June 23, 2024

Astrology for July

The Sun in Cancer

In the Cancer time of year the day is long, but the Moon’s domain of night is being to grow. We shift from the Gemini airiness to the depths and rhythms of water. This is a time of nurturing, mothering, imagining, and feeling into. The 4th sign of the zodiac is the inner home and foundation of self. How might we best connect with ourselves at this time, and from there, experience our belonging with others? The Cancer time is when we long to connect and establish healthy emotional bonds with others, potentially deepening our awareness and appreciation of each other.

As feelings arise during the Cancer sojourn, we can be alert to what triggers us, to deeper patterns that cause us to be reactive and defensive. We take a deep dive into the inner well of our being. We become our own Mothers. We re-mother ourselves into healing and consciousness. We now can be aware of the power within to create our lives, just as a mother helps to set the stage for a fulfilling life for her child. The light of the long day can infuse us with energy and inspiration. We stay out later and sit beneath the Moon and stars and reconnect with the Great Mother in appreciation.

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are beginning to align in the harmonious minor grand trine. Change and transformation is a foot. What ideals do we hold dear and what vision will we carry forward to create our future?

Saturn and Neptune are stationary turning retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde on June 29th, with Neptune turning retrograde on July 2, as they approach their coming conjunction at 0 Aries in the spring of next year. At these stationary points their archetypal energies are more prominent. We experience contrasting archetypal energies. Saturn’s expression of facing hard realities, limitations, structure, responsibilities, and the struggle of being put to the test of our capabilities to Neptune’s expression of purely imaginative energies. Neptune’s high creative and spiritual possibilities can degrade into deception, illusion, and lack of a defined reality.  We may experience overwhelm, or disappointment to our hopes.

Saturn can describe struggle to gain clarity and focus, while Neptune can express itself through spin and illusions of denial. (We saw these playing out at the Presidential debate on Thursday). The higher thrust of these archetypal energies seek to give form to ideals and imaginative possibilities. They can work together to ground altered states of perception that lead to our creative manifesting and embodying.

Jupiter to square Saturn

Jupiter comes into exact square aspect with Saturn in August. This is a time of testing. We have come to a turning point from what has been unfolding since their conjunction in 2020.  Saturn brings focus and discipline  t0 Jupiter in Gemini’s expanding and broadening force, idealism and optimism. Beginning in July, Saturn slows Jupiter’s expansion, and like a firm mentor, requires a karmic adjustment to what has been taking place. Saturn asks us what’s working, what’s not working, and how can we, matter of factly, deal with the situation in practical grounded ways? Where do we need more organization, slowing down and structure? What are our responsibilities now at this turning point within the cultural interactions? Are we attending to the deeper aspects and needs of our psyches? Especially as Saturn takes on the challenging job of clarifying and defining the inner waters of our shared collective selves (in Pisces). Jupiter in Gemini, expands through words and connections, often overdoing through too many balls in the air. Saturn challenges Gemini’s superficiality through obstacles and boundaries that seek to deepen our perceptions of what is taking place.

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Celestial Events for July

June 29 – Saturn goes retrograde at 19 Pisces, Mercury sextiles Uranus – Where is 19 Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, or Virgo in your chart? You are now traversing in Saturn’s territory. Time to slow down, and consider what’s working or not working in your life? Where might you simplify? What is a challenge or obstacle teaching you? What might deeper insights bring to your journey? Where do you need more organization or structure? Mercury sextiling Uranus brings in the revelations, deeper insights. Balance freedom with structure.

Jul 2 – Mercury enters Leo, opposes Pluto in Aquarius – Communications become dramatic and very expressive. Mercury, the messenger, is in relationship with the planet of the deep, of intensity, and transformation. The hidden becomes communicated, needs of the community are declared, deeper layers are exposed, eruptive communications.

July 5 – Mars at 19 Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces – With Mars in Taurus there is a slower pace that yearns for more enjoyment of nature. There is a steady pace of movement otherwise you may experience frustration that things aren’t moving fast enough. With the sextile to Saturn, the timing is right for inner reflection, with greater insight in understanding your needs and intentions. A good time to ground these and develop structure for support.

July 5 – Venus at 23 Cancer squares Chiron in Aries – Sensitivities in relationships may now point to what needs healing or more awareness and integration.

