Astrology group on Dec 2

Hello friends, Just a reminder that this Friday, Dec 2, will be the astrological monthly group, at 9:30 AM at the Center for Transformative Visions, downtown Santa Cruz, 819 1/2 Pacific Ave. As we move into the powerful energies of 2012, we will be reviewing how to best align and prepare for the coming year, […]

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An offering

In honor of these Transformative times, I am offering a 30 minute astrological reading along with the usual one hour or 90 minute in-depth life readings. These 30 minute readings can focus on how to best work with the energies of the present as well as into the next 12 months (through December 2012) or […]

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Astrology for November 2011

November brings us into the deep waters of Scorpio. Feelings intensify; values are challenged. This is an excellent time to expose what has been hidden, to the light of day. Time to let go of tightly held identities, so that change and transformation can take place. With the Uranus Pluto lineup still in place, accentuating […]

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