March 26, 2024

Astrology for April

‘Aries’ by Susan Seddon Boulet

Fool’s Day opens the month of April, alerting us to unexpected surprises, and daring us to become agile, like yoginis encountering each life event as if it was the challenge of a pose, or like jugglers, so gracefully balancing the whirling orbs of planetary influences. (Synchronistically, Mercury begins its trickster retrograde period).

The Tarot deck begins with the Fool. In the Tarot, the Fool is you and me, taking our journey through life, through all the stages and experiences that the cards in the deck illustrate. Each card shows the inherent gifts and resources we come in with, along with the experiences that test and challenge us into consciousness. Becoming whole and truly aligned with our deeper inner Self requires not only the mind of the Fool, with its curiosity, wonder, and intuition, but also the process of awakening from instinctual unconsciousness which the Fool begins with. This is the journey of awakening consciousness, of wholeness and individuation, where at the end of the road, we become the skillful dancer in the World card.


Astrologers see life as symbolic interplay of forces and energies, of histories, stories, myths, and teaching metaphors. As spring leaps into its growth, we are reminded of the Fool, reminded of our foolishness, and yet our wise instincts too, aligned with nature’s wisdom. Living a symbolic life, we might honor the time of the Fool with reflection on our journeys, and how conscious we are of the patterns that create our responses to life events and relationships. The Fool, through life’s journeys, learns about self reflection and explores the cultural and familial conditioning that sends unacceptable parts of ourselves into the Shadow. The Shadow is the realm of Pluto and Saturn. Truly each planet carries its shadow qualities, and they live in the Pluto’s realm, the deep depths of the unconscious, as well as within the Moon’s domain. 

The Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th

The two big astrological and astronomical events in April, which follow shortly after we encounter the Fool, are the Solar Eclipse and the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. On April 8th, 11:20 am PDT, the Sun, Moon, and Earth align, the body of the Moon blotting out the light of the Sun. In a total eclipse, like this one, day suddenly and briefly becomes night. We are taken into the realm of Luna, where the unconscious lives, and there, houses the shadow. And if we consent to living a deeper, broader, and more dimensional life, we can enrich our lives with this symbolic observation in both our personal and the collective life. Meaning, we can attend to the shadow material in our own lives and witness the shadow material in our collective life, the day before, day of, and day after the Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse takes place at 19 degrees Aries, the sign of spring, the rush of forces determined to move, grow, and thrive, the sign of the warrior, the assertive, aggressive masculine, the sign of hot fiery energy, the emotion of anger and passion, the sign that runs ahead of itself, forever interpreting and projecting, the sign of courage and daring itself to all its edges. What shadow may be revealed to us personally or to the country at this time? What do we need to see in order to create more wholeness? Can we bring more awareness to that which finds us polarized between different factions, or interiorly within ourselves? Or perhaps we have hidden away our angers, our vitalities, our courageous insights, into the dark, that now can awaken?

The Eclipse aligns with the Aries North Node and encourages us to uncover how we can grow from engaging with  independence and intuition, a trusting of ourselves. Solar Eclipses can bring a surprising turn of events, suddenly revealing insights, or an opportunity to face issues head on, and then to grow in meaningfulness.

The Eclipse conjuncts Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Chiron, in order to attend to his wounded self, enters the underworld. There he rests, reflects, and attends to his healing crisis, allowing to integrate anew his Centaurian self. What timing! The cosmos speaks to us through symbol and synchronicity, breaking through our linear way of perceiving, to illustrate how this timing links us to the the larger wound of the USA history and culture. This month the USA is experiencing its Chiron return, a once in 50 year event. This archetypal theme invites us to self reflect, deepen, heal, and shift our perspectives so they can hold new realities.

As if the Gods and Goddesses are blotting out the Sun to awaken us to the purpose of this time, to the night-time of our deeper Self! They might be saying, “Attend to your shadow! Attend to your hidden gifts! Your forgotten self care! What are you disowning and projecting onto others?” What has our country disowned of its shadow? The USA Pluto return has awakened it with a destructive force, but with the promise of transformation and renewal.

