August 21, 2023

Astrology for September

Full Super Blue Moon in Pisces on August 30th 6:36 pm PDT

Pisces                                                              Virgo   

“A super blue moon occurs when a second super moon rises in a single month. The last time a super blue moon appeared was Jan. 31, 2018, and the next won’t occur until Jan. 31, 2037, according to NASA ambassador Tony Rice. “Blue moons happen every two to three years. Supermoons happen several times per year. But those two concepts only intersect rarely,” Rice said.”

The Super Moons take place when the full Moon is closer in its orbit to the Earth. There will be one more Super Full Moon on September 29th, in this series of 4 Super Moons. This Super Moon of August 30 is the closest to the Earth of the 4 Super Moons.

A Super Moon is brighter than other full moons. “That’s because a supermoon exceeds the disk size of an average-sized moon by up to 8% and the brightness of an average-sized full moon by some 16%. What’s more, all supermoons have the potential to cause higher-than-usual tides. High tides during the full or new moon are called spring tides or, sometimes, king tides.”

Under a Pisces Super full Moon one may feel more emotional and sensitive, more tuned into the larger field of collective feelings.

Pisces reflects the deep waters of our origins and the collective unconscious that we are all a part of. This is the realm of the soul, the powers of imagination, spirituality, and our interconnectedness to all life. Under the Pisces full Moon we may feel more emotional, perhaps adrift in the open seas of these times. Under the full Moon, we may flow into altered states of perception, and experience a deeper connection to humanity and the earth during these times of great change. We can step into the imaginative powers of the soul, for these watery realms carry its language and power of feeling, mystery, and creativity. We may feel overwhelmed, or have a great need to feed our souls and take a break from all the daily duties. Meditation, contemplation, visualization, tuning into our dreams and all forms of creativity can be enhanced under this Moon. 

The Pisces Virgo pairing highlights this transitional season at the end of summer.

With the Sun in practical earthy Virgo, while the full Moon is in Pisces, its opposite sign, we can reflect on the balance of being both body and soul, both productive and imaginative, physical and spiritual. Virgo energy brings our attention to the fine nuances of any thing we choose to focus on, grounding us through work and service. It is the sign of harvesting, the sign of refining, clearing, purifying and simplifying. Under this full Moon we may feel the vastness of being, the poignancy of being human with all its paradoxes, then we might head back into our houses, clear our clutter, finish a detailed project, or focus intently on taking care of details in the practical world.

The full Moon of the 30th is taking place next to Saturn. This is a sight to see! As the Moon rises on the evening of the 30th watch for Saturn close by, shining in its passage closest to the earth at this time as well. Under a conjunction these two heavenly bodies influence each other. Saturn wants to give form to the soul qualities of Pisces, its empathy, its spirituality, its romantic and poetic impulses. Saturn wants to restrain the watery spill of Pisces into a useful and skillful form. Or we might feel the heaviness of Saturn’s serious contemplations and concerns, and find more skillful ways to renew ourselves and our energy.

During this time Mercury is in its own sign, Virgo, and retrograde, pulling us inward to deeper contemplations, to practical analysis of our lives, purpose, and work. As it retrogrades on the 23rd of August (through September 15th) you may have noticed, schedules rescheduled, inability to easily move forward, technical problems. The Trickster energy of Mercury finds amusement in this as it teaches us that life is more circular than linear. Be open to shifts and changes, for reviewing, editing, completing old projects and clearing. The quick moving Mercury now retraces its steps, encouraging us to slow and go deeper, review and reflect.

Full Moon in Pisces

August 30 – Full Moon, 6:36 pm PDT,

at 7 Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo 

Affirmation for Full Moon in Pisces

“I take this time to feel into my heart and soul, to renew my relation to my deep self, and experience compassion for both myself and the world.”

Venus as Morning Star at its stationary point, 12 Leo

Venus retrograde as morning star

Venus will soon be direct on September 3rd. Its stationary degree, 12 Leo, has been supercharged with Venusian qualities of reflection on: values, the quality of our relationships, and our deeper needs of experiencing beauty, harmony and love. And because of these needs we can experience where we are out of harmony, where the quality of our relatedness carries patterns of conflict, and how we miss the beauty that surrounds us, where our ability to love and bridge polarity and blame falls short. Where is 12 Leo in your chart? Does it conjunct or aspect a planet?

