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Astrology for 2015: Hold the Vision, Create the Bridge

The year of the Horse thunders to a close in 2015, leaving dust in its wake! 2015 turns the corner from the last 3 years of growing intensity, and moves into laying the practical ground work that will carry us into the next 10 years. So much depends on our choices. Can we hold the vision and create a bridge into a better world? The Chinese New Year takes place on February 18th on the West Coast and shifts into the Year of the Sheep, which slows the pace, tends toward stability, prefers diplomacy, and harmony, radically different from the fast moving ride of the horse

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Give the Gift of Astrological Reading for 2016. What to give a special person in your life? In depth readings or thirty minute readings, great gift ideas, and more! Holiday Specials! Personalized readings by Susan, each packaged with CD, and charts

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Astrology Classes

Join Susan Heinz as She offers a Transformative Astrology Class Astrology Class starts Oct 15th, 8 Tuesday Evenings, 7pm to 9pm. A moment in time is a Soul’s portal, a DNA blueprint of inner challenges, mystery, and journey for each individual. In our continuing series of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings of Astrology, we explore how […]

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