Mercury retrograde in Aries

Mercury retrograde in Aries, transiting Chiron 3 times, activating USA Chiron

The cosmos creates reoccurring themes, like a musician, poet, or speaker might. It is the poetic dance of the archetypes, the planetary interactions. Isn’t it interesting, during this potent time, that Mercury is retrograding in the sign of the prominent Aries Solar eclipse, as well as conjuncting Chiron 3 times? (And taking place during the USA Chiron return). Mercury, in fact, goes direct exactly conjunct the North Node, 15 Aries, on April 25. The planet of thinking, communicating and messaging, the only God who can freely move above and below, into the underworld realms and into the divinely inspired upper realms, seeks connection with the Aries wound, acknowledging it, potentially finding healing and new levels of integration.

We can feel into the present polarities between war and peace. We might ask ourselves, How can we evolve into a less polarized, more peaceful and diplomatic world? How am I participating in this polarization, or how might I contribute to healing at this time? Is there an adjustment to my outlook that can shift the I-you polarization to – we are traveling this road together to recreate our troubled world, and these are the issues that have arisen? How might this be taking place in our own lives? Where are we needing, or being directed, to reflect upon our own impatience, our desires, or thwarted desires, our impulses, and our aggressions? Where are we needing more courage to more fully embody ourselves and act from our inner calling? How are we balanced between our independent resilient, self care, and our relationship interactions, the balance between self and other? 

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

Once every 14 years Jupiter and Uranus conjunct. This time in earthy Taurus where the planets will blend and influence each other. This is an exciting, uplifting, and potentially inspiring time, with the possibility of breaking through.  It is a wonderful time to initiate and/or send out a project that can inspire and activate others. Jupiter enlarges and expands the planetary archetype it touches. It elevates and increases the qualities in the other planet. Jupiter brings optimism, exuberance, confidence and abundance. It embodies higher learning, philosophy, and the search for meaning. As it conjoins with Uranus, Jupiter expands Uranus’s innovative creativity, opens doors to breaking through, to enlarging our view of things, taking in new perspectives. Together they encourage taking a risk, stretching into new territory and new ways of seeing. Uranus excites and stimulates Jupiter’s philosophical qualities and desires to expand.

But Jupiter can also inflate and go to extremes of arrogance and pride, influencing Uranus to be rebellious in destructive ways, or without underlaying value. It can inflate the innovate abilities of Uranus to invent and create without thinking of consequences.

Celestial Events for April

April 1 – Mercury goes retrograde, 27 Aries and retrograding back to 15 Aries on April 25th, when it goes direct – Mercury retrograde period begins for the next 3 weeks. Everything that began from March 18th until now is up for review. (Known as the preshadow phase of the retrograde, as it is the first passing of the degrees in Aries that it will be retrograding). The trickster is a foot, playing games with us so that we remember that we’re not in total control, teaching us to bend, listen, and collaborate with the presence of something greater than ourselves. Can we dance with the unexpected? Can we refine our words? Can we attend to thought patterns that are recurring and limit our potential?

Apr 3 – Venus conjuncts Neptune at 28 Pisces – Empathy, sweetness, inclusiveness, high imagination abounds. Share with those you love.

April 4 – Venus enters Aries – Suddenly the empathetic sensitive Goddess changes into the feminine independent huntress with her dogs and wild creatures. Take a risk in sharing. Balance on the edge of independent self resilience and deep listening, sharing in relationship.

April 6 – Venus at 1 Aries sextiles Pluto in Aquarius – the activist, passionate one is compelled to community interactions and transformed participations

April 8 – Solar Eclipse, New Moon, 19 Aries – this total eclipse is visible in the USA, its pathway of visibility travels from Texas to Maine. This Solar Eclipse conjuncts exactly Chiron, the wounded healer. The pathway of the moon aligns and blots out the light of the Sun. What an opportunity for each of us to acknowledge our unconscious, to acknowledge our shadow material, the patterns through which we react that we don’t recognize. The potential awakening of humanity means understanding the projective powers of the unowned shadow material.

Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, now in Pisces, softens Aries intensity with the touch of empathy, or the artist’s poetic contemplations. Saturn conjuncting Mars can focus and discipline this awareness bringing wisdom. Here, we can give form to deeper desires, connections with the soul’s landscape. Take time to feel into the power of birth. 

Solar Eclipse new Moon in Aries

April 8 – Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries, 11:20 am PDT, 1:35 pm CDT, 3:15 pm EDT

(check your location for the exact time, as it takes place slightly later as it moves northeast.)


 Affirmation for New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Aries 

“I embrace the courage to to take actions on my inner direction, to face the shadow elements of my unconscious, and to become more and more of myself in my daily life.”

Apr 10 – Mars conjuncts Saturn at 14 Pisces – this aspect focuses our empathetic and imaginative powers or it can delay forward movement with critical judgment.

Apr 11 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde at 22 Aries, (conjunct USA Chiron and cazimi) – A message for a new cycle is born. Listen to your dreams and intuition. Watch for synchronicities. In cazimi, the Sun illuminates Mercury into its brilliance. Tune into your inspirations for the day. Messages for healing may inspire break through, especially for Aries.

Apr 15 – Mercury retrograde conjunct Chiron at 19 Aries – (Day Donald Trump’s trial is scheduled. That’s interesting!) The wound is lit up, and we receive its message. Contemplate how we might heal the shadow of our trauma culture, the trauma within.

Apr 19 – Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus at 17 Aries – Write your wild heart into poetry. Communicate your passions to another. Watch how you might express your anger or agitation. What is that about?

Apr 19 – The Sun enters Taurus – Find your ground. Invite yourself to see beauty all day. Look and experience the aliveness of nature around you, and know that you are born from this and held by this. Seek its patient wisdom.

Apr 19 – Mars 21 Pisces sextiles Jupiter then Uranus, at 21 Taurus – Take an action that frees and inspires you! Move into creative altered spaces. The gentle warrior is inspired with deeper, broader, understanding of the world’s unfolding evolution.

Apr 20 – Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 21 Taurus – (see above)

Apr 21 – Venus conjuncts Chiron at 20 Aries – (USA Chiron return) – We bring the wounded healer into relationship with ourselves and others. The wild feminine attunes to the deep needs of the wounded warrior. Loving kindness becomes a healing potion.

April 23 Full Moon at 4 Scorpio/Sun in Taurus – The Taurus Scorpio pairing is a powerful polarity, especially when squaring Pluto, the God that reigns over repressed emotional, reactive, and historical scripted material. Classically, it is the Full Moon under which Buddha was enlightened. (Though Wesak is celebrated in May, and many times the Scorpio full Moon falls in May). This full Moon clearly describes the tests that Buddha went through. For his guide and witness he touched Mother Earth supporting his endurance and stability. How do we experience our vulnerability to the many emotions that test our reactive nature, while keeping an open heart, aligned to our steadfast devotion to waking up in consciousness?

Full Moon in Scorpio 


Affirmation for full Moon in Scorpio

“Though my feelings are strong, intense, deep and wide, I am resilient and continually learning what they teach me about myself. Now are powerful times of transformation, release, and rebirth. I lean into them, listening for guidance.”

Apr 25 – Mercury goes direct at 15 Aries conjunct the North Node – The North Node points to our growth and ambitions. Here the North Node blends with the God of Messages and Words (Mercury). Aries is sharp like a pointed sword and direct. We strive now for clarity and directness in our communications, slowing to listen to the intuitive mind, being mindful of the participation of the unconscious in shaping our perceptions.