(painting by Susan Seddon Boulet)

Celestial Events for September

Aug 27 – The Sun at 3 Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces – time to slow down. Saturn works deeply in Pisces, giving form to deeper inspiration, and imagination, or bringing feelings and patterns of behavior to the surface for our consideration. With the Sun shining its light into the deep Piscean waters through the focusing intent of Saturn, we do well to slow our daily tempo and reflect. Otherwise we may experience delays or obstacles to our busy lives.

Aug 27 – Mars enters Libra – With Mars entering Libra, a change of pace is definitely favored. Moving out of busy, efficient, get it done Virgo, Mars moves into the Venus sign of Libra. A slowing takes place, as Mars adjusts its need to act and drive forward with plans, to now deliberate and consider another’s concerns. A sense of harmony is sought. Artistic pursuits are favored. (Once in two years Mars moves into Libra).

Aug 28 – Uranus goes retrograde at 23 Taurus – Uranus shakes the stable Taurus into seeking new perspectives, new possibilities. Once a year Uranus stations before it goes retrograde, reminding us that change is the rhythm this universe navigates by. How might we become more authentic in our expression, in our lives? How might we take in the inspiration which stretches our consciousness into new territory, broadens our awareness of into greater possibilities of what it means to be human? Where are we being shaken into waking up into new dimensions of being?

Aug 30 – Super Blue full Moon in Pisces, (see above)

Sept 3 – Venus goes direct at 12 Leo, 6:20 pm – (see above)

Sept 4 – Mercury retrograde at 15 Virgo trines Jupiter at 15 Taurus – Mercury retrograde in its own sign of Virgo supports meticulous review, encourages completing projects, manages skillful minute details. With Mercury trining Jupiter our projects and minds are creative and inspired. An excellent time for planning a new class, deepening a practice, or studying and learning. Jupiter eases the challenges that the retrograde poses. Both Mercury and Jupiter in Earth signs encourages us to take care of practical concerns we may have overlooked.

Sept 4 – Jupiter goes retrograde at 15 Taurus – 15 Taurus is supercharged with Jupiterian energy, for approximately the two weeks before this date and the two weeks after. Jupiter gives faith and confidence to our endeavors. It opens doors and provides opportunity for growth. It seeks meaning and knowledge and therefore brings inspiration and well being. With Jupiter retrograde we cultivate within ourselves trust in our intuitive self, in our inner voice.

Sept 6 – The Sun at 13 Virgo is conjunct Mercury retrograde – When the Sun is exactly conjunct Mercury, we call this cazimi. Cazimi is a term used to describe the enhancement of the planetary expression and qualities when a planet is exactly conjunct the Sun. It is also considered to be the beginning of a new Mercury cycle in which the Sun seeds Mercury with new purpose. Analytical thinking, practical solutions and planning are highlighted, a powerful time for contemplations, review, editing, and meaningful connections and communications with others. The first week of September is particularly supportive to writing, planning bigger projects, fine tuning past work, embodying clear attentive focus, clearing out the old, and finding new inspiration. Mercury and the Sun in Virgo, Mercury Cazimi, and both, the Sun and Mercury, in harmonious trine to Jupiter, the planet of growth and philosophy, mark a potent intellectual time.

Sept 8 – The Sun at 15 Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus – a day for optimism, enjoyment, and engaging with confidence in practical matters, such as planning a class, teaching, learning, enjoying and serving others, working in the garden, designing and building things.

New Moon in Virgo


Sept 14 – New Moon at 22 Virgo, 6:40 pm PDT, trine Uranus in Taurus, opposed Neptune in Pisces – Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, also known as the sign of the Priestess. It is the sign of routine and daily life with the Virgo characteristic of precise attentiveness. It is the sign, then, of sacred ritual, making space for honoring the sacred within and all around. At the New Moon in Virgo we might take time for ritual, to feel ourselves of the earth and sky, and to experience the healing energy of inner attunement. We might ask ourselves, “How would I like to be of service for the greater good at this time?”

