intention and energy, which can unfold over the season. Get organized with practical details and solutions. We can see that the Sun Mercury conjunction trines the Moon Jupiter conjunction making it a great time to learn, teach, create and to explore new areas for growth. This trine, then, finds its midpoint through Saturn which can help to ground intentions. It can support staying with projects as growth is taking place. Pluto squares the Moon, Jupiter and points to transforming old patterns, and finding ways to let go, working with our emotional bodies to release trauma and grief. With Venus opposing Uranus we want to be flexible in relationship, in present time with each other as unexpected material or situations may arise. “Getting comfortable with uncertainty” and being the shepherd of our own thoughts and responses.

Dec 22 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde at 1 Capricorn – here is a seeding of a new Mercury/Sun cycle in earthy Capricorn. A good time to reflect, organize, and plan for time ahead.

Dec 22 – Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius, 29 Sagittarius – Moving from practical Capricorn into philosophical Sagittarius, we might tune into what belief systems we carry that are outdated.

Dec 24 – The Sun at 2 Capricorn sextiles Saturn in Pisces – A day for practical accomplishment and giving form to our imaginative powers.

Dec 25 – Venus at 24 Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces – Love, compassion and creativity. Gathering to participate in spiritual, creative imaginative endeavors. Romantic love. Great Empathy for each other on this Christmas Day.

Dec 26 – Full Moon, 4 Cancer, at 4:34 pm


Dec 26 – Full Moon, 4 Cancer, at 4:34 pm – a time to honor our inner being, to connect with soul, heart, family, and home. The Winter Solstice marks a new beginning as the light begins to grow. It celebrates new birth, the sacredness of life (themes for Christmas). The full Moon illuminates this time in the signs of Mother Seas and Earth (Cancer) and Father Mountain and Skies (Capricorn). A time for quiet, deep reflection, and honoring the great mysteries of this life and world. Nurture yourself and others under this Cancer Moon. Honor your feelings and perceptions.

Dec 26 – Mercury retrograde at 25 Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces – (for the 2nd time) our communications may get bogged down with a difficulty to know exactly what we are feeling.

Dec 27 – The Sun at 5 Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus – a day to enjoy, to hike and dwell in appreciation of nature, to enjoy  accomplishing things together, to read, write, teach, learn. Expand your mind. Good travel day (though be aware of Mercury retrograde).

Dec 27 – Mercury retrograde conjuncts Mars at 24 Sagittarius – Great day for editing, a sharp mind to go over reading material. Being direct in communications. Getting to the point. Up to debate. Heated conversation.

Dec 28 – Mars at 25 Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces – a stall in action. Refinement in intentions. Better to pause and reflect on our responses and actions.

Dec 29 – Venus enters Sagittarius – Venus leaves intense Scorpio and enters adventurous and ardent Sagittarius. Play, explore, and philosophize together. Great time for learning and teaching together.

Dec 30 – Jupiter goes direct at 5 Taurus – through 2nd half of December and first half of January, Jupiter is at its station point, 5 Taurus. Jupiter traits of expansion, growth, confidence, trust, adventuring into new territory in grounded and physical ways (Taurus) is emphasized. Do you have a planet or angle between 7-3 Taurus? As always with strong Jupiter aspects we watch overdoing or going to extremes.

Jan 1 – Mercury goes direct at 22 Sagittarius – Ready, set, go! Broad thinking, new grand ideas. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we balance precision and accuracy with ideals and broad views of possibility.

