January 11, 2019

Planetary Alignments for 2020

2020, the year of the Metal Rat in Chinese astrology

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Begins Jan 24th, at the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice

The year of the Metal Rat begins with a New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th PST. This is a year that brings endings and new beginnings. There is an emphasis on innovations, creative scientific and technological breakthroughs. The year is marked with much debate, bargaining, and heated disagreements. Greater speculation and fluctuations take place in the stock market. Usually the economy does well, but prepare for changes. Trump, a Fire Dog sign, may receive bad news, and be less likely to influence or change the movement of events/opinions he does not like.

 Planetary alignments for 2020

 The Capricorn Stellium

Pluto now in Capricorn (since 2008)

The last time Pluto entered Capricorn was in 1762-1778. Pluto in Capricorn breaks down and restructures governing systems, bureaucracies, old power structures, economies, and brings to the surface issues of authority and control that can no longer be of service to the evolution of humanity. Pluto in Capricorn intensifies power struggles, and the old systems of oppression, while at the same time bringing about destruction and catharsis to those systems. This described the end of British rule and the will and power to shape the Constitution. With Pluto, once again, in Capricorn, the transformative forces around governments return. Pluto brings to the surface what has been hidden and repressed in terms of these systems, especially repressed contents and wounds in the deep foundations of nations, people and social dynamics. (The forming of the USA constitution took place with Pluto in Capricorn.)

Personally, when touched by Pluto in Capricorn, we make a descent into the deep inner realm of the soul. Here we experience what has been exiled from our consciousness yet is in our body’s cellular memory. It brings catharsis and rebirth, potentially healing trauma, and illuminating the unconscious preexisting identity patterns and stories. This brings about reclaiming a vital part of the self that had been loss and is now reunited.

Saturn in Capricorn (Dec 2017 through 2020)

Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19th, 2017. It was last in Capricorn from November 1988 through 1991. Saturn limits, focuses, and concentrates one’s experience in the sign it occupies.

Saturn teaches us through our experience. Saturn builds and creates focus for our intention. It cultivates what we align with as the “voice of authority”. As we move forward into greater consciousness during the next three years we benefit by centering in our inner voice and truth, our own inner authority. Capricorn works best in manifesting our intention through step-by-step focus, effort, and staying power. Saturn utilizes quiet, stillness, and deep listening to activate its wisdom. Capricorn is a cardinal sign. All cardinal signs are about initiating new beginnings. This is our opportunity to set our navigating force on a new track. Ask, “What is my deepest yearning?” Set your intention to steady itself for the year ahead. Then get ready to climb on the Capricorn mountain trail. Stay steady on your path, bring in organization and patience for the year ahead. Take in the view!

Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

The effects of the Saturn Pluto conjunction are experienced from 2019 through the end of 2020

This conjunction takes place every 32-37. Last time it took place in Capricorn was 500 years ago! 1518. When Saturn and Pluto come together, Saturn confronts and gives form to Pluto’s dark intensity. Saturn gives form to the Pluto issues of power and powerlessness, so it is a time of polarization, of seeing in black and white, good versus bad. The shadow qualities of our culture and society take form and become empowered. Pluto will intensify Saturn’s authority, control, and go to extremes into totalitarianism. Because this is taking place in Capricorn the focus is on governing systems, and systems and structures throughout the society. It may seem like a darkening of the times, with a moral deficiency, and the toxic traits of Pluto and Saturn that are usually contained, now become part of the culture; shaming, blaming scapegoating, foul language.

On the other hand, Saturn focusing on the uprising Pluto, what has been repressed, and oppressed in our society now comes to the surface to be seen and transformed. What was hidden comes out into view. What gets seeded and set in motion is the transformation, the end and new beginning, of what is no longer sustainable and needs to be eliminated. Here in Capricorn all issues of governing forces, the past status quo, and systems we have been governed through or have run the economies must go through a laborious rebirth. Both Saturn and Pluto become midwives of a difficult birth. We are in the most challenging aspects of labor. Saturn in Capricorn gives determination, patience, perseverance, courage and nobility in focusing on what must now be transformed. During these times we see visionaries and activist with determination to transform the old systems that are no longer sustainable or livable.