Apr 28 – Mars conjuncts Neptune at 28 Pisces – In this sign, and aligned with Neptune, Mars activates direction in the imaginative and spiritual arts. He leads us into altered states, sends us dreams to contemplate. Like a deep sea diver, he swims in a different terrain than usual, slowing his actions. A nice day for meandering, spending time by the sea, being nonlinear. 

Apr 29 – Venus enters Taurus – Venus leaves fiery Aries and enters her homeland. Bring flowers in the house! Get your fingers dirty in the earth’s gardens. Share a dinner out with the ones you love.

Apr 30 – Mars enters Aries – The Warrior makes a big shift from dreamy Pisces, to full on Warrior Athlete. This Mars has somewhere to go and is going there. Passionate, fiery, independent and direct. Take up your call, follow your heart courageously. The other extreme, aggressive, warlike, polarizing. No fear in asserting its agenda. Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries. Powerful feminine and masculine energies. Can we feel the balance of these in ourselves, in our relationships?

The Twelve signs for April: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, each birthday highlights a new beginning for the year. Each monthly new Moon pinpoints the timing, rich with new possibilities. This year, that new Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Aries, a powerful alignment for tuning into your deeper self. What is it calling to you? This eclipse describes an ending and a potent new birth, an opening, with sudden unexpected opportunities and insights. Honor the day, April 8th, dear Aries. Give yourself, or receive, a tarot reading. A deeper connection with yourself and your life can be made. Your ruling planet, Mars, is now in sensitive Pisces. It is now forming a conjunction with Saturn’s focusing powers, exact on the 10th. These two are deep sea diving for more understanding of the patterns through which you respond to life. Work with your dreams for they give you symbolic keys to self knowledge. Find quiet time to refocus and connect. Mars enters Aries on April 30, giving energy, passion, and clarity of direction. The full Moon in Scorpio takes place on the 23rd, illuminating your intimate relations with others. “What do you project? What triggers you? What do you share? How are you appreciating?” What a rich source for self awareness! Keywords: New beginnings

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the passion and vitality of the Taurus is somewhat hidden but alive with Aries enthusiasm. It speaks of your connection with the wild, nature, and the deep self. On the 8th, day of Solar Eclipse, honor the mystery of light and dark, visible and invisible, outer and inner. The potential here is to clear something old and move into new perspectives. Your planet, Venus, is now in Aries until April 29. You may feel more daring. Your usual routines that give comfort may break open to new experiences. You feel courage and independence, strength to pursue new things. The full Moon on the 23rd, in Scorpio, falls in your house of relationship. This Moon highlights your experience of self and other, as the Sun lights up your sign. Earthy Taurus can contain her emotions, but Scorpio simmers with emotional response. Your awareness turns that response into perceptiveness. Keywords: Turning Point
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, this Solar eclipse on the 8th brings out issues around friendship, issues around your desires or patterns in relationship with community, as well. Your friends always feel your enthusiasm. Under the eclipse you may suddenly feel inspired to new directions, or experience your impatience. Perhaps you recognize a pattern that plays out subtly, or not so subtly, with others. Now is a breakthrough and healing time. Through being involved with a group, new opportunities open up before you. Your planet, Mercury, is now retrograde in Aries. It offers you a deep review, a plunge into your passions, guidance to embracing your courage and directness, a change in perspective that feels liberating. Be agile and alert in the moment. Mercury in Aries may have much to teach you. On the 23rd the full Moon takes place in Scorpio. Its light falls in your house of daily routines, work, and health. What a great time to go for a soak, enter the warm waters to relax and release. The Sun in Taurus points to a time of contemplation and reverie before your birthday time. Keywords: Clarity and new direction