The Twelve signs for December: Sun and Rising Signs


Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, under the full Gemini Moon you feel the need to talk and share feelings and ideas. Writing and expressing yourself are the key. A significant communication takes place with a neighbor. Saturn squares the full Moon, so prioritize and focus on one thing at a time. If you feel an obstacle, or tiredness, rest and find quiet to regroup. With the Sun and Mars traveling together in fiery Sagittarius find ways to release energy and drive, without exhausting yourself. You may find heat rising to the surface. Saturn squares the Sun and Mars from November 23rd to the beginning of December, with the caution to slow down and rest as deeper issues are sorting themselves out. Your planet, Mars, now in Sagittarius, wants to adventure, be outside moving, read a great book, or study something that compels you. The fire New Moon on the 12th, provides a time when travel is accentuated, a time for expanding your view of things, taking a new course of study or action, and examining your plans for the year ahead. Keywords for December, “Finding inspiration.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the full Moon in Gemini highlights your ability to use your resources skillfully, which supports your self worth, and frees up your talents. Under its light you find yourself securing your finances, organizing your time, and doing what needs to be done to feel good about yourself. As Taurus likes to do one thing at a time, while Gemini flits from one thing to another, you may find the Saturn square to the Moon helpful in giving steady focus, rather than stuck in a swamp of overwhelm. Your planet, Venus, makes two sign changes during the month. On the 4th into Scorpio and on the 29th into Sagittarius. While in Libra you may have felt a steadiness and enjoyed enhancing the home with beauty, and your company with love. Pay attention as it enters Scorpio, as it shifts into deeper waters of feeling, needing to sort things out in order to move on. In Sagittarius (on the 29th) you are freed to adventure, so you balance Taurus practically with new possibilities for connecting with others. Jupiter in Taurus graces your sign this year, and is opposite Venus from the 5th to the 13th. You find enjoyment in relationship and creativity is enhanced. The New Moon in Sagittarius falls in your house of intimacy, collaboration, and diving deep to transform old ways of being. Name your intentions and set your course to transforming.  Keywords for December, “Honoring your talents and worth.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, celebrate yourself under this beautiful winter Moon. Your sensitivities are heightened and you can be more perceptive to what’s around you. It may signal a new kind of beginning for you. The square to Saturn encourages you to slow down, to organize, to complete and reflect on what you want to now manifest. The Sun and Mars light up your house of relationship. This can bring inspiration and encouragement from a partner, or may be disruptive to your plans. Your planet, Mercury, now in Sagittarius, has stimulated lots of thoughts and inquiry that will need to be absorbed and processed. Mercury enters Capricorn on the December 1st, shifting into thinking about practicalities and goals. It retrogrades on the 12th, until January 1st, an excellent time to review the last number of months, bringing insights for the year ahead. The new Moon on the 12th graces your house of relationship, a time to gather your intentions for goals with your partner or friends for the year ahead. How would you like to stretch into new territory?  Keywords for December, “Heightened sensitivities.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, the Gemini full Moon falls in your house of retreat, meditation, and deeper attunement. The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius highlight your house of taking care of your physical body, and attuning to daily rhythms for health, and/or work. Under the full Moon, you find the balance between spiritual and physical nourishment. You are a Moon baby, born under the sign Cancer, and when the Moon squares Saturn you may be extra sensitive to the demands you place on yourself, or sensitive to perceived judgements. Another way to perceive this alignment is to take time to reflect deeply on your own experience and wisdom, then to trust an inner guidance that wants to manifest your uniqueness. With the new Moon in Sagittarius taking place on the 12th, your work habits and daily routines, how you physically care for yourself, is highlighted. Is there something you would like to change? Is there an old pattern that no longer serves you? Would you like to feel better in your body? Set your intention, as the roots of your desire will grow with Sagittarius confidence. Keywords for December, “Deeper Attunement.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, express yourself! The Sun and Mars in passionate Sagittarius grace your house of creative and heart felt expression. The Sun is your ruling planet, and brings illumination to your mission. With Mars next to the Sun you may be very busy and active, have strong feelings, and be in tune with what makes you angry. With Mars there, ask yourself what is your deepest desire? Find support to unfold that desire. The full Gemini Moon lights up your house of friends and collaborating with others to achieve your goals. Under the full Moon, enjoy your community, or a friend. The square to Saturn encourages you to decide on a commitment or not. The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 12th and stimulates your house of creative expression. Set your intention for your next project or adventure. If you don’t have one, imagine what it can be, and set your intention to move into new territory. Keywords for December, “My heart’s desire.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, With the Sun and Mars now in Sagittarius, you approach projects at home with enthusiasm. Perhaps a new desire is surfacing and you feel propelled into learning, studying, travel, or transforming your home. The full Gemini Moon graces your house of achievement and accomplishment. It highlights goals and work out in the world. Under its light you can reflect on your accomplishments this year, the quality of this last year, and what you would like for next year. Your planet, Mercury, now in Sagittarius, may have been distracted from its goals. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 1st. Your Virgo loves it’s Capricorn practicality, and you feel things moving toward your desired outcomes. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, you have the opportunity to review and fine-tune what you have been doing, planning, or completing. You make adjustments, then take off again toward desired goals on January 1st, when it goes direct. The New Moon in Sagittarius asks you to seed your deepest desires. It takes place in the area of your chart representing home, family and your inner self. What is your soul desiring? Keywords for December, “Practical accomplishments and review.