October 5, 2019

October Astrology

The full moon is on the 13th. With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries we are given the opportunity to balance self with other, our needs versus relational needs, and commitments. This is the month to become mindful of how that balance is. Is it over done and the scales tipping on one side or the other? During this full Moon, Pluto exactly squares the Sun and Moon. Old issues can arise, old hurts or resentments, issues of power or competition. Here we can also call in our courage into new beginnings with a sense of balance and grace. Mars enters Libra on the 3rd, giving energy and direction to Libra and all the air signs, Gemini and Aquarius.

A little bit of political, cultural news

Culturally and politically we are in Trump’s projection, or we might say we are in the shadow of what we have created collectively and Trump is the one who is amplifying that projection. We could also say that he has been chosen to represent this period of time. We are seeing this authoritative and polarizing influence all over the world as Saturn and Pluto conjunct. We confront (Saturn) the underworld of Pluto, the hidden, the dark, and the underlying impulses and values, (Pluto). (This conjunction peaks next year and then its influence starts to lessen.)

Greta Thrunberg is the young woman (or child), calling out “the Emperor has no clothes!”, among all the adults who go along with the established power center. We are in that mythology. Or we could say that she is a kind of Joan of Arc for this transitional period. We have reached a time when a scrambling of words has become a way to obscure the truth of things. Words have lost their connection to cut through and define truths, but still have the power to create realities. Words are being used more blatantly than ever to obscure and delude as a power to manipulate toward whatever ends are intended. (We have a glorified history with this use of propaganda. It is what our capitalist society uses to generate profits. It’s branding and we have the branding King in the White House.)

This can be attributed to Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, exaggerating through a self righteousness (Jupiter in Sag) that which is illusory, veiled, and deceptive (lower vibration of Neptune). And yet we also see the opposite of this tendency; a truth teller (Jupiter in Sag) for the collective (Neptune in Pisces). The original power of words was once again exclaimed when Greta spoke at the United Nations, or when the students of Parkland marched and spoke out. This is the positive application of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. The ability to endure, continue with steady confrontation through the rising of the shadow into transformation of the structures in society.

Here we can see the impeachment inquiry as a collective act of stepping out of, separating from, this projection. Whether it is right or wrong, of good timing or bad, we can view the impeachment inquiry from a broader stance, setting a limit to living in this projection. Trump’s projection is an extension of Roy Cohen’s projection of the world. (Roy Cohen was Senator Joe McCarthy’s lawyer. Joe McCarthy was the senator who persecuted “communists” who had “infiltrated” our institutions and society, ie., jews and gays and people on the radical left. Sound familiar?) in the 50’s.

On top of this is the continual degradation of the protection of our Earth, to which Greta refers. This old consciousness of plundering the Earth illustrates a collective consciousness that is regressive. The bridge into the future is built from understanding the interrelatedness of all living things and that the earth is a living and sacred ecology. Here’s a quote from the Guardian, 

“The Trump administration is manipulating research findings and targeting scientists for political gain while handing improper influence to special interests, according to a nonpartisan task force of former government officials who warn that the White House’s war on science is at a “crisis point”. In a report published on Thursday, the National Task Force on Rule of Law and Democracy said the administration was trying, “at times, to undermine the value of objective facts themselves”. The Guardian, Oct 3 2019

The astrology of this time calls for perseverance and acting on our values as we walk through this shadow time. With Jupiter in Sagittarius and crossing Trumps Sagittarius Moon and opposing his Sun until late November this year, we may be watching how there is a protective circle around him. Once Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December, it is my belief that this protection will ebb. In January and February, his protection will break and it will be extremely difficult for Trump. The limits will have been reached. Losses will be apparent. 

Astrology for October, for your sun or rising sign

Aries – Your relationships are your teachers now. Restrain all justifications of action and stand in mindfulness. You will be rewarded with liberation of spirit and deepening of soul connection.

Taurus – Balance freedom and time to be in contemplative revelation, with meeting others on very deep and intimate levels. This provides the insight and synchronicities that will open up your path.

Gemini – Involve yourself. Dare to speak and embody your expression. It will be cathartic and transformative for you. If you come up against comparison, let it rub against you until it forms the pearl of wisdom to direct you on your path.

Cancer- How do you be in your subjective depth and also out in the world in a bold and courageous way? This is the time to find that balance. Seek out wise teachers or books of knowledge, and use your talents to serve. This fuels strength in yourself. Don’t let yourself be thrown off by others. They are providing you with the opportunity to be detached from reacting, cultivating greater perception.

Leo – Grow your mind this month, dear Leo. Step out courageously into a greater world, a new situation and challenge yourself to learn. Here you balance your opinions and knowing with a much larger field of wisdom. You are transformed through it.

Virgo – This full moon calls you to the ideas of mine and yours. Calls you to define and stand in your values and self worth while also being present to the values of others. It generates an energy that can transform your expression and sense of self to a new level.

Libra – Libra, dear Libra, birthday child!! Bring yourself to the forefront! Honor your uniqueness and watch how quickly you turn to be there for another. This is the axis wherein you find your balance. Find the words that define how deeply you value yourself which ultimately dissolves into valuing all humanity.

Scorpio – Venus in Scorpio now, defines the need and depth of your being this month, a longing for a deeper belonging, a deeper merging, all the while in the irritation and the interruptions and unknowns that life delivers. Challenge yourself to let go of one trait you carry in relationship that you no longer want to have and feel the peace it brings.

Sagittarius – This full moon highlights being part of the team or group and being your own individual, carving and creating your own path. Be mindful of this balance and how you can best channel your teachings and wisdom into its most useful area.

Capricorn – Capricorn, Capricorn honor your inner fierceness, courage and intuition. Let it fuel your public stance. This radical transformation you have been enduring, that you have been cultivating for many years now, calls for your courage and pioneering spirit to activate a new level of expression. Keep your balance between inner and outer.

Aquarius – This full moon beckons you into greater intimacy with yourself and others. Slow your speeding, revelation creating mind so as to balance with a deeper intimacy with self and other. You will see rewards and transformations in your work and in your ability to give to others in a balanced and deeply perceptive way.

Pisces – As that beautiful Aries full moon shines down on you take the moment to fully appreciate yourself and your life. Let it sink in deeply like a whale diving into the deep waters of your being. Here is where you can cultivate love, love which will become a field around you, that each person feels as they enter your space. This energy can change the world! 


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