Astrology Classes

Astrology for April

The fiery Aries energy of April finds Jupiter high in the southeast at sunset. It pushes the growth of plants, and sweeps the air clean. On April 7 the new Moon conjuncts with Uranus encouraging us to awaken, to make changes, to try something new, to find our independence. Of equal influence at this time, […]

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Astrology for December

As the clear cold Sagittarian nights huddle us together, we experience the dominating lineup of Saturn squaring Neptune, fear or compassion. Saturn contracts, and controls, bringing out authoritarian approaches, as well as commandingly focusing our attention to the reality before us. Neptune is boundary less, all inclusive, imaginative, and compassionate. Neptune’s shadow manifestation is denial, […]

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Astrology for November

In the early morning hours, feast your eyes on the beauty of the Autumn skies! Venus, the bright lantern above the eastern horizon, leaves her meeting with Jupiter and draws close to Mars, the dim red looking star. To the South, in the early morning, see Orion the Hunter, with his glittering belt and sword, […]

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Astrology for September

Venus, our sisterly twin, now heralds the dawn, having made the invisible crossing from evening star to morning star. Since July 24th, we have been within the Venus retrograde cycle that takes place every 18 months. Imagine the people of old watching the evening skies, observing Venus for many months, a brilliance in the West, […]

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Astrology for 2015: Hold the Vision, Create the Bridge

The year of the Horse thunders to a close in 2015, leaving dust in its wake! 2015 turns the corner from the last 3 years of growing intensity, and moves into laying the practical ground work that will carry us into the next 10 years. So much depends on our choices. Can we hold the vision and create a bridge into a better world? The Chinese New Year takes place on February 18th on the West Coast and shifts into the Year of the Sheep, which slows the pace, tends toward stability, prefers diplomacy, and harmony, radically different from the fast moving ride of the horse

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