December 9, 2023

Astrology for January 2024

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Embracing the Vision of Change

2024 launches us into the new beginnings we clarified (or experienced) in 2023. After two years of great uncertainty, and last year re-finding a sense of direction, along with continual change, surprise, and letting go, 2024 takes up the thread of essentials from last year with forward movement. It’s helpful to look back to 2023 and review what decisions were made that now lead you/us forward. Collectively, we are still in uncertain times, times of transformation, change and renewal, of letting go and reassessing, (see below on Pluto changing signs). Based on decisions made and values clarified, 2024 encourages one to breakthrough to new places, find what inspires you, and grow in your ability to hold your sense of purpose, a vaster vision of interconnectedness, and conscious sustainable living.

Humanity is in an alchemical vessel of being cooked into transformation. The intensity between the old and the new ways increases, as we are polarized between the past and future, in this change of the ages. Aquarius is the fertile field in which we now find ourselves. What will our ideas and perspectives create for us? We struggle, like a huge serpent shedding its skin, for which values will lead us forward, being dominated by old world views, or will the positive visions for needed change and transformation gain momentum to create the new era? The next few years will form the answer. 

With Mercury retrograde from mid December to January 1st, taking time to gather your intentions, to review what’s unfolded in 2023, and to clarify where you now, sets a positive launching pad for the movement and new projects in 2024. The beginning of the year supports planning, organizing, and learning, leading to a Spring of inspiration, breakthroughs, and beginnings. This is a year of lots of communication, connections, and possibilities. Midyear Jupiter enters airy Gemini while trining Pluto in Aquarius and enlarges upon the themes of transformation. There is strong energy for reform and regeneration. 

2024, the year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology

Begins February 9th (February 10th in China), at the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice. We feel its energy entering in January 

On February 9-10 we move into the dynamic year of the Dragon. A Dragon year will be fast moving and high energy with intensity. A symbol of the magical, mystical, and magnificent, the dragon can lift our spirits into passionate creativity. A year of transformation. In China, the dragon represents the Emperor, highly regarded, possessing power, eagerness, and zeal.  It is said to be an excellent year to start a business, to travel, get married, have a child, and new endeavors will carry the passions of this Dragon year. In a Dragon year taking risks and pursuing goals are supported. The energy of the year can carry an exuberance of mission and daring. Though one must watch going to extremes, actions taken can manifest in success, or illusions of grandeur that fail dramatically. We can imagination the undulations of the flying Dragon to bring about extremes in earth motions, earthquakes, great waves, and volcanic eruptions. Finances and investments may fluctuate as well.

The element of Wood is the element of the Dragon in 2024. The wood element supports formulating and implementing ideas while working cooperatively with others. (Combine this with Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter conjuncting Uranus and you have an excellent year for implementing your ideas, community efforts and projects). Wood is the element of Spring and implies quick growth, sudden breakthroughs. 

Mercury retrograde goes direct on January 1st, at 22 Sagittarius, conjunct Mars

Mercury goes direct on January 1st like a green light allowing forward movement and decisive action as it is conjunct Mars in fiery and direct Sagittarius. It catches up with Mars, once again, in practical Capricorn on January 27th. (It had conjuncted Mars on Dec 27 when retrograde as well). A time to be direct, decisive, and focused toward our goals. The grand Earth trine with Sun, Jupiter, and the Moon (on the 1st) suggest staying grounded, especially with the shifts and changes of Pluto moving from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 20th. Jupiter and Saturn sextile as well in January, creating the energy for ideas and plans to be steady and enduring. (Chiron conjuncts the North Node in February).

Since mid December, what has become clearer? What priorities do we now see in going forward? What ideas and thoughts have now been clarified, so action can take place? 

On January 20, 2024, Pluto enters Aquarius once again.

(In September of 2024, Pluto drops back into the last degree of Capricorn, until November of 2024 when it fully enters Aquarius).

As Pluto finishes its movement through Capricorn, we experience the liminal space of being in the in-between. This is the last year that Pluto moves between the two signs Capricorn and Aquarius. We can experience this in 2024 as an intense need, with the timing being crucial, to solve systemic problems, while at the same time holding the vision and acting upon new beginnings.

