Astrology for these times

When Saturn conjuncts Pluto, we engage with a time of deep soul calling, of life and death, fear and courage.Something that had been invisible demands attention, asks us to move into more deliberate considerations. It scrambles all known ways of living as we are impacted by the collective need to reestablish our relationships with each other and our Earth. It marks the time for recalibration and re-centering, for listening and coming to awareness in new ways.

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Astrology for 2020

2020 will be a major “Turning Point” year for us personally and collectively. Hold the vision for powerful transformations for yourself and humanity. A rare planetary conjunction in Capricorn starts the year (Saturn conjunct Pluto) and another one (Jupiter conjunct Saturn) ends the year, in Aquarius, called the Great Mutation, leading us into new developing themes for humanity.

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Holiday Special

Holiday Special gift ideas for yourself or a special friend 30 minute reading for $90, (with mp3 or CD $95) Schedule now to receive special offer! Saturn and Pluto now align in Capricorn, marking a time of cutting away what’s no longer supportive to you and allowing transformation. This pair comes together every 33 years […]

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