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, your sensitivity is a gift you share with others, tuned in, gentle, and thoughtful. Now the gathering of planets and the Solar eclipse in Aries get you going. You’re activated to begin anew, being open to unexpected opportunities or new experiences. You bring greater attention to achieving goals, to decisions around vocation. Your courage and ability to act are supercharged. With the dark of the Moon blocking out the light of the Sun, be alert to moving too fast, reacting emotionally to situations. Bring in inquiry, “Hmm, this is interesting! Wow, what an old pattern!” This is a time of change and breakthrough. Something new is taking place. A new way of being, like moving to a new home, sets the stage for new perceptions. The full Moon in Scorpio, on the 23rd, lights up your house of relation with children, of creative expression, and responding from the heart. Enjoy those you love. Embrace the perceptive powers of this Scorpio Moon in creativity. The Sun in Taurus travels through your house of friends, and others you feel connected with. There you find comfort, steadiness and devotion. Keyword: Newness

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, your big heartedness, generosity, and dramatic expression warm our hearts and cheer us on to be all we can. With the gathering of planets and the Solar eclipse in Aries, you may feel that Spring has sprang and time to get things done! You may be excited for some new adventure, whether, it be travel, learning, or teaching, the eclipse brings sudden unexpected events or opportunities that can inspire you. You feel you are in the flow. The Sun, your radiant ruling planet, graces you house of expansion of consciousness. Throw the runes, spread out the tarot cards, let the divine speak to you. You seek greater meaning, and something is coming to you. Bless the Earth and the body that carries your spirit, as the Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th. Take time to ground, gather, and renew. Lay in the springtime Sun like the noble lion. The full Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd, calls you to your deepest self, where something is released. This becomes your sacred refuge, your deep self, your lion’s heart. Keywords: In the flow

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, your careful and meticulous self is fueled with Aries get up and go. So make a list and breathe deeply. Aries can charge up your sensitive nervous system. The Solar eclipse takes place on the 8th, lighting up your house of intimacy, of deep perceptions, and deep wells of feeling. Chiron the wounded healer accompanies the eclipse and offers you new levels of integration as your feelings are stirred. “What deeper patterns have be activated in the depths of your being?” This area of your chart is all about change, release, and transformation, a phoenix rising from the ash of old. Your planet, Mercury, crosses this territory three times in April and into May. What might you be learning about yourself? Astrologers say “As within so without, as above, so below”. The Sun moves through steady Taurus from the 19th. Take a vacation and luxuriate in beauty and restoration. The full Scorpio Moon takes place on the 23rd, in your house of communication, thinking, and the house of the Goddess. This Scorpio Goddess is the potent snake goddess that grants healing, and helps you find words that communicate your deepest experiences, feelings, and insights. Keyword: Healing

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the gentle thoughtfulness you carry for others is your trademark. Venus, your ruling planet, enters Aries on the 4th, and you are up for adventure. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th, with the gathering of planets in Aries, supercharges your relationship with others. Under the eclipse you can stay nimble and expect the unexpected, with sudden opportunities appearing through others, or through your discussion with others. This is also the area of one’s shadow. Acknowledging and bringing awareness to shadow material is one of the quickest ways to create more wholeness and integration for yourself. So notice any anger, frustration, judgment or impatience. On the other hand, Aries in this area can stimulate you with insight and new levels of perception, promoting courageous action. Collaborations take on exciting possibilities, but also call for alertness to unexpected turns. The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th, highlighting your devotion to getting to the root of issues, bringing more awareness to the dimensions of subtle interaction. The full Scorpio Moon takes place on the 23rd. Diplomatic Libra has powerful deep feelings. This is the time for self care and tuning into your values. Keyword: Awareness heightened through relationship

