December 10, 2016

Gift Yourself w/ a Reading

Give the Gift of Astrological Reading for 2017


  Personalized readings by Susan,

each packaged with CD, and charts

What to give a special person in your life, including yourself?  Here are a variety of great gift ideas and more!

 Personal Transit Reading for 2017 – In person or phone session, one’s personal cycles and how to best work with the energies of year, with a Tarot reading $165 or $195

 Natal Chart Reading – In person or phone session regarding one’s life themes, purpose, completing with a Tarot reading for 2017, $165 for an hour or $195 for 90 minutes

 Soul Life Reading with Tarot – a 2 hour session to illuminate life purpose, meaning, and karmic patterns. Feel into the deep resonance with Cosmos and Psyche,  $235

 An Astrological Reading for Couples – Understanding your strengths and opportunities for growth, illuminating your purpose with each other, and deepening intimacy. $190

Tarot reading for 2017 – Enjoy the power of visual image and ancient wisdom to tune into the needs and opportunities for 2017, $120

Private painting sessions – Open up your powers of creativity with collage and painting session in Susan’s home studio. A safe place to explore, breakthrough and be soul enriched. $200 for two sessions

Solar Return Reports – A yearly astrological report based on your present birthday, 35 pages, $45 (send through email, $35)

Life theme Reading – 30 minute session, illuminating purpose, gifts, and meaning, $95

 Personal Cycle Reading – 30 minute session on the opportunities and challenges of 2017, $95

Nameology Reading: Explore the Mystery of your first name! – 30 minute session on one’s first name and what it means to carry its vibration in one’s life, $45

Astrological charts and written interpretations on Children and Newborns  A lovely, informative, 20-30 page booklet on a child in your life or a wonderful gift to give; very positive, supportive and life affirming, $45 (send through email, $35)


For more information go to to order gift or to set an appointment date and time, email or call 831 479-3751

by Susan Heinz, Professional Astrologer in Santa Cruz for 34 years




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