The 29th degree, being the last degree of the sign (“Anaretic degree”), is known for having the challenging task of resolving the themes of the sign. With Pluto transiting the last degrees of Capricorn in 2023 & 24, there is a reckoning with governing forces, and the organization of systems we share. As Pluto enters Aquarius developing themes will focus on community development and concerns, and visions for the future. Collaboration with others can have transformative impacts, and issues of polarization will be confronted.

On January 20, 2024, Pluto enters Aquarius once again.

We experience Pluto’s sign change as being involved in powerful endings, while we feel the pull of new beginnings.

As you think about the house that Pluto will be transiting (the house in your chart with Aquarius, focusing on the 1st degree of Aquarius and the last degree of Capricorn) you can imagine that Pluto disrupts the normalcy of routines and taken for granted perspectives. Suddenly we experience the need to let go, to release, and allow something new to emerge. But as Pluto moves between signs we may have to return to something of the old to complete and resolve an issue, or pattern that no longer works. We can choose to align ourselves with the process of change, knowing we are in a dynamic initiation into new states of being and awareness.

In the sign Aquarius, Pluto begins the process of revealing, de-structuring and transforming how we connect with each other and create community. Pluto will focus our attention on equality of community members, highlighting the disenfranchised. Aquarius rules technology, social media and the digital world. Here, Pluto exposes what’s working, what’s not working in social media, exposing the underlying structures that motivate the companies and individuals involved. Its forces will expose and enact transformation around social media, the technology in the digital plane, including digital money, and issues around AI, etc. Pluto in Aquarius brings up the creativity and transformative qualities of AI as well as the dangers and complications of AI use. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and AI activates revolutionary possibilities on many levels in our culture and society. Pluto in Aquarius will uncover and expose hidden agendas around the use of AI, as well as empowering transformation with its creative use in 2024. Pluto in Aquarius will bring out the hidden agenda of the Surveillance Capitalism in which we live, to be evaluated for and by the community. As Pluto begins its journey in Aquarius agendas will be set for the themes over the next 2 decades, until 2043, when Pluto enters Pisces. We will see the redesigning of both the architecture and building of communities, and the nature of community. It’s a time for community involvement, planning, and action. 

The myth of Aquarius teaches us about living in both worlds, the world of the Gods (inspired creative consciousness) and the world of humans (conditioned ways of being). Where will our values spring from? It is possible that the Aquarian scientific and technology revolution will supercharge innovation and new inventions, how we care for each other, and how we feel connected? 

With Pluto in Capricorn finishing its Pluto return in the USA chart, our collective values become the issue. What kind of government and governing structures shall we have? Are we conscious of what we are creating? We are at a potent crossroads. (sign up for Susan’s 2024 talk to hear about the USA’s chart and the dynamics of this election year).

The Jupiter Saturn cycle and placement 

The Jupiter Saturn cycle in 2024, begins in a harmonious and supportive sextile to each other in January. By August, they square each other, creating an important turning point in what we as a society, and individually, are creating.

With Jupiter from 5-11 Taurus sextiling Saturn from 5-11 Pisces through March, planning, studying, learning and teaching comes more easily. It marks a good time to expand a business, or start a new endeavor. The expansiveness of Jupiter is in harmony with the structuring, stability and enduring powers of Saturn.

Planetary alignments for 2024

Brief overview of 2024. For full article click here

Significant series of harmonious Jupiter transits move us forward until August, when the Jupiter Saturn square has us slowing to take stock, make corrections and face realities. Question posed by this aspect, “What are we in the process of manifesting for our and the planet’s future? Does it need readjusting changing or new decisions?”

The most powerful aspect this year is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, creating breakthroughs and transformations, or disruptive breakdowns and radical change, in April, at 22 Taurus.

Longer range change, and transformations are manifested through the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all changing signs within the next 2 years, Pluto 2024, Neptune and Uranus 2025. This is a rare event, that describes shifting and changing themes, and a different lens through which we view our experiences. Each demand new orientation in order to evolve. (for more on this and the full article on 2024 click here).