Jupiter into Capricorn, December 2, 2019 to December 19, 2020

Jupiter enlarges the qualities of the sign it occupies. Inspirational and optimistic Jupiter is brought to Earth and practicalities in Capricorn. Every 12 years it enters Capricorn, there to ground and bring forth that which allows Capricorn to grow and expand toward it’s goals. Jupiter is the planet of faith and trust, of confidence. This year for us to develop trust and confidence in our intentions and journey ahead we cultivate patience and create a plan, an ongoing discipline that carries the long view toward our goal. Jupiter is the inner teacher, the ability to receive insight and grace, so in Capricorn, we must make solitary time to tune in with ourselves, to listen and allow guidance in the unfolding direction.. Jupiter in Capricorn gains from steady, focused work and calm determination toward our goals, step by step. All earth signs are affected, with the potential of bringing more confidence in their journey.

Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto

April 4th, June 30th, November 12th

Jupiter Pluto promotes, enlarges, and quickens the transformative process through Capricorn, that which governs, along with all systems and structures. This can be activity to reform economic and politic structures. It can bring about extremes between: enlarging and intensifying the status quo and more traditional approaches, versus expanding the transformative process of the shadow qualities within our government and engaging with what needs to be eliminated, as well as transformed. Situations can be magnified, both personally, and collectively. Issues around trade, education, debt, and judicial courts will be faced with transformation. This conjunction can describe over spending, and exchanging enormous sums of money. (Watch the candidates’ expenses). The Jupiter Pluto conjunction can indicate the urge to reform. Together they promote being willing to move into the dark aspects of our society, or our own psyches, to activate reform and transformation. We may see more focus on homelessness, mental health matters, prisons, and situations around asylum. Pluto can intensify Jupiter, intensifying faith toward goals, and taking on large projects. We may experience this very personally as the urge to reform with greater faith toward our goals. For the Earth and Water signs, one can experience more confidence in change and transformative growth.

 Uranus in Taurus, 2018 through 2026

Uranus jolts us into sudden and unexpected new realities/situations. In this way it wakes us up. It can disengage us from secure points of view, and causes sudden separations from what we have relied on and valued. It brings us to the Present as it is, open, spacious, full of uncertainty, yet also full of potential gifts. It promotes radical change in our lives, attuning to new ways of being that are more creative, freer, and life sustaining. With Uranus moving into Taurus on March 6th, we enter the next phase of what has begun to activate and develop in the world since 2010. It can shift the focus into awakening us to our values and our relationship with nature and the environment. Its potential is to bring idealism into reality, originality into tangible forms, to transform monetary systems and radically transform our relation with the environment and our Earth. It has the potential to bring about the greater understanding of ecology. It activates the Earth signs and the fixed signs to change, wake up and go for it.

 Neptune in Pisces,  2011 to 2025 (last there in 1874-61)

Neptune in Pisces can bring more attunement to the many dimensions in which we live, moving beyond identifying only with the physical into the spiritual and imaginative dimensions. People are able to break out of roles that have for so long held us in place and dictated how we could be with each other. (i.e. gay marriage, gender identity) The oceans, music, the arts, spirituality, imagination, and meditation will all increase in concern and focus. (Note, the mindfulness meditation movement) The arts, music, and sound, and their role in healing will be accentuated. Prison and hospital reform will be up for us. Issues with refugees and large movements of people across borders will come to the forefront. Neptune in Pisces assists in dissolving the old paradigm. It can activate the powers of our imagination so to support breaking out of old paradigms and belief systems that limit us. What we can imagine we can create. The shadow side of Neptune in Pisces is an increase in verbal spin, manipulation through deception and propaganda, increase in denial and escapism through drugs and alcohol. The challenge: we can feel overwhelmed as the increase in emotional sensitivity takes place as open as we are to the collective emotional field. It can be very disorientating and confusing, stimulating emotional responses of victimization. So when Neptune travels through Pisces, meditation, contemplation, coming to inner stillness and utilizing our poetic imagination all promote connection to more inclusive dimensions of consciousness.