The New Moon trining Uranus encourages us to make a change, to break out of the old, gain new perspectives, and watch for synchronicities. It calls for bringing out one’s vision for practical solutions, changing daily routines and being open to new possibilities, broadening our perspectives, participating in visionary activism for the earth and soil. With it opposing Neptune in Pisces, we can acknowledge the planet of imagination, of the spiritual dimensions, of the feeling body of humanity, shining its light upon us. We can acknowledge living in the polarity of body and spirit, of grounded focus and open heartedness. We can keep our feet on the ground, and watch our boundaries, while we feel the impact of the transpersonal planets offering vision and imagination during the Virgo transitional seasonal time.

Affirmation for New Moon in Virgo

“I create time and space to honor the sacred within myself, my body, this life and earth. I’m alert to waking up, creating change, experiencing the powers of imagination and spiritual attunement, as I move into the fall season. ”

Sept 15 – Mercury goes direct, 8 Virgo, 1:21 pm – time to move forward with plans with more ease in accomplishing our intentions.

Sept 15 – The Sun at 23 Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus – Take a risk, change things up, try something new, radicalize your routine. Need inspiration? This is a day to be inspired, take a walk in nature, visit a museum, brainstorm with friends. Experience your uniqueness. Watch for sudden shifts and changes and be flexible so to discover opportunities.

Sept 16 – Venus at 15 Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus – Venus and Jupiter together signify pleasure, enjoyment, artistic emersion, positive relations and travels. As Venus squares Jupiter, we feel its benefits, but also watch for over doing and going to extremes, we might be regretful of later.

Sept 19 – The Sun at 26 Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces – This a day for reverie, for dreaming, for being creative. Watch getting caught up in others’ emotional states or stories. Sensitivity and empathy are heightened.

Sept 20 – The Sun at 28 Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn – From the 13th through the 21th, the Sun brings its light to aspect the three transformative planets, all in yin signs, of earth and water. The Sun carries the light from Uranus to Pluto. We are being called to change and transform. Where in your life are you sensing the need for transformation? What old patterns are ready to drop away? What break throughs are you having? How have you cultivated your resilience and follow through?

Sept 22 – Fall Equinox – the Sun enters Libra – From the busyness of Virgo, getting things in place as the energy and year shifts into a new gear, the Fall Equinox represents that in-breath, and the mindfulness that supports harmony and balance, as we consider where we now are and where we have been. The Moon is in its waxing quarter phase, where it builds new endeavors through taking action, in serious and achievement oriented Capricorn. A grand earth trine between Mercury, the Moon, and Jupiter continue the theme of taking care of practical concerns, learning and teaching, expanding our minds, analyzing information. (for more on the Fall Equinox chart and its 3 month influence join Susan for her monthly talk on Friday, Sept 8, 9:30 am PDT, in person on zoom or receive a recording)

Sept 24 – Mars at 18 Libra opposes Chiron in Aries – Mars in Libra must find a way to assert itself while being mindful of others. On this day with Chiron in Aries, the wounded warrior, or the wounded masculine, with its extremes of expression, from repression to acts of aggression and blame, is up for deeper understanding, healing, and new levels of integration. Chiron, the wounded healer, in the sign of the warrior, Aries, has been moving through Aries since 2018. Themes of the wounded masculine, or extremes brought about because of the distortion between the masculine and feminine, the legacy of trauma and violence, now seek greater recognition and healing as Chiron moves through Aries until 2027.

Sept 25 – Mercury at 14 Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus – for the second time this month. An excellent time for writing, planning, travel, teaching, and learning. Positive for publishing and making announcements.

The Full Moon in Aries

Sept 29 – Full Moon at 6 Aries, 2:58 am PDT – the dynamic Aries Moon, of action, independence, and pioneering new beginnings reflects the sun’s light in social Libra. Here we balance independence and relationship, taking action and presence in mindfulness.