  • In January and February, Jupiter and Saturn are within 1 degree sextile.

  • Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 22 Taurus on April 21st. Previous conjunction was 2010-11, at 28 Pisces

  • Pluto, Uranus begin trine, both sextiling Neptune in the fall

Mercury retrograde in Fire signs – Review what gives us inspiration, what brings passion to our lives? 

  1. Dec 12 2023 – Jan 1 2024,  8 Capricorn – 22 Sagittarius
  2. Apr 1 – Apr 25, 27 Aries – 15 Aries
  3. Aug 4 – Aug 28, 4 Virgo – 21 Leo
  4. Nov 25 – Dec 15 2024, 22 Sagittarius – 6 Sagittarius

Celestial Events for January

Dec 29 – Venus enters Sagittarius – Venus leaves intense Scorpio and enters adventurous and ardent Sagittarius. Play, explore, and philosophize together. Great time for learning and teaching together.

Dec 30 – Jupiter goes direct at 5 Taurus – through 2nd half of December and first half of January, Jupiter is at its station point, 5 Taurus. Jupiter’s traits of expansion, growth, confidence, trust, adventuring into new territory in grounded and physical Taurus are emphasized. Do you have a planet or angle between 7-3 Taurus? As always with strong Jupiter aspects we watch overdoing or going to extremes.

Jan 1 – Mercury goes direct at 22 Sagittarius – Ready, set, go! Broad thinking, new grand ideas. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we balance precision and accuracy with ideals and broad views of possibility.

Jan 4 – Mars enters Capricorn (thru Feb 12)Mars is ‘exalted” in Capricorn, meaning that the action and impetus for movement and passion is channeled though the sign of discipline, focus, and achievement of goals is heightened. Once in two years Mars is in Capricorn. Align with this focused intention to accomplish your desires and goals.

Jan 9 – The Sun at 19 Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus while Mars at 4 Capricorn sextiles Saturn in Pisces – A good day for breakthroughs, and innovative thinking that can also be grounded and organized and made manifest.

Jan 11 – New Moon at 20 Capricorn – the New Moon in Capricorn can underline your intentions for the year, a day to tune in and re-instate what your goals are, or intentions, for clarity, consciousness, and presence. This New Moon trines Uranus, supporting change and stretching into new possibilities, and conjuncting Pluto, bringing power and intensity to the deeper drives of our intentions.

New Moon in Capricorn

Jan 11 – New Moon at 20 Capricorn, 3:58 AM PST 


Affirmation for New Moon in Capricorn

“I tune into my deepest longings and goals. I allow change and new perspectives to open doors for me into new territory, growth and consciousness.”

Jan 12 – Mars at 5 Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus – Great day for accomplishing practical tasks or projects that take concentrated focus and effort.

Jan 13 – Mercury enters Capricorn (thru Feb 12)Mercury leaves wide ranging Sag and enters practical and achievement oriented Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn is known for its love of systems. Good time for more organization in thinking and planning. 

Jan 14 – Susan’s Astrology presentation on 2024 – 6pm, on zoom –register here

Jan 15 – The Sun at 25 Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces – a day to dream, create, and visualization for the future.

Jan 19 – Mercury 5-6 Capricorn trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn – Great day for writing, collaborative thinking, giving talks, teaching.

Jan 20 – The Sun enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto, 0 Aquarius – (Pluto enters Aquarius) – This may be a day of intensity, or revealing, that shows us issues to develop or resolve.

Jan 23 – Venus enters Capricorn (thru Feb 16)Venus leaves passionate and adventurous Sagittarius and enters earthy Capricorn. great for brainstorming, organizing and planning in relationship.

Jan 25 – Full Moon in Leo, 5 Leo – The full Moon highlights two opposing signs and qualities.  Here in chilly and clear winter nights of Aquarius, the Moon reflects the Sun through the passions of Leo. These two signs describe our experience of interconnectedness in community, and the experience of our unique expressive individuality. It highlights the coolness of mental insightfulness and revelation of broader intelligence (Aquarius), with the warmth of the heart, joy, creation and playfulness (Leo). How do we experience these in our lives? Do they feel integrated in our life? The alignment of this full Moon highlights this time as a powerful one. Pluto conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon, and squaring Jupiter, enlarges the experience of intensity, and the potent need for transformation within the global community. 