Venus retrograde in Gemini

May 12 – June 24, in Gemini from April 3rd thru Aug 7

(When Venus goes retrograde it moves from evening star to disappear at the end of May to reappear around the 10th of June as morning star.) Venus retrograde initiates a time of global review, a reconsideration of what is necessary to maintain a balanced world view. Around June 10th is a vulnerable time for world leaders when political situations are unstable and possibly in flux. Personally, when Venus is retrograde it is a time to contemplate one’s deepest needs and creative wellspring as well as how connected we are to those life sustaining forces. (See Erin Sullivan, Retrograde Planets) Venus will highlight Gemini for longer than usual, potentially bring harmonious effects, inspire artistic pursuits and highlight positive relationship.

 Mars retrograde in Aries   

Sept 9th through Nov 13th

Mars enters its own sign, Aries, in June and then retrogrades, remaining in Aries until January 2021. This placement is extremely unique as Mars usually passes through a sign in 2 months, but in its retrograde phase, in will stay in its own sign, amplifying its influence, for 6 months. Here’s the urge to create new beginnings, and yet we must reconsider, even more deeply what those new beginnings are, during Mars retrograde, from September 9th through November 13, (the retrograde Mars during the Presidential election creates a unique situation, as well as Mercury retrograde during the earlier part of the day, setting up a situation of uncertainty, and perhaps the need to reconsider election results.)

Mars in Aries is the archetypal warrior, courageous, energetic, assertive, and fighting for its rights. This election season will be intense, highly competitive, fierce in its partisanship, with no holds barred. From August to mid October the campaigns intensely heat up as Mars opposes Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. There likely will be a national or international event that interrupts the momentum of the election season.

On a personal level, how can we best utilize this energy during this “Turning Point” year? How can we become more aware of the values and conditioning that have propelled our behaviors and shaped our culture over the last 200 years? How can we become mindful of our initial reactions to defend and attack, caught in comparing and competing? Mars in Aries supports our courage and intention to stand for our deeper convictions. We can utilize this powerful energetic to move us forward creatively, asserting a new paradigm of equality, and inclusiveness. Like a powerful undertow, oppressive hierarchical structures seek to pull us back toward the past, with tighter control and polarization. Let us counter that with consciousness and vision.

 Mercury retrogrades in Water signs

(Feb 16 – Mar 9, Jun 17- Jul 12, and Oct 13 – Nov 3)

 Mercury is the planet of the mind; how we form our thoughts and perceptions, how we communicate and connect mentally with others. Every year Mercury retrogrades 3 times, representing the need we all have to periodically retreat, go inward, and reconnect at deeper levels. It is a time for review, for fine-tuning our projects, for slowing down. We can expect delays or technology to stall, all with a drive to attain a natural rhythm that periodically calls us inward. Each year Mercury retrogrades in a different element. In 2020 it retrogrades in the water signs.

With Mercury retrograding through the water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, we review the quality of our lives. We take time to understand what our emotions are communicating to us, and realize how much we are tuned into each other and the collective. It is a time to find ways to rest and rejuvenate. Imagination increases, an excellent time for artists to plumb the depths of their expression.

 Eclipses in 2020

Eclipses take place in pairs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are in exact alignment. A Solar Eclipse takes place at New Moon. A Lunar Eclipse takes place at the Full Moon. 6 Months later another pair of eclipses takes place. Sometimes, as during this summer, there will be 3 eclipses rather than 2.

Eclipses intensify the energy of the times, often exposing some issue that has been hidden as it aligns with a person’s or country’s chart.