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the full Gemini Moon falls in your house of philosophy, higher education, and expanding your consciousness. With Mars and the Sun now in Sagittarius, your mind is active and finds new levels of inspiration. Marketing and connecting with others, sharing information and ideas are highlighted. Your planet, Venus, has been in its own sign, Libra, your sign, bringing sweetness in your life and good company. Once it enters Scorpio on the 4th, you are entering a time when transformation is possible. Are there ways you would like to shift habits? It enters your house of using resources and developing your talents, and brings opportunities for change there as well. It’s helpful to reflect upon these themes, seeing what’s working, what’s not working. When Venus opposes Uranus on the 20th, be flexible with unexpected situations and changes. Something new wants to come in. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 29th, seeking new territory to learn in and to create with. The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 12th, igniting and stimulating your mind and communications. This is an opportune time to set an intention for what you want to learn, teach, write, or communicate for the time ahead.  Keyword for December “Communications.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, as Mars and the Sun traveled through Scorpio together, it may have been challenging to relax. They created heat and intensity, and hopefully, you were able to direct their passionate forces. Now the Sun and Mars have entered Sagittarius, and you may be ready for something new, new projects, shifts in work, something that inspires you. You may need to rest and find your equilibrium with its activity. The full Gemini Moon takes place in the house of transformation, which includes diving deeper, and intimate encounters with others. Your sensitivities may increase, and perhaps, because the Moon is in Gemini, you don’t notice. So treat yourself well, as this full Moon dips into deeper waters. The new Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 12th, as Mercury goes retrograde. It’s a good time to review your strengths and talents, to review your finances and make adjustments. This helps you to set an intention for your goals in the months ahead.  Keywords for December, “Balance action and reflection.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, happy Birthday! Mars and the Sun, having entered Sagittarius on November 22nd and 24th, gives you a boost of energy and inspiration. Passionate Sagittarius is almost always ready to go for it, and this has an extra boost. You may now have one pointed focus to accomplish what you want and need to accomplish, as you see the goal you’re galloping toward. Under the Gemini full Moon your relationship with others is highlighted. So be sure to take time to set aside your tasks, and sit with those you love. Listen to what they have to say. This may feel like an obstacle to what you want to do with Saturn squaring the full Moon, but everyone will benefit. And you may share some wisdom that’s helpful. With your planet, Jupiter, stationing to go direct at 5 Taurus, you may really feel the Jupiterian spirit of expansion and desire to move into new territory. The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 12th. Under this Moon, in your own sign, is a perfect time to find solitude and reflect on your intentions for the year ahead.  Keywords for December, “Energy and passion.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, this Gemini full Moon falls in your house of work and health. What a great time to reflect on the quality of your day to day life. How is your life balanced with the needs of work and of health? What habits are you ready to transform? How is your body feeling and where would you like change? Your ruling planet, Saturn, now in Pisces and squaring the Moon, is the master teacher. At the full Moon it wants to bring you into reflection, slowing you down, to feel deeply into your inner wisdom about what you most want to manifest. The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius activate your imagination, stirring up deep desires. You rejuvenate by retreating and simplifying. The New Moon takes place on the 12th, falling in your house of introspection, and deeper attunement to your inner life. Perhaps you are remembering your dreams. This is the month that prepares you for your new beginning at your birthday. Honor this sacred time of reflection for the best results.  Keywords for December, “Reflection and realignments.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the Gemini full Moon illuminates your house of creative expression, love from the heart, and playfulness. How nice to give yourself enjoyment with the ones you love under this Moon. Your mind is stimulated with ideas, and everyone knows how unique and creative your ideas are. Saturn, one of your ruling planets, squares the Moon, so you may have a task or responsibility that needs tending and completing as well. Enjoyment balanced with commitment. With the Sun conjuncting Mars in Sagittarius, in your house of collaboration with others and and the house of friends, you may feel inspired to lead or participate in interesting projects. It is a time of activity balanced with reflection and rest. The new Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 12th, which for you, is a perfect time to gather with others and reflect on your deeper desires, seeing what intentions arise from these conversations. Mercury goes retrograde then, so deeper contemplation is enhanced. Keyword for December, “Enjoyment.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, under the full Moon in Gemini, your family and home are highlighted. What a wonderful time to appreciate your family, naming the positive contributions of each. It would also be nice to take some time for yourself under this full Moon, as it stimulates the deeper parts of your psyche, your feeling self, your underlying patterns and deep responses to your life. Is there any part of yourself you would like to understand better, or explore? Your ruling planet, Jupiter, now in Taurus, and at its stationary point, is strengthened in its expression of generosity, and upbeat spirit, so attracts others to you. It a good time to watch your boundaries, as over-giving is not unusual at this time. The Sagittarius New Moon takes place on the 12th, right at the top of your chart. This is the location known for what we aspire toward, our career and place of public standing. It’s an auspicious time to tune into what you are desiring to accomplish now, whether large or small. Taking the time to more thoroughly reflect upon this can be helpful in setting your course for 2024. Keywords  for December, “Generosity and Boundaries.”

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