Full Moon in Leo


Jan 25 – Full Moon, 5 Leo, 9:54 AM PST


Affirmation for Full Moon in Leo

“I attune to my heart’s longings and creatively express myself. I align my actions to support the global challenges of transforming age old patterns and to embrace a new vision for the future.”

Jan 26 – Uranus goes direct at 19 Taurus – during January, Uranus is a potent force, stirring energies for breaking through to new levels of consciousness, while it is also a disruptive force to bring change and revolution.

Jan 27 – 28 – Mercury conjuncts Mars at 17 Capricorn, trines Uranus in Taurus – an excellent time to get right to the point. new insights and revelations may come through.

Jan 28 – Venus at 6 Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus – a time for love and enjoyment. Great time together with others, to learn, teach and share.

Jan 29 – Mars at 19 Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus – a time for strong decisive actions to break through, or disruptive actions to upset order.

The Twelve signs for January: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, with the full Moon in Cancer, (Dec 26) feelings you usually set aside, may surface. Under this full Moon give yourself nourishment. Take it easy for the day. Enjoy home and family. With the Sun in Capricorn, you are aware of all the plans and projects you want to accomplish. That’s wonderful. With Mercury retrograde take a big deep in-breath. Schedule time to quietly sort your ideas. give yourself space, especially as your planet, Mars, squares dreamy and non-linear Neptune (Dec 26 – 30th). When Mercury goes direct on the 1st, conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, take a walk and feel plans and thoughts clarify. Now you’re ready to go! Mars enters Capricorn on the 4th, steeling this active Mars. Your focus strengthens. Let yourself be captivated by a project you’re enthused about. On the 12, Mars and Jupiter align, giving you energy and confidence for new undertakings. The New Moon on the 11th, in Capricorn, is an excellent time to focus on your goals and intentions for the year. As it aligns with Uranus, it encourages you to break through, make changes and stretch yourself. Stretching yourself, dear Aries, may mean finding more ways to enjoy, laugh, and relax.  Keywords for January, “Finding ease.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, as the Sun moves through Capricorn the time is right to review where you are and where you want to go. Time to set your course, to broaden your horizons, through study, travel, and new adventures. The full Moon in Cancer brings you closer to home, to share with family and particularly with siblings. Under this Moon you can experience how your thoughts and feelings relate. Are they stimulating each other? Or do your thoughts dominate, while you set your feelings aside? This is an excellent day for writing and contemplating. Your planet, Venus, is in Scorpio, where it works to find harmony and to move through deep feelings as you relate to others. Venus at the end of Scorpio aspects both Neptune and Pluto, sometimes making it challenging to navigate those deep feeling seas. You might ask “What am I projecting?” On the 29th, Venus enters Sagittarius and lifts your spirits to new horizons. The New Moon on January 11th, in Capricorn, resonates with your earthy practicality. What are you dreaming for the New Year? More trips in nature, travels across the country or diving into new studies to compliment your career? Set your intention with confidence. Pluto and the Sun enter Aquarius on the 20th and initiate a process of change and transformation. Let your heart be open. Venus enters Capricorn on the 23rd and settles you into achieving your goals. Keywords for January, “Vision, affirmations, and achieving.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, as the Sun moves through Capricorn it stimulates the need for change, with deeper dives into the intimacy of relationship. It can be a time of collaboration with others for practical achievement. This is the area of your chart for release and healing. You can tune into deep feelings that open you to new levels of integration. The full Moon in Cancer lights up your house of money, talents, and self worth, making it a good time for review of finances, both your own and your shared finances. Here, you balance your feelings with a drive to achieve. Your planet, Mercury, is now retrograde, slowing your rapid movement from one place to another. Mercury takes you in to reflect inwardly, for recalibration, and adjustment, until the 1st, when new direction or outlook moves you forward. With Mars next to it, it wants to get right to the point, so you may need to speak up, or have patience and hold your tongue. The New Moon in Capricorn offers a time to reignite your love and intimate sharing. You can imagine how you most want to be in your partnership and honor the power of transformation shared interactions. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th, then aspects both Saturn and Jupiter in harmonious ways supporting new projects, writing and teaching. Keywords for January, “Embracing change.