The Twelve signs for September: Sun and Rising Signs

Aries (Mar 20-Apr 19): Dear Aries, during the Virgo time of year, (from Aug 20 to September 21), your busy and active Aries energy sets about on mundane tasks that need to be completed or require your attention. Under the Pisces full Moon (Aug 30) your fire benefits from the soothing and contemplative waters of Pisces. Take a break this day. Recuperate, meditate, go to the studio, or float in waters, and let your self drink in a time without lists and plans. This supports you to fill your well, nurturing your being. If not a day, a half a day will do. Your ruling planet, Mars, entered Libra on August 27th. You may notice a significant shift of energy, as the planet of action, desire and assertion now expresses itself through the Venus sign, of relatedness and thoughtfulness of others. Mars in Libra supports collaborating with others. The challenge here is finding that balance within yourself of your needs and the presence of others with their needs and presumptions, not to over compromise so that resentment or frustration simmers below the surface. The second half of September when Mars is in harmonious aspect with Venus in Leo, situations with others are rewarding and pleasurable. The New Moon in Virgo, on the 14th, highlights your house of health, daily routines, and personal refinement, a perfect time to consider if any changes are desired in these areas. Your intention for new routines is supported as the New Moon is in alignment with change agent Uranus.  Keywords for September, “Slowing down and nourishing.”

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20): Dear Taurus, the Virgo time of year resonates with your earthy Taurus sign, moving the Taurus along to complete things, clean and clear, and to finish projects. As Virgo highlights your house of fun, enjoyment and expression, you are also encouraged to be playful and to express your creativity, to enjoy your children and the ones you love. This is the house of heartfelt expressions, and with its earthy qualities you might nurture yourself by lingering in the garden or being in nature. Under the full Moon in Pisces, as it falls in your house of friendship, join with a friend, and celebrate the invisible worlds of Pisces. Give each other a tarot reading, move into those altered states of consciousness and visualize the power of the archetypal realms in which we swim. Your ruling planet, Venus, at its stationary point and going direct on the 3rd, may release certain tensions and allow you to move forward more easily. Honor the insights it has brought you during its retrograde (July 23rd -Sept 3). The Virgo New Moon of September 14 aligns with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus stitching together the timing to break out of the old. What have you been thinking about changing? Seek out what inspires you and watch for synchronicities that open unexpected possibilities. Keywords for September, “Enjoyment and change.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20): Dear Gemini, the mutable (changeable, transitional, adaptable) energy is heightened with the Sun in Virgo and the full Moon in Pisces. Ground your feet in the earth and listen to Saturn as it helps you to focus and define your aspirations under this Moon. As a Gemini, it may be challenging to find your navigational point in the emotional waters of Pisces. And yet, your imaginative and empathetic abilities are enhanced with the Moon in your house of achievements. With Mercury retrograde (Aug 23 – Sept 15) find time for inner reflections. Your planet, Mercury, turns itself toward reflecting upon family, home, and the foundations of your being. You may find yourself busy fixing and repairing things around the home. With Mercury aligning with Jupiter and Uranus, seek out teachers, write your philosophy, go on a silent retreat. Inspiration is around the corner. See if you catch it. With the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th gracing your house of career and what you aspire toward, create an intention to guide into new endeavors. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct and harmonize with the New Moon, encouraging you to change things up. Keyword for September, “Reflections.”

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 21): Dear Cancer, under the Pisces full Moon of August 30th, your qualities of sensitivity, empathy, imagination and emotional responsiveness are heightened. This is a day for letting your imagination roam, for walking in nature, and capturing the nuances of the energy that move through the world. Saturn in Pisces is your lasso, an ancient urn, to capture the powers of attunement to other dimensions. You might honor this full Moon by painting, writing, contemplative reflections, and other creative acts. Your intuition is enhanced. During the year, your planet, the Moon, will be full 3 times in a water sign. Water is the element of feeling, soul and inner depth. This Moon sings to you. The New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, falls in your house of the mind, neighbors, siblings and attuning to the environment around you. This is the house of gathering and sharing information. How might you like to fine tune these connections in your life? With the New Moon in aspect to Jupiter and Uranus you may be on the verge of exciting new teachings, of sharing your life in new ways with others. Keywords for September, “Resonating and connecting.”