(Dec 25, 2019, Solar Eclipse 4 Capricorn), Jan 10, Lunar Eclipse, 20 Cancer,

Jun 5, Lunar Eclipse, 15 Sagittarius, Jun 20, Solar Eclipse, 1 Cancer,

July 4, Lunar Eclipse, 13 Capricorn,

November 30, Lunar Eclipse, 8 Gemini, Dec 14, Total Solar Eclipse, 23 Sagittarius

The Story, for 2020:

Written by Susan for the astrology talk on January 24, 2020

We have been journeying for quite awhile to get to our destination. We are now in the high mountains. (terrain of Capricorn) The land is rugged and wild. We have not known it or seen it before as we do now. It seems stark and rocky. The elements are harsher against our bodies. We feel less protected. We are aware that this is a most strenuous part of our climb.

We see the pass between the mountain peaks ahead. Some of us thrive in this high country, where we attune to more clarity. We simplify and focus, attune to our goal ahead. We are grounded in our bodies. Our perception is heightened, perception of our vulnerability, as well as our strength. We see the exquisiteness and the beauty of this planet and each other.

We travel past burnt landscapes, feel the losses. We see refuge camps and masses of people migrating to find safety. We experience the human dilemma, our vulnerabilities. We know we have a mission and we continue. But we are aware of this timing and the map of the terrain, the instructions from the stars.

We step into the awareness of the mountain goats (Capricorn) and feel into our own ability to be fully present and sure-footed. (Saturn) We set about with a plan, setting a steady rhythm and structure to our journey ahead throughout the year. We see our goal. We are patient. We have determination and resolution, for we know that we are going into the mountains to bring forth the vital soul that is lost, seeking the rethreading and reweaving with the wisdom of Earth and the interdependence all things, of a new age. We listen deeply, both inwardly and outwardly. We cultivate faith in our mission and achieving our goal. We know we are heading to a new era and must together hold the vision for the future.

We also experience the Pluto influence. We may worry about our abilities, or be afraid of the dark, feeling the uncertainty in which we live and the deep vulnerability of being human, but still we continue, strengthening ourselves toward our goal. With Pluto now in Capricorn, we may need to lighten our load, to let go of what burdens us. The past may emerge in our minds, and it could be time for deep forgiveness. We may meet challenging aspects of life. We choose to meet these straight on and see the benefit of commitment and what endures, recognizing the benefit of stillness and the cultivation of the heart. Pluto empowers our Saturnian resolve. We know we are engaged in healing and transformative processes.

With Jupiter now in Capricorn, we can trust this process, learn and grow through everything we meet, trusting in something larger than ourselves. We utilize our imaginative powers to envision our goals, the destination, and a new world. And in so doing we expand our ability to receive grace and protection, the domain of Jupiter. It helps us to open to the synchronicity of the universe, and to the wisdom of the guidance we receive. We stay in touch with what we are grateful for. This is the time.

On the way we meet other journeyers (influence of Aquarius). We climb over the tall and steep pass, straining and persevering, looking around at the exquisiteness of place and creatures, at the stars, and the people on the journey with us. We are pacing ourselves, shifting to attune deeply within and cultivating deep patience and the long view, steady with purpose to the destiny.

We come to a great chasm. We see travelers, setting their things aside and building brick by brick a bridge. (Chiron) We lay down our things and help lay the bricks and material for this bridge, the long cross beams. The bricks are luminous with vision and imagination. The bricks are recycled material now solid and sturdy with the healing of our trauma, the renewal of our clarity and determination to hold consciousness, enact a plan and take action.

Across the bridge is another land. (Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) We can see in the distance on the other shore, the visionaries, the teachers, the activists, who have built their consciousness by stepping outside of the status quo and accessing a knowing, accessing the heart and realizing the truth of who we live and the interdependence of all things. We are crossing the bridge over the deep crevasse from one age to another. (Pisces to Aquarian Age) This is the greater story in which we are engaged, “the reweaving of the world. We are the agents of ongoing creativity that permeates the universe, threading our souls into the soul of the world.”, (Quote from Michael Meade).


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