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, dear imaginative and sensitive Cancer. Celebrate yourself under this beautiful full Moon in Cancer. Nourish yourself with soaks and massages, music, and reading words you love. Take the day for yourself to fill your cup with love and positive possibilities. The Moon aligns with both Jupiter and Saturn, a perfect time to initiate what you want to grow and manifest. The Sun in Capricorn activates your house of partnership. Is there a Capricorn in your life? Now you balance between your needs and how you attend to others. Just staying present, without overdoing. You may have been through a deep dive in relationship, while Venus is in Scorpio, but that shifts into a more upbeat mood as Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29th. The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 11th, trining Uranus and conjuncting Pluto. Focus on how you would like to break through and move into new ways of relating and being. Create a ritual for your intentions. Keywords for January, “Balance between self and other.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, while the Sun is in Capricorn it highlights your house of daily routines, habits, health and importantly, what you devote yourself to. Since the Sun is your ruling planet, moving through practical and capable Capricorn, it channels your passionate Leo self into self reflection. This is a powerful time to make adjustments, shift your routines and commit yourself with purpose. Your Leo self is naturally expressive, creative, and playful, while Capricorn is serious and determined. The full Moon in Cancer suggests a day of retreat. It calls for attuning to your imaginative and spiritual self, to refresh yourself through quieter moments. It draws you back into yourself with focused attention. The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 11th, trining Uranus. How would you like to break out of old patterns that no longer support the expressiveness of your generous heart? The Sun enters Aquarius with Pluto on the 20th, shifting your perspective into your relationship with others. It’s an auspicious day for letting go and renewal, for deep feelings shared with friends and loved ones. Keyword for January, “Refinement.”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, with the Sun moving through earthy Capricorn, what pleases you is to accomplish and complete the projects you are working on.  And so you shall! You are an industrious soul, creative and practical. The full Moon in Cancer highlights friendship, family, and emotional connection with like-minded people. Under this combination you, dear Virgo, balance social connections and commitments with your own individual desires and creative pursuits. Your planet, Mercury, having gone retrograde on the Dec 12th, is now in Sagittarius and next to Mars. There’s passion there to act, to write, to communicate and to share your point of view. But with the retrograde, you are thoughtful to wait, to ponder, to review your plans, and the way to proceed. On January 1st, Mercury is direct and ready to launch into new endeavors. It enters Capricorn on the 13th, then trines Jupiter in Taurus on the 19th, signaling a time to go for it and accomplish those projects, to manifest your ideas, to enjoy some travel. The new Moon takes place on the January 11th in Capricorn. With this Moon highlighting your house of creative expression, love and children, this is a great time to affirm what you want to create in the New Year.  Keywords for January, “Ready, set, go.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, there is an emphasis on the cardinal signs, which activate, energize and initiate new beginnings. And because you are cardinal sign, you resonate to this energy. (Cancer and Capricorn both being cardinal signs). With the Sun moving through Capricorn, your home and family have the focus of your attention. The full Moon in Cancer in lights up your house of career and public standing. You may be reassessing where you want to be in terms of profession or goals. Now you seek a balance between family life and work life. Your planet, Venus, makes two sign changes during the next 30 days. Now in Scorpio, you may have felt as if you have been moving through deep waters, old issues surfacing and while you seek harmony among choppy seas. On December 29th, Venus moves into optimistic Sagittarius and your relations take a new turn. You’re ready for an adventure! On January 23rd Venus enters Capricorn. You focus your attention on practical matters and the pursuit of your plans. The New Moon on January 11th falls in the area of your chart that represents home, family and focusing on your deeper self. Take some time for yourself to hear that inner direction. Consult an oracle to support your inner guidance.  Keywords for January “Balancing family, work and enjoyment”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear Scorpio, the Cancer full Moon falls in your house of travel, expansion of consciousness, education, teaching, and adventuring into new experiences. Under this full Moon you can affirm your choices to move into new experiences. As the Sun moves through practical Capricorn, it activates your logical mind, so planning and connecting with others is supported. Your planet, Mars, now in adventurous Sagittarius, encourages you to take a leap and go after a goal. It conjuncts Mercury as you find yourself gaining clarity about your intent. Be thoughtful about your communications especially as Mercury is retrograde next to your Mars, (on the Dec 27, & direct Jan 27). You might say something you later regret. Mercury goes direct on the 1st freeing up your forward movement. With Mars entering Capricorn on the 4th through February 12th, it’s an excellent time to organize and plan. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th, can carry your intent, and open doors to new relations and partnerships. Keywords for January, “Creating and carrying out plans.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, the Cancer full Moon falls in your house of intimacy and collaboration with others. It marks a passageway for letting go of the old and setting the stage for change. As the Sun travels through earthy Capricorn it is a good time to honor that which you deeply value and to reassess your financial situation. Mars is in Sagittarius until the 4th, gives you more energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Communications become important with Mercury both retrograde (until the 1st) and direct, until the 13th, in your sign. Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29th (through Jan 23 when it enters practical Capricorn), sweetening your interactions, and encouraging you to tune into what and who you love. Your planet, Jupiter, lingers at 5 and 6 degrees Taurus, preparing to go direct on Dec 30 (lingering through Jan 30). This is a potent time for the expression of Jupiter qualities, especially for attuning to your body, enjoying nature, and focusing on what you want to manifest. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th, is an excellent time to review your financial plans for the coming year. Keyword for January, “Enjoy.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Happy Birthday! Dear Capricorn, the Cancer full Moon falls in your house of relationship. December 26th becomes a time to honor the partnerships in your life. With the Sun moving through your sign, Capricorn, and highlighting the opposing sign, you balance self and other, growth and stability, your own goals, and the sensitivity you experience with others. Your planet, Saturn, aligns not only with the Sun and Moon at this time, but also with Jupiter. This is a significant time for you! What you aspire toward can be grounded, organized, and productive. It will bring positive results. Mars enters Capricorn on the 4th through Feb 12, giving you energy and confidence to pursue your goals. The New Moon takes place in your sign on the 11th. Give yourself a gift of time and space, especially to appreciate the journey you’ve been on. The Moon aligns with Uranus as you continue to be alert to growth, and breaking through old barriers. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th strengthening your outreach and communications. Then on the 23rd Venus enters Capricorn, bringing favor and harmony to your relationships.  Keywords for January, “Having confidence.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the full Moon in Cancer falls in your house of health, wellness, work and service, making it an excellent time to reaffirm your intentions for self care and needed adjustments. The Sun traveling through Capricorn calls you to retreat and gather yourself, completing what needs to be completed before the Sun enters your sign on the 20th. As the Sun enters Aquarius, it conjuncts Pluto, accentuating our collective initiation into the gifts and challenges of your innovative sign. Your ruling planets, disciplined Saturn and radical Uranus, form harmonious aspects with productive and optimist, Jupiter, through May, supporting new plans, inspiration, and grounded manifestation. A productive 6 months! The New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th, is an excellent time to retreat, deepen your connection with spirit and imagination, become the artist in the studio, until the 20th, when the Sun shines its light on you! Next month brings a gathering of planets in your sign, supporting many aspects of your life. Keywords for January, “Retreat and gather.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, the full Moon in Cancer brings a sweetness to the day. This is especially nice as Saturn entered Pisces in March of 2023 and may have given you new responsibilities. Now they harmonize and you may feel appreciation coming back your way. As the Sun travels through Capricorn, it highlights your connection with others. Though you may create most of the preparations, your special touch will be commented upon. Your planet, Jupiter is in harmony with the Sun and brings appreciation, enjoyment, and laughter. This is definitely a time for enjoyment! The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on the 11th in the house that represents good fortune and planning for the future. This is an excellent time to map out the coming year. And though, that might not be your style, a look ahead with what you desire to create can be beneficial! Keywords  for January, “Feeling appreciated”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to


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