July 5 – New Moon at 14 Cancer – The new Moon in Cancer gives us the opportunity to create ritual around attuning to our inner wisdom, to our heart’s longing, to clear or resolve old lingering emotions, that are like old baggage, cluttering our psychic space. Or on a more practical level, to attend to our home, cleaning, clearing, releasing, rearranging, to shift the energy into a new place. This new Moon is a great time to affirm our intentions around family, to gather with and honor family, or to re-family ourselves. Cancer is the sign that longs for belonging, and under this Moon we can affirm our connections with others, or our desires to create more connections with others in our life.

New Moon in Cancer

July 5 – New Moon at 14 Cancer, 3:58 pm PDT

 Affirmation for New Moon in Cancer

“I am attuned to the deeper layers of my psyche, to both what triggers me and what my deeper longings are, so to become more and more aware, conscious, and integrated in my life.”

July 8 – Venus at 26 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus – Venus with Uranus brings something new and/or exciting into relationships, allowing us to stretch into new possibilities. 

July 8Mercury at 9 Leo sextiles Jupiter in Gemini – an excellent time to write, share ideas, do outreach and networking. 

July 10 – The Sun at 19 Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces – A good time for quiet imaginative work, to focus on a project, or for go on a meditative retreat.

July 11 – Venus at 29 Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces – a time for imagining, being with the ones you love, moving into altered spaces to fill the heart.

July 11 – Venus enters Leo – Relationships become more dramatic, playful and expression. With Venus in Leo, how do we express our heart with each other?

July 12 – Venus at 1 Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius – A day where we experience a depth of feeling, that may have been hidden or repressed. something of the past is reviewed or returns. Deep soulful, intense interactions.

July 15 – The Sun at 23 Cancer squares Chiron in Aries – The Sun Chiron connection reminds us of the inner wound and the possibility for healing, and new levels of integration.

July 15 – Mars at 26 Taurus conjuncts Uranus – Mars brings heat to rebellious, freedom loving, and innovative Uranus. This combination stirs up peaceful Taurus with unexpected change, disruption and/or breakthrough.

July 18 – The Sun at 26 Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus – The Sun Uranus aspect encourages us to change, breakthrough, stretch into new possibilities. It can disrupt what is outdated.

July 20 – Mars enters Gemini – Mars heats up airy Gemini, with new ideas, interests, movement, and active interactions. it initiates communications and the spreading of words. A powerful shift of energy from the Venus ruled sign Taurus, Mars has occupied since June 8th.

July 21 – Full Moon at 29 Capricorn/Sun in Cancer, 3:17 am PDT, trining Neptune in Pisces – This is the second full Moon in Capricorn, the first taking place right after the summer solstice on June 21st. The theme of inner and outer alignment is brought to our attention once again. What do we aspire toward? What actions shall we take to build a structure, a schedule, a plan, in order to accomplish our intention? How might we ground and manifest our vision? How are we working with others to manifest our vision for the future? What is our relationship with follow through, completion and perseverance to our goal?

This full Moon is conjunct Pluto, naming the tumultuous times we are in. Situations from the past arise. What needs to be transformed, what needs to be released? What new relationship can we create that supports our deeper soul’s calling into manifestation? 

Full Moon in Capricorn 

July 21 – Full Moon at 29 Capricorn, 3:17 am PDT


Affirmation for full Moon in Capricorn

“I affirm my strength and capabilities to accomplish what I intend. I trust my inner knowing and I step into living by my deeper calling.”

July 21  – powerful day, many planetary aspects with the full Moon 

Venus at 12 Leo sextiles Jupiter in Gemini – gathering with others for discussion and sharing of ideas is supported.

Mercury at 26 Leo squares Uranus in Taurus – a change in our thinking. Break out of old stale ways of perceiving.

Mars at 1 Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius – Words carry power. Intensity drives transformation or breakdown. Getting things done!

July 21 – The Sun enters Leo – Midsummer arrives. The power of light, radiance and heat infusing our days.

July 22 – The Sun at 1 Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius – light and depth encounter each other. A day of powerful interactions. What was hidden is revealed.

July 25 – Mercury enters Virgo – brings sharp analytic abilities. Details are important. Clear discernment is the gift. Worry is its rut.

July 25 – The Sun at 3 Leo sextiles Mars in Gemini – time to get things done! Vitality and energy.

Aug 2 – Venus at 23 Leo trines Chiron in Aries – potential for love and healing in relationship.


The Twelve signs: Sun and Rising Signs

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