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22): Dear Leo, the first thing I might ask you with Venus in Leo for such a prolonged time is, what are you recognizing about your quality of relationships? What decisions have you made in regards to relationships during July and August? Have you taken on too much? How are you responding to the big heartedness that Venus wants to share with others? Venus in Leo retrograde brings out what has been working and what’s not working as far as your needs in relationship. What adjustments might you make? What support might you need? The Pisces full Moon highlights your house of intimacy, sharing with others, and activating change and transformation. During this time you may receive deeper insights into core issues. With Saturn next to the Moon, situations can gain greater clarity. Though the Pisces Moon encourages the release of feelings for your well being, the Sun in Virgo, accompanied by Mercury retrograde in Virgo, brings out your analytical abilities. Writing can be helpful to clarify situations, or to bring poetry into the moment. The New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, is a time to honor your journey, your ability to be of service, your talents of sensing nuances and details. Create a ritual for self renewal, lay out the divinatory cards, evoke the high priestess energy of Virgo for healing and support. Keywords for September, “Honoring yourself”

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22): Dear Virgo, Happy Birthday! Celebrate yourself under the light of this Pisces full Moon. Virgo’s meticulousness and acute attentiveness is balanced by Pisces imaginative and empathetic waters. Both are signs of service, and each possesses great sensitivity, Virgo in its body, Pisces in its emotions. Saturn aligns with the full Moon, asking you to slow and make space for yourself, to understand what you are feeling, and to capture the creative powers and insight that Pisces gives to Virgo. Do you need to rest, to create a boundary, to gather a skill, listen to a wisdom teacher? Mercury now retrograde, pulls you in, to review, and to fine tune. With Mercury’s trine to Jupiter and Uranus, a break through from the old patterns provides more ease and enjoyment. Take a trip, change your environment. Inspiration awaits you.  The New Moon takes place on the 14th, in Virgo, as it does once a year. This year it aligns with Uranus and encourages you to change, to express your unique self. What might change look like for you? How might you find more inspiration?  Keywords for September, “Break through.”

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22): Dear Libra, the Virgo energy of the season has you busy attending to things behind the scenes, privately, or in places that are hidden from public view. The full Moon of the 30th draws you into your feelings, your desire to assist and be of service, or supports your ability to drop into deeper more imaginative places. Saturn next to the Moon helps you to contain and give form to those depths in more practical ways. As Mars moved into Libra on the 27th, you experience energy, vitality and independence to direct your own course of events. These are three very different influences! To keep your Libran balance, you may want to consciously divide your time, time for yourself and time for others, time to retreat and gather your energy, and time for clear directed action. With Mars transiting your sign, physical outlets for your energy and health are important. Your planet, Venus, finishes its retrograde motion on September 3rd in expressive heart felt Leo, encouraging connections with friends and sharing with groups. You might reflect on what  you have learned in terms of relationship and participation with others, over the last month. The New Moon on the 14th takes place in Virgo, a time for meditation and completion before the Sun moves into Libra and starts a new yearly cycle for you. Keyword for September “Balance.”

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): Dear sensitive and deep Scorpio, take good care of yourself under this watery Super Moon in Pisces. Your sensitivities will be heightened. Don’t schedule too much on the day of the full Moon. It would be nice to flow with the day, give yourself time to create, or be nourished with silky waters. Saturn next to the Moon encourages you to carve out space for yourself. The Virgo Sun and Mercury move through your house of friends and community participation. The earthy and practical Virgo has you making lists and keeping busy. Are you overextended? How might you use the reflective powers of Mercury retrograde to fine tune your commitments and schedule? Your planet, Mars, is now in Libra, cooling your intensity with its airy influence. Can you sense this shift? The New Moon in Virgo, highlighting your house of goals, hopes and dreams, encourages you to envision the next 12 months in practical detail. As the new Moon is in alignment with change agent Uranus, imagine and think outside of the box for what is possible for you! Keywords for September, “Imagine new possibilities.”