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, your depth and sensitivity is your gift, but this gift is sometimes challenging to navigate. It seems life is challenging you to know the intelligence of your emotions, and from there to grow, to let go, and to transform. The intelligence of your emotions! What does that mean? (Check out Karla McLaren’s book, “The Language of Emotions”). Emotions are the language of the unconscious housed in the cells of your body. It’s your body giving you information. The gathering of planets and the Solar eclipse, taking place in Aries, activate your house of well-being. I think of this area as the opportunity to bring awareness to body, mind, and soul. During this time, you might ask yourself, “Where am I feeling frustration, and how can I listen more deeply to what is needed for my well-being right now?” You may suddenly experience a break-through at work, or an unexpected opportunity which gives you energy and inspiration. This coming full Moon, April 23rd, will be in Scorpio, as the Sun opposes it in earthy Taurus. Be good to yourself during the full moon, which open your sensitivities. Your perceptiveness can be enhanced. How might you direct that? Keyword: Resilience and perceptiveness

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, The Solar eclipse and gathering of planets in Aries stimulate your creative expression. The eclipse gives energy to your relationship with children and/or your kids. It gives you courage for new beginnings and bold actions. Watch for unexpected opportunities that align with healing and resolving old concerns. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Taurus, and soon to conjunct Uranus on the 20th. Something exciting and new is taking place, bringing about a change in routines, in work, or in your body. What a great start to plans for travel, or a new project at work, or sending out a finished item. The full Moon in Scorpio takes place on the 23rd in Scorpio, an opportune time to retreat, refresh, and give yourself some care. Listen to your dreams. You may find a deeper insight is arriving. Keywords: Care and passion

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, with the gathering of planets in Aries your attention is on home and family. There is affection, healing, and insight coming your way. Be alert to the unexpected, an opportunity to see and/or act differently. Your ruling planet, Saturn, conjuncts Mars in Pisces, which brings greater focus and compassion. You are at the edge of new beginnings and can feel both excitement and uncertainty. Mercury retrograde encourages you to take your time, reflect, then gain clarity for any decisions. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction on the 20th, falls in your house of creative expression and children, and gives you inspiration in your endeavors, creativity in your approach to loving your family. The full Scorpio Moon takes place on the 23rd, bringing power, sensitivity and perceptiveness in working with groups. It lights up the themes of change and renewal ahead of you. The Sun moving through Taurus helps you embody your unique expression, resilient in your devotion. Keywords: Deepening insight

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the gathering of Aries planets, along with the Solar eclipse on the 8th, heightens your attentiveness to what’s around you. This is the area of the chart describing your mind and thoughts, how you communicate, and your relation to siblings. It brings alertness to the unexpected opportunities that may be coming your way. The Solar eclipse often brings something to you to be cleared, so the pathway forward is opened. It, then, is supportive to your growth, to what gives meaning and purpose to your life. There’s a quickening and a healing, with Mercury retrograde weaving together themes through the month as you contemplate what you are experiencing. Your ruling planet, Uranus, conjuncts Jupiter on the 20th, giving you a boost and a burst of confidence and inspiration. Go for it! The Scorpio full Moon takes place on the 23rd, lighting up your house of career, of what you aspire toward. This can be a powerful turning point time for you. Pluto, now in Aquarius, is in alignment with the full Moon and the Taurus Sun. This Taurian energy encourages you to ground, walk beneath the trees, and get your hands in the dirt! Keyword: Transformation

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, the gathering of Aries planets and the Solar eclipse take place in the area of your chart that represents your self worth and self reliance, your values, your relation to money, and what helps you feel secure. This area is activated, and so it’s important now to be aware of your needs and values which will guide your communications in supportive ways. Your sensitivity to others is part of your temperament, and now the universe brings your attention to your sweet self. Though there is plenty of activity around you during the first part of the month, it is helpful for you to slow down. With Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces, be thoughtful to delegate responsibility. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, conjuncts Uranus on the 20th. This brings inspiration, excitement, and success, in whatever you are involved with. It lifts your spirits with enthusiasm. The full Moon takes place in Scorpio on the 23rd, lighting up your house of expansion of consciousness, philosophy, and travel. Dreamy, thoughtful Pisces, what brings meaning and purpose to your life? Honor your depths and your many dimensions of feeling under this beautiful Spring full Moon. Keywords: Honor your sweet self

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 42 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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