November 12, 2019

Holiday Special

Holiday Special

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30 minute reading for $90,

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Saturn and Pluto now align in Capricorn, marking a time of cutting away what’s no longer supportive to you and allowing transformation. This pair comes together every 33 years to mark a challenge to change. Together they require endurance, commitment and willingness to envision new outcomes.

Jupiter, entering Capricorn on Dec 2, gives us the courage and confidence to take practical action toward our visions and goals.

This 30 minute reading focuses on where these planets activate your chart and your life. The reading is a navigational map for these powerful times.

       “For many years I have been fortunate to experience Sue Heinz’s professional counsel. Sue is, not only, an outstanding, brilliant astrologer and teacher, but a true artist, scholar and intuitive in her craft. The depth of her knowledge and insight astounds me every time I have a reading. Sue has an amazing talent in holding the big picture of the cosmos and celestial forces, while being able to focus in on her clients opportunities and challenges with laser like clarity. Her personal and professional depth are greatly enhanced by her personal warmth, caring support and refreshing sense of humor.  Throughout the year, I frequently listen to the recording of Sue’s reading, and feel greatly enriched and prepared for the big and small decisions and choices of my life.”

Karin Leonard, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Artist

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