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 20): Dear Sagittarius, under this Super Pisces Moon home and family are accentuated. Your fire energy is brought into the domain of watery depths, connections, and expressive creativity. What a great day for retreating and reflecting, for attending to the needs of home, family, and your own deep soulful self. As the Sun and Mercury pass through Virgo they highlight your public self and the things you would like to achieve through career or community involvement. Your mutable energy is heightened so that you have many thoughts and ideas, but Saturn next to the Moon slows you for a day to gather and settle. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in earthy Taurus and wants practical results. It is productive and generative of creating beauty and harmony in a daily way. It slows the passions of Sagittarius into appreciation for each moment. The Virgo New Moon on the 14th, aligns with Jupiter and Uranus, suggesting shifts and changes in your work. Perhaps something new enters and rearranges things. Under the New Moon, you set your intention. What new project, study, or activity is calling to you?  Keywords for September, “Finding inspiration.”

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19): Dear Capricorn, your steady, reliable, hard working self possesses incredible sensitivity to the people and environment around you. This is where Pisces energy falls in your chart. The full Moon in Pisces brings sensitive perceptiveness to your environment. Some may thing that Capricorn is all seriousness, and busy accomplishing things, but your chart shows a deep feeling self as you meet the world and those close to you. With your planet, Saturn, next to the Moon there is careful discernment in your thinking and in your communications. This full Moon can enhance your imagination, so take time for some reflection and writing, or another creative activity, to honor your deep feeling self. With your ruling planet, Saturn, moving through Pisces for the next year and a half, you are becoming more skillful in communication, teaching, creating structure for your day and developing focused attention. The New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, falls in your house of philosophy, teaching, travel, and higher learning. With the New Moon in harmonious alignment with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus a grand Earth trine supports you in growing through learning and experiencing new experiences.  Keyword for September, “New experiences.”

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 17): Dear Aquarius, the Pisces super Moon falls in your house of values, self reliance, talents and your relation to money. Having Pisces there shows that imagination and soulful connection are your prized items. You’re not very materialistic. Being an Aquarius your mind is active and busy thinking and planning, as well as learning and gathering insights. The Pisces Moon brings you into the depths of your being, heightening your connection with spirit and your feeling self. With your planet, Saturn, next to the Moon, you develop skills in navigating the feeling waters and may even become masterful at it. Especially, as the Aquarius energy allows you to step back and view situations from some distance. The Virgo energy of the season falls in your house of intimacy and in-depth interactions with others. At this time you have precision and clarity in how you want to connect, to share and interact with others. The Virgo New Moon on the 14th, highlights the transformative capabilities you possess, as you let go of old issues and situations with others. It’s like cleaning the energy field between yourself and others, so each experiences healing. Keywords for September, “Clarity in relationships.”

Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 19): Dear Pisces, celebrate under this exquisite Pisces super blue Moon! The Master teacher, Saturn, and the Great Mother, the Moon, come together and decorate the sky after sunset. With Saturn now in Pisces, you learn to define, clarify, and draw healthy boundaries to your generous and giving temperament, for otherwise you might just go ahead and take care of everyone! Your sensitivities are heightened, but so is your romantic and poetic self. So treat yourself. Step into the great mystery of the night sky, this cosmos we live in, let your soul dance. You are a mystical being. No wonder people come to you for nurturance and solace. Your soul has the depth of oceans and your empathy is forever connecting you to those around you. The Sun and Mercury in Virgo calls to you to be discerning and thoughtful about who and what you commit to. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in steady Taurus, supporting you in practical ways. The new Moon in Virgo on the 14th is a time for definition and discernment, falling in your house of partnership and relationship in general. Is there something you must do or say that helps to define what you can or can not do?  Keyword  for September, “Discernment.”

Susan Heinz is a professional astrologer in Santa Cruz for 41 years, bringing together traditional & esoteric astrology, Tarot and Qabalah. For info on her Friday monthly astrology groups, her Qabalah, astrology and/or painting classes, and for personal readings, call (831) 479-3751, or go to

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